GrabFood and Bacolod Tourism


GrabFood to Help in Tourism  by Delivering Grubs to Hungry Tourists 

Tourists are known to be inherently adventurous—be it about getting into the right spots the foot can travel to or the gastronomic kind. But Grab seeks to redefine this common notion about tourists as it aims to bridge the gap between restaurants and the tourists. Dubbed the GrabFood, this unique service plays as the middle man between the food chains that don’t offer delivery service and the hungry tourists—ideally, to support tourism in the country.


 GrabFood in Bacolod City

The province of Negros Occidental, particularly in Bacolod city, is now part of GrabFood’s area of service. Put in the context of boosting tourism in the region, this implies that tourists who are currently hanging out in Bacolod city can have easy access to foods as delivered to themselves care of GrabFood.

The company started its operation in Bacolod City last October 2019. The leading food delivery company had partnered with famous and big brands in the food industry, where people can order food easily. To name a few some companies who are now on their list includes the following:  Aida’s, Inaka, Bar 21, L Kaisei, El Ideal, L Sea, Virgie’s, Claras, Merzci Pasalubong, Rolis, Bong Bongs, Felicia’s, Apollo, Delicioso, King’s Ice, Bascon, Nena’s Rose, Quan, and Cozy Nook.
Fast-food chains such as Jollibee, McDonald’s, Chowking, Greenwich, Red RibbonBurger King, and Uncle John’s Chicken by Ministop are now available on GrabFood 24/7 in Bacolod.”


More Than Just a Ride-Hailing Service

Originally Singapore’s answer to the rising popularity of Uber, which transformed the way people do transport, Grab is a ride-hailing platform at its core. But with an entry into package delivery—GrabExpress—and more recently, food delivery, Grab is every bit much of delivery service as well on the side.


Everything Starts in Singapore

Using its native home as a testbed, everything which Grab offers has its beginnings in Singapore. Consumers from elsewhere, therefore, can put trust that whatever Grab launches, including GrabFood, is tried-and-tested. This ensures a level of quality of operation that saves both Grab and consumers from unnecessary headaches.

Meant to Supplant Uber Eats

Not as a competitor, but rather as a replacement, GrabFood was established to overtake Uber Eats’—Uber’s original version of the food delivery service—position in the Philippine market. Grab managed to do so through the acquisition of Uber’s Southeast Asian operation last March 2018. 

native delicacies

GrabFood Delivers Directly Wherever You Are

Whether you have so many bellies to fill or solely just your own, there is no limit to the volume of foods you can ask to be delivered. Be it right to your doorstep or wherever you may please. 


GrabFood Delivery Fees  

As much as it is convenient to have your foods delivered to your place, this level of comfort comes with a price. Although the base minimum delivery fee which a consumer will pay for is the only P49, bigger volumes of foods amount to the higher delivery cost. Consumers who are placing an order via the GrabFood app are automatically notified as to the cost for the handling, depending on the food and the seller.


GrabFood Caters for People of Diverse Palate

It is aimed at catering for people of all backgrounds, the foods that can be ordered via GrabFood appeals to people of various tastes. Whether you like Asian (one specifically being Filipino foods), Western, or Fusion foods in general, all of these can be ordered directly from the mobile app.

GrabFood Places of Service 

Despite being a brilliant idea at the very core of its service, the GrabFood remains at the starting point of its operations. With the still expanding number of personnel to cater to its service, GrabFood is temporarily limited in scope as to the areas of operation. Initially serving for the hungry customers within select regions in Metro Manila, GrabFood expanded to other areas as well, including the nearby provinces of Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, Cebu, and most recently, Bacolod City.

How to Order at GrabFood

Ordering at GrabFood is so easy.

First. Download the Grab Application on your mobile phone. Almost all travelers have Grab App on their phones because they use it to book a car service, food delivery, hotel, etc.

Second. Now that you have the app open, and select the “Food” from the menu on the top portion.

Third. Enter the address where you want it to be delivered. Usually, Google will identify your location. 

Fourth. Select a restaurant from the numerous options available in your area. Pick the meal that you like and add to your basket.

Fifth. Complete your order and wait for the delivery to enjoy your meal.

Heres what’s excellent about grab food service: 

The application will tell you of the status of your order, from the finding of a driver for you, taking the order and status. It will inform you if your order has already arrived.

In some cases, the GrabFood Delivery rider will call you for some clarifications or ask your locations in cases of confusion, especially on your address.

My Latest Order from GrabFood

Recently we have some guests from Manila who gave us a surprise visit at home. These guests of ours like Napoleones, in fact, would bring boxes of Napoleones to Manila each time we visit them.

The famous napoleones of Bacolod is a layered puff pastry filled with custard cream with thin white meringue on top. 

One of the best Napoleones in Bacolod is the one by Quan Delicacies. This popular delicacy store is known for its amazing, great products.

That was almost lunch when our friends arrived. Since we don’t have dessert at that time, we thought of ordering at GrabFood. And Voila! We have an instant pastry our guests surely love.


Jojo Vito

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