Pecho-pak Chicken House : A Taste of Home in Iloilo

Pecho-pak Chicken House : A Taste of Home in Iloilo

Pecho-pak Chicken House

A Gastronomic Delight at Pecho-pak Chicken House, Iloilo


Lei Lani and I found ourselves in Iloilo, ready to head back to Bacolod but with some time to spare before our noon vessel schedule. We decided to indulge in a leisurely brunch, exploring the culinary offerings of the Smallville Business Center, where our hotel was located.

Despite the area’s vibrant nightlife, only a few restaurants were open during the day. Our attention was captured by Pecho-pak Chicken House, a charming eatery promising a taste of home with a twist.

Pecho-pak Chicken House : A Taste of Home in Iloilo

Initial Impressions of Pecho-pak Chicken House

The name “Pecho-pak” hinted at their specialty – chicken inasal. However, upon perusing the menu, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a diverse selection that extended beyond the realm of chicken.

As we stepped inside, the restaurant’s interior welcomed us with a blend of warmth and style. The decor was tastefully curated, seamlessly blending modern elements with a cozy ambiance, setting the stage for what promised to be a delightful dining experience.

Pecho-pak Chicken House : A Taste of Home in Iloilo

Our Dining Experience at Pecho-pak Chicken House

Seated comfortably, Lei Lani and I eagerly perused the menu, which offered a variety of enticing dishes. While the tempting aroma of chicken inasal lingered in the air, we decided to explore something different and settled on the back ribs.

The friendly wait staff, with their warm smiles, informed us that the back ribs were ideal for sharing, adding to the communal dining experience we were about to embark on. Our order was complemented by a serving of pancit molo, a Filipino comfort food staple, for our soup.

Pecho-pak Chicken House : A Taste of Home in Iloilo

The Culinary Journey | Pecho-pak Chicken House

The back ribs arrived, and our taste buds were in for a treat. Each bite was a burst of rich, savory flavor that showcased the culinary expertise of Pecho-pak Chicken House. However, we couldn’t help but notice that the back ribs were more bones than meat, which slightly detracted from the overall enjoyment.

Despite this, the quality of the meat and the delectable marinade ensured that each mouthful was still a delightful experience, leaving us craving for more.

Similarly, the pancit molo, a beloved Filipino comfort food, impressed us with its flavorful broth and tender dumplings. However, we couldn’t help but imagine how much more exquisite it could have been with a broth simmered with bones.

This would have added a depth of flavor and richness that would have elevated the dish to another level of excellence. Nonetheless, the pancit molo was still a satisfying and comforting dish that complemented the back ribs perfectly, making our dining experience at Pecho-pak Chicken House truly memorable.

Pecho-pak Chicken House | Ambiance and Service

Despite the early hour, the restaurant began to fill up as lunchtime approached, a testament to its popularity among locals and visitors alike. Despite the growing crowd, the staff remained attentive and friendly, ensuring that each guest received top-notch service. Their warm hospitality added to the inviting atmosphere, making us feel welcome and valued as diners.

The ambiance of Pecho-pak Chicken House was a standout feature, enhancing our dining experience. The round ceiling decors made of rattan added an organic and charming touch, creating a cozy and intimate setting.

Additionally, the walls adorned with blue and white tiles provided a visually pleasing contrast, further elevating the dining ambiance. Together, these design elements combine to create a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal and creating lasting memories.


Our visit to Pecho-pak Chicken House was a delightful experience overall. While we only sampled a portion of their menu, the quality of the food and the inviting ambiance left us eager to return and explore more of their offerings. If you’re in Iloilo and seeking a culinary adventure that blends home-cooked flavors with a touch of sophistication, Pecho-pak Chicken House is a must-visit destination.

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