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Here’s a list of Pangasinan Tourist Spots. The list also includes a list of hotels and resorts to stay when visiting the place.


When it comes to magnificent islands, Pangasinan always has something to say. Pangasinan is located in the western part of Luzon and since it is just hours away from Metro Manila, the place is a perfect choice if one would want to escape the busy streets of the Metro.

Pangasinan/  “PangASINan” means “a land where salt is made” got its name from the rich salt beds that the province has to offer. This salt industry is actually one of the primary sources of the economy in the place. Aside from the salt economy, tourism is also one of the industries that generate income in the province. As mentioned earlier, the province offers great islands and two of those places are Alaminos and Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Alaminos city is the home of 100 Island National Park; to be exact, this Pangasinan Tourist Spot has a total of 123 recorded islands and not just 100. Out of the 123, there are three most popular islands and these are the Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. All three mentioned islands are open for picnic and tent set-ups making every visitor enjoy the island more.

Bolinao, on the other hand, is a town that offers beaches, waterfalls, and secluded caves. Patar beach, though it has mocha-colored sands, is often called “Boracay of the North” by the locals and is truly one of the leading beach destinations in the town of Bolinao. Other Pangasinan Tourist Spots to enjoy in the town are different caves like Enchanted Cave, Cindy’s Cave and Wonderful Cave, and the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse that has a deck where you can have a majestic view of the sea.

(  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )

St. James the Great Parish Church, (  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels ) by Elmer B. Domingo

Aside from the mentioned islands, Pangasinan is also the home for Our Lady of Manaoag / Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. On this “Pilgrims Center of the North”, people believed in the legend dated back in 1601 that a farmer once saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary carrying the Child Jesus on her left arm and a rosary on her right. The farmer has been told by Virgin Mary on where she wanted a church to be built, and then the building of the church started. The statue of Our Lady of Manaoag is ivory-made Virgin Mary that is carrying the Child Jesus. This statue was brought from Spain to the Philippines in the early 17th century. At present times, the shrine is one of the most visited Churches in the whole country.

Moreover, after visiting the most popular places in the province, visitors shall never forget to try the authentic flavors of Pangasinense cuisine. Puto Calasiao is one of the most sell foods in the streets and markets. Puto (steamed rice cake) here in Pangasinan is different from the Puto on other parts of the country as it gives you the softest kind and different flavors like ube, pandan, cheese, banana, and strawberry. On the other hand, is called the “Bangus capital of the Philippines,” Pangasinan can give you the most delicious Bangus sisig and kinilaw na Bangus.

(  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )

Bolinao Falls (  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )   Photo by Kleervyu


It is the time of the year again where local as well as international tourists are looking for a summer getaway or a summer trip. If you would like to experience a one of a kind summer, then I highly recommend that you give Pangasinan a visit. Aside from its close distance from the city center (Manila), this is also ideal for those who would like to travel with a limited budget because the travel fare going here is not that expensive. Not only it is culturally reached, but it is also flourishing regarding tourist spots, both natural and human-made. Here is the list to help you work on your itinerary.

 Bolinao Falls

Looking for a combination of trekking and at the same time swimming? Well, Bolinao Falls is the perfect spot for you. This Pangasinan Tourist Spot offers an amazing view of nature and of a fantastic swimming experience as you dive into its clear and cool water.

Enchanted Cave  (Pangasinan Tourist Spot)

If you opt for an extra adventure, why not try taking a swim INSIDE a cave? This Pangasinan Tourist Spot will give you an adventure that you do not get to try in other places that you visit. As you swim inside the cave, enjoy the ambiance of the cave as you indulge in its clear waters. Also, you may also take an interest in looking for a variety of coral reefs and ancient rocks available in the area.

Patar Beach  

One of the cheapest beach to visit, and yet one of the best, is the Patar Beach. This Pangasinan Tourist Spot is often visited by surfers since there are high waves here making it perfect for them to do their outdoor sports. More so, the sand of the beach is close to fine white color, and amazingly, it turns into gold or brownish color as the sunsets.

Bangrin Marine Protected Center (Pangasinan Tourist Spot)

If you are fond of spending time with nature or doing a bird-watching activity, then you have to put this place on your bucket list as you visit Pangasinan. With its 42.5 hectares of land area, it is indeed the haven of hundreds of bird species.

(  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )

 Governor’s Island in the Hundred Islands.(  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )  Photo by Elmer Nev Valenzuela

Hundred Island National Park

Being one of the most visited Pangasinan Tourist Spot, this national park is indeed truly a beauty to behold. You may choose the top islands that you like to visit and ask the boatman to take you there for a minimal fee. You may choose to go on the Governor’s Island, the Grotto Island, or the Bat Island. There are also other islands that worthy of being visited. More so, zip line and trekking to the higher areas of the island are also possible.

Olanen Beach (Pangasinan Tourist Spot)

This Pangasinan Tourist Spot is located in Barangay Dacap Sur, Bani in Pangasinan and it is said to be one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a different kind of sightseeing and at the same time swimming experience. With the shallow and water, it provides a great scene for the rock formations under the water. This is also famous for those who are doing a prenuptial photoshoot.

Surip Beach

The rough appearance and rocky shore of this beach make it ideal for those who are fond of outdoor activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Though this may not be 100% preference for those, who are looking for a kind of luxurious vacation, the peaceful and serene environment here truly proves that it is not yet exploited with a lot of tourists.

Nalsoc Cave (Pangasinan Tourist Spot)

If stalactites and stalagmites formation amaze you, then take your friends with you and visit this Pangasinan Tourist Spot located at Barangay Calayo, Bani. There is also an existing body of water at the bottom part of it passing through the beautiful rock formations.

Lingayen Beach

The powdery texture of the sand is what makes this place extra special. Whether you would like to lay on the sand and have some tanning, or you would like to invite your friends and play volleyball, everything here seems to be perfect.

Baliwangga Falls (Pangasinan Tourist Spot)

Unleash the free-spirited person in you as you visit this wondrous falls. Looking at how the waterfalls from a thousand-foot distance, and taking a swim to its bottom making yourself feel comfortable with the combination of warm and cool water, nothing can go wrong in a falls.

What are you waiting for? Get the calendar and start planning your Pangasinan adventure! Tag along your friends and families to be with you, and don’t forget to take Instagram worthy photos in any Pangasinan Tourist Spots!


Planning to see these Pangasinan Tourist Spots?

Book your hotel/resort on any of the links provided below. Take advantage of the best deals offered by most of these resorts.


Amianan Boating World Resort
Address: Brgy. Nibaliw Vidal, San Fabian

San Fabian Point Beach Resort
Address: Brgy. Nibaliw

Nibeleo Hotel and Resort Corp. and Restaurant
Address: Brgy. Nibaliw, Vidal San Fabian

Najeska Beach Front Resort
Address: Brgy. Rabon

Noel’s Hideaway
Address: Brgy. Rabon, San Fabian


Ruperto’s Inland Resort
Address: Linmansangan, Binalonan

Punta Riviera Resort
Address: Ilog Malino

Treasures of Bolinao
Address: Brgy. Patar, Bolinao

Rock Garden Resort
Address: Brgy. Arnedo


Hundred Island Resort Hotel
Address: Brgy. Inansuana, Lucap, Alaminos City

Tondol White Island Sand Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Tondol, Anda

Andanians Hotel and Restaurant
Address: 19 Luna St. Poblacion

Crispina Mountain Resort, Inc.
Address: Sitio Namangbagan, Poblacion, Bani

Hundred Islands   (  Pangasinan Tourist Spot + Hotels )  Credits to  Robert Anton Pimentel Aparente


Hide-away Sea and Beach Resort
Address: Centro Toma, Surip

Surip Mountain Resort
Address: Centro Toma, Surip, Bani

SCL Garden Paradise Resort
Address: Ilog Malino

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel
Address: Ilog Malino, Bolinao


JT Beach Resort
Address: Baybay Lopez, Binmaley
Covelandia Du Labrador Family Beach Resort
Address: Tubuan, Labrador

Villa Jireh Japhet Holistic Resort Hotel
Address: Uyong, Labrador

The President Hotel
Address: Maramba Boulevard, Lingayen

Hotel Consuelo and Chinese Restaurant
Address: Alvear St., Corner Alvear Lingayen

Make sure to book your hotel room in advance should you plan to visit any of Pangasinan Tourist Spots

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