I am excited about the upcoming MassKara Festival of Bacolod City to wear my Skechers GOwalk Shoes.

If you are not scheduled to visit this year, then you should already mark your calendar for the next year’s event.


Bacolod MassKara is one of the grandest, most colorful and maybe has the longest festival celebration. The MassKara Festival is characterized by street dancing, with the performers wearing colorful and extravagant costumes along with their smiling masks and huge headdresses.

The festival features various activities and events which will surely delight any travelers. It’s also one of the reasons why the MassKara Festival has been attracting guests not only in the Philippines but from various countries around the world.


paint party at the Masskara Festival

I have listed in this post various activities, which I like the most from the festival. Most Beautiful Events in MassKara Festival


judging at the Electric Masskara required me to walk to see the performers closely. So my  Skechers GOwalk Shoes is just perfect for the event

Events Where I will be Using my Skechers GOwalk Shoes

The Street parties which are normally visited by thousands of festival-goers are set along Lacson Street. This major street in Bacolod is also the place where the exciting Electric MassKara is being held. During the highlights, no vehicle can enter the street which would start normally as early as 4 in the afternoon. This is one of the reasons why you should be wearing a very comfortable pair of shoes, for you to maximize and enjoy the festival.

Street Party at Masskaraland (Photo Credits Roy Sabay)

Being one of the locals and experiencing the festival every year, I would prepare long before on what to wear for these events. Last year, I was one of the judges in the Electric Masskara Festival last year, and the task would require the judges to walk down the street to see various entries. I’d learned my lesson. So for this year, I got this Go Walk Shoes from Skechers making sure that my feet won’t get hurt when walking for a long period of time.

skechers-go-walk-outdoors-voyage, SKECHERS GOwalk SHOES

Skechers GOwalk-Outdoor Voyage

Here’s what I got for the MassKara events, the Skechers GOwalk- Outdoors Voyage. I like the sporty style of these sneakers, and I can use this not only for the festival events but even for my other adventures being a travel blogger.

Trying the shoe, I can really feel the comfort that I need and it has a long-lasting supportive cushioning. I’m sure my feet won’t get hurt even If I party all night long in the street.SKECHERS GOwalk SHOES

more Skechers GOwalk  Shoes

What convinced further me from having the Skechers GOwalk  is its full-grain suede panels and its durable ballistic mesh which provides a cooling effect. It is designed to keep one’s feet warm and dry, considering that rain comes anytime unexpectedly. It also has a padded collar and tongue and the textured midsole for added protection.

The show has a rest grip outsole with trail-ready traction design, making it perfect for my other adventure trips. It also has a reflective detail giving the shoe the young look.

skechers, SKECHERS GOwalk SHOES

Why did I choose Skechers GOwalk? I’m a fanatic long time ago….just see my photos years back with my old Skechers

wearing my Skechers GOwalk in our trip In Kerala India with other International Travel Bloggers

Watch out for my other travel adventures with Skechers GOwalk.

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  1. I have been to Masskara festival this year but i really struggled to get the good footwears.

  2. James Trickey

    I literally just purchased a pair of Skechers trainers and am waiting for them to arrive within the next day or two. Reading posts like this makes me even more excited to receive mine and wear them out walking. Here’s the style I just bought: https://www.treds.co.uk/mens/shoes/skechers/flex-advantage—20/black-white/3a0e

  3. I bet those shoes made all the walking way more comfortable! Sketchers are so comfy.

  4. I’ve lived in my sketchers walking around Europe. They’re so comfy.

  5. Skechers shoes are always the most comfortable ones to walk! These look so amazing and comfy!

  6. Looks like a good walking shoes and looks comfy. I love Skechers

  7. I love Sketchers! It’s basically all I wear. So comfy.

  8. Comfy shoes are always a must for events like these. My boys wear Skechers and like them too.

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