Monte Cueva Shrine


Have you heard about the Monte Cueva in Maasin, Leyte?

This summer, for sure, many will be visiting various places and destinations around the country.

Here’s one place I’m sure you will love to see, the Monte Cueva in Maasin, Leyte.



The challenging steps toward the shrine…The shrine is located at an elevation of 172 meters above sea level overlooking Maasin City.  It was donated by the philanthropists Odong and Loring Chung to the Diocese of Maasin.The place is not for those who are afraid of heights nor for those with weak knees because before you reached the Monte Cueva you must endure first the laborious climb via a zigzagging concrete stairway consisting of more than 550 concrete stairways.


Maasin shrine is a place that is well-known for the Marian devotees. Situated at Monte Cueva Asuncion de la Virgen Shrine, or simply Monte Cueva, this place has been a must-see place for the devotees and the pilgrims. As for its origin, it all started with a dream. The owner of the land who happens to be a lawyer, Joaquin Chung Jr., dreamt of the Lady of the Assumption asking him to put up a shrine in that specific area. He believed in his dream, and so he right away built the church and eventually gave it to the ownership and management of the diocese.

The position of the statue faces the coastal plain with stretched arms, expressing compassion and protection to the city. At the bottom of it, there is a cave with a river which called by the locals as “Aghuba,” meaning to say a mountain cave. What makes this place especially unique is that it is believed that it brings healing to anyone who offers and prays sincerely. This is why devotees and pilgrims gather here to seeking solutions to their problems or ailments, and miraculously, most of them have their wishes granted, making it as a top destination for Catholic believers.



Inside the shrine… The natural characteristics and features of the cave were maintained. In corners of the chapel, I saw some waters dripping from the ceiling.


Additionally, the presence of a shrine named as Monte Cueva gathered many devotees as too. With its close distance from the city center to the actual cave, it will only take 15 to 20 minutes to travel through riding a tricycle. This is also officially built and established as the Shrine of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus as well as the Our Lady of the Assumption. The actual cave from the drop point of the tricycle would entail few minutes of walking, although this did not become a factor for the believers not to flock the place.


The open space outside the shrine where mass are being held when there are big events

There is also a presence of another shrine located in Barangay Mantahan at the top of the Hills of Jalleca. The initiative of the locals as well as the visitors to donate a small amount of money to complete the management and enhancement of the place entirely gave way to its full completion. To reach this place, you have to take the 235 steps which will lead you to the 64-meter statue. The difference between the Monte Cueva and Jalleca Hills is that the latter was not officially announced and even recognized as an official Marian Shrine.


Top most of the hill offering a beautiful view of Maasin. Over the years, the Monte Cueva has become a site for Catholic pilgrims and devotees and has become one of Maasin’s popular tourist destinations.


How to get there:

From city proper of Maasin, just take a ride of the trike and instruct to the driver to bring you to the  Monte Cueva. 

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  1. please emphasize maasin city, southern leyte

  2. Rommel Gamboa

    Hi, I am planning to go there next week for a visit and I will be bringing a small car. Is there a parking space before the stairs going up? Cheers.

  3. Its my mother’s hometown, I climb there more than 5 times, my first climb there was when its not yet a developed no stairs and hand rails made bamboo, the cave is empty and the statue of mama mary on the peak of the cave is already there, the cave is still empty its way back 1998/99, the ff. visits is its already developed i’ve been amazed by the development.

  4. James Vm Pelona

    A very tiring climb but its worth it , its so beautiful up there. They have to create and build a road for vehicles and make it easy for older people to get up there. Hills are just too steep.

  5. Nice! I really enjoy caving. Hopefully we can visit that when we go to Leyte this year.

  6. Awesome place! I would love to see the shrine and chapel but I’m not really sure if I can endure the laborious climb.

  7. Leyte looks beautiful. I have never been in that city. I used to have a high school best friend that lives from. I wonder how is she doing now.

  8. Kudos for promoting places in the Philippines not often visited by tourists. Please post some more like this. 🙂 Thanks.

  9. My father’s decendants are from this place and I’ve been into this place many many times, I’d like to take my own family to see the places someday there too. Thanks for sharing this info.

  10. Elizabeth O.

    I have never dined in a cave before. This would be an experience I would love to have. So awesome!

  11. There are so many beautiful places in Pinas that I have never been to. This looks beautiful!

  12. what a nice place …

  13. I keep dreaming, I will be there with my future wife next year.

    • I am excited for you Sverrir Johannesson–best wishes to you and hope you will share with us how do you find the place:) Have a HAPPY TRIP!

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