Tourist Attractions in Baguio City

Tourist Attractions in Baguio City


Panagbenga Festival, the weather, the place, the people, and everything about Baguio is fascinating. Even though I have been here a couple of times, I still want to come back because I feel that I haven’t tried all the things that the place has to offer. In this article, I will share with you some of Baguio City Tourist Spots and activities that I have been to and experienced, and these are the best of the bests!

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Tourist Attractions in Baguio City

 Panagbenga Festival | Tourist Attractions in Baguio City

Must-Visit Baguio City Tourist Attractions

1.Panagbenga Festival

Panagbenga, the blooming flower festival is a month-long annual flower festival in Baguio City.

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Bell Church of Baguio City (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

2.Bell Church of Baguio City 

The Chinese architecture based on the Taoist belief is evident in this Bell Church. With that, those who wish to visit this are also possible. It is just that local tours do not include this place. So, if you want to visit this, you need to come up with your travel itinerary.

 Baguio Cathedral
(Tourist Attractions in Baguio City) Baguio Cathedral by Ranieljose
3. Baguio Cathedral

Adjacent to the Session Road is the Baguio Cathedral; this place is also mostly visited by tourists who would like to spend some praying time or to attend mass. The solemn environment in this cathedral is enough to soothe your tired body and mind.


 Burnham Park ( Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

4.Burnham Park 

Who would forget about this scenic park? The birds, flowers, plus the activities which you can take in this place is just beyond amazing!

Bell Church of Baguio City (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City): Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City by Jhloucal
 5.Baguio Lourdes Grotto 

The image of the Lady of Lourdes is situated in this grotto, expect that there will be a lot of visitors here during the Holy Week because of the pilgrims and devotees who would like to pay a visit and pray.

6.Mountain coffee

The mountain coffee from Kopi Luwak is hailed as one of the most expensive coffee in the world. With such, a lot of its variation can be purchased in Baguio. These come in different taste such as Kapeng Barako, Benguet Blend, and a lot more.

Fresh Fruits

 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

7. Buy Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Baguio is known as the hub of fresh fruits and vegetables, at a meager price. I still remember buying two kilos of fresh lemon here for only 100 pesos! How cool is that?



 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City) Camp John Hay

8.Camp John Hay

The camp has hotels, a golf course, and malls! With such inclusion, people flock the area because they feel that they got everything that they need here. Plus, the lush green environment is relaxing.

9.Food trip

With a lot of food hubs to choose from starting with Café by the Ruins, Chef’s Home, Ketchup Republic, Oh my Gulay, Star Café, Tamawan Village Restaurant, and Viscoz Pizza. All of these have gathered a considerable amount of reviews and stars when it comes to sumptuous servings.

Strawberry Picking, La trinidad

 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City) Strawberry Picking

10.La Trinidad’s Strawberry Picking

Get a basket and pick strawberries on your own. After that, weigh your produce down and pay for it. Aside from the enjoyable experience of picking berries, you also get to take home your harvests.

11.Pink Sisters Convent

This is the favorite place of pilgrims and religious alike since they get to wish as they come here. Aside from that, they also get to see the famous sisters in pink. For a small donation, you can already seek for their prayer offerings for your special intentions.

Souvenir Shopping

 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

12.Shopping for Souvenirs

Shop like a local and be ready to buy a lot of stuff for your family back home. The locally-produced crafts that they have here started from clothes to handicrafts will surprise the receiver.

13.Japanese Tunnel

Nearby the Baguio Botanical garden is the Japanese tunnel, though this may sound scary but mind you; this is also fun and educational at the same time.


 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)StoBosa Hillside Homes Artwork

14.StoBosa Hillside Homes Artwork  

Houses painted in different colors, giving you a different vibrant feeling as you walk along the streets. Enjoy the view of the homes and be ready to take some fun photos with these.

15.Horseback Riding

The adventure will not be complete without riding on these friendly horses at Wright Park. Do not worry because this is safe since someone will be there to guide you as you ride on the horse.

Strawberry Taho

 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

 16.Strawberry Taho

The iconic strawberry taho is something that you should not miss! For as low as 15 pesos, you can already enjoy a sweet cup of it. A lot of taho vendors are available in different tourist attractions.

17.BenCab Museum

BenCab museum offers a lot of displays in the galleries starting from painting down to wood carvings. They also have a restaurant here along with a scenic view of the hills and the land formations. A visit here is not only for the artists but also for those who seek a higher form of sightseeing and relaxation.


 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City) Tam-awan Village

18.Tam-awan Village

Get yourself a sketch from the talented artists in this village. While waiting for the output, you can also order some food end enjoy your meal while waiting for your sketch to be finished.

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Ukay-ukay Shopping

 (Tourist Attractions in Baguio City)

19.Ukay-ukay adventure and Night Market

You have to be patient in doing this shopping since it tends to be filled with the crowd. But the price plus the quality of the stuff which you can purchase from here is worth it.

With these 18 things to do that I have shared with you, I know that you won’t find it hard to spend your vacation here in Baguio. The cold weather along with the number of places to go to, you’re just in the right place for your perfect holiday. Good luck!

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  1. I hope someday I can visit all the festivals and fiestas in the Philippines!

  2. Thanks for the information. I’m going to send this to my co-teacher as he will be attending Panagbenga on the end part of the month.

  3. Thank you for the given schedule of the festival. Can’t wait to visit the place and roam around! 🙂

  4. I haven’t visited Baguio during Panagbenga because whenever we plan to go, the hotels are already fully booked and we can’t find any accommodation. I guess we’ll just plan ahead of time next time.

  5. I always plan to see this feast even its just a 6 hours drive but I always end up in other place every year. :))

  6. Baguio is my hometown but I’ve missed this events for several years now. It just gets too crowded during this month there. The minion float looks really cool.

  7. Jojo, I can tell from your picture colection that Baguio is a very beautiful city and worth paying a visit.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. I haven’t been to Baguio and I would love to see all those flowers and floats! ^_^

  9. Thank you sir

  10. Norman Marquez

    Here is our photo album on the Panagbenga Opening Day Street Dance Parade held last February 1, 2015:

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