Baluarte Zoo, Ilocos Sur

Visiting Ilocos Sur: The Baluarte Zoo

 I have heard of the Baluarte Zoo from several friends who happened to visit Ilocos Sur. At first, I was a bit hesitant to include it in my itinerary since I have been to a lot of zoos already and I am not sure what makes the Baluarte Zoo unique than the rest of the others I’ve got to visit. When I got the chance to visit the province, I made sure that I also get to visit the zoo sop that I could share the same experience with my friends. So, what makes the Baluarte Zoo worth the visit? Let’s get to know more in this article! 


1. The Lion King Vibe

The antelopes and giraffe from South Africa are here. With that being said, it gives you the feeling like you are a part of a Lion King adventure. Yes, that’s precisely the vibe you will get in visiting the Baluarte Zoo. The beautiful animals from South Africa are also well taken care of since the zoo has hired experts and veterinarians to look after these animals. The management took five long years to acquire these animals, that is why they are giving their best to make these beautiful creatures well-adjusted and at home to the new environment. 

2. The Cats Vibe

There is a reason why Ilocos Sur is dubbed as the “Home of the Big Cats in Vigan.” Well, the Baluarte Zoo has a total of two leopards, six white lions, and eight Bengal tigers! Indeed, this is the home of the big cats! 

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger

3. Close Encounter

The donkeys, ostrich, and spotted deer are freely roaming around an open area. So, if you would like to have a short and cute encounter with them, you can willingly do so! This is not a mere sightseeing activity since you can get to be close to the animals as you interact with them. 

4. Safe Haven

The Baluarte Zoo is not only a haven for animals but also tourists or visitors. No need for you to worry that the animals might attack or bite you since these are well-trained and tamed. The animal caretakers are always on the look-out to protect both the welfare of the animals and the visitors. 

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger



5. Available Shows

The Baluarte Zoo has scheduled animal shows for the lions, reptiles, and tigers! All you have to do is sit back and relax as you watch the master showman do the magic with the cute and adorable animals as the main characters of the show.  

6. Safari Gallery

The memorabilia of the owner’s hunter life, as well as his fascination on different animals, is in this gallery. Preserved animals, as well as various exciting displays, are all available here.


Visiting the Baluarte Zoo is an adventure that everyone who visits Ilocos Sur should do. After all, a visit with the friendly and cute animals will never be a bad idea. Bring your family and friends with you as you visit. Have a Happy Trip!


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