Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities





Just like many provinces that celebrate a festival in honor of the Sto Nino every January, Cadiz City has its unique rendition of this event, dating back to the year 1972.

Known as the Dinagsa Festival, this vibrant celebration was conceived by members of the Samaria House Council of Cadiz City, a lay religious organization within the Catholic Church. The term “Dinagsa” was crafted about a historical incident when numerous whales washed ashore in the city; “dagsa” translates to driftage. This occurrence has also bestowed upon Cadiz City the moniker “The City of Whales.”


Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities

“Dinagsa” emerged as a response from the church council to a prevalent local custom where, instead of paying homage to their Patron Saint, residents engaged in activities like gambling and cockfighting. In a proactive effort to redirect the focus towards expressions of gratitude and praise, the founding fathers of Cadiz Ati-Atihan, led by Msgr. Vicente Salgado, the then Parish Priest of the Sto. Niño Parish sought to create a celebration that truly honored their Patron without the need for such activities. This initiative marked the historic inception of the Cadiz City Ati-Atihan Festival.


Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities

A distinctive highlight of this festival is the “Lamhitanay sa Dalan,” where revelers willingly embrace the smudging of latex paint on their faces. This stands in contrast to the Sinulog in Kabankalan, where festival-goers traditionally use charcoal to mark their faces.

A friendly reminder: wear attire that you wouldn’t mind getting stained or ruined by the paint during the festivities.

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Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities

Things to do When Visiting Cadiz City | Beyond Dinagsa Festival

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Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities

How to get to Cadiz City for Dinagsa Festival

Located just a one-hour drive from Bacolod City, Cadiz is easily accessible by private car or a brief one hour and fifteen minutes ride on a passenger bus. The city is served by Vallacar Transit (Ceres), a prominent bus company, with a terminal within its bounds. Buses traveling to San Carlos, Dumaguete, and nearby municipalities often make a convenient stopover in Cadiz. Additionally, PUJs (Public Utility Jeeps) and van-for-hire services are readily available for transportation within the city.

For those heading to Cebu, Cadiz City is accessible via San Carlos and Escalante. Scheduled passenger buses for Cebu also pass through the city’s bus terminal, providing further transportation options for travelers.


Dinagsa Festival Schedule of Activities

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  25. Wow! There’s a lot of beautiful spot to visit in Cadiz City! 🙂

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