Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels + TRAVEL GUIDE

Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels


Romblon Destinations | Travel Guide covers various places to visit in the province as well as a list of hotels and resorts.

Romblon: An Archipelago at the Heart of the Philippines

Set at a location which could quickly be taken for as the “heart” of the country, Romblon is a cluster of islands and a province that lies at the upper center of the Philippines. As a tiny archipelago within an archipelago, Romblon consists of three major islands, namely Romblon Island itself, Sibuyan Island, and Tablas Island as well as a slew of other smaller isles numbering to 20.

For some, the moniker might seem confusing as there is both an island separates from the rest named “Romblon” and a whole archipelago named collectively as “Romblon.” To rid the confusion, let us not forget that “Romblon” without the “Island” in its appellation refers to the province as a whole, while “Romblon” with “Island” in its name talks about that one specific island in the province.

Consequently, it is Romblon Island that is the province’s capital city and therefore where the seat of the local government resides.

Romblon is a region in the Philippines that is lived by a distinct culture called Romblomanon and who speaks their dialect called “Ini.”

Marble Capital

Considered the “Marble Capital of the Philippines” for its world-class and significant export of marble.  Romblon thrives partially by exporting this valued rock across the country and elsewhere. However, despite this reputation, Romblon is only the second-largest producer of marble in the country.

Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels + TRAVEL GUIDE

Marble Factory [ Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels ]

A Quiet Neighbor of Boracay

With a location set at a considerable distance from one of the Philippines’ top tourist destination, Boracay, it is hard not to compare Romblon with Aklan’s prized gem. But while tourists are indeed flocking in Boracay, sometimes day and night, that the place has become overcrowded in the process, Romblon prides itself for being the tranquil version of Boracay, but not less the looks.

For those who are not willing to compromise on peace—often the primary elements for tourism—Romblon is undeniably one of the best alternatives in the region. Almost literally, some of the best beaches in Romblon is like Boracay itself, minus the crowd and thus the preservation of serenity in the area. Indeed, you have all the reasons to explore Romblon tourist spots.

Like many small archipelagos of its kind, one of the main attractions in Romblon is undeniably is constellations of islands, each of which has its unique offerings but all with a common denominator for being awesome. Meaning, each island has plenty of beaches whose untainted beauty preserves what is inherently appealing to nature as we know it.

Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches

But there are also other places of interest scattered across Romblon, and it speaks of sites such as caves and waterfalls, both of which has a unique level of entertainment to their visit.

On the other hand, Romblon is also a place of historical value to it as well. As a site that was once commonplace for foreign pirates (Dutch) and local raiders (Moros), Romblon is an area where the Fort of San Andres once stood and is now a house to the PAG-ASA Romblon Observatory.

Another noteworthy infrastructure with historical value in the area is the Fort Santiago which is now nothing but a ruin of its former glory.

Currently, these two areas are among the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Summer is just around the corner, and I know that you are very eager to find a place to visit. If you would like to get rid of the crowd and at the same time enjoy the beach and other activities, then I highly recommend that you head to Romblon.


Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels + TRAVEL GUIDE
St Joseph Cathedral by Joannerfabregas [ Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels ]

List of Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches and Destinations

Allow me to share with you the top things to do in this beautiful province through this article.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Located in the heart of the Poblacion is a marble-made church. It also has a bell tower on its side. For sure, a pilgrimage in this place is never a bad idea.

Agbaliga Waterfalls  

If you’ve had enough of the beaches, then you might also spot a lot of waterfalls in Romblon. You have to ask the locals which one has water at the moment since some of the falls are dry and waterless during the summer season.

Barangay Calabago’d Lighthouse  

If you’re up to some beaching and at the same time lighthouse climbing, then this Romblon destination found in Barangay Calabago is the perfect one for you. Head here and swim and at the same time, see the view from the top.

Bonbon Beach Sandbar  

The 500-meters long sandbar is what this place unique. Imagine taking a walk in it and taking amazing photos while at the same time enjoying the fresh air and cold water. To cross the sandbar, you have to come here during low tide season or time. Heading in this Romblon destination will only take you about 3-kilometers from the Poblacion, so it is accessible.

Bird and Mangrove Sanctuary  

Different species of birds are found in this Romblon destination. More so, some activities relative to transplanting mangroves is also a must-see activity. Enjoy the natural vibe of the sanctuary as a part of your vacation.


Boknoy is a popular type of siopao that is only found in Romblon. What makes it unique than the others is that it already has a sauce inside. This sumptuous siopao will, of course, complete your Romblon experience.

Cajimos Point Sunset

This place may be a bit secluded but taking shots using your drone here is also ideal. Why? It gives you a good view of the sunset. Well, a trip to the countryside like the area is also a way of exploring the place.

Apunan Point Lighthouse  

Climbing the Apunan Point Lighthouse is my favorite. Imagine being at the top and getting to see the vast creation? Well, if the fresh air, green lands, and blue ocean sight cannot entice you, I don’t know what else can.

Cobrador Island Hopping

Discover all the scenic islands/ Romblon destinations of the area by joining an island hopping tour. It covers the Alad Cave (about 20-minutes away from Romblon), Marakay Marakay Cliff Jump, and Cobrador beach. These three may seem ordinary in terms of name, but I am telling you, these are perfect destinations for your summer getaway.

Dolphin Beach  

If you’re tired of the day’s exploration and would like to stay in a place where you could spend some quiet and peaceful afternoon, then the Dolphin Beach is here for you. Head to this Romblon destination and take your much-needed rest.

Coin Divers

Well, if you would like to see great divers, then some teenagers are willing to dive the coin for you. They will convince you to throw a coin, and if you do so, they can skillfully look for it. With the clear water, you could see these divers as they swim at the bottom.


Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels + TRAVEL GUIDE
  Port San Andres [ Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels ] Photo by Joannerfabregas 
Fort San Andres  

This ancient Spanish watchtower may not have been well-maintained. It was built back in the 17th century, and as can be seen, it was able to stand the test of time. But to tell you the truth, just spending an afternoon in this Romblon destination while waiting for the sunset is perhaps one of the most satisfying and calm views you could ever see in the province.

Kipot River

Listen to the lush of water as you watch the emerald-green water running on the Kipot river. In going here, you will pass through some backyards or private property. All you have to do is ask for permission, and they will be thrilled to welcome you.

Libtong Falls 

The layered-like water from this waterfalls is a sight to behold. The journey in this Romblon destination is short for it only entails bit trekking, but the view is rewarding. You might want to take a swim at its basin and enjoy the cold water.

Drone Hill

Playing some drone and trying to catch the scenic view is possible. You have to seek permission since this is private property. All in all, the people here are friendly and approachable. They are even willing to help you get the perfect shot using your drone.

Lugbon Beach  

The palm trees found in this  Romblon destination are perfect for shades if you want to spend an afternoon or some time enjoying the place. The view of the sea paired with the vibrant shades given by the palm trees will make you want to rest and fall asleep.

Marble Carving at Marble Factory  

How about exploring a place filled with machinery that is used in creating and cutting marbles? This educational trip will delight you in a variety of ways. If you’re up for this adventure, then you got to be ready for tons of learning.

Reggae Vibes Agpanabat Sea Turtle Sanctuary  

Snorkeling at its finest can be done in this Romblon destination. With the abundant marine diversity paired with the colorful and massive corals, I know that you will also enjoy this activity as much as I did.

San Pedro Beach  

Also known as the Talipasak Beach, this Romblon destination is considered as one of the gems of the province, there is a café in the middle of the trees on the shore, while there are a lot of hammocks and other lying-in areas on the shady part of the shore. Indeed, lying here and watching the waves of the ocean is refreshing.

Shopping Center

Buying pasalubong or small tokens or gifts for your friends or families back home could be done at this Shopping Center. With a variety of products to buy, you will admittedly be indulged with the shopping adventure.

Tiamban Beach  

The fine light gold sand paired with clear water in Tiamban Beach is one of the best in the entire Romblon. Enjoy your time under the sun and do some swimming strokes and you will enjoy the experience.

Tinagong Dagat  

A small beach surrounded with walls which are naturally made up of rocks and cliffs. This Romblon destination is hidden, an undiscovered gem waiting to be explored by a lot more of people. A hot tub is located in a part of it, and it is relaxing.

Romblon destinations are truly worth a visit. From beaches to falls, to sceneries, and everything in between. Have an amazing vacation!

Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels + TRAVEL GUIDE
Tabanan beach [ Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels ] Photo by Banton Island

List of Resorts and Hotels in Romblon

If you are planning to explore the island and see Romblon destination,  it is recommended that you book your hotel room in advance.

You can check prices and at the same time book directly your room from the links provided below. Simply click the links and it will bring you to the booking site. Please take note that this site doesn’t own these properties and any problems relative to your bookings must be directly addressed to any of these properties.

Romblon Fun Divers & Inn

Book a room at Romblon Fun Divers & Inn, Romblon, Philippines

Footprints Beach ResortBook a room at Footprints Beach Resort, Romblon, Philippines

Sanctuary Garden Resort

Book a room at Sanctuary Garden Resort, Romblon, Philippines

Carabao Backpackers & GuesthouseBook a room at Carabao Backpackers & Guesthouse, Romblon, Philippines

Aglicay Book a room at Aglicay Beach Resort, Romblon, Philippines


[ Romblon Tourist Spots, Beaches, Resorts, Hotels ]

Book a room at Lanas Beach Resort, Romblon, Philippines

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