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Higalaay Kagay-an Festival: A Fun-filled Celebration

The Philippines is known worldwide for its numerous festivities and celebrations. Provinces celebrate their respective festivals one after another, allowing foreigners and local tourists alike to travel the country in chase of grand festivities. One of these festivals is the Higaalay Kagay-an, a month-long celebration in Cagayan de Oro. Derived from the Visayan term “higala” which means “friend,” the warmth and hospitality of the Kagay-anons can be significantly felt in this festivity. This takes place in August, a season where the transition from summer to rainy season peaks in. The festival also coincides with the feast of their patron saint St. Augustine of Hippo. The festivity is also a way of expressing their gratitude for all the blessings that they have received for the year. 

Higalaay Festival | Cagayan de Oro By Mark Gio Amoguis

 Things to do at Higaalay Kagay-an Festival | Cagayan de Oro

Please bookmark this page as we will post the detailed schedule of activities of the festivity.

1.  Agri Fair and Garden Show

Green thumbs or those who have the skills of cultivating garden flowers may boast their abilities in this event. This involves landscaping and the actual growth of plants. On the economic aspect, it helps the people make use of their God-given talents to earn in the future eventually. 

2. Mindanao Fashion Summit at Higalaay Festival

This specific event gathers top local designers from Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cotobato, Davao, General Santos, Iligan, and Zamboanga. Within three days, the designers will have to exhibit their top designs or entries. People then could go around and witness the creative and intricate creation of the chosen artists. 

3. Kahimunan Regional Trade Fair

Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), this activity aims to encourage both micro and macro businesses in the archipelago to promote their companies and showcase their talents. Thus, a display of various culture-based products is highly evident. 

4.  Higalaay Festival Street Performances

These street presentations organized by different barangays and schools take place on the 26th and 28th of August, which also marks the actual Kagay-anon Days. Expect the lively street dances paired with upbeat music and colorful costume and props, all to narrate their chosen stories. The vibrant and exquisite performances will undeniably leave you speechless. These performances are also televised by the local channels and networks to allow people to watch the festivity from the comfort of their homes. 

5. Miss Cagayan de Oro

 The chosen winner of the beauty pageant will play the role of being the Ambassadress of Goodwill of Cagayan de Oro as well as the Envoy of Tourism. Such privilege will compete with the finest of the finest ladies of the province. Hence, a great display of beauty, wit, talent, and poise is what this pageant is all about. 

6. Intricate Floats

The theme of the floats changes every year. This way, locals will always have to think of the new idea of how they could make their floats unique and outstanding. Also, it is a way of giving the tourists a fresh taste of the floats every year at Higalaay Festival

7. Lights Display

Head to the Duaw Kagay-an Park with friends or family and enjoy the spectacular lights display. The combined power of classical and modern music as it dances with the lights will give you a night to remember. 

8. Pyro Musical Festival

Held at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park, this activity is one of the highlights of the  Higalaay Festival as manifested by the number of tourists flocking the place. People would like to witness the majestic fireworks creation of both locals and international guests. An exquisite display of artistry and creativity is everyone’s delight. 

9. Fluvial Procession

Sailing in the river while following a procession is one of the ways to fully immerse in their culture. Boats are carrying the image of St. Augustine, Sta. Monica and all other patron saints of different barangays can be seen as part of the river procession. This activity is being done to bless the river and, at the same time, promote the protection of the river. 

10. Other Activities

Other activities at Higalaay Festival that you may choose to join or watch include a marathon, boat race, boat making; horse show; and culinary shows. Indeed, the Higaalay Kagay-an is a complete festivity to experience. 

The Higaalay Kagay-an festival has been and will continue to flourish in the coming years. If you get the chance to be here and witness this momentous event, I urge you to make the most out of it and fully enjoy the experience. Have fun! 

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