BACOLOD, SIPALAY,CAUAYAN (Danjugan Island) + Panaad sa Negros


This travel guide is part of a series of Negros Occidental Travel Guides which features several tourist attractions in the province.

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The minimum number of days to be spent on this trip would be three to four days. If you have the luxury to extend your visit for 5 days, so much the better so that you will be able to enjoy more places and attractions during your stay.

Bacolod, Sipalay, Cauayan (Danjugan Island) + Panaad Sa Negros Festival

This travel guide will cover other top places in the Province of Negros Occidental as follows Bacolod City, Sipalay, Cauayan (Danjugan Island), plus the biggest festival in the province – Panaad sa Negros.

Panaad sa Negros is held every April annually, but if you cannot visit the province on this month, you can still use this travel guide as a reference to visiting the featured places on this article.

Why Visit Panaad sa Negros Occidental Festival

Panaad is a Hiligaynon term which means “vow” or “promise,” the Panaad is an event celebrated as a means of thanksgiving to the good life bestowed among the people of Negros Occidental.

Also dubbed as the “Festival of all Festivals” in the region, Panaad makes for a showcase of the Negrense way of living and history as seen through its diverse presentations coming from across 19 municipalities and 13 cities.

History of Panaad

Conceptualized in 1993 resulting from the partnership between the Provincial Government and the significant people in the private sector, Panaad was a celebration meant to showcase what was previously the province’s only 6 cities and 26 municipalities. More importantly, the event also sought to highlight the province’s history, culture, and the region’s potential for business.

The very first Panaad festival was held on April 30, 1993, which lasted for three days. The date was chosen primarily because this was the same date when the two “Negros” provinces—Occidental and Oriental—became two separate regions back in 1901.

For the first four years since its conception, the Panaad Festival was being held at the Provincial Capitol Park and Lagoon until in subsequent years, due to the growing popularity and participation in the event, when the venue for the event is moved to what is now “Panaad Park.” This park eponymous of the province highlighted event has become the occasion’s location since.

What to See in Panaad?

Set within the Panaad Park and the Sports Complex within Bacolod City, one of the major highlight of the event—that is, performances—are enclosed in a vivacious-looking pavilion, signaling for some spectacle shows.

Adding more excitement to an already happy event, Panaad is also marked with friendly competitions in sport, beauty, and talent, making the event a lot more engaging for the people of Negros.

2018 was a significant event for Sagay City as having emerged as the winner after besting 21 competitors. By displaying its stunning “Sinigayan Festival” performance, it presented a fantastic show about a well-guarded marine environment, choreographed to feature the multicolor creatures of the sea.

Spectators who are also there to be enamored by natural beauty are there to look forward to seeing the Search for the Lin-ay Sg Negros Pageant competition where some of the most beautiful ladies from across Negros vie for the highly-coveted title. The winner of the said event symbolizes the “best woman” of the province.

The events that unfold in Panaad, however, is more than just for the people of Negros themselves. As also aimed in fostering tourism in the area, the venue also hosts to a variety of novelty items that make for ideal “pasalubong” for the loved ones back home.

Why Visit Bacolod City

The Panaad sa Negros is held the province’s capital city, Bacolod. Besides, Bacolod City is the main gateway to the entire province.
Bacolod is known as the City of Smile because of its Masskara Festival. But apart from this world-renowned festival, Bacolod offers a wide array of “things to do” which any tourist will surely love.

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Why Visit Sipalay City

Sipalay City is second to the last City on the Southern part of Negros Occidental. The place is known for its beautiful beaches and spectacular diving sites.

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Why Visit the Municipality of Cauayan

Cauayan is home to a protected marine sanctuary which is now attracting various tourist – the Danjugan Island. The island has 5 lagoons, huge limestone forests and fantastic coral reefs which is excellent for snorkeling and diving.
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Bacolod, Sipalay, Cauayan (Danjugan Island) + Panaad Sa Negros Festival Suggested itinerary

Day 1. Arrival and Bacolod Day Tour + Panaad Festival

Travel Tips:

  • It would be best to arrive in Bacolod City early in the morning so that you will have more time to explore the city and visit its attractions.
  • You can get to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental on various mode of transportation (air, land, and sea) depending on your place of origin. Please see the section below on how to get to Bacolod City.
  • I have outlined several Bacolod Travel Guides mentioned above, please visit those links to guide you what place would you want to see.
  • I also suggest to get a hotel within the city, better yet, choose a hotel located along Lacson Street or in the downtown area. These locations are the easiest when it comes to getting a cab or public utility vehicles. Again you can refer to the list of hotels I mentioned above.
    Things to explore and try in Bacolod City includes food, historical places and of course the Panaad sa Negros Festival.
  • You can spend the day touring around the city and reserve your late afternoon and evening at the Panaad Festival site.


Click this link for the Panaad sa Negros Guide and List of Activities.

Day 2. Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Travel Tips

  • Travel time going to Sipalay may take 4-5 hours by Ceres Bus. If you are traveling as a group, it would definitely be a wise idea to rent a car especially if you will be visiting
  • Danjugan Island the next day. You can comment on the section below if you need to rent a car. We are more than happy to help facilitate or connect you to a transport company.
  • Ceres Bus going to Sipalay begins as early as 2:30 AM and the bus departs Bacolod to Sipalay every 30 minutes. If you are maximizing your time, it would be best to travel very early so that you will have more time to enjoy and relax at the place.

Please click the link below for the Bus Schedules:
Ceres Bus Schedule for Sipalay and Hinobaan

To book your room in Sipalay, please refer to our Sipalay Travel Guide with the link above.

Day 3. Danjugan Island

Travel Tips

  • One of the best benefits of renting a car especially if you are traveling as a group is a convenience of going from one place to another. Cauayan is adjacent to Sipalay. So If you are coming from Sipalay, it is already nearer.
  • Moreover, if you have a car, it would be easier to go back to Bacolod from the place especially if you don’t plan to stay overnight on the island.

Click this link for a complete Danjugan Island Travel Guide

  • If you are going to Bacolod after your Danjugan Island make sure not to stay very late on the Island so that you won’t be arriving Bacolod late in the evening. Your driver would know where to drop you if you wish to eat your dinner on your way back to Bacolod. If you don’t want to stop for dinner, you can quickly grab some packed or fast food items when you pass by Kabankalan City. There is a Seven-Eleven convenience store, Jollibee and City Mall wherein you can grab some food which you can eat along the way.
  • If your flight is late in the evening and you would want to go straight to the airport, better inform the driver of your rented vehicle so that he can estimate what time should you be leaving Danjugan Island.
  • However, if you wish to stay for another night in Bacolod, you can refer back to our Bacolod Travel Guides on what to do on your last day.

How to get to Bacolod City

You can get to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental by Place, by boat, and by Bus.   Please click the link below to find out whats the best mode of transportation for you.

How to get to Bacolod City, The City of Smiles

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