Kampana Café

Kampana Café in Bacolod City

As I grow older, I realized that I do not often look for malls to visit nor for new food stalls to dine in. I am more of the type of person who will look for a place where I could sit, relax, read while sipping a cup of coffee. Who would not love the idea of such a relaxation time? All you have to do is enjoy the moment as you equally enjoy the scent and taste of your coffee.

One of the places that I’ve discovered is the Kampana Café located in Bacolod City. This place brings a fantastic back to the golden age vibes since the site is indeed a castle. Yes, you’ve heard it right! It is a castle turned into a café! The entirety of the castle is made up of the actual café which serves both snacks and all rice meals; there is also a garden where you could relax, plus a grotto and pond to fully maximize the view.


The castle was closed for a very long time. People nearby the area cannot help but wonder what the castle was all about and why such beauty was sealed from the rest of the world. Until recently, it was launched and opened to the public and was renamed as Kampana Café. With sheer curiosity, a lot of people flocked the area and had seen the beauty of the castle turned into café. Indeed, this is going to be one of the most visited tourist spots in the entire province.

The refreshing garden allows an individual to be lost in the middle of a beautiful natural environment. While listening to the hush of water from the human-made pond is merely beyond relaxing. The statues and figures on display near the pond are also sights to behold, giving an additional ancient yet soothing vibe to the place.


Another notable spot in this café is the miniature version of the castle at the ground. It is indeed scenic because it is as if you are part of a movie and you are trying to come up with a strategic plan to defend your castle against the invaders. Isn’t cool and at the same time challenging? As you enter the castle, you will be greeted with old lumber made the door, as if welcoming you to be part of a medieval world. All in all, the thrones, tables, utensils, and everything that your senses could perceive all directs to the idea that this castle is indeed a part of a rich historical past. If you happen to visit Bacolod City, please do not ever forget to visit the Kampana Café.


Kampana Café

The specialty meal of Kampana Café is chicken satay, and I highly recommend you to order it if you happen to visit during lunchtime. Personally, I guess the service in the cafe and event heir food needs to be improved further.

Other fees are also minimal, such as 50php as an entrance fee which would allow the visitor to access the castle and the garden.


How to Get to Kampana Café

By Taxi

The quickest way to get to Kampana Café is by getting a cab to bring you to the place.

 By Private Vehicle

Drive towards Murcia, the place is around 1.8 km from Coca Cola Bottling Plant. The place is on your left side. The place at your left side. At night, the place’s signage is well lit.

By Public Utility Vehicle 

Take the jeep plying for Murcia or Mambukal with its terminal found in Libertad Public Market. Tell the driver to drop you at Kampana Cafe which is near Guanzon Cockpit Arena.

The author at the place

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