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Negrense Bloggers. Being one of the bloggers to preview The Metro at Ayala Malls Capitol Central before it finally opened to the public.

The Metro Store at Ayala Malls Capitol Central

The Metro Store recently opened its newest branch in Bacolod City. The Metro is the anchor store of Ayala Malls Capitol Central, also the newest Mall in Bacolod City.

The Metro Store offers a wide array of great finds suited for all types of shoppers.

I was personally excited about seeing the store and the things which I would want to get in my next adventure being a travel blogger.


Goes without saying…fresh underwears are essentials for every traveler

Travel Essentials | The Complete Bag of Tips

Being a travel blogger/backpacker I usually travel from one place to another, without having to bring a lot of things! However, since I took photos for my posts, I usually consider my fashion statement, comfort, and other aesthetic aspects. This is where proper planning comes in.

Being a backpacker entails practice and experience. As you go on your first trip, you will have approximately a bag of realization about your trip as you go home. In this article, allow me to share with you some travel hacks which you may use if in case you would also like to be a backpacker traveler in the future with the things that you can get from the Metro Stores.


The Metro offers great pieces of luggage in various colors, shapes, sizes

Travel Essential 1. The Right Luggage

For backpackers, one travel essentials that you must choose sell is the backpack! I want you to consider four things in choosing the right backpack for you because this will be extremely helpful in your travel adventure.

  • Compartment: Will all the compartment it has been useful in your trip? Won’t there be any hindrance in the number of the compartment? The idea here is that the more compartment it has, the better. It will allow you to keep and organize all your things quickly and efficiently.
  • Material: It is supposed to be made up of strong and lightweight material. You need to take good care of your back. So, you won’t have to carry something so heavy.
  • Padding: There should be enough padding inside most importantly if you are bringing some delicate or sensitive gadgets with you. This will serve as extra protection for the things that you would like to keep inside your bag.
  • Size: The size should be enough for your weight and your height. Imagine carrying an overloaded backpack? That hurts a lot! Other than that, it will also add to the overall weight that you carry.


Depending on where you wanted to go, The Metro has an amazing collection of clothing and shoes 

Travel Essential 2. The Right Clothes and Shoes

Always consider the time, place and the type of activity that you will do in choosing your complete set of wardrobe. Generally, you need to bring materials that are light and comfortable. Just in case, you also have to bring a jacket or a sweater if in case there might be some cold places to visit in your itinerary.

  • Clothes: Go for shirts, leggings, jeans, and a sweater. Shorts and swimming wear may also be part of your pack if you plan to be more outgoing and if the vacation entails some swimming. Bring enough of undergarments as well as the right number of sleepwear in your trip.
  • Shoes: Do not forget to include walking shoes plus a pair of slippers or sandals. Generally, you need something that can make you feel comfortable. You can also bring hiking boots if you think that it will be needed in your set of activities.


The Metro’s toiletries in various sizes and brands…

Travel Essential 3. The Needed Toiletries

Bring all the things that you might need. You have to make sure that all of these are a smaller size or even packed size (not the one that comes in a bottle). I would highly suggest that you include these in your list: cotton buds; deodorant; feminine wash; hairbrush; lip balm; moisturizer; shampoo and conditioner; sunscreen; tissue; toothbrush and toothpaste; and wet wipes. All of these could help you be protected and at the same time, could save you from a lot of trouble in case of an emergency. Be sure that you put all of these in one small pouch.


Right accessories are a must when traveling…

Travel Essential 4. The Right Emergency Kit

You have to be always ready and cautious of your health wherever you go. That is why even if you’re going to a backpacking adventure, you need to make sure that you have the essential emergency kit materials. These include medicine (for diarrhea, fever, allergy, pain, etc.); band-aid; throat relief candies; mosquito repellant; and oral rehydration salt. All of these things could be useful to you or your fellow backpackers in case of an emergency.

Travel Essential 5. The Needed Gadgets

The less gadget you bring, the better. Most especially if you bring a gadget, you have to bring all the accessory needed for it! This will only make your bag much heavy that it should be. Bring gadgets or electronics that you are sure to use! These might include laptop; hard-drive; adapters; power bank; and earphone. If you’re a reader and you would like to spend some time reading on your adventure, go for the electronic version of it so that you won’t have to carry those heavy books with you.



Travel Essential 6. Additional Things to Bring

I know that you think that there might also be other things which you need to bring. These may include your travel pillow, foods, eye mask, and the likes. This will vary now depending on your activity and your personal preference. But the thing is, in being a backpacker, the less you bring, the better.

Are you planning to go on a backpacking adventure? Don’t forget to read the list of these travel tips and I’m sure that you’ll find it hassle-free to travel! Have a Happy Trip!


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Jogger pants, various kinds of short pants, rash guards…The Metro has numerous great picks at affordable prices

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