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While one of the most traveled places is in Pangasinan is Alaminos because of the marvelous Hundred Islands, tourists, however, didn’t take the opportunity to visit another not to be missed spot in the province. And that place is Bolinao, another Pangasinan gem where tourists can also experience more of nature’s treasures and the richness of the waters surrounding the municipality. 

Why Bolinao is often missed

Other than being overshadowed by the Hundred Island’s popularity, Bolinao is not that known to some because its municipality is located at the northernmost tip of western Pangasinan. 

Because of this, Bolinao Pangasinan only houses a few establishments, most of which aren’t popular for visitors. While other well-known tourist spots have several bars, modern cafes, and restaurants., and even fast-food chains in their centers, Bolinao maintained a low key presence in Pangasinan. 

Because of this, Bolinao is not a popular choice as a vacation spot, at least not yet. They won’t call it “The Hidden Jewel of the North” for no valid reason. If you are interested in knowing more about the jewel of the North, read on. 


  Bolinao Falls by Kleervyu  ( Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide + Tourist Spots, Beach Resorts, and Hotels)

How to Get to  Bolinao, Pangasinan

The good news is, Bolinao is one of the finest beach spots in Luzon, where you can reach by land. You can either travel by :

By Bus 

three of the most trusted bus companies in the country have all day scheduled trips to Bolinao, Victory Liner, and Dagupan Bus Line, which both have terminals in Cubao, Quezon City, and Five Star Bus Inc., through their Pasay City station. All of these bus lines accept advanced bookings. 

Travel time via bus will take between 5-6 hours; then, when you reach the town proper, tricycles can bring you to your preferred place or resort.  

Private Vehicle

if a road trip is included in your travel plans, this could be your best choice. You may save 1 or 2 hours of travel time via the Subic, Clark, and Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) route. 

  St. James the Great Parish Church

  St. James the Great Parish Church, by Elmer B. Domingo ( Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide + Tourist Spots, Beach Resorts, and Hotels)

Bolinao, Pangasinan Tourist Spots | Things to Do

Get your vacation gears ready as we list down the spots you should never miss in your Bolinao trip. 

Patar White Beach

this is the most famous tourist attraction in the town of Bolinao. Mostly crowded, especially during summer, Patar beach is known for its white sands, crystal clear seawater, and an impressive view of the West Philippine Sea. 

Bringing your food is the first thing to remember; there no restaurants or resort amenities here.  

Enchanted Cave 

this is one of the main attractions in Bolinao because of its unique caves with enchanting emerald greens and freshwater inside the CaveCave. Our tips for you are to go there as early as you can and bring a local guide so that you can fully enjoy your trip to the famous CaveCave. 

Patar Rock Beach

if you’re in for a side adventure, Patar also has a place with magnificent rock formations. This is the perfect spot if you want to take a break, sit back, and relax under the sun or their native huts for rent.

The beach is famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset view, and there’s no spot quite like it.  

Balingasay River Cruise

this one of Bolinao’s must-have experience; a private boat cruise while having lunch through Luzon’s cleanest river. The cruise is recommended for nature, and environment enthusiasts as the river are eco-friendly and home to seasonal birds and other native animal species. 

The clean river is also thriving with seafood favorites such as crab, shrimp, and other local fishes. 

Tara Falls

get ready for some tranquility and swimming in this Instagramabble mini-waterfalls in Bolinao. This little paradise in the jungles of Bolinao is packed with several adventures you can experience; you can dive from the cliff and play water games.

Tara Falls is also a perfect spot for a picnic, team building, romantic moments behind the waterfalls, just like your favorite movie scenes! 

Bolinao Falls

yes, you read it right; because other than the awesomeness of Tara falls, Bolinao falls another breathtaking spot in the municipality. Bolinao Falls features a sea green waterfall, and it happens to be one of the only in Luzon that has that unique trait. 

For cliff diving and swimming aficionados, this place is ideal because of alternating water depths in its pool. The place has provided a trail, and you can reach the place just with a 5-10 minute trek. 


  Photo by Ramon FVelasquez  ( Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide + Tourist Spots, Beach Resorts, and Hotels)

Santiago Island

This is the place if you’re into private boat tours, diving, island hopping, and catching milkfish for lunch. Santiago Island can be found just outside the coast of Bolinao. This island boasts an abundant ecosystem that is booming with mangroves, coral reefs, and various migratory birds. 

In between breaks of your tiring adventure, the white sand beaches of the island is the place where you can unwind. 

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

One of the best architectural structures  is still standing at 351 feet here since 1903. Constructed by the Americans, the lighthouse can be found in Cape Bolinao’s western region. 

The lighthouse still serves its purpose by sending light beacons to sea vessels cruising through the area.

Bolinao National Museum

if you want to take a break from all the adventures in Bolinao, their museum is an excellent destination. Prepare to take pictures as Bolinao National Museum has an array of anthropologic, archeological, and historical essentials from the Pangasinan past. 

Bolinao Museum was also able to preserve prehistoric artifacts such as tools, pottery items, fossils, and other pieces from a burial site believed to be between 14th-15th-century old. 

Treasures Resort

Bolinao may be low key, but if you want a luxurious vacation trip that doesn’t cost much, Treasures Resort is a superb choice. Not departing from the main theme, Treasure Resorts still has the Bolinao tropical vibe with its greeneries and tall palm trees surrounding the area. 

Complete with all amenities of a posh resort hotel such as big and cozy rooms, grand pools with bars, gym, spa, and of course, good quality food and drinks!  

Your Next Vacation Destination

Besides the above, you will surely yearn for the flawless and tranquil beauty of Bolinao. Once you’re already there, you might want to forget your way back because of the satisfying experience the place can bring. Plan, and pin Bolinao, Pangasinan, for your next adventure. 

Bolinao Pangasinan Beach Resorts | Hotels

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Puerto Del Sol Resort

Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort

Pearl Casa Residence

Casa Estrella Beach Resort #1



Photo by KisekiLacroix ( Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide + Tourist Spots, Beach Resorts, and Hotels)

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