Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide | Reaching the Summit

 Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide | Reaching the Summit

 Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide | Reaching the Summit

I.  Mt. Nangtud

Mt. Nangtud with an elevation of 2,074m (6,804ft) is the second-highest peak here in the Western Visayas. Mt Nangtud is located at Barbaza, Jamindan at Panay the destination is famous for the hikers on the trek because mt. Nangtud is one of the most challenging mountains to climb in the Visayas as it is famous for its fascinating flora and fauna, the Mossy Forest, and the most scenic trail, the Knife-edge trail in Mt. Nangtud. As you reach the summit, the feeling of fulfillment is enjoyable.

Mt. Nangtud is part of the mountain ranges at Panay, and it’s also known as the most prolonged and most extensive mountain range in the Western Visayas. The sea of clouds is famous too on this mountain. It is very popular for the hikers to climb on, for it has rivers to pass, cliff climbing and so many campsites to camp on. For me, as a girl, mt. Nangtud is difficult to climb, but with courage and persistence, everything is possible as long you love to wander. Thinking about its challenges gives me chills and excitement as it is one of the promising mountains to climb and hike, a very recommended mountain.

Mt. Nangtud:  3 Days and 2 Nights

From Bacolod, we traveled to Iloilo via roro. We arrived at dumanggas port at 1 am, and we traveled to Jaro here; the meet-ups are at Jollibee Jaro. As all the hikers were there, we eventually moved to Barbaza via a van that the team rented; we first registered our names for safety purposes at the Barbaza police station as we secured our travel permit for our hike. After we finished our business at the police station, we had lunch first before heading to Lumbuya. We moved to Lumbuyan to meet our Guide who is Tatay Nitoy. After meeting tatay nitoy, we rent Habal-habal to reach his humble abode. As the team reached the Guide’s house, we prepared our food, fixed our tent, and slept for an early hike tomorrow.

Day 1: Trip to Pingan Campsite

We woke up at 3 am as a wake-up call, we first had our breakfast, fixed our tent, and preamp are going to the trail. As we finished everything, we first stretched ourselves and did some essential exercises as we prepared ourselves for the trek. Were we traveled along the libtong rivers, at first, I was very hesitant to dip my shoes in it, but I am confident as the other hikers did it without any worries. As we passed the rivers, I felt the current ang cool water of it; it’s just simply the most unforgettable to me. As we passed the rivers, we had lunch there and filled our bottles with water; as we finished everything, we decided to ascend to Pingan Campsite; we reached the edge-knife where we took photos and trekked to Pingan campsite. As we reached the Pingan campsite, we had a 10 minutes water break, and then we prepared our food; as we filled up our stomachs, we had some social night in socialization where hikers eventually became our newfound friends. At 9 am, we decided to sleep, for we ascend early in the morning. 

 Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide | Reaching the Summit

Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide

Day 2: Pingan Campsite to Summit

At exactly 4 am, we prepared breakfast and fixed our things. We started our trek at 5:30 am. We carried on the hike; we reached The ranchu campsite at 9 am, where we had to rest for 10 minutes and refill our bottles with water. Going further, we moved to EBJ Peak at exactly 11 pm, where we had our lunch, rested for a while, and prepared to reach the summit; as we went to the summit, we passed the mossy Forest where fauna ang Flora is very abundant. We took some photos in the Mossy Forest and carried on our trek to the summit. We stayed for an hour; we took pictures, chilled, and wandered there as the team loved and fell to the majestic summit. And now the group decided to descend, where we hiked for almost 4hrs. As we descended and arrived at the Pingan campsite at 5:30, we decided to take a night there. As the team was preparing our food, I decided to fix my tent; I helped them with the preparation. As we finished our dinner, we again had our social night, in that night we very much enjoyed, joyous and blissful night indeed, as the Guide said that the lights off are 10 pm, we all decided to sleep as we went on our trek as early in the morning.

 Day 3: Final Descend

All were very skeptical that morning; as we woke up at 4 am, we prepared our things and had a little breakfast. We now descend to the Libtong river. In Libtong river, we rested for a while, preparing to pass the river; as I passed the magnificent river, I felt the current and the cool water running towards me as it felt like a healing river because of all of the exhaustion Of the trek I feel relief in dipping in the river. As we reached the house in tatay city, we had our lunch there; he was the one preparing our food, and he says Thank you for visiting Mt. Nangtud. As we took our bathed and changed our clothes, it was a trail to remember. Seeing the magnificent Mt, Nangtud, walking, trekking in exhaustion, but the memories there are fantastic. The fantastic team of hikers whom I first met became friends along the way. As we had lunch at the homey abode of Tatay Nitoy, we rewarded ourselves with some fresh fruits and vegetables. At exactly 1 pm, we reached the Barbaza Police Station to log out that our hikes were finished. I traveled again, through the van to Iloilo port to Bacolod. As I go home, the memories flash with such excitement, and thinking about where I go next.

 Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide | Reaching the Summit

Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide

II. Mt. Nangtud Itinerary

  • Mt. Nangtud
  • Entry point brgy Lombuyan
  • Barbaza, Antique
  • Difficulty 9/9 major climb 
  • Trail class 3-4 river trekking
  • Knife edge, Mossy Forest, 
  • Scenic Panay ridges
  • 3days 2nights 6-7hrs to summit

Day 0

  • 8 am – meet up at Jollibee
  • 9 am – ETD to Barbaza
  • 1 pm – ETA Barbaza town
  • *Lunch on the road
  • *secure permit
  • *login police station
  • 2pm – procced to brgy lombuyan
  • 3 pm -eta guides house
  • *relax
  • *prep dinner
  • 7 pm – dinner 
  • 8 pm – socials
  • 9 pm – lights off

Day 1

  • 3 am wake up call
  • 4 am breakfast
  • 5 am start trek
  • 11 am Liptong river 
  • *early lunch
  • 12nn start aacend to pingan camp
  • 3pm eta pingan campaite
  • *fix tent
  • 4 pm prep dinner
  • 6 pm early dinner
  • 7 pm socials
  • 8 pm lights off

Day 2 

  • 4 am wake up call
  • 5 am breakfast
  • 5:30 am start trek to the summit
  • 9am eta rancho campsite 
  • *refill water
  • 11 am eta EBJ camp 
  • *early lunch
  • 11:30 am resume trek
  • 1 pm eta Summit
  • *take picture
  • 1:30 pm, start to descend
  • 4-5 pm eta Pingan campsite
  • 6 pm prep dinner
  • 7 pm dinner
  • 8 pm socials
  • 9 pm lights off

Day 3 final day

  • 4 am wake up call
  • 5 am breakfast
  • *break camp
  • 6 am, start to descend
  • 8 am libtong river
  • 12nn guides house
  • *lunch
  • *fix things
  • 1pm eta barbaza police
  • *logout
  • 1:30pm etd to iloilo city
  • 6 pm eta Iloilo city


III. Things to See at Mt. Nangtud 

1. Flora

In Mt. Mangtud, you can see diverse plants in their natural habitat, where you can see the abundance of plants living there. Thinking about how plants live with such harmonies on their own, you will love it most.

2. Fauna

 In Mt. Nangtud, we found several animals, but unfortunately, I can’t take photos of them because of exhaustion from trekking. But animals and very diverse some of them are endangered.

3. Mossy Forest

Another exciting offering of Mt. Nagtud is the mossy Forest that leads up to the summit of Mt. Nangtud, which is traditionally assaulted with light packs from El Rancho. In this trek reminiscent of Mt. Talomo, take note of two relatively flat areas with minimal gain. There are pockets of scenic ridges, but it is covered with forests for the most part. Pitcher plants and lovely orchids adorn the trail, alongside various rare birds and other fauna.

4. The Summit

The summit sits at or very near the border with the province of Capiz. There are records of a possible traverse to Madjaas or to Capiz itself. Considering the central location of this mountain range and the fact that Madjaas and Mt. Baloy Dako are within range if one is willing to hike for a week in the area, the possibilities are numerous. But even an Mt. Nangtud hike merits a Difficulty and is a highly-recommended significant hike in the Visayas.


  • Climb Permit – 1500 per head
  • Guide Fees – 850 per head
  • Porter Fees – 750 per kilos
  • Homestay Fee preparation and processing foods – 1000 to 1500 for one night.


The BACK AZIMUTH is a group of hikers who hike every mountain in the Philippines and feel the wonders of nature itself. Contact them at their Facebook Page: Back Azimuth, for a joyous and adventurous hike of your life.

Mt. Nangtud Travel Guide

Guest Blogger: Kerr Tolosa

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