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The City of Butuan is a not ordinary city in the entire country. Aside from its rich historical stories, much is also known about its ability to entice people and visitors about the delicious food being made in this place. To fully enjoy the experience of visiting the place, it is highly recommended that you visit in the month of May where they also happen to celebrate their grand celebration of the Balangay Festival.

Just by landing at the airport of the city, you can already feel the warm and welcoming presence and smiles of the locals as they welcome you with a dance performance wearing a Butuanon costume. With its rich history related to the international as well as locals trade and industries of the place for the past centuries, the City if Butuan progressed in different areas and aspect, making it ideal for tourists to take a glimpse of the rich heritage and amazing culture of the people living in the place.

Taking a closer look at their well-celebrated festival, the Balangay or also called as Balanghai, is something that must be given importance and emphasis because it will give you a one of a kind vacation experience. In this celebration headed by the City Mayor, a total of 26 Barangays actively participate in different competitions and activities. It is more on a celebration on how Balangay Festival were established and first used, giving glory to its huge contribution to the history and lasting legacy of the place in the entire country. Aside from that, locals see it as well as a great opportunity to promote the tourism of the city.

This month-long celebration provides the Butuanos the opportunity to show to the visitors how much they value their heritage and how much they are capable of showcasing their talents in varied ways. Activities such as the Balangay Festival Street Party (along with a free concert to make the celebration even fun and enjoyable), Theater Float Parade and Competition (different designed Balangays moving in the middle of the street as the float along with festive costumes and props), Mutya Hong Butuan (Search for the finest beauty of the City through a beauty contest consisting of representatives from different Barangays), and Synchronized Street Dancing (showcasing of different Barangays through their representatives) are just some of the few activities that all are looking forward every time they celebrate the festival. To further expand the coverage of the celebration and to make sure more and more visitors will flock the place, the city government are also aiming for a global movement to make the place well-known to the world.

The City of Butuan is also famous for its scenic spots located in the area; you will surely feel the freshness of nature and the serenity of the environment as you explore the other parts of the city. As for those who would like to try the food being offered, the Isla’s Burger Shack (delicious burgers), Margie’s Kitchen (authentic and original Filipino food recipe of barbecue, kinilaw, sashimi, and sinugba). With the place being a haven of history, culture, and food, it is already time for us to explore the city and be surprised by its wonders.

Balangay Festival Schedule of Activities

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