Campoquino Bay Beach Resort | Sipalay City

Campoquino Bay Beach Resort | Sipalay City

Campoquino Bay Beach Resort

Campoquino Bay Beach Resort: A Convenient Getaway | A Review

Happy Trippers, let me take you on a thrilling adventure during our visit to Sipalay, where my fellow adventurers Engiemar Tupas, CG Gisona, and I set out to explore this destination’s captivating attractions. It was our second day in Sipalay, and with an insatiable thirst for new experiences, we eagerly sought a place to add excitement to our adventure.

As we embarked on our journey, CG Gisona skillfully maneuvered his car, effortlessly guiding us through the well-trodden roads. While we aimed to discover hidden gems and unearth lesser-known treasures, we couldn’t resist the allure of a renowned destination that beckoned to us with its charm. And so, our eyes were drawn to a prominent sign standing proudly along the highway, marking our entrance to Campoquino Beach Resort.


As avid travelers and passionate storytellers, we have explored numerous destinations and shared our extraordinary experiences with you, our beloved readers. While we embark on this review, we intend to provide an honest assessment and offer constructive feedback to establishments such as Campoquino Beach Resort, helping them enhance their offerings for the enjoyment of future visitors.

So, dear Happy Trippers, join us as we delve into our unforgettable escapade at Campoquino Beach Resort. Together, we will navigate the highs and lows, appreciating the beauty that unfolds before us and embracing the potential for growth and improvement. Let us embark on this journey, weaving a tapestry of experiences to ignite our sense of adventure and inspire us to explore the world with open hearts and minds.

Campoquino Bay Beach Resort | Sipalay City

The Happy Trips’ Review of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort

Location and Accessibility: Campoquino Beach Bay Resort is conveniently located along the road, making it easy to locate. The resort’s proximity to the main road ensures easy access for guests and provides convenient transportation options. We found the location quite convenient, allowing us to easily explore other attractions in the area and visit nearby convenience stores.

Accommodation: While we didn’t stay overnight, we noticed that the resort offers a variety of accommodations, ranging from air-conditioned to non-air-conditioned cottages at the beachfront. The options seemed suitable for different budget preferences. Although we cannot provide a personal review of the rooms, the overall ambiance of the resort appeared pleasant.


Entrance Fees and Guest Experience: We appreciate that Campoquino Bay Beach Resort does not require an entrance fee for day guests. However, this also means the resort attracts many visitors, especially on weekends. During our visit, we noticed many young guests enjoying the facilities alongside some families. The presence of a security guard added to the sense of safety and security within the resort premises.

Dining Experience: We were curious to try the food at the resort’s restaurant and decided to try it. The prices were reasonable, considering the resort does not charge any entrance fees. However, while the food quality was satisfactory, and we enjoyed our meals, we encountered an issue with customer service. It’s important to note that the service was warm and friendly. However, we found the choice of words one of the attendants used to be inappropriate and not in line with the professionalism expected when addressing guests, especially those visiting for the first time. It would greatly enhance the overall experience if the staff received further training in effectively communicating with guests in a respectful and courteous manner.

Activities and Surroundings: Aside from the beachfront, few activities were available within the resort. However, guests can explore nearby attractions and even visit convenience stores for additional necessities due to its convenient location. We encountered peddlers selling ice cream and corn during our visit, adding charm to the overall experience.


Campoquino Bay Beach Resort | Sipalay City

Tips for Locals Planning to Visit Campoquino Bay  Beach Resort:

Check for Accommodation Availability: Since Campoquino Bay Beach Resort does not have a website, it’s important to stay updated with their Facebook page for any announcements regarding room availability. Reach out to them through the page or contact them directly for reservations.


Plan Ahead: Due to its popularity among locals, planning your visit in advance is advisable, especially if you are considering staying overnight. This will help ensure that you secure a spot at the resort and avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Explore Daytime Visits: If you prefer a day trip rather than an overnight stay, Campoquino Bay  Beach Resort is a great option. They do not require an entrance fee for day guests, making it a convenient and budget-friendly choice.

Campoquino Bay Beach Resort | Sipalay City

Prepare for Crowds: Campoquino Bay Beach Resort attracts many visitors, especially during weekends and holidays, be prepared for crowds. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, consider visiting on weekdays or during non-peak seasons.

Pack Essentials: When planning your trip, don’t forget to pack essentials such as sunscreen, towels, swimwear, and comfortable beach footwear. It’s also a good idea to bring your snacks and beverages, as limited food options might be available.

Engage with the Locals: The people of Sipalay are known for their friendliness and courtesy. Take the time to interact with the locals, start conversations, and learn more about the area. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations and enrich your overall experience.

Explore Nearby Attractions: While Campoquino Bay Beach Resort offers a beautiful beachfront setting, consider exploring other attractions in Sipalay. Visit nearby beaches, go island hopping, or trek to waterfalls to make the most of your trip.

Support Local Vendors: During your visit, support local vendors selling snacks, drinks, or souvenirs near the resort. This helps contribute to the local economy and enhances the community’s livelihood.

Practice Environmental Responsibility: Keep the beach and its surroundings clean by disposing of your trash properly. Respect the environment and follow any rules or regulations set by the resort to ensure the preservation of the area’s natural beauty.

Leave Feedback: Consider sharing your experience on the resort’s Facebook page after your visit. Leaving feedback can help other locals make informed decisions and provide valuable insights to the resort management for further improvements.

In conclusion, our experience at Campoquino Beach Bay  Resort was mixed. While the location and accessibility were favorable, and the absence of entrance fees for day guests was a plus, the customer service and overall experience fell short of expectations. However, we acknowledge that our visit was brief, and there may be room for improvement. We are open to giving the resort another chance in the future, as we believe it has the potential to provide a more enjoyable experience with some enhancements in service quality and guest interactions.

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    1. For me, the top feature of this resort is its beach front and I think they should utilize this more by putting up activities that can made their visitors and tourist enjoy. Although this resorts offer a scenic view , they should put up also water sports activities such as Kayaking which will truly enjoy by the kids and families. Engaging also by some events that can utilize this are will be helpful such as events, outdoor dining and etc.

    2. The biggest challenge that I can promote on this place to the international market is its food and delicacies. Since Sipalay’s food is not that well known, I should take a chance to present local food and delicacies to the foreigners by Share the story behind your food by telling them some stories and the inspiration, traditional recipes, or the journey of specific ingredients of this place.

  2. Jude Brian C. Gonzales

    1. If I were to promote this location internationally, I would emphasize it’s flexibility to the tourist. Noted that the place offers a number of activities that the tourists could enjoy and have different options suited for different budgets. In the accessibility to nearby attractions, in addition the accessibility to nearby attractions would be very persuasive especially to the foreigners that have limited time for vacation. I think that the budget-friendly plus hitting more birds with one stone combo could really attract international clients.

    2. I believe that the primary challenge of promoting this place is it’s popularity. While awareness towards tourists is a good thing, there could be downsides. The place is also known to locals and because it is a wonderful experience, it is expected that the place would be accomodating a lot of clients. It would be difficult yo secure a spot. It would be a disaster if you were able to promote the resort to international customers only for them to find out that there are no rooms available especially that they have to spend money for plane ticket, unless the resort is there primary goal for visiting the Philippines, then they can book an early spot.

  3. Brylle S. Roderos

    1. When traveling or seeking for an adventure, it is necessary to ensure that one should know how to get to the location. For me, having a convenient and comfortable trip actually sets the mood since it’s the first part of your travel experience. Whereas, difficulties in navigating the place would make everyone uneasy and distressed, which spoils the lively atmosphere that travelers should have. Therefore, Campoquino Beach Bay Resort’s most marketable feature is their Location and Accessibility. Not only it makes the trip seamless due to its close proximity to the main road and availability of transportation options, it also ensures the safety and security of those tourists who wish to enjoy the beauty of the resort, most especially the foreigners to have an enjoyable trip.

    2. The resort, as stated in the article, has few activities available. This could be seen as the biggest challenge in introducing the place to the international market, given that there are resorts that would provide various activities for tourists to choose. Therefore, the place would not be as competent compared to other resorts and would miss the opportunity to cater the needs of the market who would opt for a place with many activities.

  4. Crisha Verde

    1. One top trait or feature is its location and accessibility. Given that it is the place that is being sold, most real estate property believes that it is a crucial factor that the location and its accessibility are marketable to potential buyers. The moment it is being prospected by potential buyers, it is a turning on factor that the place is easily accessible by both public and private transportation. In addition, the place itself offers a great and mesmerizing view and is attractive to visitors in the area which is good sign for easy promotion and selling.
    2. It would be challenging to sell or promote the property with its current entrance fees and guest experience. It is because international markets are highly paying attention to the overall experience that they would get when going on a vacation or travelling. Given that the place offers a poor quality for its customer service, it would definitely a contributing factor when choosing reject the place. Furthermore, since it is free, the crowd in the place is populated which could affect the market if it is leaning towards making the place luxurious.

  5. Ahris Jim Perez

    1. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort’s convenient location along the road offers easy accessibility for guests, allowing them to explore nearby attractions and visit convenience stores effortlessly.

    2. An online presence and booking platform are crucial for attracting international travelers, as they enable easy access to detailed information, reservations, and stay planning, thereby increasing resort visibility.

  6. Carmila Oro

    1.) The Campoquino Beach Bay Resort is easily accessible and conveniently located along the road, making it a hassle-free destination for tourists and guests. The resort makes sure that visitors have easy access and offers everyone practical transportation alternatives. Additionally, Campoquino has a range of choices for accommodation, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned cabins with lovely views right on the beach.

    2.) The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that Campoquino Bay Beach Resort doesn’t have a website, therefore it’s critical to follow them on Facebook to learn about any updates on room availability. For reservations, use the page or get in touch with them directly as guests are unable to do it through the website. I can promote Campoquino because of the affordability and accommodation that they offer to the tourist.

  7. Renz Janagap

    1. I think the value proposition of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort. Is they offers a peaceful escape away from busy cities and crowded tourists spots. Also it they offers guests a chance to relax in a environment surrounded by nature, making it an ideal destination for those seeking serenity and rejuvenation.
    2. I think the biggest challenge is more on the buyer. Because they are in the international market but, this place like Campoquino Bay Beach Resort showcase the wide range of activities available, including water sports, nature walks, and spa treatments, catering booth adventure seekers and those looking for relaxation

  8. Derrick Raphael D. Montelijao

    1.) I personally consider the top feature of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is their Location and Accessibility. As a business, possessing a convenient area where customers can easily find the location is a guaranteed advantage and strength. The resort’s proximity is situated near the main road allowing guests easy access and convenience. I would promote how easy it is for foreigners to enjoy and relax. I will highlight to the foreigners how effortless it is to navigate the resort with minimal hassle.

    2.) One of the biggest challenges I believe I would encounter when promoting the resort in an international market is that most foreigners might not be familiar with the location. Despite the business possessing a convenient location and ease of accessibility, when customers are unsure of the area they are worried of getting lost or accidentally going the wrong direction when they are planning to go to the resort.

  9. Paul Johnver Vargas

    1.The Campoquino Bay Beach Resort of Sipalay City top feature is its place itself. The place offer convenience for easy accessibility for the foreigners/tourist and allows them to visit nearby sites. It also offers a great accommodations for overnight stay.

    2.The biggest challenge is that the limited of activities offered by the resort. The resort must offer different activities for the guest to create memorable experience. In that way the guest will have a good experience

  10. Caile Francess Espinosa

    1. I personally think the top selling point of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is its location and accessibility. Why? Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is easy to locate since it is just along the road; a 5-minute drive from city proper. Plus the fact that it also gives convenience for customers for its location gives easy access to transportations and such making their stay less hassle.

    2. It makes it hard to communicate if they do not have their own website since using Facebook for accommodations nowadays is hard since this Bay Beach Resort is known locally, their message might not be seen. It is important to check their Facebook Page for availability. Making a website will surely make their job easy though.

  11. Donna Ross E. Bacolod

    1. As for me, the feature of the resort that I would like to highlight is the scenery and vibe of the resort itself, since it is beachfront many visitors can have a beautiful scenery. I also would recommend or promote this place to foreigners for the reason that this place is has a great view. The reason why I think the top selling point of this resort is its views and scenery is because a lot of people go to beaches to watch a nice sunset and to have a calm and cozy vibe which I think this resort offers. By having this kind of view I think the visitors would love it so much.

    2. I believe that one of the challenges that this beach would face if it were offered to an international market is that it is too common in the sense that if you just want the scenery and views of a calming sea and just want to chill, many places such as Siargao and Palawan are already well-known, so they need to step up their strategies by adding a variety of water activities.

  12. John Sherbert Acha

    I have not visited Campoquino Bay Beach, but this area appears to be amazing because Sipalay is one of the most popular tourist attractions because of the beauty of nature, the serenity of the blue sea, and the relief it provides after long hours of work in the city or whatever exhausting activities we engage in on a daily basis. Based on the article provided, there are lots of features that Campoquino Beach provide such as security since there are guards that may help you time-time when you need any assistance, comfort experiences since they provide great accommodation based on your budget allowance, and accessibility since the said location is nearby highway where you can easily buy any essential things needed in the beach. As a result, this serves as their advantage that highlights their selling proposition towards other resort. However, based on your experiences, the biggest challenge to promote this property to international market is the customer service. If this is the case, it is hard to meet international standards for hospitality and services.

  13. Nolyn Jude Bolinas

    1. I believe that the top selling point of the resort would be, not requiring entrance fee for its day guests or visitors. Promoting with the word FREE in your ads is very effective to get attention of the targeted market, or even potential customers. It entails that they have free access to the different activities the resort offers. This also comes with the fact that it still ensures a safe premise regardless of its openness to visitors, with the presence of the security guards.

    2. One biggest challenge would be that the resort is an immovable good or service. To reach internationally, it could only be promoted for foreigners to intentionally visit the place, and not be able to deliver it across borders, unlike products. In addition, to effectively entice the international market, most tourists are looking forward not just to the place and its activities, but also about their access to try local Filipino food. With this in mind, the resort should ensure that they are able to offer quality food, as well as to train their staff, in order to maintain a good dining experience for their customers.

  14. Diana Rae A. Doloso

    1. The Campoquino Bay Beach Resort’s feature is its accessibility to tourists; it is said to be located along the Sipalay City route, making it simpler for travelers to find. In addition, it has access to surrounding convenience stores in case you forget anything on your trip. If you prefer fresh air over air conditioning, or if you prefer air conditioning, the rooms are also accessible.Lastly, Its free entry encourages more visitors to come and spend their vacation.This would be the top selling point of the resort since it’s worth every second of your stay.

    2. According to what I read in the article, there is poor customer service. One of the biggest problems that most resorts face is a lack of professionalism, particularly when it comes to local staff who have never attended school. For the same reason, I have personally encountered similar circumstances in other resorts. Being professional also means understanding that the resort should have an internet presence so that guests can simply make reservations in advance and get in touch with them.

  15. Gelvoligaya, Mark John R.

    1. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort as a whole is a tourist spot where it feels free but still isn’t secluded among other well established resorts within the near vicinity. From what I can conclude, the best trait this resort has is its availability to cater not just the locals but tourists as well. It opens up a free day access to everyone which is a certain plus to cater those with a small budget but gives a chance to enjoy what the resort offers and for those who are ready for they also accommodate people that are well prepared to go out.

    2. Given that it is still on its development, a proper website could be a certain addition to boost its own resort and if implemented well certain improvements will follow for both its own service as well as the resort as a whole.

  16. Katherine Nicole Panie

    1. The top trait of the Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is their entrance fees. The resort does not have charges for those tourists who are day guests, this offer from the resort attracts a great number of tourists which benefits the resort to be promoted easily in the market. This feature of the resort benefits those people who are into budget friendly trips and especially those who only visit Sipalay for daytime visit.

    2. Despite Campoquino Bay Beach Resort having a great advantage of being a budget friendly resort, this resort is still challenging to sell in the international market as their are already known beaches such as Palawan, Boracay, Siargao, and many beach resorts in the Island of Negros itself. However, Campoquino is still capable to enter the international market by improving the resort that will catch the attention of the international tourist.

  17. Abelardo Bantug IV

    1. Campoquino Bay is a beach resort destination in Sipalay city. When you’re in town and staying at a different resort, and you want to spend the day elsewhere, Campoquino Bay is a top destination. The place offers daytrips and entrance is free if you are just looking for a nice beach to swim in or to chill out. The highlighting of the free entrance allows more guests to come in, and allow for more sales on the cottages, food and others.

    2. The biggest challenge would be the available amenities. Foreigners travelling with families are particular with the amenities offered by resorts especially. Not only that, but penetrating the international market would also be challenging, since the competition is high and not to mention a lack of online presence.

  18. Trexie Marie P. Morancil

    1. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is accessible and open to all possible visitors, since they do not require an entrance fee. They value the safety of their customers and they make sure that the place is secured.

    2. One of the challenges that can be considered is the lack of training with their staff’s behavior and attitude towards their customers. But, it can be developed through conducting seminars and proper discipline for their staff. We should consider promoting this resort to international markets, in order to be known and help in increasing the engagements of these local resorts to foreign countries.

  19. Ma. Sofia Valladolid

    If you are looking for an affordable, accessible, beach trip in Sipalay, then Campoquino Bay Beach Resort can be highly recommended. It offers a variety of activities and accommodation that is suitable for trips with families. Friends, or even just with yourself to have a relaxing day. Unlike most beach resorts, they do not require an entrance fee to enjoy the sea breeze and glistening sun so for a day trip this can save up some of your budget. The best feature for this resort is the accessibility of its location, especially for foreigners or tourists that sometimes look for convenience stores, the location will be suitable for them.

    One of the biggest challenges is that their online booking can only be found on their facebook page, for an international market this can be quite lacking. As people want efficiency in all of their transactions, having only one online platform must be improved. On a Facebook page potential customers may waste a lot of time scrolling down to see the promos as both advertising materials and promos are mixed on one feed. Creating a user friendly website or other booking application will be very useful to easily navigate and generate a shorter duration in the booking process.

    Ma. Sofia Valladolid (MKEL3 BAMK3-D)

  20. Gia Christina L. Mantalaba

    1. The best feature of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is its location and accessibility. There are no people who would want to travel and relax to a place that is not convenient and not accessible. So, we could promote and sell this place to tourists as having an accessible and convenient location would help visitors to have a hassle free vacation, and help them explore various places.

    2. Having few activities is the biggest challenge when marketing the place internationally, as there are a lot of beaches all over the country that can compete in terms of activities, such as Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao. Campoquino can slowly build up their activities and attractions sites, to get their name out. They can, in a way, compete with the known beaches that are in the country.

  21. Carlo Mitch Aguihap

    1. Campoquino Beach Resort’s top selling point would be their accessible location. There are several hotels that guarantee the same experience and views, if not better. However, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that help and stores are near in case of emergencies.

    2. The biggest problem would probably be its location. Sipalay’s located approximately 100+ kilometers away from Metro Bacolod, and if foreigners were to visit the country, I’m pretty sure they would opt for a more renowned beach like Boracay or the islands of Palawan.

  22. Alla Nosehca Dubouzet

    1. The location and Accessibility of Campoquino Beach Bay Resort is conveniently located along the road, making it easy to locate. The resort ensures easy access for guests and they provides convenient transportation options. It is the top selling point of the place due to the fact that it is very convenient in attracting tourist destination.

    2. The challenge is to understand and adapt the cultural preferences and expectation of the tourist. Also you need to make the strategies match to the different cultural backgrounds to successfully attract international buyers.

  23. Nellbert John P. Minerva

    1.As what I’ve read in the article. The one trait that they should highlight is they must improve their customer service. They must also conduct seminars or training on improving on how to approach well in their customer. They must resolve issues quickly so that the visitors that visited them will recommend them to others, always remember that quality is way more important than anything else

    2. Yes, I can still promote the resort even though they have slight lapses in their operation. Maybe they will change their attitude or improve their communicating skills they can attract foreign visitors. There is so much time to improve their resort. For me I will give a honest feedback to them so that they will improve their resort well.

  24. Terence Ruel E. Buenafe

    1. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is perfectly located and easily accessible along the main road in Sipalay you don’t have to worry about finding this resort or navigating any challenging roadways. This ease of access also makes it incredibly convenient to get to and from the other attractions in town, as well as the nearby convenience stores. For stress-free travel which allows you to seamlessly and easily explore your surroundings, you really can’t beat the location of Campoquino Bay Beach Resort.

    2. It seems likely that the biggest challenge in selling/promoting Campoquino Bay Beach Resort to the international marketplace would be that it currently offers very few amenities and activities within the property itself. Although it’s conveniently located and accessible, international travelers often want an extensive selection of on-site facilities and activities to make the most of their time spent on vacation. With only a solid handful available on the premises, it would probably be difficult to stack up to competing destinations with richer resort experiences. Thus, it would be crucial to expand and diversify these offerings to appeal to a broader range of travelers with varying interests.

  25. Arthur Benedict C, Monteclaro

    1.) The one or rather two traits that I like to highlight is the Location and Accessibility. In every business, location and accessibility are the most important things to consider in a business. “It is conveniently located along the road, making it easy to locate.” That one sentence alone is a reason why Campoquino Bay Beach Resort has an advantage and for me is the best selling points of the resort for it is easy for customers to go and enjoy the resort.

    2.) The biggest challenge should I promote this place to the international market is that Campoquino Bay Beach Resort has too many competitions. It has Tinagong Dagat Island Resort, Latasan Island Resort and other resorts in Negros or should I say the whole Philippines to compete. It needs to stand out more and give more offers to foreigners and visitors alike. It has the advantage of location and accessibility but it still lacks activities and the sorts in order for other customers especially foreigners who brings a lot to offer to enjoy the resort.

  26. Nathaniel Jimenea Cruz

    The Campoquino Bay Beach Resort, located in Sipalay, offers several facilities that can accommodate guests and tourists. However, the top feature that I consider is the accommodation in terms of having rooms and services for overnight stays. Even though the avid traveler and great storyteller, Mr. Marianito Vito, did not state the quality of the rooms, it was noted that the rooms are either air-conditioned or not. Assuming that these offerings are up to standards for our fellow Filipino guests and also for international tourists.

    One of the challenges to promote the Beach Resort to the international market is the crowd management since there are no entrance fees, controlling the entrance and exit of guests could be troublesome for a undetermined date or event. Being said, It is just one of the challenges I can notice because it is important to highlight safety but also the comfortability and enjoyment of the guest during their stay at Campoquino Bay Beach Resort

  27. Hussien D. Hossain

    1. The unique selling proposition of the Campoquino Bay Beach Resort is their location and accessibility. Unlike other resorts in Sipalay, although they have their own respective good views as well, these resorts are typically difficult to find and go to without having your own vehicle. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort offers a similar view and facilities. This also means that coming from Campoquino Bay Beach Resort you are able to easily go to the other attractions in Sipalay.
    2. The biggest challenge in promoting Campoquino Bay Beach Resort in the international market is that they dont have their own website. Although they have some presence in Social Media it would still be a challenge for people overseas to visit without proper bookings done in a website.

  28. Gian Jake D. Gequilan

    1. The feature of the resort that i would like to highlight if i were to promote the resort is its view and the addition of the fact that the resort has no entrance fee during daytime, offers very affordable food, and it is very accessible for guests.
    2. I think that there are no major challenges if i were to promote/sell this resort/property because i think that it is a place that could become a major attraction within the city once given some time and funds to create more attractions and services that the resort can offer to its valued customers.

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