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The Simala Shrine is situated in Lindogon Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Believed to be miraculous, the grand shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year. In just two to three hours away from Cebu city center, you can already reach this beautiful destination. In this write-up, we will fully explore the beauty of the Simala Shrine. 

1. Simala Church / Shrine History

The Marian Monks from Pampanga initiated the establishment of the Simala Church in 1998. This was once an ordinary church, but due to the stories of miracles associated with it, it has become a famous place visited by a lot of believers. The weeping image of Mother Mary was also believed to be seen in this shrine. Whatever your purpose may be, either it is to express your devotion or to enjoy the vibe and beauty of the place, I know that you will not go home disappointed. 

2. Grand Architecture

Situated in an uphill area, the Simala Church seems to be standing tall, and looking at its people ate the bottom part. From the outside architecture going to the actual design inside, the overall view and design will leave you speechless. The intricate carvings, rich colors, and perfect placement of everything inside will leave you in awe. 

3. Fresh Air

The environment of the Simala Church will give you the much-needed peace and serenity. You can stay outside overlooking the green surroundings of the shrine as you inhale the breath of fresh air. If you have had enough of the polluted air in the crowded area of the city, then head to this shrine, and you will be refreshed. 

4. Picturesque View of Simala Church

Some moments of picture taking to save and treasure the memories of your visit here is possible by taking lots of photos. With the scenic view, it is as if you are visiting a tourist attraction overseas. The beautiful landscape, paired with the majestic architectural view of the shrine, will give you a world-class photo backdrop. 

5. The warmth of the People

Be with a lot of people trying to maximize their day trip to Simala Church. Wither you would like to chat with strangers or create new friends, both of these are possible. The people or locals here would either speak Cebuano and English, but they also speak Tagalog when needed. Thus, creating a beautiful friendship with the people here sounds like a fantastic idea. 

6. Easy Navigation

From the city center of Cebu, take a bus heading to Liloan or Oslob and ask the driver to drop you at Simala Church. Once you are there, take a motorcycle and head directly to the church. Bringing your car from the City center heading to the shrine is also pretty convenient. Pink your destination to the navigation app and start driving. Once you arrive, there will be an available parking area for a minimal fee. 

Taking an adventure in Simala Church is both spiritually and physically rewarding. As you come here, be ready to take lots of photos, create tons of memories, and marvel at the things that the place has to offer. 


By Jennifer Bauzon  via wiki commons

Simala Church Mass Schedule

  • Sunday – 12:00 noon and 3:30 pm
  •  Monday to Friday – 12:00 noon
  •  Saturday – 10:30 am
  •  13th of the month – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm

How to Get to Simala Church

Cebu City to Simala Church by Bus

Simala Church is in the southern part of Cebu province. To get there, proceed to the South Cebu Bus terminal, which is located beside the E-Mall. Take the Ceres Bus bound for Liloan Santander or Oslob. Instruct the conductor to drop you off at the junction for Simala Church. The place is famous, so the bus would know where to drop you. The bus fare is around PHP 150.

 Oslob to Simala Church

From Oslob, ask where is the bus terminal, or you can wait for the bus going to Cebu. The bus would pass by Simala Church. Again, at the crossing where the bus would drop you, take the habal habal to bring you to the shrine. 

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  1. Sunshine D.Fuertes BSIT 3-F2

    The majority of Roman Catholics are already baptized, but because there are different religions bearing their own views and beliefs that influence some of them have converted to Christianity, other religion or sectors. Though there are many other religions or sectors with Roman Catholics everyone shows that the majority are aware of each of their views or beliefs due to this we shouldn’t be able to force the employees or anyone to choose to get baptized as Roman Catholics; in my opinion, because every business has its own set of standards for practices and beliefs, all of us must be aware of our actions towards others around us and we should respect everyone around us, yet we must bear in mind that respect should come from ourselves first for we cannot demand respect unto others if is freely given by those people around us and that always base in how we respect ourselves.

  2. Claire M. Miravelis BSIT3F2

    In my opinion, it shouldn’t be forced because institution should openly recognize the need to protect each employee’s right to their own personal conscience and religious freedom. Even if the employees have different religions, the institution should accept and respect their employees. One must embrace religious tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and a willingness to see past differences in order to gain a greater and deeper understanding of many cultures.
    – Claire M. Miravelis BSIT3F2

  3. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 3F2

    No, Our mind and capability doesn’t rely on what our religion is, so it is not necessary for the employees to be baptized as a catholic, and as a chatolic myself I dont see any problems with other’s religion or beliefs in life. We respect diversity by accepting the differences of others. We learned this in our religion that we should respect and love others despite the differences.

    Angelo T Elare BSIT 3F2

  4. Bedrio, Monalisa D. BSIT 3F2

    No, Catholic institutions must be open to all like what Jesus did when he died on the cross for our salvations. If they want to be baptized as Catholic, let them convert to Catholic by their own will. They have free to choose what religion they want. Because no one can’t force faith. Just like in diversity human has own differences, so we need to respect every religion and their faith.

    Bedrio, Monalisa D. BSIT 3F2

  5. Khien D. Torreña

    No, because we should respect their religions as each and everyone of us have different beliefs. Nobody is at liberty to force their beliefs upon someone else. The only thing anyone can do is talk about their experiences through their own set of beliefs, and respect those of others, even (and especially) when different. As long as they can do their job properly and can work passionately and they are dedicated to their work, then forcing them to change their religion would not be necessary.

  6. Queenee A. Villarias

    > No, Catholic institutions shouldn’t force others to be baptized as Catholics because we all have the right to choose where we should belong. It’s 2020 already, and I think it’s rare to encounter such things as racism about religion. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, but what matters the most is us realizing our differences, respecting each and everyone’s religious belief, and appreciating the belongings of each one of us in a religious institution.

    Your religion doesn’t define your capability as an individual in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a hijab when you go to work. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t eat dinugu-an as your meal during lunchtime, because at the end of the day, our differences could help us to build a strong relationship in the workplace.

  7. In my opinion they should not be able to force the employees on their decision to be baptized as catholic because as an institution they have their own way of on how they implement their different beliefs and practice that they need to follow just like Muslim people they worship Allah. However, most of Catholic people are already baptized . It is because of religions diversity, there are different religions and they have their own beliefs, there’s some that have become a christians it means we understand each of us beliefs and practice that we should be aware to accept and respect their decision so we have a freedom to do the things what would make to be happy for us so, that it will bring peace, unity and harmony in one organization also in our country.

    Ann Dela Puerta BSIT 3F2

  8. Alyanna Mae S. Silverio

    Catholic institutions shouldn’t force their employees to be baptized as Catholic. Because everyone of us has different religion or culture. We cannot force people to change their culture. And we should respect that. Institutions should accept whatever religion or culture you are in. We should appreciate and accept the uniqueness of everybody. Because it can make a great impact in the Institution. Firstly, it can increase creativity because of the different strengths and potential. Also, diverse institution is can boost productivity because of the different perspective and experiences of people inside the institutions. Lastly, it cannot just help us in our work only, but also, in ourselves. It can help us widen our knowledge and understanding to the people surround us.

    Alyanna Mae S. Silverio
    BSIT 3F2

  9. Reynaldo N. Pautining Jr.

    In my point of view, what ever religion, whatever differences we have, we still need to respect everyone’s culture and beliefs. You cannot force someone to convert or to change their religion just to fit-in in your institution. To connect my answer about our lesson in Diversity, if one institution practice religious diversity, it could create the best workplace. A safe place to all the people who have different culture and beliefs. In addition, if you want an institution to be effective try to know them, their culture, their beliefs, and try to connect with them. On that way, you will discover and understand their differences.

  10. Marien L. Alcantara

    We discuss respecting others’ cultures, beliefs, religions, and social standards during our diversity lesson because everyone is unique. Diversity means accepting each other for who we are. In my perspective, a Catholic organization cannot baptize its staff members or require them to perform tasks that are in opposition to its values. Nobody can ever take away someone else’s right to chose their religion or the people they believe in. Because diversity is all about respecting one another’s faith, culture, and norms, we should do the same. Catholic organizations ought to respect individual diversity in order to improve interpersonal relations. If you push, damage, or otherwise violate someone’s human rights, you are being racist, disrespectful, and infringing.


  11. Chandylou L. Lava, BSIT 2 F4

    No, as they say you know something that I don’t know and I know something that you don’t either, I have a skill that only I can do and you also have a skill that only you can do. A person’s religion is not based on his ability to do his job, whether Catholic or Christian, Muslim and so on. It is our right to mingle in the various jobs we want, because the basis of human excellence is not religion but its actions and deeds. We should respect each other and let them learn things without forcing them to do something, let our differences work as one.

    Chandylou L. Lava

  12. Thea Marie T. Abaño

    I totally disagree to the idea of
    forcing someone to be
    baptized. Baptism must not be forced to anyone. People should have faith when accepting the baptism, because it clearly shows
    that you are violating the right of
    an individual regarding to his/her
    choices. I think it is very important to respect other peoples religions because it can
    create a conflicts between people. Respecting and accepting each others religions means one less reason to discriminate others and less conflicts and fights. You can respect someone else’s religion by trying to understand their beliefs and their point of view, you don’t have to agree with it and you don’t need to practice it but you do not need to disrespect it if you strongly disagree or attempt to make them change their religion simply because you do not agree with theirs.

    Submitted by: Abaño, Thea Marie T. BSIT3F2


    For me as a Catholic person why i should not force my employees to have baptized because i respect their religion and belief that their belong. As a child of Jesus Christ we cannot force them to become a Catholic. Their religions is a part of their lifes that we connot get to them. They have the decision if they want to become a Catholic if they want as a leader of the team for me i will not force them to be Catholic just like me because i want their freedom to choose what they want to serve for, that why we put here in our god to have freedom and decide what we are want to be . We are different religion but we are same child of the god and same se surve for.

  14. Cueva, Reniel V. BSIT 3F2

    Catholic Institution should not force their employees to be baptized as Catholic. If the employees are forced to be baptized as a catholic by their catholic institution, employees seems to have no freedom for themselves and the catholic institution seems to have no respect for the current religion of their employees and that is not good action for an religious or any institution. Catholic institution should embrace and understand the difference or uniqueness of their employees because that difference or uniqueness can create or explore more ideas that will benefit their institution.

    Submitted by: Cueva, Reniel V. BSIT 3F2

  15. Cabiles, Marvelyn L.

    As we all know, Catholics enjoy teaching and participating in church sacraments. Catholic institutions, in my opinion, should not require their employees to be baptized because it is not necessary as long as the employees follow the rules and regulations of the institution. Catholic institutions should also respect their employees’ choices and beliefs. And the institutions should practice what they preach.


  16. Yulatic Junmer Paul

    Prior to my knowledge, diversity makes us unique in a certain way, such as our differences in our backgrounds and the such. In my own opinion, catholic institutions should not force their employees to be baptized as Catholics because each individual has the freedom to choose their own beliefs. We live in a diversified society, and we must learn how to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs in our chosen religion.

  17. Pabiania Nathanael D.

    In my own opinion Catholic institutions was not controlling their employees because for now there are many people who are being attracted in our religious beliefs. For example the SIMALA CHURCH SHRINE in CEBU for it’s attractive beauty of the structures of the place should attracted the many people that you cannot force to them to make their explore the experience and believe in our religious country and beliefs.

  18. Medez Jinnefer A.

    In my own opinion Catholic Institutions should not force their employees to be one of them or what they do and what they believe should also believed by there employees, because we all have our own beliefs in life, we should not force people to worship what we worship. Also we must accept what they want to believe and what they want to do in life and we must also accept them in their differences from us. All of us have our own uniqueness it is called diversity it means that we are different in different ways example is the age, race, color and etc. Also the religion that we have is also called diversity that’s why we should not force them to become us because that’s how they are and that’s what they want.

  19. Germo, Basilio Jr. D.

    A Catholic institution should not forced their employee to baptized to be a Catholic to. People have different religions for the same reasons that people have different opinions. It is because they were raised in different ways and in different places and families. All of these things have a different impact on what we believe to be true about the world. We must know how to respect whatever a person’s religion is. As a Christian we are taught to respect others regardless of their religion. To maintain unity and peace, we should respect various religions; otherwise, there would be an environment of dread and riots will burst out everywhere. Religion isn’t just about beliefs it isn’t just about god or heaven or angles it’s about friendship and community.

  20. Hannah Grace Villalon

    In my opinion, they shouldn’t force their employees to be baptized as catholic because everyone of us have their own decisions in life. We must value and respect other’s differences, culture, religion and beliefs. We should value diversity in the workplace in order to recognize and leverage people’s differences. Manager is the one who should encourage their employees to value each other and the one who advocates for everyone’s voice to be voice out. It can help their employees to enhance their communication and team work. Appreciating and accepting everyone’s uniqueness help us to grow, grain respect and it is a way to avoid discrimination in the workplace.

    Hannah Grace Villalon BSIT 3F2

  21. Kate Meryl R Montinola

    For me I won’t force my employees to be baptized as catholic. Because we have our own religion and I respect each other religions. The freedom to choose a religion is one of the many rights that each of us has. I believe that no Religious institution should force their employees to get baptized in the religion they belong to. We should respect everyone’s choice of religion just like how we respect our own religion. I believe that if we diverse religions we can gain each other’s respect. With diverse religions, we can learn from each other’s cultures, traditions, and beliefs without giving up our own traditions. Therefore, we must always value diversity, as it is very important that people build a stronger sense of identity and well-being and have better educational and career outcomes when their different strengths, skills, interests and perspectives are understood and supported. – Kate Meryl R Montinola

  22. In, my own opinion if i will be the head someday and as a roman catholic I won’t force my employee’s to be like us because we are sorrounded by different culture and belief
    and our employee’ s must decide for themselves on what will be their decision in terms of choosing their religions. And also religion is not the basis to have a work someday specially when we are in the workplace sorrounded by our co worker’s ,employee’s , we must understand them in order to make them comfortable, confident, and easy to interact in the workplace.

  23. Daisy Jane S.Impit

    Catholic is known the most biggest religion in the world as well as the believers that following their doctrines, Roman Catholic churches is also known as the biggest church even in the local part of the country compare to the other religion but despite all of that their must be a freedom to choose in each individual that needs to respect,freedom to choose their religion, freedom to choose what they want,The church must respect whatever desisyon of their employees would be and they should not forcefully someone to convert of the said religion unless they told or decide to,Respect must be at all times as we encountered different diversities in the country

    Submitted by: DAISY JANE IMPIT BSIT 3-F2

  24. Juarez, Alma Mae V.

    No, catholic institutions must know how to accept and respect the employees who have different religion and beliefs. Because an organization must be diverse to produce positive environment. Forcing non-catholic employees to be baptized is like violating their human rights. Everyone’s differences including religion must be respected and accepted in an organization to also avoid issues. JUAREZ, ALMA MAE V. BSIT – 3F2

  25. Eugene D. Salanap BSIT 3F2

    In my own opinion we should value the diversity in the workplace. Valuing diversity in the workplace is all about accepting others beliefs, opinions and differences. They can’t force the employees to be baptized as a Catholic, they cannot force people to change their beliefs and religion, instead they should respect and accept what they’re believing through this they can bring harmony and connection inside in the workplace or they can build a happy and safe environment for them.


    As a catholic , I’m not in favor of forcing employees in other religion to be baptized as a catholic because as a institution they have to respect and accept diversity. They have to know that each one of us has a different perspective, different beliefs and different culture as well as different religion. On the other hand, Catholic Institution have to think differently, recognize, explore, respect and appreciate the differences of their employees. If they will just accept diversity they can achieve different perspectives, opinions and recommendation in their institution that will increase creativity, group dynamics and team development that would be a great help to the growth of my institution.

  27. Reyes Efren John A., BSIT3F2

    Based on my own opinion I believe that a catholic institutions a company for example doesn’t need to force their employees to be baptised as Catholic. In an institution the religion isn’t a basis when it comes to work. Let us also consider that there are people with different religion that is morr knowledgeable and capable on the work that they have. Baptism isn’t an issue when working, this is a personal matter its between you and God, it depends on your convictions whether you are ready or not. By forcing them you are like letting them eat the food that they don’t like. It is natural for us to be drawn to diversity, but there is no corresponding natural inclination to embrace it. We want what is familiar, we cling to what we know, and we reject or fear what is new. An institution should examine their biases and assist others to be better in order to go beyond without forcing them to do so. This will create harmony and diversity in your workplace.

    Submitted by:Efren John A Reyes

  28. No. I think they should not force their employees to be baptized as catholic. Each and everyone in the world has their own rights. They have the right to choose their own religion and living in diversity we should give equal opportunities to other religions even if its a Catholic Institution. No matter what religion a person came from he/ she have the rights to belong and be appreciated. Having diversity in religion even if its a Catholic institution is still a good factor because it will promote equally and understand other tradition and beliefs which will give a positive vibe and progressive institution.

  29. Hi! Do you have a daily mass via live streaming on facebook?

  30. Daynis Becite

    Good Evening,

    Do you have Mass every Sunday?, And what the schedule and Requirements or what Will we do.

    Thank You
    P.S. I hope you can reply me before this coming sunday.

    • Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 3F2

      No, As a youth each of as have a decision making, we dont need to force each of individuals to decide what we want for them. All of us have a different aspect in life, and we need to respect what they are, even we dont know them well, being baptized in different religion is not hindrance in work. All of us have a right to work even though we have a differences as long as we are good employee.
      Valuing the differences of every people we socialize is a grate feeling of being accepted.
      Also as a christians for me we need just to remember that all of us have an equal diversity even though we have different ethnicity, religion, or gender. We must respect and be kind all the time.

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