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Today, let me take you on a fascinating journey through the history of Victorias City. Trust me; it’s a story filled with miraculous events and deep religious significance.

Once upon a time, this city was known as Malihaw, named after the Malihaw trees that grew abundantly near the Malihaw riverbanks. It was under the leadership of Capitan Gregorio Conlu, a prominent figure in the community. But the tale of the city’s name change began with an extraordinary incident.

One sad day, Capitan’s household fell victim to a robbery. Miraculously, Capitan managed to escape with his secretary, Alfonso Pachera. However, his wife, Capitana Tutang, and her server, Micay, were left behind and taken by the robbers. Unbeknownst to the robbers, Capitana Tutang and Micay were skilled swimmers. So, when they were thrown into the sea, they defied all odds and swam to safety.


Church of Angry Christ

During their ordeal in the water, something extraordinary happened. Capitana Tutang had a vision of a beautiful lady she believed to be Mother Mary. This profound encounter moved her deeply, and she vowed to honor the vision by acquiring an image of the Lady. Despite the setback of the robbery, the family eventually managed to purchase an image from Barcelona, Spain. And that image became known as Nuestra Señora de las Victorias, marking the beginning of the city’s name change from Malihaw to Victorias.

Fast forward to February 11, 1998, an important milestone was reached. Victorias officially became a component city under Republic Act No. 8488, signed by President Fidel V. Ramos. The significance of this achievement was further celebrated on March 21, 1999, as the city joyfully commemorated its very first anniversary.

Isn’t it incredible how the history of Victorias City is intertwined with miracles, religious devotion, and the unwavering spirit of its people? Exploring the city today, you’ll find remnants of its vibrant past and a community that takes pride in its unique heritage.


Penaloza Farm

Business Opportunities in Victorias City

Let’s dive into the world of business opportunities in Victorias City. This bustling city is a hotspot for success, particularly in sugar-based food production, meat and fish processing, and manufacturing consumer goods. With abundant resources, Victorias City provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurs to thrive and flourish. Whether you’re passionate about creating delectable treats, high-quality processed meats, or trendy clothing and furniture, this city offers endless possibilities. So, if you’re ready to embark on an exciting business venture, Victorias City is the place to be!

As you step into the dynamic business landscape of Victorias City, prepare to be greeted with open arms. The community is supportive, and the city is eager to welcome new businesses and innovative ideas. So, let your entrepreneurial spirit soar, tap into the city’s resources, and turn your vision into a thriving reality. It’s time to seize the opportunities and make your mark in the vibrant business scene of Victorias City!

Angry Christ Church
Angry Christ by Gab Avincula

Victorias City Tourists Spots

Let’s explore some of the exciting tourist spots in Victorias City. Get ready for a fun-filled adventure!

Chapel of the Angry Christ. First up,  the famous Chapel of the Angry Christ, also known as the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel. It’s located inside the Victorias Milling Company Complex. The unique architecture and intriguing name will capture your attention and curiosity.

Victorias Public Plaza. Next, let’s stroll through the vibrant Victorias Public Plaza. Picture yourself surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely walk or a peaceful moment of serenity.

Penaloza Farm. If you love organic farming and fresh produce, visit Penaloza Farm. Located at the heart of Victorias City, this farm offers certified organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Just hop on a tricycle and ask them to take you there. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Festivals. Now, let’s talk about festivals! Mark your calendars for the Kadalag-an Festival, which celebrates the city’s establishment every March 21. And don’t forget the Kalamayan Festival in December, showcasing the city’s famous sugar industry. These vibrant events are filled with street dances, cultural activities, and a festive atmosphere that will leave you in awe.

Gawahon Eco Park . For nature lovers, Gawahon Eco Park is a must-visit. Its seven natural falls are a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. Take your time to explore, relax, and enjoy the amenities they provide for a convenient and comfortable experience.

Victorias Milling Company. Last, let’s not forget about the iconic Victorias Milling Company. Take a tour of the world’s largest sugar mill and refinery. Trust me, the sheer scale of this 7,000-hectare site will leave you amazed.

Gawahon Eco Park

Gawahon Eco Park

How to get to Victorias City

To get to Victorias City from Bacolod-Silay Airport, you can hop on a van or any available vehicle at the airport that will take you to Silay City. From Silay City, you can catch a Ceres Bus bound for Victorias or other routes that pass by Victorias City. If you’re starting your journey from Bacolod City, head to the North Ceres Terminal and look for a bus that will pass by Victorias City.

Once you’re in Victorias City, the most common mode of transportation for getting around is the tricycle. These three-wheeled vehicles are readily available and will take you to different destinations within the city. Just flag down a tricycle and inform the driver of your desired location. They’re familiar with the area and will ensure you reach your destination safely.

So, whether arriving from the airport or traveling from Bacolod City, getting to Victorias City is easily accessible. And once you’re there, the tricycles will be your trusty companions for exploring all the fantastic attractions within the city.

Enjoy your journey, and have a fantastic time exploring Victorias City!

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