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 While Traveling

How to Make Money While Traveling 

How to Make Money While Traveling  

“How do you do it?”

“How is it possible to afford that kind of travel lifestyle?”

“How do you even earn money from traveling?”

These are the common questions successful travel bloggers usually get asked. Travel bloggers are deemed, by some people, as either born with a silver spoon or soon-to-be-broke travelers because of all the expenses traveling costs. But in reality, these travel bloggers have learned how they would earn money from traveling the world.

Wouldn’t that be fun? Do you get to see the world while getting paid to do so?

See the list below to discover how travel bloggers can do what they do.

How to Make Money While Traveling 

How to Make Money While Traveling 

Sponsored posts (Advertising)  

Nowadays, most companies don’t just rely solely on television or newspapers to advertise their product/company. Companies now also contact travel bloggers to help give them a boost.

The usual case is that companies would contact travel bloggers, and these bloggers get paid to include links to their sites. But of course, travel bloggers have to be cautious because not all companies pay pretty.

Event speaker

Conferences and seminars would always have speakers. And the companies, organizations, etc., that hold these conferences are looking for competent ones that they are even willing to spend some money on. They would be the ones to shoulder the expenses.

How to Make Money While Traveling 

How to Make Money While Traveling 

Mentor or Coach

There are different kinds of mentoring or coaching gigs out there. You can mentor a blog, coach a team, mentor or coach an individual, etc. There are times that it isn’t only the mentoring and coaching that gets paid but also the travel expenses.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an easy way for travel bloggers to earn money from. Companies also look for blogs that they would put their ads to and blogs that would mention and promote their product or service itself. Sometimes hotels, resorts, casinos hire bloggers to experience their service to write about it and post it on their blog. If you may have also noticed, in Vlogs or traveling articles, there is always at least one product or service mentioned. The chances of that being paid are high.

Freelance writing

Different websites look for many people to help fill their site with content, which is one thing travel bloggers usually focus on. The pay for freelance writing does vary, but some do pay well.

How to Make Money While Traveling 

How to Make Money While Traveling 

Photographs and Videos

Bloggers also earn big money here. Some companies hire people (travel expenses usually paid) to take pictures or videos of a place/event/etc. And most of the time, bloggers who set up their profile as having a professional photography and videography service don’t just accept small payments.

Handling Social Media

It seems like an easy thing isn’t it? But yes, companies also hire bloggers to manage their Twitter pages, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

There are so many different ways to see the world while making your bank account receive more money rather than losing money. Maybe you can try one of these and see if it also works out for you.

How to Make Money While Traveling 

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