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I’ve always loved the idea of going to Banaue. Why? The view, people, fresh air, greeneries, and everything in between is lovable. Every time I get to visit Banaue, I am always reminded of the rich cultural heritage along with the teaming tradition that we have as a country. Read ahead and get to know the things to do in this beautiful place.

Banaue Rice Terraces by RyFernandez

Understanding the  Majestic Banaue 

The Municipality of Banaue or commonly known as Banaue is one of the areas covered by the province of Ifugao. What makes the place very famous is, of course, the Banaue Rice Terraces, most importantly that it had been hailed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But do you know that more than that, there are still a lot of adventures to do in this place? Yes, being here is something that everyone should at least try in a lifetime.

As per the climate, the highest is about 24 °C and the lowest, and at the same time, the coldest temperature hits 13°C. Thus, the cold and cold climate of Banaue also serves as another attraction for those who had enough of the hot weather at the Metropolitan. This way, people are often coming here for the climate and for the opportunity to get hold of the majestic sight of the rice terraces.

Gone are the days that it has to take around 8 to 12 hours from Manila to Banaue. With the opening of the different expressways heading north, you can now reach this place in about 4 to 5 hours coming from Manila. With such convenient and faster transportation, it is no wonder that it has become the favorite spot to visit a lot of people during the summer or hot season. Getting around the city is also pretty convenient. There are jeepneys and tricycles that cater to the needs of those who are going around the place. If in case that you would like to go for a much convenient one, then there are also available van rentals. At times, when places are too steep, or some places are not accessible through a car or any other public transport, then a bit of trekking and hiking is also possible.

The thing is, Banaue offers not only a single type of activity. You may venture in sightseeing, hiking, and even immersion. Being here will make one truly appreciate the culture and tradition of the Ifugao people. Though we may not have the same set of beliefs, getting to know what they believe in and what they do is also equally educational and at the same time, enriching.

Aside from the terraces, they also have a museum that holds a special set of cordilleran sculptures. Also, a viewpoint at Bontoc is famous because it offers a majestic view of the terraces. More than that, you can also choose to go around the shops which offer different carved wood products as souvenirs or as a pasalubong or gift to your loved ones back home. As per accommodation, the place also holds several inns and places to sleep. Though these may not be as luxurious and high-end as those that are in Baguio or Manila, the humbling and simple life could be experienced through these.

Head to the North and visit Banaue. After all, gone are the days that you have to look at the place through books or over the internet. Come here and experience everything that it has to offer. Thus, indulge in the majestic world of Banaue.

Tappiya Falls/Tappia Falls by Lawrence Ruiz

Things to do in Banaue | Tourist Attractions

1. Trade Center

May it is a metal or wood carvings, they have it for you. From wall decors down to key chains and all other stuff, they have it for you. Buy from this trade center and bring it as a pasalubong to your loved ones back home.

2. Banaue Museum

The display of artifacts and antiques will make you appreciate the Ifugao culture along with their ancestors. This is perhaps one of the best ways to know the history of the place and its people.

3. Museum of Cordillera Sculpture

Established by George and Candida Schenk about 30 years ago, this museum holds a lot of displays that reflect the rich culture of the people of Cordillera. The intricately and carefully carved design of the exhibits is merely beautiful.

4. Tam-an Village

Take a look at the bones of the Ifugao ancestors which are covered in colorful woven blankets that may sound creepy at first. But as you head to Banaue and hear the stories of it, you will be intrigued to give it a shot.

5. Bocos Village

The display of decorated huts using heads and skulls of carabaos is also a must-see place. Head to Bocos village, and you will get to see these displays based on their culture and tradition, manifests one’s status in life. Meaning to say, the more huts, the wealthier the owner is.

6. Poitan Village

Would you like to see some weavers and carvers in action? This is your opportunity to do so! Head to this place and get to know the way they prepare their intricate crafts. The surrounding stonewalls which represent the spirit of protection of the villagers is also an attraction to the place.

7. Guihob Natural Pool

May it be swimming or picnic, these two activities in a natural and fresh crystal clear water will be enough to make you feel refreshed and relaxed. To add to it, there is also a small waterfall in the area.

8. Banaue Viewpoint

Heading here will allow you to see the place from a scenic and ideal spot. Other than that, the place is also filled with souvenirs to buy as well as Ifugaos who would like to strike a pose with you while wearing their full-blown traditional attire. This also serves as their additional income since they get some tips whenever they pose with tourists.

9. Banaue (Batad) Rice Terraces

Every Filipino is aware of what Banaue rice terraces are and how it became a famous one. With the fantastic landscape of the place which also at the same time serves as a rice field, one cannot help but feel amazed by this scenic and world-class view.

10. Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort

Would you like to watch the Ifugao do their traditional dance and other cultural show? Just head to these two places, and I am pretty sure that you’ll be in awe as you watch the Ifugao make the moves in front of you.

11. Tappiya/Tappia Falls

Staying here for a refreshing bath is possible. Just head to Batad village and seek the help of the locals to guide you. As you go here, the trek is not easy. But as you experience its freshness, it will be worthy.

12. Awan-Igid-Pula-Cambulo Trek

Trekking at its finest is what this activity is all about. Though it will take about two days and a night, this will allow you to visit some of the best views in the entire province. You have to be patient in doing the trekking activity.

13. Eat like a local

Go for the local cuisine and get to taste the traditional food being prepared by the Ifugao. Of course, take a photo first so that the toy could post something on your account or your blog. Then, have a fantastic meal.

14. Imbayah Festival

This celebration happens every month of April. This three days celebration is a way of giving thanks to the Ifugao for their bountiful harvest of crops. This joyous activity will make you witness how the locals express their gratitude and thanksgiving. Aside from this, you may also head to the viewpoint village and get the chance to ride an Ifugao wooden bicycle! This unique experience is an experience to brag about!

With all these things to do and places to visit in Banaue, your adventure here will be a memorable one. Aside from the scenic views and sceneries, what I am happy about the area is the idea of witnessing the rich culture and tradition of the Ifugao people.

List of Hotels, Inns, and Homestay in Banaue

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