Quiapo Church Mass Schedule by H.abanil

The Quiapo Church  and Mass Schedule

Quiapo Church or also known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene or the Parish of Saint John the Baptist is perhaps one of the most visited churches in Metro Manila. With its ideal location in the heart of the metropolitan, people can quickly go to the place and perform their religious activities. In this article, let us get a closer look at what this Church is all about.


Quiapo Church Mass Schedule

  1. It is the home of the Black Nazarene

Quiapo Church is the home of the Black Nazarene, the known miraculous dark image of Jesus. One of the most celebrated feasts here is the Feast of the Black Nazarene, which includes series of activities like the “Pahalik (adoration of the image)” and the “Traslaccion (iconic procession of the image).” Thus, this celebration gathers millions of devotees, all aiming to take a glimpse, and hopefully, get close to the miraculous image.

2. It has undergone a series of reconstruction 

The Quiapo Church was built by the missionaries, Order of the Friars Minor. The original materials used are frames and nipa leaves. When the arrival of soldiers in 1574 took place, they burned the Church to the ground. It was only back in 1588 that the Church was rebuilt, dedicating it to Saint John the Baptist. Another tragedy took place back in 1603 when the Church was once again burned, leading to its turned over to the Jesuits only to be returned to the seculars in 1639. The full completion of the Church was in 1686.

A series of unfortunate events threatened the safety of the Church. This includes the attempted actions of the British to destroy the Church in 1762 and an earthquake in 1863. The reconstruction of the Church started in 1879, and the completion took place in 1889. A fire once more devoured a part of the Church in 1928. Still, due to the generosity of sponsors and devotees, it was reconstructed in 1933 under the creativity of Architect Juan Nakpil. Thus, the addition of the dome and the new belfry took place. The enlarged Church and added lateral walls followed as part of the reconstruction in 1984 with the supervision of Architect Jose Maria Zaragosa.

Quiapo Church Mass Schedule


Quiapo Church Mass Schedule

3. Baroque Architecture

The presence of Corinthian columns and tremendous scrolls along with the quatrefoil windows make it evident that Quiapo Church was designed following the Baroque architecture. This is not anymore a mystery since this specific type of architecture heavily influenced old churches built back during its construction time. Despite its multiple reconstructions, the people made it appoint that the touch of its original architecture remains.

4. Parochial School

Tracing back history, we will notice that for as long as there is Church, there will always be a school. In this case, they established the Quiapo Parochial School back in 1951, having the Black Nazarene as the patron saint. They attended the needs of the parochial students in their thirst for knowledge and education. Thus, the combined power of teaching and catechism was reinforced. Later on, the name of the school was changed to Nazarene Catholic School.

5. Vendors in the Facility 

Faith healers, as well as those who believe in the power of herbal medicine, usually flock the area. They sell a lot of herbal medicine, beginning from leaves to roots as the main ingredients. As ironic as it may sound, there are also vendors selling herbal products, which facilitates abortion despite its moral and legal conflicts. At times, women would intentionally abort babies and leave them in front of the Church, leading to a lot of ethical and legal disputes. Also, fortune tellers are rampant in the area.

Getting to know the history of Quiapo Church and what it is about is a way of learning the Filipino culture and religiosity. Centuries had passed, and people made it appoint that the Church destroyed multiple times still manage to arise stronger, and braver than it was before.



Quiapo Church Mass Schedule

Quiapo Church Mass Schedule

Since it is expected that a lot of people are going to Quiapo Church, they have the daily hourly masses all celebrated in Tagalog. This allows anyone to go here and celebrate the mass, regardless of the time of the day. To further reach other Christians and those who are not able to physically join the celebration of the mass, masses are being aired live via TV Maria, Facebook Live, YouTube, and the Facebook Fan Page of the Church.

Monday to Thursday   

  •  5:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  •  12:15 NN – 1:30 PM
  •  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  •  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


  • 4:00 AM – 12:15 NN
  •  3:00 PM – 8:00 PM


  •  5:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  •  12:15 NN – 1:30 PM
  •  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  •  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  •  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


  •  5:00 AM – 12:15 NN
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  •  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  •  5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  •  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  •  7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Quiapo Church Contact Details

Address: 910 Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila
Telephone Numbers: (02) 733-4945 | (02) 733-4434 | (02) 735-0336 | (02) 736-8249 | (02) 736-8254 | (02) 735-8614
Email Address: ahoo.com

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  1. Febrie Gail Sabadisto

    Instead of forcing an employee to get baptized, Catholic Institution can just ENCOURAGE their employees to be baptized and make them understand the feeling of being baptized and how it will change the spiritual character of a person forever. Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life. The importance of baptism in Catholic Church cannot be overstated. It is the door through which one enters the Church, becomes a child of God, and can receive all the other sacraments. There truly is no salvation without baptism. For this reason, the church has always been very careful to ensure that everyone is baptized, and believes that those who know nothing of the Church may be baptized in desire if they are genuinely trying to follow God and would be baptized if they knew of its importance.

  2. Dalisay, Gion Glance D. BSIT 3F1

    For me, in my own opinion I think they should not force their employees to be baptized because every person has different beliefs. It is not a good thing to force someone to get baptized because getting baptized is very sacred. And for me, no matter what our religion or beliefs are, we need to respect each other and just spread the good in each other and love one another no matter what it is she/her religion.

  3. Anthony Juarez

    should catholic institution force their employee to be baptized as catholic?

    I beg to disagree because I always believe that the development and improvement of every institutions doesn’t depend of individual differences most importantly in terms of religious and beliefs. It always comes from the heart, mind ,hand that show’s respect and ready to serve other.

    Anthony Juarez Bsit 3F1

  4. No, it should not force an employee to be baptized as a catholic due to an institution. It will cause invalidation of individuals freedom of choice, we have a diverse personality and it involves our beliefs if were just force to be baptized its consider as conditional coercion making the unwilling person to be a willing person for baptism.

  5. Chel-An B. Erecido BSIT 3F1

    I do not believe that Catholic institutions should force their employees to be baptized as Catholics.
    I believe that it is the responsibility of the employee to determine whether or not they wish to become baptized Catholic. If an employee does not want to become baptized, then there should be no pressure from their employer.
    I also believe that if a person who has been baptized as Catholic wishes to leave their faith, they should have the right to do so without any pressure from an employer or any other authority figure in society.

  6. Vitala, John Michael T.

    I think catholic institution should not force their employees to be baptized as catholic since we are living on a democratic country each one of us have our own decisions and beliefs on which religion that our hearts sync into. I think if the institution force the employee , it is an invasion of rights that each individual have . Also each of us have our diversity so we have the capacity to be unique with everyone so the catholic institution should accept and never force the employee to be baptized to being a catholic since we have our own diversity. Diversity makes the society learn and indulge everything.

    Vitala, John Michael T.

  7. A catholic instutution should not force their employees to join or participate in catholic events or any religious events like baptism if it againts to their personal decision because forcing them is a sign of disrespect. When you say Baptism it provides a common foundation among all Christians, including those not yet in full communion with the Catholic Church. The Church recognizes the validity of Baptism in other Christian Churches as long as the rite involved the pouring of or immersion in water, a Trinitarian formula, and the intention to baptize. Those who have been baptized have been saved by their faith in Christ and the grace of Baptism. “They therefore have a right to be called Christians and with good reason are accepted as brothers [and sisters] by the children of the Catholic Church” (CCC, no. 1271, citing UR, no. 3).

  8. Catherine Joy Buenaflor BSIT3 F1

    No. For me it’s a discrimination for that person for discriminating thier religious and personal individual. Catholic institution should be respect the beliefs and practices of other religions.
    As food trades student and to be a future manager, you know how to respect others personal individual. Example, If all your co workers catholic religious and one is from the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism be respectful and be mutual understanding to individuals differences. Many religious traditions contain sacred histories, symbols, and tales that are meant to explain the universe’s origins or the meaning of existence. So the other religions of individual person can give their personal information to that person have an other religions. Catholic institution should force their employees to become a Christian to everyone have freedom to choose their religions. Say NO to religious hatred.

    Buenaflor, Catherine Joy T. BSIT3 F1

  9. As a iglesia ni cristo member, I don’t agree to this activity that should catholic force their employee to be baptized as a catholic there are some employee who are not a catholic in the workplace. we need to respect them or treat them as a normal person . we need to respect the different religious beliefs ,traditions and cultures of each employee. If i will be a manager in a restaurant ,i will not force my employee to be baptized in a catholic religion. I know what they believe and their rules so that let’s respect them and appreciate everyone’s religion, don’t underestimate them.

  10. Manejable Clarence

    In this world allot of people have their own beliefs, culture, and religion. In this topic I think they don’t have the right to tell of what the person really they are. In order for everyone in that organization to understand one another and accept one another despite their differences, they should be more welcoming of their employees’ cultures, religions, and ways of life. There’s no need to force their staff into getting baptized because acceptance and communication are the keys to understanding one another.

  11. Flores, Louielyn Jean C.

    In my opinion, Catholic Institutions should not force their employees to be baptized as catholic because every individual has different religions, cultures, races, and thoughts on a certain topic or ideas. Catholic institutions should not control the decision and beliefs of their employees. It’s not just because they have the dominant population in the world it doesn’t mean that others should be a part of their religion too. Catholic Institutions should respect and empower the differences of their employees to make the organization better. As a foods trade student or future manager of a restaurant that has employees that have different religions and traditions, I will respect and treat them equally. I won’t force them to join an activity or event that is against their beliefs. I will acknowledge them to maintain a good relationship and maintain a good environment for the betterment of our organization.

  12. Crystal Gail B. Gavileno, BSIT 3F1

    If the Philippines is known as the only Christian nation in Asia, should Catholic institutions force their employees to be baptized as Catholic? In my own opinion, No. Even though the Philippines is known for having a large population of Roman Catholics, it is not a reason for forcing someone to be baptized in order to belong in that certain institution. First of all we have what we call “freedom” . It is the right of each and every Filipino to freely choose what they want. Next, the company must be transparent enough for the diversity of each and every aspiring employee. They should not set these kinds of boundaries because having diversity in a workplace is not a hindrance for people who excel at their job. I understand that there are institutions who want to maintain things in a way they are already familiar with, but it is not a reason to force your employees to be baptized if they want to keep their jobs. The company must be open and has to have a broad perspective when it comes to diversity. Little did they know that having diversities can help exhibit creativity, organizational effectiveness and team development because if you are flexible in people’s diversity then it won’t be difficult for you to deal and face different types of people. I just want to imply that companies should not be like that because besides race, color, age, and religion people deserve to be respected and valued. After all, we are all just Filipinos who are striving to find better jobs. It is not for lowering the company standards of employing people but even if they are not baptized as Catholic, they are capable of helping the company foster; it is all that matters. Understand the differences of others if you also want to be understood.

  13. Leslie D. Carnaje BSIT 3F1

    From my own point of view, it is not good to force someone to be baptized as a Catholic because baptism is not coercion but your willingness to be baptized. It doesn’t mean you’re working in a Catholic institution, it means you should also be a Catholic one. Everyone of us has a difference. We cannot force anyone to do what other people want. We should always remember to give respect and threaten others equally in any way that would provide peace for all.

  14. Chanel kate Kobayashi

    I strongly disagree to the idea of forcing someone to be baptized,because it clearly shows that you are violating the right of an individual regarding to his/her choices. I suppose that everyone has the right to decide what’s best for them, and the right thing that we can do is to Respect and understand others.
    Everyone has the right to choose and had freedom to change his religion or belief either alone or in community .To manifest his/her religion or belief, in worship, teaching practice and observance. It Recognized the difference and valuing diversity for Religion.

  15. Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan BSIT 3 F1

    In my opinion, no, since we should respect the fact that everyone has a unique religion. Similar to the diversity-related topics we covered. We are the same individual despite having diverse personalities, inclinations, and worldviews.  If you are a Catholic organization, you have a duty to respect your staff members’ religious convictions and refrain from pressuring them to change it.

    Jheeve Dhalin M. Iligan

  16. Dhapnie Pearl Nalaonan

    In my own opinion catholic institutions does not have the right to force their employees to be baptized as a catholic. I am also a catholic but forcing anyone to be baptized as a catholic is not the right behavior as a Filipino because everyone has the right to choose what religion they want. In this situation we can use diversity by accepting everyone’s choices. By letting them choose what religion they want because at the end of the day their self is the only one that knows where or what religion they feel that they belong and happy. So as a person around them lets just accept their decisions in life and give them the freedom that they deserve to choose by their own.

    Nalaonan Dhapnie Pearl BSIT 3-F1

  17. Hannah Faye V. Aballes

    In my own for me, Catholic should not force their employees to be baptized as a catholic. Because it is better to treat them as normal people that have different races and religion. Example if someday I will be a manager at a restaurant, that have an employee that has a different religion to mine, and have some foods that is not allowed to prepaire or eat, I should respect them because each and everyone has its own beliefs and culture. Instead of firing them, I will choose to respect for the sake of our company.

  18. Rodrey D. Belgira

    For me, No they should not force their employees to be baptized. Every individual has a own beliefs and they have rights to decide what they want to choose religion or religious group. Every individual should express themselves freely. If they forced their employees to be baptized into catholic, there will be no diversity in the institution.

    Rodrey D. Belgira BSIT 3 F1

  19. Parreñas, Judelen B. BSIT 3F1

    In my opinion, Catholic institutions should not force their employees to be baptized as catholic because each and everyone has different races, beliefs and culture. The important thing to do is to respect and accept what they belived in. If I will be given a chance to have my own restaurant someday and if my employees have different religions, I will not force them to be baptized as catholic because not everyone has the same spiritual beliefs, and that’s okay. We’ll be united when we accept and treat each other equally. There are people who value this aspect in their lives so we must have a heart and mindset to understand their right of faith.

    Judelen B. Parreñas BSIT 3F1

  20. Lorraine D. Resurreccion. BSIT 3F1

    No, we cannot force anyone to be baptized as catholic the same religion as you. Every people can decide on their own, it doesn’t mean you’re an employee of Roman Catholic Institutions you should also be a Roman Catholic one. We all have differences that make us different in all aspects, and with that, we should accept, respect, and understand it especially since you are only in one Institution. Increasing religious diversity in that institution can enhance the employees that see the same thing in different ways, to get a wider range of perspectives and improve the productivity of that institution. We should not be normalized religion discrimination, valuing every person’s differences and free of offensiveness in the work environment is a must.
    There are many different religions in the Philippines which are; Roman Catholic, Christianity, the Muslim minority, Chinese minority, Judaism, etc. We cannot tell and force anyone which religion they should pick. All we can do is mutual respect, allowing us to learn and understand each other without having to give up our religion. Our differences can make us unique, all religions should be considered equal. With that, the Catholic Institution should know that all people are free to practice and show their faith whatever religious and religion they are.


  21. Marvin bayona

    In my opinion, Catholic Institution should NOT forced employees because we are talking about diversity. It is a big no because it just shows that you are enforcing to them to do such things which there is no willingness to them because it is not on their usual practice. That’s where the cultural relativism came in. When we say cultural relativism its about understanding and respecting different cultures of the different kind of people. I believe what matters most is the work ethic, performance of the employee, and harmony in the organization organization. If he/she is doing his/her part in work then I don’t think cultural believes, practices and norms will matter.

    By: Marvin M. Bayona BSIT 3-F1

  22. Althea Murielle Mendoza

    As far as I know Catholic institutions doesn’t really care about the religion of their employees. But if there would be a circumstance that they will force a person to change a religion just to be accepted by their institution then I totally disagree with that. Trying to force someone to change their religion or in any other things is a sign of discrimination. By this, you are ruining their own beliefs and disregarding their freewill. This is a standard of an institution that many will be offended. If Catholic institution wants to be respected by other religion then they should also respect and accept other religion. An institution with many different people with different beliefs and opinion shows that there is acceptance and love in there institution. It will be fun and exciting to know more about other people’s belief. Without having to worry that they will be judge and disregarded because they are different will help the employees to work efficiently and effectively.

    Mendoza, Althea Murielle BSIT 3-F1

  23. Oscianas ,Lyka C.

    When we talk about the catholic institution should force their employees to be baptized as a catholic .I definitely answer no ,because everyone of us has the freedom of religion .Of course every institution must respect the individual’s human right in the same time it is not an acceptable reason to force your employee to change his/her religion because you are a catholic institution ,having respect to religion diversity is so very essential and beneficial in terms peaceful society in today’s world so life will be easier for us. Also their is nothing wrong in different religion,even you don’t agree with their beliefs just respect and accept it that even we are not the same in terms of religion atleast we are respecting each other ,just simple as that.
    Oscianas,Lyka C. BSIT 3F1

  24. Monteza, Riega D.

    I’m aware that we all have different religious beliefs. Employees of Catholic institutions should not be forced to be baptized as Catholics because they have the right to choose the religion in which they wish to engage. To clarify, the Catholic religion is not an institution that forces people to join their religion; rather, they respect and welcome those who wish to be baptized in their institution. Respecting an employee’s right shows love because it is a great honor for them to value their religion, even if you conflict with it. You do not have the right to force your employees to be baptized in your institution simply because you are a boss who practices Catholicism. Allow them to choose their own will rather than being forced by your own penalties. Valuing and respecting an individual’s diversity will help you and your employees form positive bonds because it will help you understand their own will. This is because, having a positive relationship with your employees will increase their productivity at work in your institution.

  25. Regene I. Aglobo

    There are always differences in every employee in an organisation which we call diversity, religion for example. Catholic institutions should not force their employees to be aligned in their beliefs according to their religion. We cannot force someone to be with us, everyone of us has free will and we choose our own path. In these differences, what we can do is accept and respect in a way of communication and understanding of their religion. We are not entitled to criticise and force them to be baptised as catholic. However, we could know their beliefs and we could share ours. Being a person that has a different religion does not mean you do not belong, that you are not capable of working efficiently and effectively just because you are surrounded by a majority of catholic employees. Having a different religion in an institution only means that we could learn different point of views and acquire different knowledge without discrimination.


  26. Ask ko po ano po schedule ng live mass po ng quiapo sa sunday nov 22 po? Thank you po

  27. What are the bank account of Black Nazarene for donation?

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