La Castellana and Isabela With Ford Ranger

2-Day Trip to La Castellana and Isabela With Ford Ranger

This time of the pandemic, visiting the countryside could be one of the best things a travel blogger could do since commercial flights are not available in many parts of the country.  

Recently, we visited two municipalities in the Southern part of Negros Occidental: Binalbagan and Isabela.

Together with my three other friends who are also fond of traveling, we went on a road trip driving the Ford Ranger to take a breather from the city life.

Binalbagan and Isabela With Ford Ranger

La Castellana – Isabela Itinerary

Day 1

  • We left Bacolod City early morning via Murcia to La Carlota City 
  • Coffee Stop at La Carlota City
  • Arrived La Castellana before lunch
  • Lunch at Villa Indo Pensione House and Restaurant
  • Visit at El Ador Farm and Resort
  • Visit La CastellanaTown Proper for some Refreshments
  •  Proceed to Isabela
  • Quick tour Around Isabela Proper
  • Overnight at Isabela

Day 2

  • Sightseeing around Isabela /Plant Hunting
  • Coffee Stop at Valladolid Negros, Occidental

Binalbagan and Isabela With Ford Ranger

Things to See and Do When Visiting La Castellana and Isabela | Tourist Spots

Try Roadside Cafes

When visiting these two municipalities, you will be passing several Roadside Cafes offering native coffee. It would be great to have a quick stop and experience their concoctions.

Taste Local Delicacies

You need not bring so much food when making a road trip to La Castellana and Isabela. Along the way, you will be seeing places offering native delicacies that are filling and giving you the real flavor of the area.

Plant Hunting ( La Castellana and Isabela With Ford Ranger )

Hunt For Plants

For “plantitos” and “plantitas” like us, we enjoyed buying some plants that are difficult to find and at affordable prices. 

Visit Resorts 

We were all tired of the usual resorts that we visit. If you love places that are less crowded, try to ask (or research before the trip) where to visit and relax.

Witness Countryside Lifestyle

Visiting places like La Castellana and Isabela will surely give you a sight that will remind you of the life way back. These places will allow you to see people harvesting rice, planting sugarcanes, etc.

Enjoy The View

Feel free to stop anytime to take your photos with nature as your spectacular backdrop.

La Castellana and Isabela With Ford Ranger

Visit an Old Church 

If you love old structures like century-old churches, visit Isabela.

Binalbagan and Isabela With Ford Ranger

Why I love the Ford Ranger

  1. Ford Ranger offers a smooth driving experience during our trip. It has a powerful engine and is truly tough and dependable, especially for a long-distance ride. It provides massive loads (we were four during the trip ), and I love its back compartments as it accommodates all our plant loots during the trip. Indeed the truck is a fantastic workhorse.
  1. Ford Ranger suits my active lifestyle. It demonstrated its four-wheel-drive power, especially when we visited tricky, muddy, unpaved, and challenging roads
  2. Its rugged design is an excellent reflection of its ability to handle rough terrain. Its enormous bumpers and prominent wheel arches coupled with high suspensions create the “macho” look, yet still offer a great appeal to women who have active lifestyles.

Binalbagan and Isabela With Ford Ranger

La Castellana and Isabela With Ford Ranger

  1. Ford Ranger suits people like us who would stop and buy what we see along the roads. It is capable of carrying heavy loads.
  2. It’s easy to drive and powerful on the road. Specifically, it has a responsive and grippy corner. It can match the ride quality expected of a conventional SUV. 
  3. Finally, the car is an attention grabber. It has bold color, nice wheels with graphics, and well-equipped interiors.

So if you are planning to get a car that can handle the rough-and-tumble trips (that is also better than the average SUV), then Ford Ranger is the truck for you.

Test drive one now to believe. Visit any Ford dealer in your area now. In Negros Occidental, you may visit/contact:

Contact person:
Trecia Javier
Branch Manager
Contact No.: 0917 351 9127

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