Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Feliz Hotel Boracay

Feliz Hotel Boracay: A Happy Trip Journey

Hi, Happy Trippers,

Get ready for a wild and exciting adventure as I whisk you away to the enchanting Feliz Hotel Boracay! It all started with a trip to Kalibo and Antique. Aklan Catholic College (ACC) invited me to conduct a teambuilding session at the picturesque Coop Ocean View Resort in Barbosa, Antique. But little did I know that this journey would lead me to the paradise island of Boracay and an experience I would never forget.


 Unexpected Twist: An Overnight Stay at Feliz Hotel Boracay

While enjoying my time at Coop Open View Resort, a wise and adventurous soul named Fr. Justy Félix Moré suggested extending my stay in Boracay since I was already nearby. At first, I hesitated, contemplating my plans to explore the bustling city of Iloilo. But Fr. Justy, being his persuasive charmer, convinced me to seize this opportunity and treated me to a night’s stay at none other than the prestigious Feliz Hotel Boracay – a renowned gem on the island.

With excitement coursing through my veins, I joined Fr. Justy in making the necessary arrangements. He dialed the hotel’s number to secure my reservation, and he even went the extra mile by contacting Southward Travel and Tours to handle my transportation. Time flew by as the puzzle pieces fell into place. Before I knew it, I found myself aboard the school’s vehicle, cruising towards Caticlan – the gateway to the paradise that awaited me.

The hospitality and thoughtfulness of Aklan Catholic College (ACC) didn’t end there. Ms. Jhing, one of the heads at ACC, ensured my transportation was seamless. She scoured the streets searching for the Southwind Travel and Tours office. When she finally found it, she left no stone unturned, emphasizing the importance of taking exceptional care of me during my island getaway. Ms. Jhing’s genuine concern and kindness left an indelible mark on my heart, reminding me that unexpected generosity makes every trip memorable.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

A New Era of Adventure

As I set foot on Boracay’s sandy shores, I couldn’t help but notice the exciting changes that had occurred since my last visit. Gone were the traditional pump boats, replaced by sleek and speedy speedboats that whisked us across the pristine waters. This upgrade made the journey faster and ensured a safer and more convenient experience for travelers like us.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

 The Grand Entrance – Feliz Hotel Boracay

But the real magic began when I arrived at the awe-inspiring Feliz Hotel Boracay. As I approached the colossal wooden entrance door, I couldn’t help but feel a tingle of anticipation. This massive gateway exuded an air of elegance, instantly captivating me and setting the stage for the luxurious adventure that awaited me. It was as if the door whispered, “Get ready for a grand tour like no other!”

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Feliz Hotel Boracay: A Feast for the Senses

I was engulfed in a world of luxury and sophistication as I entered the hotel. The meticulously designed interiors blended contemporary aesthetics with the island’s natural beauty. Every nook and cranny promised to be a feast for the senses, from the captivating artwork adorning the walls to the carefully selected furnishings that exuded comfort and style. And let’s not forget the warm and welcoming smiles of the hotel staff, who made me feel like a VIP from the moment I arrived.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Room Accommodation at Feliz Hotel Boracay


Let me take you on a virtual tour of the charming room accommodations, where every detail is thoughtfully curated to create an unforgettable experience.

Deluxe King: Step into the room and be greeted by a serene ambiance. With its generous space of 27 to 33 square meters, this room offers a tranquil retreat. The room’s focal point is the inviting king-size bed adorned with plush linens and an array of pillows for utmost comfort. The elegant furnishings and tasteful decor create a soothing atmosphere, ideal for couples or small families seeking a peaceful getaway.

Deluxe Double: Enter the Deluxe Double room, a haven of elegance and sophistication. Spanning 36 square meters, this room provides ample space for relaxation. Two queen beds, dressed in luxurious linens, promise a restful sleep. The room also features a daybed, perfect for lounging and viewing panoramic views. Ideal for families or groups, this room offers both style and comfort in abundance.

Premier King: Experience the epitome of refinement in the Premier King room. With its spacious layout of 41 square meters, this room exudes an air of luxury. The king-size bed, adorned with lavish linens, beckons you to unwind and rejuvenate. The tastefully designed interiors, combining modern aesthetics with traditional touches, create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re a couple or a small family, the Premier King room offers a sanctuary of elegance.

Premier Double: Indulge in the grandeur of the Premier Double room, boasting a generous space of 43 to 46 square meters. This room offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Two queen beds, dressed in opulent linens, provide a haven of comfort. The additional daybed adds versatility and creates a cozy nook for relaxation. Its spacious layout makes this room ideal for families or groups seeking a luxurious retreat.

Suite: Prepare to be captivated by the Suites at Felix Hotel. Spanning 52 to 59 square meters, these accommodations redefine luxury. Step into the suite and discover a separate living area, elegantly furnished and designed for relaxation and entertainment. The king-size bed in the bedroom invites you to unwind and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. The two daybeds offer additional seating or sleeping arrangements, ensuring a comfortable and flexible stay.


Feliz Suite: Prepare to be enthralled by the luxury of the Feliz Suite. Spanning an impressive 72 square meters, this suite is a true sanctuary of luxury. Featuring a separate living area, it offers ample space to relax and entertain. The king-size bed exudes elegance and comfort, while the two daybeds provide additional seating or sleeping options. The Feliz Suite epitomizes indulgence, offering a haven for the most discerning travelers.

At Feliz Hotel Boracay, each room accommodation is meticulously designed to provide a seamless blend of luxury, comfort, and style. Whether you choose the Deluxe King, Deluxe Double, Premier King, Premier Double, Suite, or Feliz Suite, expect nothing less than an exceptional stay where every detail caters to your utmost satisfaction. Prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty and sophistication that awaits you at Felix Hotel in Boracay.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Feliz Hotel Boracay Amenities: Where Luxury Meets Fun

Let’s dive into the exciting amenities at Feliz Hotel Boracay that will take your stay to the next level. Get ready to be pampered and have the time of your life!

Soak and Savor: The Rooftop Swimming Pool  

Now, I must confess, as a solo traveler, I sometimes feel a bit awkward diving into the vast ocean on my own. But fear not my fellow Happy Trippers! Feliz Hotel has got us covered. Instead of braving the waves, I indulged in the rooftop swimming pool at the hotel’s spectacular roof deck. Picture this: the cool waters embracing you as you soak in the sunshine while enjoying an unparalleled view of the island and the stunning Boracay sunset. It’s pure bliss! And to top it off, Buenavista, the poolside eatery, offers mouthwatering pizzas and refreshing cocktails. Talk about a taste of paradise!


Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Pump Up the Energy: The 24-Hour Fitness Center  

Who says you can’t stay fit while on vacation? Certainly not at Feliz Hotel! Their state-of-the-art fitness center on the ground floor is a haven for fitness enthusiasts. This fitness center has everything from cardio machines to weight training equipment and even a dedicated space for yoga. So, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can work up a sweat at any time of the day. Stay active, keep those endorphins flowing, and feel energized throughout your tropical getaway.

Productive and Chic: The Board Room

Now, I know some of you might be mixing business with pleasure, or perhaps you’re hosting a private event during your stay. Well, fear not! Feliz Hotel’s Board Room is here to meet your professional needs. This sleek and sophisticated space is perfect for small business functions or intimate gatherings. With high-speed Wi-Fi, conference call capabilities, and comfy executive office chairs, you’ll have all the tools to get to business in style. The Board Room can accommodate up to twelve guests, making it an ideal spot for productive meetings or exclusive soirées. Mix work with pleasure and leave a lasting impression on your colleagues or guests.


Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Dining at Feliz Hotel Boracay

Dining at Feliz Hotel Boracay is a culinary journey that will delight your taste buds and leave you craving more. Let me introduce you to the exceptional dining options at this exquisite resort.

La Plaza: Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure at La Plaza, where Latin American delicacies meet Filipino flavors. This vibrant restaurant showcases a fusion of cultures through a menu that features appetizing dishes with a unique twist. La Plaza offers a delectable selection of Latin American-inspired creations using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in mouthwatering paella, tangy ceviche, and irresistible churros. Each dish is carefully prepared to bring out the flavors and textures that will tantalize your senses. You’ll experience a harmonious blend of Latin American and Filipino culinary traditions with every bite.



While Feliz Hotel Boracay’s rooftop restaurant, Buenavista, is no longer operational, a delightful option is still available for guests who wish to indulge in culinary delights while enjoying the rooftop pool. If you find yourself on the rooftop and craving a delectable meal, approach the friendly lifeguard on duty, and he will be more than happy to assist you in reaching La Plaza, the hotel’s main restaurant.

With the lifeguard’s assistance, you can place your order at La Plaza, and they will promptly deliver your chosen dishes to you on the rooftop. Imagine lounging by the pool, basking in the sun, and savoring mouthwatering delicacies from La Plaza’s menu. It’s a unique and enjoyable dining experience that adds luxury to your time at Feliz Hotel Boracay.

Al Fresco Dining at the front yard of the Hotel During Nighttime

As the sun sets at Feliz Hotel Boracay, the front yard transforms into a spectacular al fresco dining area. Guests can relish a delightful dinner while serenaded by a talented live band. The captivating melodies fill the air as diners enjoy the vibrant ambiance and the beautiful water fountain, adding charm to the setting. While enjoying your meal and drinks, you’ll also be entertained by their fantastic fire dancers (during weekends), showcasing their mesmerizing skills and adding an exciting element to the evening.

Imagine yourself seated at a cozy table, surrounded by the soft glow of lights and the gentle rustling of palm trees. The melodies from the band create a soothing backdrop, while the mesmerizing water fountain becomes the scene’s centerpiece. As you indulge in your meal, the harmonious blend of flavors, the lively atmosphere, and the thrilling performances of the fire dancers make for an unforgettable dining experience.

This unique entertainment is one of the things I missed about Boracay, as fire dancing is no longer allowed at the beachfront area. However, at Feliz Hotel Boracay, you can still witness this captivating art form while enjoying your evening. The skillful fire dancers mesmerize the crowd with their breathtaking performances, adding excitement and beauty to your dining experience.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay

Buffet Breakfast

One of the most exciting perks of checking into Feliz Hotel Boracay is the complimentary buffet breakfast that awaits guests. From 6:30 am to 10 am, guests can indulge in a delectable spread of breakfast delights. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer to take your time and enjoy the comfort of your bed, the breakfast service caters to your needs.

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the enticing scent of various breakfast dishes. As you go to the breakfast area, you’ll be greeted by a wide selection of options to satisfy your morning cravings. From hearty breakfast classics to light and healthy choices, there’s something for everyone.

You can savor freshly baked pastries, enjoy a plate of fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, or opt for a traditional Filipino breakfast with mouthwatering local delicacies. The buffet caters to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that each guest starts their day with a satisfying and delicious meal.

Whether you fuel up for a day of exploration or want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, Feliz Hotel Boracay provides a delightful culinary experience to kickstart your day. The complimentary buffet breakfast is a beautiful addition to your stay, allowing you to indulge in various flavors and savor the morning in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail, a light snack, or a full meal, don’t hesitate to approach the lifeguard on duty and let La Plaza’s culinary delights enhance your rooftop pool experience. The dedicated staff at Feliz Hotel Boracay is committed to ensuring that every moment of your stay is filled with comfort, convenience, and exceptional service.

At Feliz Hotel, dining is an art form that combines exquisite flavors, fresh ingredients, and a captivating ambiance. Whether you indulge in Latin American delights with a Filipino twist at La Plaza or enjoy a memorable meal with panoramic views at Buenavista, your taste buds will be treated to a culinary journey that reflects the richness and diversity of the island. Prepare for a sensational dining experience at Feliz Hotel in Boracay.

Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay


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Feliz Hotel Boracay: Unveiling the Splendor of a Mesmerizing Stay


  1. 1. Positioned conveniently on Boracay Island, Feliz Hotel offers proximity to attractions and the beach, boasting a plethora of amenities including a pool, spa, restaurant, and fitness center to elevate guests’ experiences. With a commitment to excellent customer service and competitive rates compared to similar establishments, Feliz Hotel emerges as an enticing option for travelers seeking both the beauty of Boracay Island and modern comforts.

    2. Amidst a bustling landscape filled with rival hotels, resorts, and tourist accommodations, Feliz Hotel faces the ongoing challenge of distinguishing itself in a crowded market. The task of standing out becomes especially daunting during peak seasons when large crowds flock to the island, while maintaining profitability during off-peak periods remains a significant hurdle for the establishment.

  2. Luis Manuel Lo

    1. The value proposition that the place can offer is the place itself. Have you ever wanted to stay in a country club-themed hotel while also enjoying Boracay’s white sands? Felix Hotel Boracay is a tourist’s best option. The place is ideal for those people looking for luxury and contemporary aesthetics. With accommodating and hospitable staff, the tourist will feel like a VIP. Its architectural design brings a sleek and elegant glow.

    2. The biggest challenge in promoting or selling this property to the international market is the competition on the island. While this property is a good place for seeking affordable luxury and prestige, there are also other competitors lurking in the island. Take for example Shangri-la Boracay its offers more amenities, has a very hospitable staff, and great architecture design blending with nature.

  3. Krisna Anne Rayo

    Feliz Hotel is very captivating from the first destination which is the island and the grand entrance of its hotel is giving aesthetics and elegancy artworks in the walls, it is very adorned whereas the design is thoughtfully curated.
    I would probably recommend this to tourist who’s looking for a place to stay or looking for a place recommendation to stay in for a vacation. It can be consider as a top selling since it has alot of features that will truly capture interest to everyone who will visit here. The biggest challenge of selling this property to international market is the rising of customer expectation and budget

  4. Grant Masculino

    1. The top feature that I would highlight on Feliz Hotel is the Al Fresco Dining at the front yard of the hotel during night time. I think this would truly captivate the hearts and souls of the tourists especially foreigners for it gives them a different type of dining experience outdoors. The entertainers gives the perfect beach vibe for tourist that would truly catch their interest yes gives an outsanding comfort. Not only that it gives a great cozy vibr but also gives good filipino food that tourists will experience.

    2. Since in Boracay, its not only feliz hotel who offers these type of experience the challenge I saw is on how you can attract tourist. Since it may not be cheap, feliz hotel would give the experience that would be reasonable to the price. Customer treatment should be outsanding to each and every costumer they have.

  5. Berina, Leah Marie A.

    1. Feliz Hotel Boracay is one of the beautiful hotel in the Boracay with a instagrammble door that will capture the attention of the tourist. Aside from the view, it`s the accommodating staffs that make the tourist feel comfortable for choosing the place.

    2. While the location and rooftop pool of Feliz Hotel Boracay are strong selling points, the biggest challenge could be overcoming competition within Boracay. Boracay boasts numerous hotels offering similar features, so effectively highlighting unique aspects and competitive pricing will be crucial to attracting international tourists.

  6. Stacey Marie Gaston

    1. Feliz Hotel Boracay is situated in a prime spot in Boracay Island, Close to attractions and the beach, offering a range of amenities such as pool, spa, restaurant, and fitness centers that can enhance guest experience. Providing excellent customer service, competitive rates compared to similar hotel in the area, making it a attractive option without compromising quality. Overall, Feliz Hotel Boracay presents itself as a compelling choice for travelers looking to experience the beauty and excitement of Boracay Island While enjoying modern comforts,

    2. Feliz Hotel is a highly competitive destination with numerous hotels in the island, resorts, and accommodation for tourists. Standing out in a crowded market and differentiating themselves from other establishments can be a significant challenge for the hotel with peak season drawing large crowds and off peak periods while maintaining profitability can be a big challenge for them.

  7. Ramos, Rosswell John M.

    1. Night time activities near the Feliz hotel
    One of the reasons why tourist travel is because they want to see the place, look at different views, experience what is special in that place and lastly the to have special memories in that specific place.

    So, I think the top priorities of the business/hotel to promote is the experience of the tourist that they could offer for the tourist during the nighttime, since daylight is given that the tourist will be busy going from places to places, and when the night comes boredom might it the tourist since some stores/locations will be closed and their activities will be limited. so, once they can offer a service or experience to target tourist, the tourist might prioritize their hotel/business among the other. once they can catch the attention and the imagination of the tourist it is somehow guaranteed that the tourist will priorities that place/hotel to stay in and pick that over the other.

    2. one of the biggest challenge on promoting this place/business is catching the attention of the tourist since Boracay is crowded by different business which also have something to offer. I think that the business should hire or pay for extra advertising in purpose to catch the attention of all the tourist coming in and tourist that is planning to visit the place. once this is done, the business should be in demand and will be in the top choices of the tourist.

  8. 1. Feliz Hotel Boracay distinguishes itself with its spectacular beachfront setting, granting guests immediate access to Boracay Island’s clean white sands and clear waters. This feature promises an unparalleled tropical retreat, by breathtaking effortless beach access.
    If I were promoting and selling the services of Feliz Hotel Boracay to foreigners and tourists, I would emphasize its stunning beachfront location as the top selling point. The convenience of having the beach right at the doorstep enhances the overall guest experience and makes Feliz Hotel Boracay and enticing choice for tourists from around the world.
    2. The biggest challenge in promoting Feliz Hotel Boracay to the international market would likely revolve around addressing concerns related to travel logistics and safety. Ensuring absolute travel arrangements, providing transparent information regarding health and safety protocols, and addressing any uncertainties regarding travel restrictions will be crucial in building confidence and attracting international guests to the property.

  9. Joshua Keen Arias Palarca

    1. The presentation of the hotel is very pleasant due to its hospitability as well as the place itself. The place is ideal for tourist who wants a memorable experience, especially the first timers and I highly recommend this place because of its complete services as well as rooms that are way too comfortable. Based on the information given by the vlogger, the top selling point of this place would be the different activities that a tourist can have in one place. One of which is the state of the art fitness that the hotel has wherein the tourist can stay fit while having a vacation.

    2. The biggest challenge for this place would be the price of the hotel wherein only the ones who can afford can experience the top selling point when it comes to comfort and hospitability. For me, this place can be offered within the Philippines because there are few hotels here in the Philippines, especially in different provinces. Well, there are a lot of hotels outside the country who offers this kind of service.

  10. Gavin Dela Cruz

    1. For me, the trait/feature that was outstanding among the rest are the rooms/accommodation of Feliz Hotel Boracay. Since people nowadays love experiencing the feeling of luxurious hotels and other amenities, Feliz Hotel Boracay has a wide variety of. This not only gives the hotel an advantage among its competitors, but it serves as a beacon for the reputation of the island of Boracay itself. Located on the heart of the island it is very accessible and tourists often visit to explore and to discover. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable mattresses that give the room of the tourist some kind of ambience, like the feeling of luxury.

    2. Having a luxurious hotel doesn’t have all the positives, there are always challenges. One example would be the prices, the accommodation, food, and other amenities of the hotel won’t be cheap since luxury is expensive, that for me is the biggest challenge, since most foreign tourists are called “Backpackers” and always look for hostels because these hostels are great alternatives for their stay and also price friendly for them.

  11. Joceah Marielle F. Pabuaya

    Feliz Hotel Boracay is a luxury hotel. the rooms are wide and very well maintain the cleanliness and very comfortable to stay. and the staff are so friendly and welcoming smiles. And the rooms perfect for relaxation and family bonding.

  12. Jet Richmond Ho

    The top trait of this hotel is the generosity of the people or the staff. They treat each of their guests or customers like VIP’s. They go above and beyond meeting the demands of the people staying at the hotel. Because of this trait, foreigners are drawn to this location more because they desire to be respected or valued.

    The biggest challenge would be the cultural differences for the international market since there are people with different beliefs, traditions, and foods that they eat. It affects how people think, behave, the decisions they make, and how they communicate with one another. The staff should get training on how to treat each guest with utmost kindness and respect if they want to sell or promote this to the global market.

  13. Alexei A. Santos

    1. Among the featured tourist spots in La Plaza, the Al Fresco Dining will be the go-to place of the people. With its ambiance and chilling vibe, especially at night, the tourists will love to have a great dinner and romantic feels with their loved ones. Also, as people are now more into having deep conversations and tackling about life, Al Fresco will be the best place for them to bond. Aside from its refreshing surrounding, tourists can be able to enjoy good food and fire dance to entertain them. The Al Fresco Dining of La Plaza can be considered as the top among other features.

    2. Probably, the biggest challenge of Al Fresco in the international market would be the other competitors. It is because there are countries that also offers the same vibe and place in their hotels. As well as, the ambiance might be much better, it would be a competition between the services offered and the hospitability of its staffs.

  14. 1. I’d choose to highlight the room accommodation at Feliz Hotel Boracay. This is the top selling point of the place since the first thing that we look forward to in booking a stay in an island hotel is the room accommodation. The rooms should be comfy, cozy, worth-the-price, relaxing, welcoming, and convenient and according to the details of the rooms from the blog, I am convinced that Feliz Hotel Boracay has all the traits a tourist wants in booking a hotel based on the room accommodation.

    2. For me, the biggest challenge in promoting/selling this property to the international market is the lack of popularity of the Hotel. Unlike its competitors, Feliz Hotel Boracay is a little bit unpopular.

  15. Marie Angelie Dulman

    1. The location serves as the top selling point because it capitalizes on the natural beauty of Boracay, a renowned tourist destination. Although it is not situated in a beachfront location, it provides a seamless blend of luxury accommodation and the stunning surroundings. For tourist seeking an idyllic tropical getaway, this feature offers convenience as it is situated inside d’mall and an authentic taste of the destination, making Feliz Hotel Boracay an enticing choice for travelers.

    2. The biggest challenge in selling/promoting Feliz Hotel Boracay to the international market might be effectively communicating its unique value proposition and distinguishing it from other international hotel options.


    1. One top features of Feliz Hotel in Boracay Island is its prime beachfront location. Positioned along the famous white beach, it offers unique access to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The prime location allow guests to breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear waters, and vibrant beachfront atmosphere, making it the top selling point for tourist seeking an unforgettable tropical getaway.
    2. One significant challenge in promoting Feliz Hotel Boracay Island to international market could be overcoming concerns related to travel logistics and safety, particularly in light of evolving travel restrictions and health considerations. Ensuring clear communication and providing reassurance about safety measures and travel arrangements could help address this challenge.

  17. Arnido, Jean Pauline

    1. In my perspective, the ONE top feature of Feliz Hotel are their SERVICES. The services have the first mentioned above in the article. The services is the top selling point because for me, If I will be the consumer, the first thing I would be noticed the services and i think a lot of us love how hospitality and the thoughtfulness of a hotel will have remark on every trip and the look of place will follow because, if you are in this industry of hotel and services, you make sure that your guest will be comfortable as you promise that the best services you will experience.

    2. The biggest challenge if I would promote this property place to the international market is the platform I would use, not a lot are not into facebook, but this challenge can be really challenging as we can use all the social media platforms to promote this hotel.

  18. 1.) Al Fresco Dining at the front yard of the Hotel During Nighttime
    – For me dining at a hotel during nighttime it’s because of the ambiance and the entertainment itself. Mostly all the guests like entertainment and the concept of the atmosphere are just like a cozy place. For me this is the top selling point of the place it’s for tourists because of their marketing strategy and management.

    2.) What should be the biggest challenge (just 1) should you sell/promote this property or place to the international market?
    The biggest challenge for this to the international market is their competitor. Many restaurants have their own pasabog/marketing strategy even though it’s common but you need just dancing and showing their skills. They should promote and set an event on their websites to gather around the guests worldwide and the target market on it is the tourists.

  19. Lyanna marie guivelondo

    Feliz Hotel Boracay’s undeniable strength lies in is prime location within Station 2 of D’Mall, granting guests immediate access to the vibrant shopping scene, world famous white beach, and diverse restaurants. This eliminates the need for transportation within the main tourist area, offering convenience and a lively atmosphere. Additionally, the rooftop pool with breathtaking views of the ocean and sunset provides a unique and relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after exploring the island.

    Boracay boasts numerous hotels, from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. While Feliz Hotel Boracay offers a strong value proposition, it faces stiff competition within its price range and location. Highlighting unique features and tailoring market strategies to specific tourist segments will be crucial to stand out in the competitive market.

  20. Malvas, Judel Gerard R.

    1. The top feature I would highlight when promoting Feliz Hotel Boracay to international tourists is its stunning blend of modern luxury and breathtaking natural beauty. The hotel’s sleek, contemporary design exudes sophistication and elegance, with stylish interiors and a minimalist aesthetic that creates an air of opulence. Meanwhile, the floor-to-ceiling windows in the guest rooms and common areas offer spectacular panoramic views of Boracay’s crystal-clear waters and pristine white sandy beaches, immersing guests in the island’s tropical paradise. This harmonious fusion of high-end accommodations and awe-inspiring natural surroundings would undoubtedly appeal to discerning travelers seeking a luxurious yet serene getaway.

    2. The biggest challenge in promoting to the international market would be addressing concerns about overtourism and environmental degradation on Boracay. A comprehensive strategy highlighting the hotel’s sustainable practices, support for local communities, and efforts to preserve the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage would be crucial to reassure eco-conscious travelers.

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