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The Philippines has always been known to have to good to be true destinations. Surrounded by thousands of islands, the country has never failed to give local and foreign tourists jaw-dropping sceneries you’d thought only exist in a dream or imagination.

Such as the white Island situated on the Northern coast of Mindanao – Camiguin. Also known as the Island Born of Fire as seven volcanoes surround it, the Camiguin is also home to a small island considered as a marine sanctuary – the Mantigue Island. 

The 20-minute boat ride to reach the Mantigue Island (also known as Magsaysay) would take you to a four-hectare island abundant with mangroves and plants. Its turquoise-like water is rich with marine life, thus the perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling amateurs and pros.

Things to Do In Mantigue Island

Abundant of greenery and white sand, the Mantigue or Magsaysay Island has always been one of the top destinations for tourists who’d like to have a quiet place for their snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. And since the island is filled with marine life, this makes the island even more ideal for such activities. However, aside from these activities, here are some of the things that you can do on the island:

1. Stroll around the island 

Since the island is small, it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to walk around the island and enjoy the soft white sand under their feet. You’ll be greeted by fresh air and fill your eyes with sceneries that you’ll never see in the city. 

2. Bathe and swim 

Of course, an island adventure would not be complete without going for a swim or sunbathe. Unlike some islands that can be irritating to the skin because of its algae, the water in the Mantigue Island has always been clear you’ll feel rejuvenated after taking a dip.

3. Build a relationship with the locals – While you’re at the island, it’s also ideal for engaging in conversation with the locals, especially the boatmen or your local guides, and hearing them share their memorable experiences on the island and their everyday lives. It’s through understanding others’ experiences that it motivates us to see life in a positive note.

4. Visit the mini forest – Aside from water activities, a quiet walk in the mini forest of the island will make you more appreciative of the natural wonders. You can use this activity to have self-reflection or engage in more in-depth conversations with your friends and loved ones.

5. Unwind and relax – Definitely, almost all our sweet escapes have one reason – to get off our mind of the demanding lifestyle in the city. It has been scientifically proven that a quick getaway with nature helps us to refresh and find deeper meaning in our lives. 

Soon, secret and magnificent islands such as Mantigue Island will be discovered and takeaway breaths of thousands of tourists. And while we indulge ourselves in the wonders of these hidden spots, we should also be wary of keeping it as pristine as if it is the first time we have seen it.


How to reach Mantigue Island

The ideal way to reach Mantigue Island is by air.

1. Since there’s no direct flight from Manila to Camiguin, you’ll be connected to the Cebu airport. Alternatively, you may opt for Butuan or Cagayan de Oro City airports as these are also near Camiguin.

2. If you choose CDO City, from the airport, you may take a van that will take you to the Agora Market (approximately PHP 200.00).

3. From the market, take a bus or van bound to Balingoan Port (approximately PHP 150.00).

4. Upon reaching the port, take a ferry that will go to Benoni Port in Camiguin (approximately PHP 130.00 – PHP 170.00)

5. Upon entering the port, take a boat from Brgy. San Roque, Mahinog that should cost at a minimum of PHP 550.00 for a group of six (6) passengers.


Budget / Rates in Mantigue Island

  •  600.00 – boat rental (good for 6 pax)
  •  20.00 for the environmental fee
  •  0.00 – 100.00 for table rental
  •  150.00 for renting of snorkel gear
  •  50.00 for snorkeling
  •  150.00 for rental of fins
  •  250.00 per hour for kayak renting
  •  200.00 per hour for duck boat renting

Note: rates are all in Philippine peso and is subject to change without prior notice.

Aside from kayaking, duck boat, and snorkeling, tourists may also venture in the mini forest trail that the Island has or indulge its beauty through sunbathing and swimming.

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger

Where can I stay in Mantigue Island

There are no accommodation facilities in Mantigue Island.

Fortunately for those who’ll probably won’t get enough of the Island and Camiguin itself, there are various places you can stay in Camiguin Island at reasonable pricing. 

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger

Travel Tips

1. It’s best to bring cash that should be enough for your trip to Magsaysay Island as ATMs in Camiguin may either be offline or run out of money to provide.

2. Bringing your foods should be cost-effective for your trip, but make sure to observe cleanliness to protect the Island.

3. If you’ve been snorkeling before, it’s best to bring your gears instead of renting.

4. As Mantigue Island is a sanctuary to marine life, bringing sealed cases for your gadgets should be a priority to take breathtaking photos underwater.

5. Always bring extra of the things you’re taking with you to have a hassle-free and enjoy your vacation in the serene Island.


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