Bacolod City Tourist Spots | Things to Do is now updated. The list is a comprehensive collection of places, like restaurants, hotels, and attractions from the neighboring cities and towns in Negros Occidental, Philippines.



Top L-R (Bacolod Tourist Spots): Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol, San Sebastian Cathedral, Pope John Paul II Tower | Bottom L-R: Bandstand, Negros Museum, A Man and a Water Buffalo Sculpture at the Capitol Lagoon | Bacolod City Tourist Spots

When it’s my first time visiting a place in a limited time, I usually organize my schedule based on “what is best” found in the area. So I listed the Twelve (12)  Things to do in Bacolod City, Philippines/Bacolod Tourist Spots. This list is for those who plan to visit the city and would love to see the best that Bacolod offers.

Of course, I have listed things not only found in the City here, but this list also includes some side trips that one can do while having time in the City.

1.  Visit Bacolod City Tourist Spots | Iconic Places

San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City

The seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Bacolod City, Philippines, is in front of the Public Plaza. This late 19th Century Church has Coral Stones from Guimaras and hardwood from Palawan as its primary building materials.

Bacolod City Bandstand

The Bandstand was constructed in 1926 and is inscribed on the sides of its roof with Musical Icons such as Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn. This Bacolod Tourist Spot is at the center of Bacolod Public Plaza. The structure which

Negros Museum, Bacolod City

The Negros Museum, another Bacolod Tourist Spot, is in the Provincial Capitol Complex. The museum was built originally as the Provincial Agricultural Building in 1925.

Provincial Capitol and Lagoon

The seat of the provincial government of Negros Occidental.  Its Romanesque neo-classical architectural design reflects the status of Negros Occidental during its hay day being the richest brought about by the boom of the sugar industry. During World War II, the Japanese used this place as headquarters.

Panaad Park and Stadium, Bacolod City

Located in Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod City. The park houses the Panaad Sports Complex, which hosts various significant National and International sports events. The place is also the venue of the annual Panaad sa Negros Festival.

Pope John Paul II Tower, Bacolod City

Another Bacolod City Tourist Spot is the seven-story structure located at the back portion of SM City Bacolod, the Pope John Paull II Tower. The structure is standing right at the same location where the Pope held a Mass when he visited Bacolod City during his first visit in 1981.

For more of Bacolod City, please visit the following guides:

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Visiting Bacolod  City will never be complete without trying the famous Chicken Inasal ( Things to do in Bacolod City, Philippines)

Dining in Bacolod

Seafood is abundant in the Province of Negros Occidental. Many restaurants in Bacolod City are offering fresh catch seafood every day ( Things to do in Bacolod City |  Tourist Spots

2. Eat | Restaurants Bacolod City

Try Bacolod City Chicken Inasal

It is Bacolod who popularized the “first” chicken Inasal. So don’t miss the chance to taste Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal. You can try Chicken Haus and Chicken Deli. The place has an air-conditioned dining area or the open space of  Manokan Country.

Click here for our Bacolod Chicken Inasal Story.

 Savor the Fresh Seafood and Local Cuisines of the Negros Occidental

Food is always part of any traveler’s itinerary. In Bacolod, we have a wide array of restaurants that offer the best Sea Food.

Recommended: Imay’s Restaurant located at 6th St. Bacolod City; 18th Street Palapala Restaurant, Ading’s Restaurant, Aboy’s restaurant or Diotay’s Seafood Restaurant

Click here for Restaurants in Bacolod City, Philippines



Various Kakanin offered by Quan Delicacies,Bacolod City


Must-try sweets… ( Things to do in Bacolod CitY/ Bacolod City Tourist Spots)

3. Give in to Bacolod City  Sweet Offerings – Cakes and Pastries

Negros is the sugar capital of the Philippines. So undoubtedly we boast on our sweets offerings.

Native Delicacies, Bacolod City

Quan Delicacies is the only established shop offering many native delicacies such as Cassava Cake, Palitaw, Suman/Biko, and much more. When in Bacolod, don’t miss to drop by any Quan Outlets: La Salle, North Drive, Veranda, San Juan,  Robinsons (Grocery Area), Gaisano City (Grocery Area), SM Food Court.  Quan Delicacies also have cakes and pastries and of course, the famous Napoleones. Bacolod’s Napoleones. Trivia: Puto Pao is Quan’s original recipe.

Click here for Quan Native Delicacies

Bacolod City Cakes and Pastry Shops

Another favorite place to go if we talk about cakes and pastries is Calea. Located along Lacson Street, just in front of the L’ Fisher Hotel. Calea offers a wide array of cakes and pastries.  Across the street is the Cs Cafe, not as busy and big as Calea, but the place is nice to stay for coffee after dinner. Just within the area are Felicia’s and other shops offering great desserts.


Party in the City of Smile ( Bacolod City Tourist SpotS)

4. Party in Bacolod City at the Boxes Restaurants and Bars

Experience the Bacolod party vibe at The Boxes at the Marketplace, Bacolod. The place is a strip of restaurants offering what it takes to enjoy the night in Smile. Try these places when visiting The Boxes:

Tiffany’s Confections 

Address: Deck #3, Boxes, Villa Angela Technopark
Mobile: 0922 800 8178

Bok’s Restobar, Bacolod City

Address: Boxes 2 Market Place
Phone: (034) 213 0774

Chateau Al Fresco Restobar 

Address: Villa Angella Boxes
Mobile: 0908 962 4975

Fafi’s House of Chili Crab

Address: Market Place Container Van
Mobile: 0906 289 4738

Stow Away Restobar, Bacolod City

Address: The Boxes, Marketplace
Mobile: 0917 701 6155

Sugureta Bar and Restaurant 

Address: The Boxes Deck #8, Villa Angela Arcade, Bacolod City
Mobile: 0947 505 0556

Retro KTV and Bar

Address: Unit 10, The Boxes, Marketplace East
Mobile: 0916 204 8416

Pon’s Restobar

Address: Pons Restobar, The Marketplace at Villa Angela, Bacolod City
Mobile: 0927 667 4382

The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill 

Address: The Boxes, Unit #12, Marketplace, Villa Angela, Bacolod City
Mobile: 0917 126 1167

Click here for The Boxes Restaurants and Bar


Experience Masskara Festival (  Bacolod City Tourist SpotS /Attraction )

5.  Experience the World Renowned Masskara Festival of Bacolod City

Masskara Festival is a world-renowned festival held in Bacolod City every October. Experiencing this festival is necessary for any fanatic to witness massive crowds enjoying a month-long festivity in the City of Smiles.

Click here for the Bacolod Masskara Festival Schedule


Jojo Vito Designs Gallery ( Bacolod City Tourist SpotS )

6. Bring home a Smile with Bacolod Masks | Icon of the Famed Masskara Festival

You need not worry when visiting Bacolod in other months or if you don’t have the opportunity to experience the Masskara Festival.  Visitors can still glimpse the Masskara Festival by visiting Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. Inside the Gallery, you will see various mask assortments, ranging from the most miniature magnets to the giant mask. In the gallery are some of the masks used by Masskara Queens, the official mask maker of the Masskara Queen. Some mask used by Miss Earth Candidates in 2014 when they visited Bacolod is also in the gallery. Interactive activities like “painting your mask” are also available when visiting the place.

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery is located at 119 Alunan Avenue, Bacolod City (Landmark is Metrodome). Tel 704-2378 or 0922-8516729.

Their FB Page,  Jojo Vito Designs Gallery

Paint your mask at Jojo Vito Designs Gallery


Top to bottom: Campuestohan Highland Resort, The Ruins, Mambukal Mountain Resort ( Bacolod City Tourist Spots )

7. Visit Nearest Famous Attractions in Bacolod City

Campuestohan Highland Resort

For those traveling to Bacolod and having a few more days to stay, I highly recommend a day trip to Campuestohan Mountain Resort. Campuestohan Highland Resort has a fantastic view to offer; aside from its world-class and state-of-the-art facilities and ambiance, the cooling temperature is something that one will surely enjoy. Situated right within the boundaries of two provincial cities – Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestohan is a 5-hectare property that radiates the splendor of the lush green forests of Mt. Makawili.

Campuestohan Highland Resort is located in Sitio Campuestohan, Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Telephone : +63-915 211 1406 | +63-34 702 0964 | +63-917 300 5007

Click here for the Campuestohan Highland Resort Travel Guide

The Ruins

Another attraction within  Metro Bacolod is    The Ruins. Known as the Taj Majal of Negros because of its history, The Ruins is one of the most photograph attractions of the City. The place is also a favorite venue for parties by many.  The Ruins are remains of the 1920s mansion with its Neo-Roman architectural design, built by sugar plantation owner Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, in what is told and re-told for his enduring love and memory of his Portuguese wife, Maria Braga. The Americans ordered the house to be burned during World War II to prevent the Japanese from using it as a camp. The original structure was built in the 1900s. Is For inquiries, text or call (034) 476-4334/ 0917-832-6003

Click here for The Ruins Story.

Mambukal Mountain Resort

Another place one might want to visit in Bacolod is the Mambukal Mountain Resort. The place offers a nature warm sulfur dipping pool that has been claimed for its health benefits. You can also do a short trekking to enjoy its seven waterfalls. Mambukal is just a 35-minute drive from Bacolod City. Cottages and restaurants are also available in the place.

Click here for more about  Mambukal Mountain Resort

For inquiries, visit or call:

Mambukal Resort, Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines, Telefax: +63 (34) 710-0801,

Mambukal Resort Office: Office of the Governor, Old Capitol Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City, Phone: +63 (34) 709-0990 Telefax: +63 (34) 433-8516

Click here for Mambukal Travel Guide


8. Go on a Heritage Tour in Silay City

Silay City is regarded by many as the Paris of Negros.

Be amazed by the old ancestral houses preserved in this city. Traditional homes in Negros Occidental echo the power wielded by the influential families in the 1900s when the sugar industry ushered in an age of prosperity, making Silay a political, intellectual, and cultural hub.

Locating various attractions in this city is easy because everything is only in the town proper.

Balay Negrense

Balay Negrense Museum is the ancestral mansion of the Gaston Family that was converted into a lifestyle museum. This museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tel. No. +63 (34) 495-4916.)

Bernardino-Jalandoni Museum (Pink House)

This structure was built in 1908. It is a perfect example of the affluent Filipino house of the late 19th-early 20th century, still influenced by the nipa hut and built smack by the side of the street since motor vehicles were still non-existent to smog the place. All items on display are authentic period pieces. It is located at Rizal Street with Tel. No. +63 (0)34 4955093. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Ramon Hofileña Heritage House

This ancestral house is the residence of the family of the late Manuel Severino. Located in Cinco de Noviembre Street, Silay City. Presently, one of the children and heirs of the owners act as the curator and local guide of this ancestral house.

Cinco de Noviembre Marker

The Cinco de Noviembre Marker used to be the location of a drugstore where Negros Revolutionaries secretly helped to plan a successful revolution against the Spanish colonial forces. The successful revolution happened on November 5, 1898. The street where the marker is located is now named Cinco de Noviembre Street.

San Diego Pro-Cathedral

This Church is the only pro-cathedral outside of Metro Manila. The church has a dome that resembles St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It was built in 1920 and designed by an Italian architect, Antonio Bernasconi.

Added Silay City Attraction:

Patag Mountain Resort (for those who still have time to spend. This is already outside the City Proper)

Click here for Patag Travel Guide

Silay City is just a 15-minute drive from Bacolod City. Public utility vehicles plying the route abound and can reach the city at the same time. Silay is the site of the new airport of international standards. Traveling to the town is made more accessible by its four-lane highway. The city is a two-hour drive from Bacolod. Public utility vehicles are plying the northern Negros route pass-through this progressive city. One can reach Sagay via Toledo in about four hours from Cebu, including a one-hour ride in fast ferries.

Click here for the Silay City Travel Guide.

Sagay City Attractions

Top L-R: Lakawon Island Resort, The Author in Suyac Island, Suyac Island | Bottom L-R: Carbin Reef, Danjugan Island Sealife, Sipalay

9.  Experience the Best Beaches of Negros Occidental ( Beach Bumming)


For the beach lovers, Negros Occidental offers impressive beaches:


Sipalay is almost four hours south of Bacolod City by public utility vehicle and over three hours by private car. Public utility vehicles plying the southern Negros route pass through this city. All roads leading to this southernmost city are fully concreted. Points of Interest in Sipalay include the Philex Gold Mines, Maricalum Mines, Tinagong Dagat, Campomanes Bay, Malinab Lagoon, Mamara Cave, Matlag Cave, Canturay Mangrove Plantation, Sugar Beach, Punta Ballo Beach.

Sipalay’s beach is one of the best in Western Visayas, and many divers adore this place.

Read here for our Travel Guides:

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Sugar Beach Travel Guide

Schedule of Buses Bound for Cauayan, Sipalay  

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Carbin Reef

Sagay Travel Guide

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Bago City Tourist Spots

Top L-R: Sugarcane Plantation,  Kipot Twin Falls, Tan Juan Araneta Monument | Bottom: Pataan Falls, Balay ni Tan Juan Araneta, Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

10.  Go on a Side Trip to Bago City

Another recommended side trip activity you can do is the visit to Bago City. By private car, Bago City is a 30-minute drive south of Bacolod City, Philippines. Public utility vehicles abound in this first stopover south of the provincial capital. Car rental facilities are available by reservation. All roads leading to all barangays in the city are cemented.

Bago City has lovely tourist treasures you might want to try, but you need to rent a vehicle to reach the place so as not to waste time. But if you have the luxury of time, by all means, you can commute.

Balay ni Tan Juan Araneta

In going to various attractions of Bago City. One can drop by Balay ni Tan Juan. Balay ni Tan Juan was built towards the end of the 19th century; the “Balay na Bato” is the residence of General Juan A. Araneta in the Poblacion of Bago. As a structure that stood witness to the struggles of the people during the dark years of Hispanic Colonization and the events that took place before the historical Negros Revolution of 1898, the Balay was declared by the National Historical Commission in 1978 as a National Historic Landmark and was allocated appropriate funding for its restoration. Balay ni Tan Juan has become a usual host for visiting tourists who want to know about the history, arts, and culture of the Bagonhon.

Tinago Mountain  Resort, Kipot Twin Falls, and Pataan Mountain Resort

Another thing I like about Bago City is the Tinago Mountain Resort. The place is not populated, and the view is just fantastic. On your way to Tinago, we pass by the Kipot Twin Falls and Pataan Mountain Resorts. The aforementioned is one of the reasons why it’s nice to rent a car because it’s easy for you to drop by some attractions. All these resorts are amazing.

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort, Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center, and Canlaon Natural Park

Just below the Tinago Mountain Resort is the Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. You might want to spend a night here. The City of Bago runs the resort, and it’s well-maintained and guarded. Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is located 29 kilometers east of Bago City. The resort was once a hideout during the 2nd World War. Ideal for a family vacation, the resort has three swimming pools, a training center, a pavilion, cottages, and a hotel.

From Buenos Aires, one can go up further and visit the Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center. Rafael Salas is a unique interest park as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park. It appeals to mountain climbers and adventure seekers because of the long and challenging trek to the peak of Mt. Kanlaon. Falls are a great attraction to the place.

 Bago City Travel Guide

 Buenos Aires Travel Guide

The Negros Showroom

The Negros Showroom ( Bacolod City Tourist Spots )

11. Shop at The Negros Showroom, Bacolod City

One shall never leave the city without dropping by The Negros Showroom. The Negros Showroom showcases the “Best of Negros Products. The showroom houses excellent products ranging from fashion and garment, gifts, decors, and housewares; furniture and furnishings; food and natural and organics.

Negros Showroom

12.  Organic Farm Tour

May’s Organic Garden, Bacolod City

Located in Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City. May’s Organic Garden, being one of  Bacolod Tourist Spots offers an interactive tour for sustainable farming methods. They do some demonstrations for the shredding machines, ram pump, lemongrass oil production, vermicomposting windmills, and much more. The place is also a resort that offers accommodations for its guests and a restaurant offering organic food. They also have facilities for meetings, weddings, and other events.

Click here for our review of May’s Organic Garden

Peñalosa Farm

This farm, which employs an integrated farming system, is in Victorias City. Listen to the owner.
Ramon Peñalosa, the owner of the place, lectures on probiotics-based swine-raising technology, zero waste management, vermicomposting, intercropping, and much more. The area offers a charming organic garden that they serve to their guests.

Rapha, Valley

Located in a much colder place, Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto. The area is a wellness vacation destination. Dr. Albert Jo, a Doctor of Medicine, turned chef will be the to cook for your food as he gives his talk on organic food and natural/herbal medicines.

Click here for Rapha Valley Travel Guide

Bacolod Tourist Spot

Resorts and Hotels in Bacolod City  | Tourist Spots

Where to Stay | Pension House, Hotels in Bacolod City

To see various Bacolod Tourist Spots would take at least three days (to see a few). We have listed several hotels to consider to make your trip more enjoyable.

The “best place to stay” would depend on one’s budget. The list of Pension houses and hotels in Bacolod City below offers many places.

Click here for the list of Pension House and hotels in Bacolod City


How to Get to Bacolod City

So, would you like to see Bacolod Tourist Spots? Here are some pieces of information you need to get to the city.

 By Air

The Bacolod-Silay International Airport, located in  Silay City, is 15 kilometers northeast of Bacolod. Bacolod is 1 hour by air from Manila, 30 minutes by air from Cebu, 1 hour by air from Cagayan de Oro, and 1 hour and 10 minutes by air from Davao City.

For arriving passengers who want supplemental guides to the city or free maps, the Department of Tourism and the Local Government has a desk in the arrivals area where you can grab free maps or have a dose of information from the people over the counter. Hotels, resorts, and car rental companies have kiosks in the arrival areas where you can easily book a room and head to your hotel room without hassle.

Vans are leaving for the airport at SM City Bacolod, Bacolod Provincial Hospital, Old Bacolod Airport, and Victoria Arcade/Lopue’s East/SaveMore Supermarket; the regular fare per person is ₱150. If you are traveling alone, it is not suggested to take a taxi to the airport; it will just cost more than the regular fare vans offer. But if you are traveling by group (maximum of 4) it would be best to take a taxi because you can divide the fare, which is cheaper than the van.

Philippine Airlines’ Sale Seats

For people who plan to visit Bacolod City and Negros Occidental, it would be best to book your ticket in advance. Booking would mean getting the best deal, especially with Philippines Airlines. Philippine Airlines has multiple flights to and from Bacolod City. Below are sample seat prices for Bacolod City for people flying from Metro Manila for 2019.

 By Sea

Banago Wharf and BREDCO Port are the vessel’s entry points in Bacolod. It has daily access to Iloilo, with different shipping lines such as 2GO Travel (as relaunched in 2012), Weesam Express, Ocean Jet, Montenegro Lines, Jomalia Shipping, and Tri-Star mega Link.

There were also access routes to Puerto Princesa City via Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro City, General Santos City, Zamboanga City, Cotabato City, Butuan City via Cagayan de Oro route, Dipolog City, Iligan City, Ozamiz City, and Surigao City via Cagayan de Oro route. As of 2012 to the present, SuperFerry and Negros Navigation was relaunched into 2GO Travel routes from Bacolod going Manila, Iloilo, and Cagayan de Oro. Bacolod City is 18–23 hours from the Port of Manila, 2-3 hours from Dumangas Port, and 45 minutes from the Port of Iloilo. Bacolod Seaport or Bredco Port serves inter-regional trips from significant destinations such as Manila and Iloilo.

Iloilo seaport is just 45 minutes from Bacolod and is one of the easiest to access because there’s a trip every hour. Cagayan De Oro City, Manila, and Zamboanga City, routes are available. By 2Go travel serves routes to and from these cities.

By land-RORO-land

Bacolod City is approximately 3 hours from Iloilo City via Dumangas route while, by land-ferry, Bacolod is about 45 minutes to an hour directly from Iloilo City. By land-ferry-land, Bacolod City is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City via the Toledo-San Carlos City-Salvador Benedicto-Murcia route. In comparison, it takes around 6 hours by land-RORO-land via the same direction.

By land-RORO-land, Bacolod is approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes from Cebu City via Tabuelan-Escalante City, Toledo-Escalante City, and Toledo-San Carlos City-Canlaon City routes.

Bacolod City to Dumaguete City via the Mabinay route is approximately 6 hours, while via Cadiz City-San Carlos City route takes about 8 hours; both directions are going to  Negros Oriental.

Bacolod City Map

Click on this link for the Bacolod City Map

Bacolod City Weather

Planning to visit the City of Smiles?

Click on this link to check BACOLOD CITY WEATHER 

Bacolod City Tourist Spots


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    I’m sure enough, that just like me, they will find by themselves how “malambing” and “malumanay” the Negrenses are.

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    The first thing that pop into many Filipinos’ head when Bacolod City the City of Smile is mentioned might be their famous Maskarra Festival and Chicken Inasal. As a digital marketer, it is much better if there is a price range included in each post. This will help the travelers enjoy their trip and experience while budgeting their money. I also think that including a note on how to get to each destination will also help the tourist have a comfortable trip. Lastly, it is also much better if the calendar for the upcoming festival this year will be included in the post.


  17. Joshua Alarcon

    Masskara Festival is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. Thousands of tourists visit the city of smiles to experience happiness and joy with in the masks of bacolod. In the City of Smiles, we have a lot to offer, from exquisite dishes to tourist destinations. Inasal is a must have when visiting this sweet city. A variety of restaurants that offer inasal along with multiple comfort foods to pair with. Another must have is the original Cansi. Bacolod city will surely fill you up.

    While visiting Bacolod it is also necessary to know it’s history and people. Tourists can visit sites and locations that reflect the rich and meaningful history of Bacolod. Tourists will not only see the beauty but will also feel and embrace it’s history and people.

    Another must in visiting the City is mingling with the native people. Bacolodnons are know to be very sweet and accommodating when it comes to visitors. They are always happy to help tourists out and give them a small tour of this fruitful city.

  18. Gil Victor Gemino - BAMK B

    As a digital marketer, I suggest that the New Government Centre (NGC), one of Bacolod City’s most well-known locations to date, deserves to be mentioned in the post as well. Large-scale celebrations will take place in (NGC), particularly the upcoming Masskara Festival. A fantastic area to stop is The Marketplace, which is next to (NGC) and has a variety of restaurants and bars. Throughout the festival, The Marketplace will play host to a number of special events. The Electric Masskara Dance is typically hosted in Lacson Street in Bacolod City. There are also brand-new hotels in Bacolod City, such as Stone Hill Suites, which frequently host big Masskara parties and welcome high-profile guests. Another is the SM Corporation-owned Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod, which is located next to SM City, one of the largest malls in Bacolod City. There will be a variety of sales and events inside the major malls in Bacolod as they will all be celebrating Masskara. These major shopping centers are Robinsons Mall, Ayala Malls, and SM City.

  19. Hilary Danielle Bana-ag

    I used to be so excited to go to the masskara festival when I was a kid. I’ll never forget
    the atmosphere created by the masskara. It was entertaining and enjoyable. Beside the streets,
    food stalls would line up one after another to try and sell their own dish(chicken inasal, seafood
    and drinks might be juice or alcohol etc). I also recall having to check every stand and booth
    because they also have carnival games (pop the balloon, shoot the ball, gun games etc.) , and the
    most anticipated part is when there is a masskara parade in which people dance and wear
    costumes and masskara during the day and electric masskara with cars and giant floats during the
    night. I’d also wander around, walk and visit every street corner because there is something
    interesting going on at each location, such as people selling masskara, toys, balloons, and music
    because the government would close the roads to cars so people could safely roam around. There
    are also a lot of artists in the masskara festival (mask, shirt and other accessory designers and
    there are also tattoo artists such as henna).
    Visually, it would be great to see pictures of people interacting at an event such as the
    Masskara festival. In a viewer’s perspective, I usually check blogs and vlogs as a reference in
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    helpful, a QR code can be posted in the blog so people can just download it, after scanning the
    QR code they will be able to see the whole location of the place or the festival, but as a blogger
    you must first visit the place to check and to take not the positions of the events and other
    locations of stalls etc.

  20. Christine Candido

    Every year, on the fourth Sunday in October, Bacolod City, hosts the MassKara Festival. This year’s event is on October 23. It’s been recognized for more than 40 years as a time for locals and visitors to have fun, drink, and party on the city streets as one of the major festivals in the country. There are a lot of tourists visiting Bacolod City to witness the beautiful MassKara festival, especially the street dancing.
    For the tourists and visitors of Bacolod City, they can also visit a new destination the Bantayan Park located in Bago City, which is a 30 minutes drive from Bacolod. It is one of the best spots in Bago City where you can relax, dine and watch the beautiful sunset with your loved ones. There are also a lot of food stalls to choose from and must try at a cheaper price.

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    There are several reasons why people travel to Bacolod. It’s no wonder that Bacolod is referred to as the City of Smiles. People visit Bacolod for a variety of reasons. It is understandable why Bacolod is known as the “City of Smiles.” The city’s well-known sights and attractions are one of the factors drawing tourists in. There are a number of factors I could list, but I believe Masskara Festival is rising to the top of the list of most well-known celebration nationwide and of course we can’t forget the foods that bacolodnon offers. This tradition, which is celebrated every October 1 through October 20, has been steadily developing over the years, with thousands of tourists arranging international trips to taking the time to travel locally like the provinces in Bacolod City to take in or experience the one of a kind festival. Participants dress up in traditional masks for a parade and dance competition at the Public Plaza. Your Bacolod Trip won’t be complete without tasting and bringing home a box of piyaya. Piyaya is a local delicacy made of flour and sugar. It’s perfectly toasted and wafer thin with a chewy texture. You will not regret all the things you will experience in this most beautiful city.


    The Masskara Festival is one of the most awaited festivals in the Philippines and is held in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental. Bacolod is a lovely city to visit. It has the potential to be even better. As a digital marketing student, if the tourist loves to go to bars, I would recommend they go to Aces Sports Bar since it is not included in the article. It is located at Mandalagan, DOOR MK 1, 2, and 3, LOPUE’S ART DISTRICT. It was opened on October 30, 2021. On the sports bar’s 2nd floor, there is a pool table where you can play billiards with your friends, and on the ground floor is where you can dance with your friends and order some drinks and food. The place is nice; the ambiance, food, drinks, and service are good; and it is accessible since it is located on Lacson Street. There is a DJ every night and a lot of bouncers to be sure that there are no unnecessary movements or things that can cause a problem, just to make sure the place is safe.

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    Bacolod’s government should support locals who promote the city’s sights. Leaders who are lacking in these areas will be unable to motivate their teams to succeed. Instilling genuine interest in the topic will increase people’s confidence in you. This would help the locals advertise Bacolod to tourists. You can easily get everyone in Bacolod to help advertise the city as a tourist destination if you have convincing skills. One must have the ability to return favors to the electorate if they hope to succeed in leadership. If you’re doing well economically, you should figure out how to spread the wealth around to your country’s citizens. A strong sense of loyalty to one’s own people is at the root of this emotion. City leaders in Bacolod are killing it, and they still have plenty of room to grow.

    Trixie Villanueva Hinogin COMK4B

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    As a digital marketing student living in Bacolod City, some of the best restaurants and coffee shops I can recommend are Italia, Lanai by freshstart, Delicioso, and 19th street. Lanai by freshstart is located behind May’s Garden and Fresh Start. It is a restaurant that was envisioned by the owners to showcase the products of their organic farm. This restaurant is best for people who are vegetarian. Italia restaurant is perfect for people who want a fancy dinner. If you want to enjoy some wine, delicioso is the best place for you. 19th Street Coffee is a Coffee shop located in 14 19th Lacson St, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. And If you’re leaving Bacolod and want to bring something for your loved ones, I can recommend one of the underrated pasalubong centers in the city which is Sugarlandia– you must try their barquillos. They sell a lot of other baked goodies too like meringue, pinasugbo, candied fruits, and many more. Some of the products sold there are made by individual family members, making it a truly family enterprise.

  27. Mamba Grill is also one of the great place to visit here in Bacolod. Located at Venus street, Puentebella Subdivision, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines. The place interior was inspired by an American professional basketball player widely considered one of the greatest all-around players of all time. The place is perfect for all basketball enthusiasts to visit and
    suitable to hang out or chill and while you are waiting for your orders you can also play basketball so as not to get bored. This is one of the MUST VISIT place here in the city of smile

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    I would advise tourists to wear their most comfortable shoes—even just slip-on pajamas or flip-flops—when exploring the picturesque areas of Bacolod. This is because there will be a lot of walking. Due to Masskara activities, jeepney routes will also be changed, which may result in some minor traffic, however locals prefer to walk to their destinations to feel the lively, exciting, and great sensations brought on by the festive. Comfort brings relief, and by comfort I recommend that you should wear something you are confident with and prepare yourself with a lot of partying.

  29. Nathaniel Remetre

    There are numerous reasons why visitors come and enjoy the Masskara Festival of Bacolod. From its beautiful establishments and breathtaking landmarks located in Bacolod City. Also, to have a taste of the Bacolod pride food and delicacy. Aside from what is mentioned above, people from different places should visit the Masskara to see the gorgeous smiles of Bacolodnons and their distinctively vivid and colorful Masskara. The people would welcome tourists with warm and fun greetings that would bring you a smile until your way back home.

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    Maskarra Festival is approaching there are many tourist look forward to not only the event but also the food, place and most especially the people together with their culture.
    So in this blog post it is very catchy already and very informative to those who are interested and no ideas where to and what to do in Bacolod City. So I suggest aside from advertising the food, product and the place that will be seen in Bacolod or in Negros, to advertise also the people in the City their culture, characteristics on how they approach people. Giving the tourist the reason why is it called MASKARRA OR CITY OF SMILE.

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  35. Trexie Grace Guaza

    The City of Smiles is well-known for its Masskara Festival. Since the pandemic started, the festival was cancelled/postponed for health and safety purposes. Now everything is slowly getting back to normal while adapting to the “new normal”. As we can observe there are a lot of infrastructure happening in the city, it means that more investors are coming in and the city is booming. This is a sign that it is good to do business here in Bacolod. It is so promising to see that new establishments to open brings employment to the locals and wider options for foreign investors to venture in this city.

    As to our tourists, Bacolod City still has a lot to offer. Additional flights bound for Bacolod-Silay Airport means that there are more tourists who wants to come here not just local tourist but also the foreign nationals. In this pandemic, social media campaigns became popular. Bloggers went to see new establishments within the city and other tourist attractions near Bacolod, from cafes, restaurants to resorts. With the bloggers’ reviews of the places, it captivates the interest of tourists to visit them. The tourism office can collaborate with the Bloggers to further promote the City’s tourist attractions that would help boost the economy.

  36. Elena P. Dato-on

    Bacolod City is known as “the City of Smile” is one of the country’s tourist destinations to be proud of because of the Masskara Festivities during October. With the culture of being hospitable, accommodating, jolly, and softspoken, “Bacolodnons “were loved by many visitors and foreign tourist nationals. People of Bacolod are food lovers and fun of creating something new for recreation and bonding with friends and families. Five years ago, as compared to today, Bacolod City has improved the number of restaurants, resto-bars, food trips, and recreational centers also in other Cities within Negros Island. Most neighboring Cities within Negros Island have also developed many resorts as added tourist attractions. To encourage more tourists to come I suggest that:
    • Business to make tie-up with Bloggers, Tik Tokers, and YouTubers who influence Facebook and Instagram users who followed these influencers.
    • To increase these tie-ups with influencers, an exchange of deals with local industry or establishment as a win-win deal. For example, a Free Blog for a Free Stay or Dine in a hotel
    • Encourage Local residents to maintain the culture of being hospitable, and softspoken when accommodating tourists.
    • Convince locals to share their videos every time they visit a new tourist attraction
    • Promote Bacolod City as the City of Smile by carrying the “Masskara Smiling Face” on their videos, blogs, and pictures.

  37. Similar to Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil, Bacolod City has interconnected buildings with rich natural environment. The residents are friendly and cheerful, which makes the city even known as the City of Smiles. San Sebastian Cathedral, Negros Museum, and Provincial Lagoon are some of the city’s must-see historical sites. The highly praised chicken inasal is a delicacy that must be savored due to its distinct and delicious flavor. Also, Bacolod city is quite close to well-known sights such as Campuestohan Highland Resort, Ruins, Balay Negrense, and Mambukal, a distinctive mountain resort in Murcia.
    The city should have more nightlife for tourists to explore, more restaurants serving delicious foreign food, more attractions in the mountains and forests, and possibly more foreign restaurants in well-known waterfalls that open early. There should have railways too to connect the city to other cities like Iloilo, Cebu, Manila, Dumaguete, etc. where additional stunning locations may be found.

  38. As Negrense, I am always proud to see the development of my home town Silay City, especially the capital of negros occidental which is Bacolod City. When I completed high school I really wanted to pursue my college as being Hotelier that’s why I enrolled at La Consolacion College -Bacolod taking up BSHRM. Because I love to enter act and render services to different people every day.
    I will admit the truth that I haven’t seen or visited all the tourist spots in my own home town. But now through the help of the bloggers, I start to appreciate the beauty of all the tourist spots we have and I wanted to be there and experience the awesome scenery.
    Now I’m an OFW working as an Executive Housekeeper in Singapore for 12 years, I always missed my home town Negros and always looking forward to being back home to be with my family and of course the most important is to taste again all the delicious and juicy food we have that I curving for so long.
    If there is an opportunity for me to talk and promote Bacolod and Silay city to my Singaporean friends to visit I really do it. Because I want them to experience how hospitable, sweet Negrenses is. And of course, for them to experience the beautiful tourist spots and delicious foods we can offer. And now it’s easier to convince your friends, or family members to be with you for a holiday because you are able to show to them the photos on the internet of how beautiful the place that you’re going to see and enjoy is.
    To me nothing much to suggest to the government on how to improve the city because they have already done their part to construct a good airport etc. In this way, we really can sell the Bacolod city or the negros occidental to the foreigner. In the first place we have a beautiful and organised airport in Silay city, most of the roads are already cemented for the smooth journey of the tourist who comes to our home town and we also have north-south terminals which are also very organized and easy to take public transport if they want to travel city to city.
    What we can do is just to maintain the cleanliness of the city, especially the tourist spots we have to look more pleasant to the eye of tourists. But the most important is to make sure the safety of the tourist while they are staying in our place they don’t need to worry about anything, just enjoy every moment. Especially when there is a celebration in our home town this is the best time we can showcase our cultures, products, foods, beautiful place and beaches we have etc.
    Since our country has just started to pick up from the effect of the pandemic we need to make sure there is a safety procedure need to be followed by the tourist coming to Bacolod city either foreign or local. The local DTI need to collaborate with all the resorts and hotels in town to come up with some idea or promotions to attract tourist to come in and explore Bacolod. Like free entrance fee, a 10% discount if you stay 2 or more night stay in the hotel, 10% for dine-in, And a 5% discount on the tour guide etc.


  39. It is indeed fun, nice, and joyful to explore the goodness and abundant relaxing sceneries, places, events, and food Bacolod City can offer.
    Bacolod City is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental located in Western Visayas, known as the “City of Smiles” and as the “Sugar Capital of the Philippines”.
    Delicacies and pastries like Piaya, Barquillos, Biscocho, and various cakes are also things that tourists should taste. In addition, Bacolod has its Chicken Inasal that every tourist should try because there’s something special with this version of the dish.
    Shopping? Going to the mall? Yes! Bacolod has it. SM City Bacolod is the 29th supermall of SM Prime Holdings and the 3rd in the Visayas region located in Bacolod proper; thus, no need to go far away from the mainland to suffice your needs with shopping. Also, Ayala Malls Capitol Central can be found within Bacolod where you can spend less time searching, and more time discovering amazing experiences. Other malls are Robinson’s Place, City Mall Mandalagan and Goldenfields, and Gaisano City Supermall where you can have ease and convenience ins shopping and finding things that you always need.
    Aside from tourist spots like the Bacolod City Plaza, San Sebastian Cathedral, Negros Museum, Provincial Capitol and Lagoon, Panaad Park and Stadium, and Pope John Paul II Tower, if you are a fan of schools you can also tour and roam around school campuses like Colegio de San Agustin, University of St. La Salle, La Consolacion College, Riverside College, University of Negros Occidental Recoletos, STI West Negros University, VMA Global College, John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, and many more. For sure, you will be amazed by every college’s history, achievements, buildings, and track records.
    In addition, Bacolod’s festive celebration called Masskara festival which is celebrated every 4th Sunday of October is an annual festival highlighting the time of happiness of the downtrodden people of Bacolod. The term Masskara is coined from two words — mass, meaning a crowd, and the Spanish cara, the word for face; furthermore, Masskara has a double meaning, first is “mask” and the second one is “many faces”. Colorful masks and cheerful customs are being showcased during the festival where people are very happy witnessing the joyous celebration.
    Bacolod City has a lot to offer. Therefore, every tourist should experience and feel how it is awesome to visit the glamorous and fantastic City of Bacolod.

  40. Bacolod City is a great place, with a great people and beautiful places to visit! Come and check it out!

  41. Patti Lovelle Cabantug

    The mentioned restaurants, hotels, and attractions are all exceptional destinations for both local and foreign tourists. Aside from the activities stated in the article, there are other things to attract more foreign tourists to our city. This is through encouraging tourists to experience interactive activities from “Painting your Mask” at Jojo Vito’s Gallery to “Make your own Piaya” by BongBong’s Pasalubong located at Brgy. Alijis as the area is only nearby the Gallery. They also offer factory tour of their Alijis and La Carlota factories so that tourist will have the idea on how Bacolod “Pasalubongs” are made.
    It is also better to add in the list – Sugar Manufacturing Companies who are willing to offer plant tours as we are known as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. This will help in the tourism industry of the city.

  42. Thanks for this article, Sir Jojo. Great recommendation. This article promotes the culture of the City, the Beauty of Negros Occidental, and the Hidden Gems of the Island. Bacolod, The City of Smiles. The home of the colorful Masskara Festival and the famous chicken inasal.

  43. janine regollo

    As you participate in the Masskara Festival, dance and move your body with groove to experience Bacolod as the City Smiles. When you visit our favorite city, you will be greeted with the loud bang of music, street celebrations, and unique-creative masks. What exactly are you waiting for? Come explore more of what our city has to offer.

  44. Roel Antivo bsmm

    I love Bacolod the city of smiles…
    Most special chicken inasal in the country…Must try !!!
    More tourist spots lovely city smiling people

  45. Roel Antivo bsmm

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    I love foo I love Bacolod. Bacolod chicken inasal is special to my heart

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  48. Roel Antivo bsmm

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    Just like the masakara was featured.

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    The blog was detailed and it covered all the various spots in Bacolod City.Especially the tourist spots that Bacolod City has to offer.Highlighting the Famous Event in Bacolod City, The Masskara Festival was one of the great attractions and the blog also provides a specific location and it is a great help for those people who want to visit the city for the first time.

  50. Leony Cantero

    In my own opinion, one of the elements that is missing from the blog post about our city is educating value which is also a useful guide, how-to’s and other up-to-date information especially now that the city was still recovering from the pandemic. The blog post should provide the readers with the latest news and precise information about Bacolod City’s Security and Safety protocols in the present time. Or we can make a funny blog featuring nice travel experiences in the city so that readers can feel relaxed by reading them like wearing of face shield by puting it on the forehead and mask underneath our nose while traveling around the city. The bloggers should make sure to provide with useful and reliable information when it comes to our niche aside from promoting Bacolod City as a safe tourist destination.

    Aside from useful information, there are two other elements that we need to consider in the blog. On is the personality of the blogger like the things he encountered while traveling in the city. About stating the facts and his or her feelings about the place he/she visited. Two is the eye-catching photos of the places that is being introduce to the readers.

    I believe combining these elements could make readers easily engage with the blog post about Bacolod as tourist destination and will make more distinct from other blogs. And that a Big win!

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    Some missing elements are the content is not very informative because you are not mention the information about Bacolod City,it’s history, people and culture.

  53. While reading the article, I noticed that it focuses primarily on the traditions, culture, and notable places in Bacolod City. While it is useful for promoting the tourist destination, there are some things lacking in the article. For an instance, feedback or reviews from other tourists can really encourage others to visit the destination as well. Just as when we are buying products, we tend to check for the reviews before we purchase the product. Similarly, when we plan to visit a location, we may want to gain insight about other tourists’ opinions and experiences so that we can be convinced that the destination is worthy of travel. Good headlines and attention-grabbing stories can help promote the tourist destination. This makes readers and tourists become more interested in the location and may attrac them to visit Bacolod City. And I’ve noticed that the article’s flow jumps from one description of a culture to another, to a location, to foods. As a result, there is no chain of events or information organization. Organizing this will make it easier for tourists to follow the article’s story.

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    I’m from Victorias City but currently staying in Bacolod City because it’s close to my work place and I like this blog as it feature Mambukal mountain resort. I can’t remember how many times I had an overnight stay at Mambukal mountain resort which I highly recommend it to all travelers especially for those who likes to trek and put up a camping tent and watch the beautiful stars at night.

    I wish there’s an option here where I can share some my best photos during my stay there and when I visit mambukal next time, I have another photos to share and I hope it will encourage more tourist to visit the place as I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for creating this blog and it’s like an online travel guide for those who wants to explore the beautiful place in Bacolod City.

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    These attractions and restaurants were popular for tourists as well as the locals of Bacolod City prior to the outbreak. However, when Covid-19 happened, some of these businesses, particularly restaurants, were forced to close the business down due to the crisis and the status quo. Months passed by and businesses began to reopen and people adjust to the new normal. As new tourist destinations, several coffee shops and cafés are springing up, particularly in mountainous areas. Bikers and tourists enjoy the cafes, which are located in an open area with greenery and fresh air. In compared to air-conditioned restaurants, it is healthier and safer. People are going back to nature in search of a healthier lifestyle.
    New tourist attractions and restaurants/cafes should be added to the site. I was hoping to find “Panaad Sa Negros” blog or additional information about “Panaad Sa Negros,” an event that brings together all of Negros Occidental’s cities and municipalities to showcase each town’s specialties, products and tourism, as well as emphasize the festivities and natural beauty of each town in Negros Occidental through Panaad sa Negros because this event is being held in the City of Smile, Bacolod.

  58. Cherry Mae Tubola BSBA-MM

    Some articles may needs to be updated on latest pricing for Fare matrix. This would allow passengers know the latest pricing for people fond on travelling with no means of transportation. Some articles may need to do best with update pictures since some establishments may have enhanced their amenities. This would entice tourist what’s up-to-date. It’s also much better that some images can lead to the shops where they’re located. Since there are drastic changes during the pandemic some tourist spots may have updated their health protocols so adding it may be a good heads up for visitors. It’s also much better to promote other small business not just the most travelled in Bacolod since this would also help them promote the economy in Bacolod.

  59. Nerry Ortizo BSBA-MM

    Bacolod Tourist Spots should have an active social Media Account where interested tourist can get updates for the pricing, bookings, events, promotions and latest photography of the place. Also, it is a best way to direct contact the management of the place and provide great content for the tourists.

  60. Jose Carlo Marzona

    This blog is amazing. This information is beneficial to anyone planning a trip to Bacolod City. It covers all of the sites and foods that are necessary. It is an excellent tourist guide.

  61. Bacolod is recognized as the “City of Smiles,” and I can guarantee that it is one of those excellent places that provides tourists with a varied selection of attractions. Bacolod is located in the heart of Negros, so if you want to relax by the beach, there are several neighboring beautiful beaches to choose from, or if you want to trek, we have gorgeous mountains to explore.

  62. Jerry Mae M. Garay

    It is believed to have the right combination of metropolitan advancement and country charm, and it offers extensive cultural, culinary, and recreational activities. It also has a rich history, beautiful scenery, and a welcoming community. Bacolod is one of the best alternate cities to reside in for individuals wishing to live outside of the metro.

  63. Jerry Mae M. Garay

    It is believed to have the right combination of metropolitan advancement and country charm, and it offers extensive cultural, culinary, and recreational activities. It also has a rich history, beautiful scenery, and a welcoming community. Bacolod is one of the best alternate cities to reside in for individuals wishing to live outside of the metro.

  64. Rizalie Mae Sellado

    WOW Bacolod!
    You hear it here and there from both locals and tourists alike. Indeed, WOW is the best word to describe Bacolod, the City of Smiles. The most genteel people on earth are here in Bacolod, one of the 13 cities of Negros Occidental.
    As it is centrally located, its strategic location makes it possible for business to make a strong presence and Provincial Offices are also located here. Big businesses like malls, hotels, and many different business establishments are also here.
    Bacolod City is also known for its popular delicacies and is known for having the most delicious Chicken Inasal. Visitors cannot leave the city without trying the taste of our one of a kind Chicken Inasal. In fact, we have set a specific area we call it “Manokan Country” where you can have your choices of different parts of chicken and have it cooked the way you want. Others just want it perfectly grilled while others prefer it a little overcooked or “sunog.”
    Among the many delicacies you can find, Bacolod is popular when it comes to Piaya, made from a gluten free rice which is sweet and are a common site where you can buy it from malls, their brand stores or even in bangketas.
    Bacolod has 2 major property developers, the SMDC of Sy family and the Ayala Group of the Ayala family. Both companies made its presence felt by making Bacolod City so exciting with their projects, their big malls and hotels and many other developments here in the City. But wait, there’s more…The Megaworld Group of the Tan family has contributed many developments too. They are also into mall and property developments specifically the so exclusive “The Forbes Hill” and the various condominium choices from the very exclusive to the semi exclusive property options.
    Bacolod City is poised to become the next Metropolitan Cebu after Iloilo City. We truly are so proud to be living in a city where dreams are made a reality and the smiles of people never ends.

  65. Jonalyn Gallenero

    In Bacolod, you cannot only see good places, good and savory food but you will also experience the goodness of its people. It is not called City of Smile for nothing, you can experience how true filipino hospitality is. Hiligaynon’s smiley faces are well known and it is represented thru Maskara Festival which you will never regret witnessing.

  66. John Michael P. Ballados

    First off, I think some of the establishments featured are already non-operational so it would be ideal to omit them from the list to avoid confusing tourists that are not Bacolodnons. Also, if it was up to me I would put actual pics of the restaurants so I have an immediate visual representation of what is being described in the paragraph.The same could be done on the Masskara Festival part. I would love to see pictures of how the crown looks like, perhaps the dance parade, electric Masskara, concerts, the beer garden which we boast as one of the biggest in Asia. Also, I would probably add a disclaimer about how traffic has become more congested in the recent years, just to set expectation about the commute will be like. Overall, it’s a very comprehensive guide, and updating it with newly-opened attractions within the city, as we as our neighbors in Bago, Silay and Talisay, would be make it better.

  67. The overall blog is absolutely helpful and attractive, if I may suggest I would consider updating the blog for newer destinations whenever they visit the City such as new restaurants to dine in since there are a couple of new places opened recently. Also, to add some pictures and a short description of the existing places to visit to make it more enticing for viewers to click the review link.

  68. Kane Gilbert Janolino

    Such an informative blog to represent the Negros’ Destination Of Wonders, but the content somehow is wide which might give content readers skip some, I suggest a much more compressed content and only takes 1-2 mins to read yet full of surprise and must give the rush to get to that destination.

    Kane Gilbert P. Janolino

  69. Roda A. Cordova

    Bacolod is a beautiful place to live in, and this blog will help a lot of people to see what and where to visit, what things awaits for them to see, enjoy and experience the beautiful City of Smiles. I can share my experience when I was very new here. At first, I was hesitant to transfer here because of the language barrier. Although my father is from Iloilo, I don’t know the language spoken here. But my sister in law encourage me that living here is cheaper compared in Manila. When I first came here, I don’t talk to people because I know I can’t understand them. Yet I was surprised that they are very welcoming and accommodating. Truly, the Filipino hospitality is present in this city. The food is delicious and I indulge myself in chicken inasal, piaya and Ni-laga. People here also are very polite that’s why living here for almost 7 years is not hard at all. I love Bacolod City.

  70. Indeed vacation and exploring in the City of Smiles is new adventure. You can enjoy food, warm people and nature. Bacolod has its majestic effect to your heart, that you will stay forever. Countless in culture and its history.
    That difine the beauty of the City. You will be entice by the culture and how it is different from other Cities.

  71. EderlynY. Destajo

    Hi, there, I think what was lacking here is the update of the newest resorts and cafe houses, which recently pop up during the pandemic. Because people are afraid to go to the malls because of Covid.

  72. Mark Joseph C. Jua BSIT 3R—1

    The reason why the Philippines shall promote these festival to others countries, because the Philippines is known to have a long list festival and the tourist visiting in Bacolod City in the months of October to see the Masskara festivals and to have fun. Masskara festival is a way to introduce the culture and tradition of the country .And festivals are one of the reason why local tourism is growing.festivals is also a culture of the Philippines they have different meanings of festivals sometimes they will celebrate festivals as a thanksgiving.


    Festival is a celebration where every people in the Philippines are celebrating it once in a year.
    Filipinos are keep doing it from Spanish Colonization until now. Filipinos are continuing this kind of Celebration a Festive Celebration composing different contest just like, street dance competitions and pageants. This festival celebrations showing how people collaborate each other to have a successful event in a day and week. Through this celebration it shows diverse beliefs and culture of every places in the country in relation whether it is religion or non-religion. And every places are inviting tourists and foreigners to witness the celebration as they are proud of having that festival, showing and interpreting why they are doing thay kind of Celebration. Through this it encourages a lot of tourist to visit the different places in the country to feel and witness the once in a year big celebration of the places.
    Through this continuous activity of Filipinos it restoring culture and reminiscing the historical events of the place.

    BSIT 3-R1

  74. Dioneo, Clark Vin BSIT3-C1

    The leaders of Bacolod should create Blogs or Fb pages Containing all the information regarding beautiful tourist spots and about also what bacolodnons could offer to tourist when they go to the city,So that people who are interested to visit can easily find out what’s the best here in bacolod. Posting in all social media flatforms i think is the best way to promote tourism industry.

    A Brave kind of leader who refuse to quit during hard times,Facing difficult situations with courage. Bacolodnons will greatly inspired to promote the city knowing that they have that kind of leader. And that’s the good leader they could ever wish for.
    Dioneo,Clark vin S. BSIT3C1

  75. Anjeline C. Sampior

    The city of Bacolod is indeed a beautiful place to visit but it can be more. Bacolod tourist spots, restaurants, museums, etc. are not widely known yet. So, leaders of Bacolod shoould endorse and advertise it more. We have social media to use to endorse theses beautiful places. Millions of people are using social media apps everyday. Endorsing these tourist spots will increase it’s popularity,hence increasing the tourism in Bacolod city and its neighboring cities too. In this way, more tourist will come and enjoy the beautiful places and delicacies of the place.

    Bacolod leaders should influence its people to promote their tourist spots too. In order to do that, leaders must be passionate and encouraging. If you are pasionate about something, people will start trusting you. That would help the people promote Bacolod City. If you encourage every people in Bacolod to promote your tourism, it will be possible if you are really good in encouraging. Leaders should also know how to give back to its citizens. If you are profiting a lot , you should know how to give back to your people. It’s a sense of loving and caring for your people. All in all, Bacolod City leaders are doing a good job and they can do a lot more. (BSIT3-C1)

  76. Adrian Semillano

    1The ability to integrate, reconcile, and balance the demands of the present with the needs of others, as well as the ability to remain confident in any situation, are all traits of a strong leader. As a leader, you can also observe how others speak and act, particularly those whom you regard as self-sufficient

    2. Leadership is a critical management function that enables an organization’s resources be directed for increased efficiency and goal achievement. Effective leaders clarify the organization’s mission, motivate employees, and assist them to achieve it.

    3. Talking initiative – Most supervisors will only offer assignments to employees that they are confident they can complete. That’s why it’s critical to offer to take on extra tasks while still excelling in your current job. Concentrate on acquiring skills that aren’t related to your chosen field of study.
    Effective Listening
    When it comes to giving a presentation in front of a group, developing and writing a business strategy, or engaging with staff and clients, communication skills are essential. Listening is one of the most critical communication skills for a leader. You won’t be able to gain feedback from others or get a sense of what team members like about the projects they work on if you don’t have good listening skills.

    Encourage and Motivate Others
    A true leader should be able to influence others in a favorable way. A true leader can inspire and drive colleagues or coworkers who have lost their objectives and interests. How do leaders inspire their followers? First and foremost, they are aware of what people require and desire. If an employee loses motivation because they believe their efforts are not being recognized, a good leader will speak with them and give them the acknowledgment they deserve

    Adrian Semillano BSIT 3-C1

  77. Hance Peñafiel

    1.Bacolod is the best colorful festivites so that why tourism industry must be improved well because more foreigner and other people coming in different provinces must come to enjoy and join experience Masskara festival.Apart from the cultural and heritage attractions of Bacolod City, the food served at restaurants in Bacolod are on another level because of our delicacies like chicken inasal that found in manokan country and also their have most delicious dessert like napoloenes so thats why there are foreigners why living our city because they enjoy our culture our place so thats why leader of our city must improve and also the leadership of our leader,Bacolod to be clean and peaceful city.

    2.If you are a leader you must have a leadership,Honesty,open minded,initiative,integrity,ability to delegate and a good listener because a true leader can led their residence of their city thats why if you become a leader you fullfil your responsibility as a human or leader

    Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

  78. Monera N Dondoy

    As a leader, I promote our tourist spot which is Bacolod City because it’s more fine and enjoyable in this place . We have a Maskarra festival, Panaad festival and there’s a lot of things to do in our town. We have also delicious foods like seafoods, chicken inasal, kakanin, cakes and pastries. People her in Bacolod are hospitality, sweet and caring not only in Bacolod but in Negros. We have Mambukal, Ruins and Campuestohan you can visit this place if you have a time/days in your vacation this place are relaxing and have a peace of invironment because of fresh air. Come and enjoy in the city of Smile Bacolod City.

    Interpersonal Communication is the best thing being a leader to promote our tourist which is Bacolod City, because if you communicate people you can promote our city demonstrate every Spot in the city so that many people / tourist have interest to go in the city you promote. Be responsible and kind always because if you are a responsible enough many encourage their friends to go the city you promote the Bacolod City.

    Monera N Dondoy BSIT3-C1

  79. a. The leader should do to promote the tourism industry of our city to have clean and green program that is strictly implemented. It should a practice to all citizen in doing their part and contribution to keep the surrounding clean. this may have been a past project that was not taken seriously yet truthfully this is one factor to attract tourist in visiting our city. In additiong one major factor can also is supporting the local business such us the food industry proving them bazaar every end of the month with following the proper protocol. Helping them to be explore and to be recognize which will also increase the interest of tourist. In order to explore negros we need to be proud of our tourist spot attraction in order many of tourist may come and visit our home town.

    b. In my opinion, a good leadership has a trait of being responsible to their duty in helping the people to be participative in developing the greater version of the city as well as providing ease in everyday life of the citizen to have their right practice and their freedom to be felt. More over, a leader that is competent, having the urge to reach the stability standard wherein the citizen are no longer facing difficulties of searching food for their family, they create greater goods for all. In addition compassion which they let the citizen come a priorities for them to extend the care for citizens.

  80. Marion Lloyd M. Santiago

    A. Based on my research, what Bacolod should do is use social media to spread the beauty of Bacolod and many will know about it.

    B. Based on my research the leaders of bacolod should use their power to influence bacolodnon to spread the beauty of bacolod for many to paint here

    Marion Lloyd M. Santiago Bsit 3-C1

  81. Norman B. Lopez

    A)The things should leaders do in promoting the tourism industry in the city of bacolod(city of smile)is first,the leaders can post in his/her social media accounts or pages in fb.And also they can vlog the tourist attractions in the city.And also being a leader he/she must pdate people constantly so that if pandemic was gone, they can visit the different tourist spots.And lastly as a leaders of the city can go to the nearest TV station so that it is easy to promote in a commercial because nowadays most of us has a gadget.

    B) The traits of a leaders are needes to influence bacolodnons is they must control good attitude and always motivate people.Because most of people in bacolod nowadays has a problem due to this pandemic but as the leaders of Bacolod they must be humble,positive,have a good vibes with each other and always happy so that Bacolod City will remain a City of happiness and smile.

    Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

  82. Reniel M. Atillano

    The things that should do of the leaders of the city of bacolod to promote our tourism industry Are through websites and social medias leaders are easily put the beautiful places, activities, lodgings, foods, drinks etc. that can attract people, it is easily to promote tourism industry throug websites because now a days due to this pandemic most of a time of a people are on the gadgets. The traits of bacolodnons that must be promote by the leaders of the city of bacolod is being happy and just smile always despite of struggle we incounter everyday thats why our city called by a “city of smile”. Bacolodnons are not just happy people but very helpfull to each other, we give smile on their faces through helping of what they need.
    -Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

  83. Luis Fernando P. Endaya BSIT 3-C1

    Having a great, unique and healthy culture can easily attract tourist and people who wants to diverse and experience the certain culture of a place. Bacolod is one of the well knowned place here in Negros Occidental having rich culture and great places to visit. For me I think to promote there culture the leaders of Bacolod should maintain the authenticity of there culture because it is the thing that make there culture unique and attractive, maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings, nobody likes a messy surroundings, as leaders they must be the role model of their people, they should be first the one who implement their own rule. They can also put emphasis on organizing an event which promote the culture of a place just like Maskara festival, organizing an event can attract tourist especially those people who enjoy festivals and culture celebration of a place. They can also paid commercials on Television that show what delicacies Bacolod have.

    Leaders of Bacolod should by leading by example, by implementing the rules even you are the ones who made your are not excuse and allow to disobey it. They shouldn’t be a coercive leader, they must need to listen on peoples suggestions and opinions before they implement or do some things. Leading people by force can’t make powerful, it will just give you enemies. Lead with a heart

    Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3-C1

  84. Pura,Riza Mae S. BSIT 3 C1

    The leader of Bacolod should make more of advertisement even in just a local directory, its easy to advertise now a days everyone are using SOCIAL MEDIA , internet this would be the best way to promote our city .

    Through compassion can build healthy relationship with the people of Bacolodnon.Empathy and caring will be always there with respect ,being open with the people it can help to promote our city.Leaders should always remember that on how to criticize its people.



      Last week Balaan Hills announced their soft opening excitedly as for the long wait is finally over! Bala-an Hills is now open from Tuesday to Sunday at 8AM to 8PM located at Sitio Pata-an, Brgy. Mailum, Bago City. La Bouna Cucina by Bala-an Hills is offering limited menu for the mean time and will slowly introduce new cuisine.
      Feel the environment that awakens the spirit that freshen the life at Bala-an Hills and La Bouna Cucina (BWOH-nah koo-TCHEE-nah) by Bala-an Hills . Drink coffee with us in the mountains.
      A place to pray, stay, eat and relax. Enjoy the green scenery here at Balaan Hills.

  85. Rollen Mari V. Gadiano

    A. I think the things that the leaders shoud do is to influence with respect to the people that the place of Bacolod City is the best place to go. Like promoting the best food in Bacolod, the best iconic place and tour them in the Roman Catholic church and say what is the history of that church. Also share to them that the museum was built originally in 1925. Influence them to experience the world renowned masskara festival in Bacolod City. The important thing that the leaders should do is to influence others to be respectful, because respect others is the one that can catch the heart of people.

    B. For me the traits that the leaders need is the communication to be respectful and hospitality. Communication, because we need to communicate to understand each other and in that communication we need to be respectful to gain also the respect of others, and also being hospitality is also what a leader needs to influence people in bacolodnons.

    -Rollen Mari V. Gadiano BSIT 3-C1

  86. Mark Vincent M Diode

    Bacolod is the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines and it is known as the city of smile. Bacolod have a many tourist spots and beautiful places to visit. Leaders or government of bacolod promotes the tourism industry through the websites guide, social media, vlogs, commercials, etc. and also financial support to undergo their promotion in our tourism industry. Also should be promote the culture of the city. Government or leaders of Bacolod city is responsible to manage or organize the things to do to promote our tourism industry and to value our culture.

    We need a leader to manage, organize, and lead an organization or country. Traits is the characteristics or behaviour that belongs to a person. The traits needed to influence Bacolodnons to promote the city are integrity because it is essential leadership trait for the individual and the organization, gratitude because it can lead to higher self-esteem and can make you a better leader, courage because enables leaders to step up and move things in the right direction, and respect because treating people with respect on a daily basis is one of the most important things a leader can do. All of these can help our leaders to influence Bacolodnons to promote our city. Traits of a leader is important because it serves as guide of the leaders to lead very well in their organizations or country and also to influence or convince the people and workers to being productive in their works or organizations.

    Mark Vincent M Diode BSIT3-C1.

  87. Pamela A. Lucha

    a. First, the leader should be influencer or have an influence. In that way, it’s easy to promote our tourism industry. One way to promote our tourism is through the social media. Through social media everyone can see how good and beautiful our places and delicacy here. Also, if our leaders will be the one to promote it in TV shows or in different media influencer. They will upload pictures and videos in facebook or youtube. So that our Bacolodnon people will also share it in their account. In that way we can encourage tourist to go in different beautiful places and try our delicacy here in Bacolod City. Last thing is our fellow Bacolodnon will support our own pride. Let’s enjoy, love and be proud in our different beautiful place, foods and delicacy here in Bacolod City.

    b. For me, the leader should have an influence. Because no one will listen to a leader if that person has no influence. Also, the leader should have a good moral and characteristics. Characteristics is very important in a person either you are a leader or not. The leader should listen to others opinion and not selfish. It’s important to a leader to communicate in the members or other people’s opinions. Last thing is the leader have a respect and trustworthy. If the leader give respect he/she will be respected too. In that way people will trust that leader. The leader should have influence, a good character, listen to others opinion, not selfish, respected and trustworthy in that way the leader can influence or convince our fellow Bacolodnons to promote our City because the the leader is trustworthy, respected and a good influencer.

    Pamela A. Lucha BSIT 3-C1

  88. Laurice A. Abellar

    Based on the discussion, should must to promote the culture of the City. Bacolod known as the City of smiles and also a tourist spot. Bacolod City has a good organization with a responsible leader who manage to preserve the valuable spots in Bacolod City. And of course to the Bacolodnons who help by discovering other spots. Bacolodnons, are also smarts because of they creative knowledge by doing new things for tourist eyes. But not only the Bacolod City has on it, also in Silay City. There’s a lot of Heritage Houses that Silaynons keep and preserved. The first thing I observe is the preserving of both cultures.

    Gratitude and also Influence. Why gratitude need to promote the City, because a simple appreciation for someone is everything to them. Gratitude, because we Filipino helping each other to rise our community and organization. Gratitude because we known that we have ” pagkaka-isa “. And also influence, as a leader you are a influencer who knows more than to your people. Spreading the knowledge on how to be a good and responsible leader, is that you are the richest leader ever. Because you’re spreading knowledge to lead them in a right and good way. Influencers are dreamers, they are leaders with vision.

    Laurice A. Abellar BSIT3-C1

  89. Aki nishizawa

    A.) the leaders of bacolod should improve the cleanliness of the parks roads and tourist spot of bacolod because cleanliness is the first thing that the tourist check in the place that they are not familiar with and if it is their first time to go on to the place because even i am a resident of talisay city a neighboring town of bacolod if i visit bacolod i can see plastics and trash that scattered in the floor especially in lacson street lagoon and on their public plaza they should check also and improve more the manokan country because thats what bacolod is known for the chicken inasal because of its authentic taste and the tatak bacolod taste of their chicken inasal bacolod has many tourist spot but not maintained well thats why they should check the situation pof the tourist spot of bacolod.

    B.) Being open minded because the leaders should take the criticisms of the people of bacolod because it can help improve the status of bacolod if the leaders will listen to the problems pf the people. Most all the time the people can see what is the problem of the place because they can see all the time the surroundings and what is the problems of their and they have also ideas on what ways they can solve and also improve their surroumdings of the society and it can form trust between the leaders and their people if the people can feels that the leaders respect their opinions.

    Aki Nishizawa BSIT3 C1

  90. Angelo Casilagan

    The things that should the leaders do to the City of Bacolod is to promote our tourism industry. In my opinion, nowadays there so much ways of the leaders to promote our tourism industry in Bacolod, for an instance to conduct a symposium or program that deals with the highlighting of every tourist spot in Bolacolod city. The purpose is to invite and to visit the wonders of such city with the subjection of every leaders of the Philippines. In effect, this will promote and to increase the number of tourist to visit the Bacolod.

    Angelo CASILAGAN BSIT 3 1-C

  91. Andrada Mel V.

    1.The leader should do a website can help To promote bacolod tourist Spot. And add details about the tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and culture
    Examples post in Facebook and Instagram about the beauty and uniqueness example , A Man and a Water Buffalo Sculpture at the Capitol Lagoon and 19th Century chatolic Church
    2.We need a leader knowledgeable and reliable. And have a power to affects others. if you a realible leader people can trust you because of that you have a power to influence the people to promote bacolod City tourist Spot.

    Name: Andrada Mel V. BSIT 3C-1

  92. Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3C1

    The leaders of Bacolod must capture the attention of the tourist because tourism management in this city as far as I observed is not maximizing different kinds of platforms. The leaders must use all the resources that they know especially when it comes to digital promotions and marketing. A lot of people today are very focused on the internet especially in social media like facebook and streaming platform like youtube. In order to promote the tourism of this city, leaders must have a plan and concept that is very unique in order to capture the attention of the audiences. Especially nowadays in this time of pandemic a lot of people are finding different tourist spot in order for them to have rest and peace of mind.

    The leader must influence the “love for the city” trait to the bacolodnon because for its the only thing that iknow which can help to promote the city. The love for the city may result a lot of things which is care for the environment, happiness to live with, for example if you love a person then you will do anything for her to protect at all cost, it is the same also if you love your city. If this culture will be established by the bacolodnons this will result to a productive city that may encourage tourist or other people to visit the city.

    Jimrae Paragsa BSIT 3-C1

  93. im visiting bacolod on june 27 with my friends for 2 days only can u suggest best places with a friendly budget as well tnx

  94. planning to visit Bacolod for a day. coming from Bacolod by ferry… what can we do for a day in bacolod.. thanks..going tomorrow early in the morning.. Mar 1’… thanks

  95. maybe i must try all your list hihi

    • Adrian Semillano

      A)The things should leaders neutralize promoting the tourism industry within the city of bacolod city of smile)is first, the leaders can post in his/her social media accounts or pages in tourist attractions within the city. And also being a pacesetter fb.And also they will vlog the he/she must pdate people constantly in order that if pandemic
      B.) The traits that bacolodnon have are being kind, free to ask a question, helpful, always happy, be open minded to everything and in addition be respectful and responsible of what we must to do.
      Adrian Semillano BSIT 3-C1

  96. thanks for your recommendation

  97. Ellah Tayamen

    Hi jojo. I’m in iloilo right now. And will be stayinh here for a month. Im planning to visit bacolod next weekend. I only have weekends to tour around the region , gusto ko lang sana bg sample itinerary to Atleast mavisit ko lahat un atkeast 2 days. Thanks jojo.

    And im looking for some group para makisaling ousa nalang ako. Hehe.

  98. Medy Acedre

    Hello jojo..
    Im from Estancia,Iloilo..My husband and I together with my 6 year old daughter planning to go this in Bacolod this coming holy week..Any suggestion please na nami lagawan dira bacolod aside xng Campuestuhan and The Ruins?Ky nasa list namun na ina hehehe..Kag nice na hotel na affordable lng..Thank u

  99. We want to visit bacolod any suggetion where is the best place to stay?

  100. Karen Grave Ylaya

    Hi. Im from cebu. And im planning to go to bacolod this june by landtrip. Where is their bus terminal located?

    • North terminal in Cebu and it will be going straight to Bacolod City.Have a Happy Trip 🙂

    • Renan P. Bisagar

      A. I believe that the leaders of Bacolod City can promote the tourism industry by developing various tourist spots that are well-known and appealing to tourists.

      B. The traits of the leader that we need in Bacolod to promote the city are a leader who is proud and knows how to introduce and make the city negotiable, productive, and creative. A leader who is knowledgeable enough to promote and has vision for the city of Bacolod
      Renan P. Bisagar BSIT 3-C1

  101. I’m in Bacolod for 3 weeks for work, travelling from London, UK. I usually go to Davao and know everyone but this time I am a lone traveller. I will have all my weekends to myself so would like to explore if possible! Any suggestions?

  102. Hello Jojo. My wife and I are planning to visit Bacolod in June. Any top 5 places/resorts you can recommend?

    (BTW, possible 4 days in Bacolod then will fly out to Cebu for another 4 days. We plan to be based in one hotel and will just check places that are very much worth visiting. Our first time in the Visayan Islands).

    • check this places

      – Ruins Best time at 4pm before sunset.
      – Mambukal resort if your in for nature trip.
      – Campuestohan mountain resort, suggest to drop Bantug Lake ranch (they serve organic foods, its along the highway going to campuestohan.
      – May’s Garden (organic restaurant also)
      – Calea cakes and pastries( best moist chocolate cake)

      • Mae Grace L Jundos

        A. Leaders of the City of Bacolod should invest more on our tourism industry by promoting it to other investors from outside the City especially foreigners. Leaders of City of Bacolod should use their powers in promoting the tourism, good hospitality from our government whenever there are big investors coming to the City can boost the tourism. When tourists know that people in the current city is always welcoming new delegates then it can persuade them to come here and visits our amazing tourist spots. Leader supporting the projects and programs of the tourism industry can be successful in improving the tourism in City of Bacolod.And also, leaders should influence fellow Bacolodnon in promoting the tourism.

        Confidence, we should always be confident and thankful of what god given us especially these amazing tourist spots. Bacolodnons should use their powers to promote the tourism especially social media is very trend and relevant nowadays. We can post pictures, videos or writing blogs about how beautiful and amazing out tourist industry here in bacolod, because of the power of social media where everything can see someones post in their accounts then that is a big advantage that we can do in promoting the tourism industry here in Bacolod City.

        Mae Grace L Jundos BSIT 3-C1

  103. Hello Jojo. My wife and I are planning to visit Bacolod in June. Any top 5 places/resorts you can recommend? My e-mail is Call me Tito Pat. 🙂

    (BTW, possible 4 days in Bacolod then will fly out to Cebu for another 4 days. We plan to be based in one hotel and will just check places that are very much worth visiting. Our first time in the Visayan Islands).

    • Hi Tito Pat, you can visit Mambukal Mountain resort around 30 minutes from the city. If have a little more time Siapalay is really nice (so many beaches in that place), quite far though. Campuestohan is also nice, but looked like a theme park. Feel free to PM me whenever you need some information. Welcome to Bacolod 🙂

  104. I see your site is in the same niche like my blog. Do you allow guest
    posts? I can write high quality articles for you.
    Let me know if you are interested.

  105. Joey Villa de Gracia

    Any itineraries for 2 nights in Bacolod ? I’m actually from Cebu. I need some soul searching. I need some relaxation. Please. Thanks

    • Hi Joey, Bacolod is relatively small and its quite easy to get around…now if you want some soul searching , you might want to visit Mambukal..its a mountain resort…less than an hour ride from the City proper . Have a HAPPY TRIP and don’t hesitate to drop me a message should you need help 🙂

  106. Wow its really amazing.. You featured a lot of beautiful sceneries in bacolod. I miss my hometown there is no place like my bacolod city of smile. Love your blog..

  107. Thank you for this blog. I am looking for tourist spots and I cam across this page. Thank you for the information about Bacolod.

  108. Zainal Yan

    Anyone knows of any halal restaurants in Bacolod?

  109. I wish we could visit Bacolod soon. It looks like a nice place to have a vacation.

  110. One of the things I’m interested when going to other places is the kind of pasalubong I will bring home. You have mentioned some foods here. I want to try them since some of them are not familiar to me. I always find the Maskara very artistic, but there’s rarely long coverage of that festival in televisions.

    • A. The leader should hire an expert in blogging and post it in social media is some of the way to promote tourism in Bacolod. The leader should also make a guide and set a regulation to the safety of the tourist. And upgrade the place on what is in the trend in order to visit again by the costumer.
      B. The leader should have a positive and straight looking mind. And also use his power and leadership to obey and respect his/her followers. To obey to their leader is one of the way to promote their city.

    • Renz Christian Carisma

      Use their popularity and make projects and activities to show the beauty of Bacolod. For me I have 3 traits, and first is moral excellence because if they have this kind of leadership it means that he knows what is right and wrong and through that he will lessen the corruptions. Second is servant leader, servant leader means for me is a selfless kind of leader that he prioritizes the needs of his followers and he is the kind of leader that instead of being served he serves. Socially responsible it means fully aware that he knows how to respond to it. His knowledgeable of the society itself and abides to the law. So that it will influence Bacolodnons to do good also and if they given a chance to be a leader or not, do the right thing because serving other is matter.

      Carisma, Renz Christian T. BSIT 3-C1

  111. Wow. This information is useful for anyone who’ll travel to Bacolod.

  112. The ruins is part of my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go to Bacolod. and the Napoleones made me crave!!

  113. I havent been to Bacolod but thanks to relatives and friends who went there already, I was able to taste some of the famous delicacies from that province. One of my faves is the Napoleones, a bit sweet but very addicting!

  114. I’ve not heard of Barcolod before, to be honest. But looks like a great place to visit 🙂

  115. I have not been to backlog and I’m planning on doing that next year… Thanks for the info.

  116. I like to visit Campuestohan Highland Resort because of its vantage point and cool weather. I also like to see Bacolod’s other attractions.

  117. Such an informative posts, will put it on my to do list once i visit your province!

  118. I’ve read about Calea in Bacolod and it’s one of the places I would try should I visit your city!

  119. Your list is spot on, especially with the food. Every single friend I have that’s been to Bacolod has a photo in Calea!!

  120. So many things to look forward to when visiting Bacolod. Honestly, I’ve never been to any province in the PH but with posts like this, it is really inviting and I am excited to explore many paradise in PH 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  121. I’m making plans to visit Bacolod this year. I’ve heard so much about their dishes ( so many local restaurants to try ). I’d have authentic Inasal and all the Napolenes that I want. You got me interested in Silay. The heritage houses will definitely worth the side trip.

  122. Of all these things on your list, I think I’ve only done one – stayed at Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. Hope to explore more on my next trip.

  123. Pop na POP ang bacolod 10/10 for pop points blogmytuts

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