Dinagyang Festival


Judging Areas
1 Freedom Grandstand
2 Iznart – F Caram Ave – Solis.
3 Valeria – Ledesma
4 Maria Clara

October 10, 2019 , Start of the 100-day countdown

January 10, Dinagyang Festival Opening Salvo

January 18-25, Iloilo Dinagyang Arts Festival at Iloilo Esplanade

January 23-26, Ilonggo Food Festival

January 23 (7 p.m.), Miss Iloilo 2020 ( formerly Miss Dinagyang) at WVSU

January 24 (8 a.m.), Tambor Trumpa Martsa Musika

January 24 (2 p.m.), Fluvial and Solemn Foot Procession

January 24 (6 p.m.), Floats Parade of Lights

January 24 (7 p.m.), Fireworks Display

January 25 (8 a.m.), Dagyang sa Calle Real at Provincial Capitol to J.M. Basa Street

January 25 (2 p.m.), Festive Parade Sponsors Mardi Gras

January 25 (7 p.m.), Religious Sadsad at San Jose Parish Church

January 26 (8 a.m.), Dinagyang Festival 360 Degrees at Iloilo Freedom Grandstand, etc.

Dinagyang Festival


People who wish to be engrossed by such a rich culture and a grand time of enjoyment, camaraderie and religious significance need only to travel to Iloilo every fourth Sunday of January and be quickly immersed in the colorful spectacle known all over the world as the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival. For those people who say that Dinagyang is just a mirror of the equally famous Ati-atihan Festival, they wouldn’t be too far from the truth because both celebrations are geared towards giving homage to the patron Sto. Nino – a beloved image for most of Catholic-raised Filipinos. The reverence and devotion of Catholics to the Sto. Nino is one thing that seems to bind Catholic Filipinos no matter from which region they may be. And the Dinagyang Festival is one of the many festivals which gives many a reason to celebrate the intercession of Sto. Nino in their daily lives.

Established in 1967 to honor Sto. Nino and also remember the significance of how our ancestors welcomed the Malays to Panay Island, the Dinagyang Festival got its start through the inspiration of Reverend Father Ambrosio Galindez. He got the idea after watching the Sinulog Festival and the Ati-atihan Festivals in neighboring locales and wished to replicate the gaiety and the spectacle that brought people together. He wanted the people of Iloilo to have a festival that is totally their own, so that they too, can honor their patron. His actions have thus far set a huge chain reaction that reverberates to this day as annually, the festival brings together people from all walks of life, both local and foreign, to Iloilo for a few days of enjoyment and entertainment that is centered on their patron.

For those of you who think that the Dinagyang festival is just a festival, then you are quite wrong. On the contrary, to celebrate the diversity of the culture, there are three major celebrations that comprise the Dinagyang – the Ati Tribe Competition, the Kasadyahan Cultural Competition, and the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang. All of these three component celebrations add to the grandeur of the spectacle as they each highlight a different part of the culture that is so steeped in gaiety and significance.

The Ati Tribe Competition brings together natives and visitors who wish to dance in merriment in the streets. The more important thing though is that the celebration brings together people who wish to recognize the impact of the Ati tribes who peopled most of Panay back then. Recently, even the hinterland Atis have joined the celebration for recognition.

The Kadsayahan Festival, on the other hand, brings together, not only the local barrios and schools but also now accepts regional entries which showcase the depth and breadth of culture as they see fit. Meanwhile, the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang showcases the beauty of Ilonggo women to the world as they step up to the plate to promote their various causes and beliefs.

The gaiety, the color, the splendor of the Dinagyang Festival does not in any way overshadow the gastronomical treasure that lines the streets of the city during its days of glory. Indulge in the variety of food that lines up the streets and the local watering holes. Get a taste of the local cuisine geniuses that infuse flavor on every bite and adds to the totality of the experience.

With the passing of time, the Dinagyang Festival mirrors that of society – resilient but capable of being molded to suit its passage, colorful and timeless, celebrating not only the rich culture but most importantly, the vibrant way of life that is uniquely Ilonggo, uniquely theirs for the world to indulge in for a couple of days every fourth week of January.

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Dinagyang Festival


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Dinagyang Festival


Booking your room in advance is a must when attending the Dinagyang Festival. You can click on our links provided below to get the best deals from various hotels in Iloilo City.


Amigo Terrace Hotel
Corner Iznart St., Delgado

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Iznart Street, Maria Clara

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District 21 Hotel
Donato M.Pison Avenue Brgy. San Rafael Mandurriao

GT Hotel Iloilo
De Leon Street Iloilo City

Grand Xing Imperial Hotel
H. Montinola St., Muelle Loney

Harbor Town Hotel
corner JM Basa – Aldeguer Streets

Hotel Del Rio
M.H. Del Pilar St., Molo, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000

Iloilo Midtown Hotel
corner Yulo – Iznart Streets, City Proper

Dinagyang Festival


Iloilo Business Hotel
Benigno Aquino Avenue

Injap Tower Hotel
West Diversion Road, Manduarriao

Madison Hotel PHL
Delgado Street, City Proper, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000

Mo2 Westown Hotel and Resort
Glicerio T. Pison Benigno Aquino Drive, Mandurriao, Iloilo, Philippines, 5000

People’s Hotel
Corner Delgado and Fuentes Streets

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo
Megaworld Boulevard cor. Enterprise Road, Iloilo Business Park 5000

Riverside Inn
Times Square Building, General Luna Street, City Proper

Pasencia T. Pison Avenue, Smallville Complex, Mandurriao

Seda Atria
Donato Pison Avenue, Mandurriao

The Grand Dame Hotel
Corners Rizal and Huervana streets LA Paz

The Mansion
101 General Luna Street


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