Siargao Tourist Spots is a list of amazing attractions on the island. Photo by ChaasPrime 


The 30 Siargao Tourist Spots is a collection of places and things to do in the surfing capital of the Philippines.

The island has been making a name as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Why would it not be? It has been the favorite summer hub of a lot of local and even international celebrities. Well, see it for yourself and enjoy the adventure.

1. Alegria Beach (Siargao Tourist Spot)

White and powdery sand while overlooking palm trees on the shore, that is what this beach is all about, take some chill time either sunbathing or actual swimming. Whatever your choice be, it will still be equally fun.

2. Be friends with the locals

People here are naturally kind and approachable. So who knows? You might spend the rest of your vacation with newly found friends.

Siargao Tourist Spot: Cloud 9 by JupitReyes
3. Cloud 9 Pier (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Want to have some moments appreciating the sunrise or the sunset? Well, head to the Cloud 9 pier, and I am pretty sure that the view will never disappoint you. Watch the colors of purple to orange, and all variety of colors are you sit there and watch the majestic sunrise or sunset.

4. Beach Clean-Up

Spend your Saturday morning at Pacifico beach by volunteering to help at the beach clean-up. Isn’t this something fulfilling to do? You do not only get to enjoy the place; you also get to help the environment by cleaning.

5. Cliff Jumping

If you’re up to a much higher adventure, then going for a cliff jumping is never a bad idea. The places or diving spots vary in terms of hight. They have the Sigba Lagoon Diving Board for 3 meters high, Tak Tak Falls for 3 to 6 meters, Magpupungko tide Pools for 4 meters, Club Tara Diving Board, and Magkuku-ob Cave for 5 meters, and Tayangban Cave Pool for 7 meters. So, whatever type or level of hights you like to take on, all you have to do is choose.


Coconut Palm trees


6. Coconut Palm Forest

If you are heading towards some top tourist destinationS such as Tayangbangan Cave or Pacifico, you will for sure go through this ride filled with coconut palm trees. The tropical and the suburb feeling it brings make you think that you’re in the middle of a paradise.

7. Coconut Palm Climbing

Games? Well, how about climbing a 10-meters high coconut palm? Yes, these games are being organized by the locals. So, if you would like to try it, all you have to do is ask.

8. Into the Woods

Yes, a jungle experience is also worth it. This will allow you to camp or just get lost in the woods. This is a fun and exciting activity to try. I want to give it a shot in the future.

9. Socorro’s Sohoton Cave (Siargao Tourist Spot)

With the variety of places you could go in this vicinity, this will become one of your favorite spots. It has the Blue Lagoon or also called as Titikan Lagoon, Crystal Cave, Hagukan Cave, Magkuku-ob Cave, and Club Tara Resort Diving Board. Also, a sunset watching in this area is perfect.

Coconut Palm trees

10. Coconut Palm Forest for both Sunrise and Sunset

A place surrounded by palms, a small flowing river, plus a view of the sunrise and sunset. This simple yet beautiful adventure will make you feel that as if you’re in another realm of the world.

11. Corregidor Island (Siargao Tourist Spot)

This will usually be part of an island-hopping activity. One of the things which you may do here is to do some hiking and from the top, witness the view of the land and the ocean.

12. Kermit Restaurant

A resort with a famous restaurant. Well, aside from the fact that they offer different meals in this restaurant, those who would like to get a stable internet connection through wifi may also head to this place.

13. Nightlife

Bars and clubs are alive at night. For those who would like to spend some time partying, there are places for them. The fun and new adventure, of course, is indeed worth a try.


Siargao Tourist Spot: Dapa Boulevard Park by Wolfgang Hägele
14. Dapa Town

Dapa Town may be the place quite far away from the big waves since it is indeed a town. But the thing is, if you would like to spend some time with the locals and enjoy life on the island, you can always head to this place.

15. Food trips

Three of the famous places which you may go to for food adventures are Aventinos (quick orders such as pizza), Miguel (famous for burritos and tacos), and Ronaldo’s (barbecue and other grilled food). A trip will never be complete without a food hub, right?

16. Island Hopping

Island hopping is another recommended thing to do to visit more of Siargao tourist spots.

Visit the Daku (a big island with places where you could take some food trip), Guyam (small island filled with palm trees), and Naked Island (beautiful sandbar) through an island-hopping activity. Experience this, and you will never forget the place.

17. Local Karaoke Party

Sing your heart out and am with the other tourists or locals. This will be the best way to make new friends on your visit here in Siargao. If you’re not a party person but would like to hang-out still, this one is suited for you.


Siargao Tourist Spot: Magpupungko Rock Pools by Agustin Mendez

18. Magpupungko Rock Pools (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Swimming and cliff jumping, whatever level of adventure you’re looking for, I know that the Magpungko Rock Pools will serve it for you. This Siargao tourist spot is only about 45-minutes travel from the General Luna center heading to this place.

19. Pacifico Beach (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Aside from the fact that the area is naturally beautiful, what I think is the advantage of Pacifico Beach is that it is less crowded. Because of this, it tends to be more quiet and peaceful. So, for those who are looking for such a place to visit, this one is for you.

20. Road trip sessions

The roads in the area are merely spectacular. With palm trees on both sides plus the shore on the other side, I know that this will give you the Tahitian and tropical vide you’ve been dreaming of.

21. Santa Monica Pier (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Watching the sunset being submerged in the middle of the ocean is what this vast pier could offer. No wonder that it has been a famous Siargao tourist spot for quite some time for photographers and nature lovers alike.

22. Secret Beach (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Who does not want to discover a secret? Well, Secret Beach or also known as Guyan beach, maybe quite secluded. But the thing is, the saves it offers plus the serene environment will make you feel that you own the entire place.

Siargao Tourist Spot: Sugba Lagoon by Lucky Ambago Purok Otso
23. Sugba Lagoon (Siargao Tourist Spot)

Another famous Siargao tourist spot. Some of the activities which you may take around the vicinity are diving board, rafting, or SUP boards. Also, you can even sit in a café and merely enjoy the serene view of the lagoon.

24. Secret Mangrove Wharf

What makes this place extra special is the view it offers for tourists every sunset. It is as if near to magical! Well, you have to be here and see it for yourself so that you could agree with me.

25. Shaka Café Smoothie Bowls

Instagram-able bowls used in serving different smoothies and coffees alike. So, if you want to brighten up your day before your adventure, head here and get a cup of coffee or smoothie.


Siargao Tourist Spot/Attraction: Sunset in Siargao by ChaasPrime
26. Sunset sightseeing

Though the place is filled with scenic spots to watch the sunrise or sunset, watching the sunset at Cloud 9 pier is a different experience. For once, the view is full and fascinating.

27. Tak Tak Waterfall (Siargao Tourist Spot)

You will surely love this Siargao tourist spot, the Taktak waterfall. From cliff to tree jumping, these activities will make your adrenaline pump to the highest. The view and the cold water it offers will make your tired body feel very relaxed and rejuvenated.

28. Tayangban Cave Pools (Siargao Tourist Spot)

This exciting activity will allow you to swim inside a cave. The catch it, there will be a part where it will be dark, and you will have to be guided by the torches. Isn’t it exciting and thrilling at the same time?

Siargao Tourist Spot/Thing to do: Surfing in Siargao by Mclovin’tosh

29. Surfing at its finest

The place is famous for its waves, thus, making it perfect for surfing enthusiasts. They celebrate the Cloud 9Surfing Cup every month of September. This offers a chance for visitors to either join the craze or enjoy the sightseeing of the activity. Beginners heading to experts will undoubtedly enjoy the variety of activities found in Siargao.

30. The Bent Palm

An adventure with immersion is exciting. The Bent Palm will allow you to ride a boat and enjoy a river-cruise like an adventure. Another thing that makes it unique is the glass bottom of the boat. Sounds exciting, right?

An adventure on the island deserves utmost appreciation. For once, it gives you a once in a lifetime experience! So, be here and have a pleasant trip!

Where to Stay In Siargao Island

Interested in visiting Siargao Tourist Spots? Here is a list of resorts in Siargao Island.

To book a room on the area, just click the links below the picture of any property. Please be reminded that this blog has no relationship with any of these properties.


Siargao Island Villas,  Philippines

Siargao Bleu Resort And Spa

Siargao Bleu Resort And Spa, Siargao Islands, Philippines

Apsaras Tribe

Apsaras Tribe- Siargao,  Philippines


Romantic Beach Villas Siargao Island,  Philippines


Retreat Siargao Resort Corp., Philippines


Reef Beach Resort, Siargao Islands, Philippines

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  26. hoping that Coconut Palm Forest will recover very soon! 🙂

  27. great Siargao blog! thankyou for sharing.

  28. Maasin River in Siargao is a gem!

  29. Lots of things to do and see in Siargao. I have never been there but it’s a great place to explore.

  30. Alegria Beach is one of the places I want to visit! I hope to see it soon!

  31. I heard so many nice things about Siargao, this post included. i hope to see siargao someday.

    • Just keep on traveling and enjoy each moment. Have a Happy Trip!!!

      • Quincy Khate B. Torpe

        There are so many fun games or activities that you can do when you go to Siargao. And some of the activities there is Surfing and Coconut palm climbing. And if I will think of a product that I can sell and market well to the tourist there. I will have the waterproof waist pouch. They can use it as their pockets for their phones or wallets when they do some fun activities there in siargao. If they don’t have someone with them that can hold their personal belongings they can use the waterproof waist pouch.

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