CORON PALAWAN TOURIST SPOTS + Travel Guide, Hotels, Resorts

Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels

Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels


Coron Palawan Travel Guide.  This post covers, tourist attractions, how to get to the place, and a list of hotels.

Coron, Palawan: A Calamian Group of Islands Paradise,  A site of Japanese Shipwrecks

Just 310 kilometers just southwest of Philippine’s capital city of Manila and mainly north of the island province of Palawan to which it belongs, lies an island so treasured, both the government and the native Tagbanwa people protect it as such.

Known to the local people of Coron (the largest town on the island of Busuanga which also gave the name to the island) and Tagbanwa instead as “Calis,” the island and its nearby fishing areas are the latter’s ancestral domain, known for their rich ecological features. Looking at the map, however, the island is a separate landmass than its larger counterpart, Busuanga.

Geographically, the place consists of high rocky formations for at least 70% of its overall build. Interestingly, these cliffs are made from Permian limestone which is believed to be of Jurassic origin. Another 25% of the island is made of rolling hills which makes for an uneven ground while the remaining 5% is flat. For some, this kind of geographic make-up is not only diverse across the board, but it is also versatile.

Other exciting features of the atoll are its 11 different lakes, three of which were believed to be directly connected to the sea below ground, and the mangroves that burgeon around the island’s shores. Although there had been frequent visits to these lakes, the relative absence of human civilization around these bodies of water kept it preserved thereby maintaining their see-through clarity.

While the landmass itself is a place to behold, there are other places to see in this place. As a piece of land surrounded by seas, Coron Palawan is a spectacle as well when it comes to its blue seawaters, whether seen above waters or below.

Coron Palawan Travel Guide | Tourist Spots/ Attractions, Hotels

Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels

For a place that had been historically a site of battles at sea, the nearby waters of this island make for a vestige of World War 2 due to the lingering presence of Japanese shipwrecks that remain under the depths of the sea. Inevitably, all these sites are named after the Japanese ships that were sunk under the sea such as Akitsushima, Kogyo Maru, Irako, Okikawa Maru, etc.

Consequently, as unusual as it is to a natural sea, these sites where shipwrecks are found make for the island’s diving spots and a unique tourist attraction. For the diving enthusiasts, these wreck diving sites vary in depth, averaging between 50 to 80 feet.

Elsewhere, other dive sites such as “Gunter’s Cave”—credited to a certain foreign explorer who explored the place after hearing about it from the locals—or otherwise called Cathedral Cave makes for another mysterious place, particularly during a particular time of the day when sunlight sees its way in the overall picture and illuminate the site within.

But for those who would not dare the deeper ocean, the shallower areas around the island make for perfect spots for snorkeling which gives snorkelers a clear view of what’s underneath.


Malcapuya Island  | Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels

How to Get to Coron, Palawan

There are few ways on how to get to Coron. There are direct flights/trips (both by air and by ferry), from Manila to Coron airport/pier. On the other hand, there are ferry trip as well if you are coming from Puerto Princesa or El Nido. While on the main town itself, there are tricycles everywhere and some hotels/guesthouses offer motorcycles if guests would want to tour around the countryside.

For self-tour, there are maps available for sale to help you roam around the island. You can check out Coron Galeri at Barangay Poblacion 3 for this one.

Coron, Palawan via Cebu Pacific 

Cebu Pacific is flying from Manila to Coron. Based on experience it would be best to book your flights way ahead of your desired schedule.


Cebu Pacific

Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels

Coron, Palawan via Philippine Airlines

Another airline serving the Manila-Coron route is Philippine Airlines. You can check their website for their rates.

Philippine Airlines

Coron, Palawan via 2Go Travel (from Manila)

If you are not in a hurry, 2Go Travel is also serving the Manila -Coron Route. Below is their schedule of trips.

2Go Travel Manila-Coron Schedule 

2Go Travel



2Go Travel Manila-Palawan Rates

2Go Travel

2Go Travel Puerto Princesa-Coron Schedule

If you visited Puerto Princesa and would want to segway to the place, you can also take the 2Go Travel Vessel. Below is the vessel schedule.


2Go Travel Puerto Princesa – Coron, Palawan Rates

Coron Palawan Travel Guide | Tourist 


Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels


Coron, Palawan Tourist Spots

Here are some of the major tourist spots that are a must while you are in the area:

Banana Island

A place made to make every lover experience utmost privacy while enjoying the surrounding. This is what the site is all about. The romantic vibes brought by the prepared nooks in the area would be the best haven for those lovers who would like to spend some time alone.

Banol Beach ( Coron, Pawalan Tourist Spot )

Back to the old days, what most has to say on this island. Just because all things here are natural. No restaurants, no specific place for enjoyment, you may bring your food and have a picnic, take a swim, and enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest.

Bulog island

The crystal clear blue water, white powder sand, and the vibes, all in all, you will surely find it very indulging to stay here. Take amazing photos, get some tan, and let the rest of the world see the great adventure you had on this island.

Coral Garden

This place lives out the legacy of its name. For those who have an adventure in diving already, this is the place for you. Since the site only allows people to dive if they have a specific certificate. Anyhow, the clear water which will enable drivers to go through until 80 feet is still something that one should not miss.

Coron Bay ( Coron, Pawalan Tourist Spot  )

Would you like to experience an Avatar vibe in Coron, Palawan? Then be here and experience the magical feeling of the place. With its deep blue water, a glimpse of a shipwreck that had become havens for the growth of reefs. There are available island tours that you may join if you’d like to enjoy the beauty of the place thoroughly.

Hike Mt. Tapyas

After enjoying the beaches, you may find yourself joining those who are fond of hiking. Join the adventure, follow the trail, and once you’re at the top, you will see a huge Christian cross. Aside from that, it also allows you to have a fantastic view of the place below.

Kingfisher Park

More than the beach adventure on this beautiful island, you can also visit a mangrove park filled with varied species of birds. Mind you; these species may not be found everywhere, only on this island. Activities such as kayaking are also available.

Levine’s ( Coron, Pawalan Tourist Spot  )

Dine with a view, how does that sound? Well, all you have to do is proceed here, order the food that you like, eat, while enjoying the scenic view of the place or the sunset. Their specialty here is sisig, may it be beef down to octopus, they got it for you.

Maquinit Hot Springs

Taking a bath in a 39 – 40 degrees’ temperature of the water is something that you might be afraid of. But, note that the hot feeling would only be at the beginning since when you become used to it, your body could feel hot and at the same time, relax.

Siete Pecados

This site fish houses different tropical fishes and amazing corals and reefs. With this, snorkeling activity will be the best one to do if you want to enjoy the beauty of the place entirely.

Skeleton Reef ( Coron, Pawalan Tourist Spot  )

The sunken Chinese fishing vessel served as a haven for the reefs to grow in this place. With that, the school of fishes is also a sight to behold. Thus, snorkeling, as well as diving gigs, would be perfect.

Swim in the Lake Kayangan

A swim in the lake in the middle of a forest, does that sound exciting? Do some hiking, and when you’re at the top, you may take a dive and plunge in the middle of this majestic lake.

Swim in the Twin Lagoons

The beauty of swimming in this twin lagoons in Coron, Palawan is just beyond words. Go here, take a swim, enjoy the bright, fresh, cold and sometimes hot parts of the water. Plus, get that perfect Instagram photos of yours!

Wreck Dive in Busuanga Island ( Coron, Pawalan Tourist Spot  )

This magical experience is not like the other here on this island. You may try diving, and not only that, go deep within and marvel on the Japanese shipwreck below, left during World War I.

Underwater Mountains in Barracuda Lake

This lake is famous for the opportunity it provides for the divers. With its beautiful surroundings, deep freshwater, and the adrenaline it brings, one would surely enjoy his/her stay here.


Coron Palawan Tourist Spots, Hotels

List of Hotels and Resorts in Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan has a wide array of accommodation facilities for different kinds of travelers. Click on the name of the hotel/ link below to check room prices and you can book from that site too.

Coron Westown Resort,  Sitio Dipulao, Brgy. Poblacion 6, Coron, Palawan, Philippines, 5316

Coron Hilltop View Resort, Brgy Poblacion 6, Sitio Dipulao

Busuanga Seadive Resort, Poblacion 3, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

MO2 Westown Lagoon, Coron – Busuanga Road

 Luis Bay Travellers Lodge, Barangay 3

Sea Horse Guest House, Brgy Poblacion 3

The Ridge Coron, South Tapyas Coron Palawan, Coron, Palawan, Philippines, 5316

Coron Underwater Garden Resort, Baquit Island, Coron, Palawan, Philippines, 5316

Casa Montemar Bed and Breakfast, Tapyas Stairway

Villa Khadine Grand Vista Resort, Governors Avenue, Barangay 6

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  1. Ralph Renzo Agui

    When it comes to its blue seawaters, Coron, Palawan is a sight to behold, whether from above or below. The latter’s ancestral territory is the island and the fishing grounds nearby, which are the destination. They are known for having a diverse ecological composition. Geographically speaking, the area is made up of high rocky formations, which contributes to its attractiveness because the Permian limestone cliffs are thought to be of Jurassic origin. “The Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era, or the corresponding system of rocks, is between the Triassic and the Cretaceous. It is distinguished by the existence of dinosaurs and the first avian ancestors”, which makes it more interesting. It also has 11 different lakes on the island, three of which are believed to be directly connected to the sea underneath, and thriving forest areas all around it. It is attractive in particularly to explorers and researchers due to the presence of World War 2 Japanese Shipwrecks. All of these are naturally product of our country, so we should strive to develop and maintain them so that they can draw more tourists and create more opportunities for growing our tourist economy. Even though it draws in foreign investors and creates work opportunities, environmental protection should not be neglected.

  2. Rogene T. Palacios

    Palawan is one of the tourists spot in the Philippines. It attracts foreign investors, creating more jobs to the locals however, environment care should not be neglected. We have to care for our environment at the same time embracing the development of the place.

  3. Another great post. I hope Palawan will be able to maintain their natural resource.

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