Tuasan Falls Travel Guide | Camiguin

Tuasan Falls Travel Guide | Camiguin

Tuasan Falls was a hidden treasure found in Camiguin – 2 kilometers away from the proper. You will have no worries in terms of travel since the road is newly constructed. Anyone can visit the falls, anytime. The location is safer now.

The refreshing and crystal clear water of Tuasan Falls is enough to excite you and plunge on it right away. Hear the harmonious splashing sound coming from the falls and birds chirping echoing to the entire place.

It is ideal not only for adults but for kids, as well. It has shallow areas where they can swim. On the other hand, you can take an adventure of diving in the deeper corner of the falls. Bring your loved ones and friends with you for double excitement.

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How to get to Tuasan Falls

Located at Brgy. Mainit, Catarman, getting to Tuasan Falls is quite challenging, but worth it when you finally reach your destination. 

The safest and most comfortable transportation is the multicab or a light truck that is commonly used in the Philippines as the means of transport. If you hire tour guides, multicab is part of their service. It is the usual vehicle used to reach Tuasan Falls. Tour companies offer rides to tourists to stop by at this sweet slice of paradise. 

If you want faster alternatives and you are on a budget, you can hire a habal-habal or motorcycle for Php300 to Php500. With that price, you can wander around the island to see other destinations. 


Experience Tuasan Falls

At first glance, Tuasan is not jaw-dropping as what you can see on other falls, but the bright and freshwater are enough to excite you. What makes it more appealing is the cliff and forest-like ambiance. This destination is proof that Camiguin offers more than beaches and springs. It is also a home for majestic falls. 

If you are looking for neutral water temperature, then this is the place for you. You can spend the day without chilling or freezing. As you look at the water, it is tempting to dive in instantly. 

Unlike other falls where you have to trek or walk for an hour, Tuasan Falls is accessible and next to the main road. Driving through this place is hassle-free. Convenience stores are available at the side of the way in case you forgot to buy your necessity. 

If you plan to have a picnic near the side, bring your picnic materials, and you’re ready to go. You can rent a vacant cottage, if possible. If ever you like to get first to rent a shed, arrive earlier before the crowd comes. 

Tuasan falls an excellent place to visit after your tour in Katibawasan Falls. You can take your second swim if you’d like to. Its splashing water is alluring enough, making it hard for you to ignore it. You need not swim to enjoy this destination. The splashing of the water and the chirping of the birds is music to your soul. 

What is the ideal time to visit this paradise? Well, we suggest you visit it during summer since the cold water is enough to cool down the temperature. However, you have the option to visit it from August to December if you want a lesser crowd. Just be prepared with the freezing water’s temperature. Tuasan falls temperature is not the coldest one, anyway. You can enjoy and swim at any time of the day without chilling. 

Tuasan Falls is only a small portion of the beauty of Camiguin. The island has too much to offer, but it would not be enough to explore each place for the entire day. Make your life livelier and fuller through discovering the wonder of the world!

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Tuasan Falls

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Tuasan Falls

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