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The Simala Shrine is situated in Lindogon Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Believed to be miraculous, the grand shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year. In just two to three hours away from Cebu city center, you can already reach this beautiful destination. In this write-up, we will fully explore the beauty of the Simala Shrine. 

1. Simala Church / Shrine History

The Marian Monks from Pampanga initiated the establishment of the Simala Church in 1998. This was once an ordinary church, but due to the stories of miracles associated with it, it has become a famous place visited by a lot of believers. The weeping image of Mother Mary was also believed to be seen in this shrine. Whatever your purpose may be, either it is to express your devotion or to enjoy the vibe and beauty of the place, I know that you will not go home disappointed. 

2. Grand Architecture

Situated in an uphill area, the Simala Church seems to be standing tall, and looking at its people ate the bottom part. From the outside architecture going to the actual design inside, the overall view and design will leave you speechless. The intricate carvings, rich colors, and perfect placement of everything inside will leave you in awe. 

3. Fresh Air

The environment of the Simala Church will give you the much-needed peace and serenity. You can stay outside overlooking the green surroundings of the shrine as you inhale the breath of fresh air. If you have had enough of the polluted air in the crowded area of the city, then head to this shrine, and you will be refreshed. 

4. Picturesque View of Simala Church

Some moments of picture taking to save and treasure the memories of your visit here is possible by taking lots of photos. With the scenic view, it is as if you are visiting a tourist attraction overseas. The beautiful landscape, paired with the majestic architectural view of the shrine, will give you a world-class photo backdrop. 

5. The warmth of the People

Be with a lot of people trying to maximize their day trip to Simala Church. Wither you would like to chat with strangers or create new friends, both of these are possible. The people or locals here would either speak Cebuano and English, but they also speak Tagalog when needed. Thus, creating a beautiful friendship with the people here sounds like a fantastic idea. 

6. Easy Navigation

From the city center of Cebu, take a bus heading to Liloan or Oslob and ask the driver to drop you at Simala Church. Once you are there, take a motorcycle and head directly to the church. Bringing your car from the City center heading to the shrine is also pretty convenient. Pink your destination to the navigation app and start driving. Once you arrive, there will be an available parking area for a minimal fee. 

Taking an adventure in Simala Church is both spiritually and physically rewarding. As you come here, be ready to take lots of photos, create tons of memories, and marvel at the things that the place has to offer. 


By Jennifer Bauzon  via wiki commons

Simala Church Mass Schedule

  • Sunday – 12:00 noon and 3:30 pm
  •  Monday to Friday – 12:00 noon
  •  Saturday – 10:30 am
  •  13th of the month – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm

How to Get to Simala Church

Cebu City to Simala Church by Bus

Simala Church is in the southern part of Cebu province. To get there, proceed to the South Cebu Bus terminal, which is located beside the E-Mall. Take the Ceres Bus bound for Liloan Santander or Oslob. Instruct the conductor to drop you off at the junction for Simala Church. The place is famous, so the bus would know where to drop you. The bus fare is around PHP 150.

 Oslob to Simala Church

From Oslob, ask where is the bus terminal, or you can wait for the bus going to Cebu. The bus would pass by Simala Church. Again, at the crossing where the bus would drop you, take the habal habal to bring you to the shrine. 

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