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Another treasure in Negros Occidental which is now frequented by tourists is the Lakawon Island Resort.

The Island is a 15-hectare banana-shaped island about 3 km off Cadiz City. The island is so popular among Pinoys outside the province may be because of its new development.

Lakawon has a gorgeous white beach consisting of coarse corals. The lovely beach is dotted with coconut trees.

Jet Ski, Negros Occidental

Lakawon Island Resort is far different from what it used to be. There were only a few cottages then, and no aircon cottages. But today there are already rooms that are air-conditioned with more amenities of course. But I must say, Lakawon Island Resort needs to add more features and facilities to make their guests happier.

There were not many activities to do on the island except swimming and some related water activities like boating, snorkeling, and jet skiing. There were not many recreational facilities as well. The island resort is great for unwinding and relaxation.

For those who have known Lakawon in the past, this resort used to be the destination of people who don’t have the budget to go to Boracay. However, the resort underwent some development and I should say their prices go with it as well.

Please remember, you will be charged with a corkage for any food and drinks that you will be bringing to the Island – including bottled water. For more information about their prices, please refer to their published tariff below.

Lakawon Island Resort Accommodation

Lakawon Island Room Rates 

Premier Suite A good for 4 pax -9,499.00
Premier Suite B- Good for 5 pax-10,599.00
Barkada Suite -good for 6 -11,999.00
Condo Suite- good for 6 – 11,999.00
Honeymoon Suite – good for 2 pax: P9,499.00
Junior Suite – good for 2 pax: P5,000.00
Pearl’s Place- good for 4 pax – 3,799.00
Pearl’s Place (2nd Floor) – good for 8 px- 4,999
Tropical Bamboo (non-aircon) – good for 4- 2,500

Lakawon Island Day Tour Cottages

Family Cottage

Good for 10 persons
Rental: P1,200.00/day
Extra-person charge: P100.00/head
Corkage Fee: P50.00/head
Canopy Tents:

Good for 6-10 persons
Small (Good for 6): P600.00/day
Medium (Good for 8): P800.00/day
Large (Good for 10): P1,000.00/day
Extra-person charge: P100.00/head
Corkage Fee: P50.00/head

Umbrella Huts
Good for 6 persons
Rental: P600.00/day
Extra-person charge: P100.00/head
Corkage Fee: P50.00/head

Lakawon Island Car Rentals

Van Rental
Bacolod – Lakawon Island – Bacolod
Airport – Lakawon – Airport
Bradco Port – Lakawon Island – Bradco Port
(6-14 pax) P4,500.00 Roundtrip
*Note: Contact +63-9175022625 for details.

Coaster Rental
Bacolod – Lakawon – Bacolod
Airport – Lakawon – Airport
Bradco Port – Lakawon – Bradco Port
Fare: P8,700.00 roundtrip
Capacity: up to 29 persons
*Note: Contact +63-917-5022625 for details.

Boat Transfer

Regular boat fare – P310, inclusive of the Island Entrance Fee.
Night Fares (after 5:00 PM): Php1,000.00


Lakawon Island Resort, Carbin Reef/Suyac Island + Panaad sa Negros Festival

Please click here to read our designed itinerary for Lakawon Island Resort, Carbin Reef/Suyac Island and Panaad sa Negros Festival 


There were not many activities to do on the island except swimming and some related water activities like boating, snorkeling and jet skiing (oops, bring your own Jet Ski).

Lakawon's Floating Bar

Lakawon’s Floating Bar (Photo Source Resort’s FB Page)


How to Get to Lakawon Island Resort

The access to the island is via Barangay Cadiz Viejo. A motorboat owned by the resort usually takes visitors to the island. The ride is about 30 minutes.

From Bacolod City, travel by private car will take just over an hour. There are also buses plying the Northern Negros which stops at Cadiz Viejo.


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  1. Toti Reformado

    Hi! We recently opened a new facility in Lakawon Island. It’s called the Westpoint Aquasport Center. We have Kiteboarding lessons there. I teach and run the facility How can we have it included in your guide?

  2. Beautiful spot! 🙂

  3. jessa aldava

    hi. GOODMORNING. Thank you for sharing your experience..

  4. Maecarel Cañoneo

    Hi… tag pila sakay sa floating bar? Ug unsa iya inclusions?

  5. Are there any other accomodation like tents for overnight?lets say for only 1 person. How much probably?thanks

  6. Mary Cris

    Hi sir jojo do we have to get a cottage even if we’re on a daytrip only and only 2 persons? Thanks.

  7. Adale Landia

    Hi Jojo, if we will bring our own private car, where should we park it if planning to have an overnight stay in the island? Thanks

  8. Cherylcole tanghal

    Pati bata my entrance fee man?

  9. Wow. Lakawon Island is amazing!

  10. Is there hotels or rooms (with aircon) that we can rent on the island? Thanks!

  11. Do they accept guests now, despite the renovations?

  12. Hi Jojo,

    Can I ask what were the rates (bus from bacolod, motorcycle, bangka and entrance fee) at the time you visited lakawon? We are planning to go there but we can’t find the latest rates of lakawon. Thank you very much. Nice pictures you have there. : )

    • Hi Jeff,
      thanx, we were bring private cars when we went there. But the bus rates were pretty cheap. I will try to check for the bangka and entrance fees. thanx

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