Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots



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Known for its sweet mangos, Guimaras is a province island in Western Visayas that is a favorite tourist destination because of its many attractions. Having many Islets surrounding the main island, it is no wonder why Guimaras has so many beautiful white sand beaches which captivate the hearts of many of its guests.

Jordan is the capital of Guimaras Island ( Photo:  Negros Bloggers – Ed Joven of Bacolod Lifestyle; Mea of Mea Pabiona in Bacolod; Claire Algarme and yours truly.)



Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


The Navalas Church built in 1880 to 1885 is the oldest existing Catholic Church in Guimaras Island. It is said that this Guimaras Tourist Spot used to have a four feet tall bell but was taken and dumped into the sea near the area of Siete Pecados. To date, the interior and other parts of the church are already modern but the old facade made of coral stones and stone fence remains untouched.


Founded in 1972, the Trappist Monastery on the island is the only Trappist monastery in the Philippines. Many visitors visit this Guimaras Tourist Spot because they have a pasalubong center selling their own food products such as mango jam, polvoron, mango tarts and much more. The place is also available for retreats.


Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


You might get curious about some buzz about Roca Encantada (Enchanted Rock). The place is the summer vacation house of the Lopez Clan. Built atop a rock but since some landscaping was made the appearance of the rock cannot be noticed anymore. Constructed in 1910, despite its modern architectural design, the mansion was declared by the National Heritage Institute as a heritage house.

This Guimaras Tourist Spot offers an amazing vista and the famed Islas de Siete Pecados which can be seen from the balcony.


The Holy Family Hills is a religious site that also attracts various tourists visiting the island. Numerous life-size statues are dotting the place with the big statue of the Holy Family being the focal point as you enter the place. The life-sized station of the cross statues is spread along the area which caused pilgrims to visit the place, especially during the Lenten season.  This  Guimaras Tourist Spot has a  Chapel and a Prayer room.


Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


Another Guimaras Tourist Spot you should visit is the 27 windmills constructed in San Lorenzo.

Just like the windmills in Bangui, Ilocos, these windmills also attract tourists visiting the island.

The windmills are sporadically constructed atop the hills of the place giving the tourists nice vistas.


Located in  Circumferential Rd, Jordan, Guimaras, the National Mango Research and Development Center is specializing in Research Extension and Production of Mangoes. The place has 8.87 hectares of planted mango used for production and research.

Guests visiting the place can buy seedlings or grafted mango at PHP 50/pc.



Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


The Guisi lighthouse completed in 1896 is said to be the 3rd oldest lighthouse in the country.

Made of metal, the Guisi lighthouse is already rusty and the new one is already installed adjacent to it. This Guimaras Tourist Spot offers an amazing view of the sea, especially during sunset.


Taklong Island National Marine Reserve is located in Nueva Valencia. Covering a total area of 1,143.45 hectares (has.), with 46 islands and islets and 963.45 has. of marine waters that are home to various species of flora and fauna, including corals and seagrasses.

Tourists are usually brought by the “bangkeros” during the Island Hopping to the Floating Cottage found in the Area. The floating cottage is duly operated by San Roque Coastal Environment Program Association (SARCEPA). While at the place you can enjoy swimming while enjoying the sceneries of this Guimaras Tourist Spot.

Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


Guimaras Island is known for its sweet mangos, because of this the festival of the Province known as the Manggahan Festival held every month of May was created.

Of course, apart from mango this festival also shows the culture of the people of the island. Street and Arena Dance Competition are just one of the highlights of the said festival.

Here’s the link to the Manggahan Festival Schedule. We are updating this regularly so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


One of the best things to do when visiting the place is to do Island Hopping. Island Hopping will enable any guests to beautiful Islands and islets as well as various white beaches around the island.


Here’s our itinerary for our recent 2-day adventure at various Guimaras Tourist Spots.  You might want to avail of the services of our Guide- Kim, a very reliable driver/tour guide. He is just charging rental for his tricycle and he can take charge of your Island Tour Itinerary. You can reach him at his FB Page @Guimaras Adventure or you may call him at 09508257904.

Day 1

Island Tour:
Jordan Municipal Hall
Smallest Plaza
Navalas Church
Roca Encantada
Guimaras Windmills
Holy Family Hills
Tourism Office
Guimaras Signage
National Mango Research and Development Center
Trappist Monastery
Alobijod Beach Areas
Guimaras Lighthouse and Beach Areas
Nature’s Eye

Day 2
Island Hopping
Going Home


Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


  • Bacolod -Iloilo Fascraft – PHP 223/way
  • Outrigger Boat (Iloilo to Jordan Guimaras) 2 way – PHP 14.00/way
  • Roca Encantada entrance Fee; PHP 50/person
  • Floating Cottage-
  • Holly Family Hills – No Entrance fee but donations are encouraged for the maintenance of the place
  • Tricycle Rent/Tour  – PHP 1,500 .We added a few more hundred upon seeing how difficult it was for the driver and because he was a very reliable driver and guide courteous and personable. Kim the driver also serves as our Tour Guide and Photographer. You may contact Kim at 09329664470 or at his FB Page @GuimarasAdventure ( For Solo Traveler, you can also ask him for a Habal-habal at PHP 1,000 for the tour; or ask him a van if you are traveling as a group.
  • Tricycle Rent from Nature’s Eye Resort to Jordan Wharf – PHP 500



Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


By Air

The nearest airport in Guimaras Island is the Iloilo International Airport. From the airport, you can take a van which will drop you near SM City. From SM City, you can take a taxi to bring you to Parola wherein pump boats are waiting to bring you to Jordan, Guimaras.

By Boat

Several Shipping companies are passing Iloilo City, and from the port just proceed to Parola in Iloilo to bring you to Jordan.

Travel time from Parola to Jordan takes 15 minutes. The frequency of pump boats traveling to the island is not a problem due to the number of passengers traveling.

Getting Around Guimaras

Jeepneys are available to bring you to your destination. However, the most popular mode of transportation in Guimaras is by Tricycle. One tricycle can take a maximum of 5 (but largely built people, maybe 4 would be the maximum.


Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


You can now book your hotel/resort from this site. Just click the name of any of the resorts to facilitate your booking.


Alobijod Cove Resort  
Location: Alubijod Beach Road Nueva Valencia

Abelardos Beach Resort
Location: Brgy. East Valencia, 5044 Buenavista

Baras Beach Resort
Location: Lawi Jordan

Bella Cove
Location: Puyo, Poblacion Nueva Valencia

Camp Alfredo Adventure Resort
Location: Ravina Sibunag


Cabaling Beach Resort  
Location: Espinosa Jordan

Cabugan Adventure Resort
Location: Brgy. Tando Nueva Valencia

Enrico Beach Resort
Location: Zaldivar Buenavista

Guisi Clearwater Resort
Location: Dolores Nueva Valencia

Hill Side Fisherman’s Resort  
Location: Magamay Nueva Valencia

Isla Margarita Resort  
Location: Comian Sur, San Roque Nueva Valencia

Isla Naburot Island Resort
Location: Sinapsapan Jordan


Jannah Glycel Beach House  
Location: Talisay Nueva Valencia

Magic Island Resort  
Location: Sitio Dungcaan, Brgy Lucmayan, Nueva Valencia

Jesa Mar Island Resort  
Location: Naoway Island, San Isidro, Sibunag

Kelapa Gading Beach Resort  
Location: East Valencia Buenavista

Kenyama Beach Resort  
Location: Dolores Nueva Valencia

Nagarao Island Resort
Location: San Isidro Sibunag

Nature’s Eye Resort
Location: Tando Nueva Valencia

Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots


Nature’s Trail Camp And Resort
Location: Sebaste Sibunag

La Puerta Al Paraizo
Location: San Roque Nueva Valencia

Pagatpat Guesthouse  
Location: East Valencia Buenavista

Playa De Paraiso
Location: San Enrique San Lorenzo G

Punta Punting Beach Resort
Location: Sabang Sibuna

Raymen Beach Resort  
Address: Poblacion Nueva Valencia

Retiro de Navalas Beach Resort & Eco-Tourism  
Location: San Miguel Buenavista


Rico Beach Resort  
Location: Poblacion Nueva Valencia

Sto. Niño Island Resort  
Location: Sitio Cumian, San Roques Nueva Valencia

Costa Aguada Island Resorts
Location: Inampulugan Island Sibunag

Tequero Adventure Resort  
Location: East Valencia Buenavista

Valle Verde Mountain Resort

Vilches Beach Resort  
Location: San Enrique San Lorenzo

Villa Encarnacion  
Location: Zaldivar Buenavista


Villa Hideout Resort  
Location: San Miguel Buenavista

Villa Igang Beach Resort  
Location: Poblacion Nueva Valencia

Villa Maria Beach Resort
Location: Sitio Cabaling, Espinosa Jordan

Magic Island | Guimaras Island Travel Guide + Resorts, Itinerary, Budget, Tourist Spots




  1. Navalas Church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Guimaras. Travel time atleast 5 hours with 20 college students. I choose this destination because Behavior is vital in humans, especially inside the church, but also in all that goes on.1st behavioural problem Disruptive conduct
    When a kid constantly shows off, upsets the teacher and other students, and otherwise disrupts the classroom, that student is typically asking for unwarranted attention. The student’s self-esteem may be low, therefore he needs attention and special treatment to make himself feel important.I dealed it as a teacher by Involve the student in problem-solving activities. How do you make the kid feel seen and heard without causing a disruption in mass? The goal is to devise techniques to deal with the student’s bad conduct that do not need continual mass interruptions.2nd Helpless and withdrawn behavior
    Any instructor has a difficult challenge when a pupil seems weak and unable (or unwilling) to execute even the most basic duties. This youngster feels so inferior and inept that she wishes to discourage the instructor from expecting anything from her. She cannot fail if there are no expectations. Handle it by While the learner is watching, the teacher performs the proper behaviour first.

  2. Bantillo, Sharmaine D. BSIT 3F3

    Classrooms usually contain 43 individual students. As a teacher, I want them to witness the antique beauty of the Navalas Church in Guimaras. But, there are 3 common behavioral problems that I must consider that cannot be avoided during a field trip. Some of these are noise, not paying attention, and inappropriate manners. To deal with these situations, a teacher must be patient when encountering this kind of student. As a teacher, to start planning a field trip, make some sort of plan or set of rules by providing guidance on what might happen before going to Navalas Church. Encourage every student, give them some sort of advice, and scold them in a good way when things are not right, because every action can lead to destruction.

  3. Jonalyn Degabi

    Behavior is vital in humans, especially inside the church, but also in all that goes on. This is the location I chose with 20 students because I believe it will be beneficial to us.I also understand that everyone has a hidden problem that can only be revealed via prayer. Going to church will not immediately solve the situation, but it will alleviate the animosity. because I am aware that many of my pupils are struggling with financial and familial issues. There is nothing wrong with going to church on a rare occasion since you know you have a decent heart and no one is treading on anyone. This vacation was chosen because I believe the children will learn more from the priests and see good practices in their surroundings.I admit that I am not religious, but going to church is not a terrible thing, and at a distant location, this is my destination with my pupils.

  4. Andrea Isabelle

    Behavior problem that I may encounter is the no manners, no respect others/ property, and absentminded student. To deal with this behavior ill make sure that all of my student aware that were not in are country to act casually so we have to mind our manners and bahave. And I’ll suggest that wear a t shirt that there’s a school name printed.
    Andrea Isabelle C. Palma BSIT 3F3

  5. Queenie Mae Gargallano

    If I am a teacher I would definitely bring my students in guimaras because there’s a lot of beautiful places in there and also I wanted them to try the guimaras mangoes and other delicacies in guimaras , I wanted to show them the churches and also the museum , while having a field trip it is my responsibility as a teacher to take good care of my students and most problem in a field trip is some student get separated and some are being curious and accidentally break things , and to prevent that from happening I am going to do headcounts every hour to know if someone is missing and also to tell my students to be extra careful.

    Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 3F3

  6. Maria Ennah Zamora

    The Guisi Lighthouse is the one that we chose from the article that we would take our Grade 6 six students for a field trip. A total of 20 students are participating. Estimated travel time would be at least 5 hours. We have observed at least 3 behavioral problems. The first one is being too much dependent or needy of their parents. These children might be excited to be on their long hour fieldtrip but after a while they would start missing their parents, others might have panic attacks. The best way to resolve this is to initiate fun games and songs throughout the trip or if they are refusal in calming down we would give them candy or snacks if they would stop having tantrums. Another behavioral problem we observed is the refusal to cooperate. Some kids have these problems simply because most of them are shy especially in large groups, others have limited knowledge or intimidated by similar peers or authorities like teachers. We would resolve this problem by empathizing with the children, put yourself on their point of view that way we could know how to solve or approach them without initiating negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement could also help them to cooperate. For example praising or cheering to encourage them to participate then patting their backs to backs to show them positive response. Last but not the least is the fear of heights. There’s no denying that children have fear of heights. Our best solution is to go by batches since there are two teachers we would alternate in guiding the children going up the lighthouse the other one maintaining the students down the lighthouse and so on. We would lead them by group of five holding each other’s hands forming a straight line carefully climbing the lighthouse then the same way on going down and so on.
    BSIT 3F3

  7. Esmeralda Lenie

    As a teacher I gathered 15 of my high school students to have field trips . We decide to have our field trips in Holy family hills in Guimaras. It was a perfect place for student activities and engaging programs. It was huge area to be held for their outside activity that will help them to improve their skills of every student that are participate not just in just school but outside of the campus. I choose holy family hills because it is a religious site that possible the students will be responsible in knowing the do’s and don’ts in the whole field trip. It was good spot that will give energy to the students because of the ambiance and the view they will surely enjoy and take away their stress during the trip.
    The 3 behavioral problems that we encounter in our field trip are first the students not following the rules some students are not responsible for their belongings and some students are not staying with their group. 2nd leaving without informing their teachers some students go to other places and leave without informing the teacher and the 3rd one is misbehaving some students is shouting out, laughing and talking and not paying attention while giving the instructions. As their teachers we are responsible to watch over the students because if something happens to one of them, their parents will blame us. We deal it by telling them the things that we need in field trip and we will explain to them what they should do and what they should not do and explain all the rules if they don’t follow the rules they will have a consequence that will be done when we go back to school. As a teacher we are very responsible for everything to be successful our outside activity this activity is our biggest role and to make sure their field trip is safe and successful and make sure they enjoy themselves s and learn a lot. LENIE E. ESMERALDA AND NICOLE L. ROBANTE BSIT 3F3

  8. Khea Joy S. Juanico BSIT 3F3

    Destination: Holy Family Hills
    Students might mishandle their gadgets, do idle talk often (irrelevant conversations which can be disturbing), and procrastinate (attitude of postponing essential tasks).

    How will we deal with these:
    1. Students must be divided into teams and each team must have a leader. Each member has to surrender their gadgets to their leader and the leader will do the same. The leader will keep the gadgets or pass it to the teacher and return it to them if necessary or during their free time.
    2-3. Because they are into teams, the most behaved and obedient teams will be given recognition and reward. The noisiest and undisciplined team will receive a penalty and deduction of points. As their teacher also, they will be given a due or particular time in doing their personal tasks, and later be given an activity that will help them reflect. This way, they will be challenged and encouraged to participate and follow the rules.

    By: Khea Joy S. Juanico and Melvin Villanueva

  9. Jan Marie Uy & Kristel Joy Villarosa

    I want to take my students for a field trip to NAVALAS CHURCH. This is the first destination in Guimaras that I want my students to go to.
    During school field trips reprimands are inevitable, not listening to the speaker in the middle, talking to the neighbor and not avoiding sacred things. So while on a trip, I would confront my students by telling them not to be critical and to be respectful to the people they interact with. Listen to the speaker in front and do not talk to the person next to them. The place we are going to is sacred and should be respected. We should be pleasant, good leader, respectful, kind and good mannered and never show rudeness to other people.

    – Jan Marie Uy & Kristel Joy Villarosa
    BSIT 3f3

  10. Anchel B. Erecido BSIT 3f3

    If I would imagine myself as a teacher, and I’ll be having a field trip with my students, I choose San Lorenzo Wind Farm in Guimaras as our destination to relax, enjoy and have fun. Considering that we’ll spend our time together, these are the possible behavioral problems that I will be encountering during the trip. Some of these measures are:
    The first problem is the absence of organization and discipline, particularly when it comes to eating, is the first issue. Some kids skip meals altogether and only eat in the vehicle. To deal with this behavioral problem, educate and make them understand the rules and regulations that they should follow while visiting other places so that they will be able to learn something new and interesting. The second issue is the conduct of some pupils, who act inappropriately among instructors and their peers. They could struggle to interact with others appropriately or comprehend what they are expected to perform on a field trip with this behavioral problem, make sure that they know how to behave properly in order for them to gain respect from the people around them and thus avoid getting into trouble with them. The third problem is that some students get bored easily due to a lack of activities or because they can’t find anything interesting for themselves in their surroundings. To deal with this behavioral problem, make them appreciate the surroundings even though they are not used to visiting those places. Sometimes, destinations that don’t have those extravagant activities, can be your most memorable travel experience.

    By: Anchel B. Erecido & Mae Rose D. Belecina

  11. Jan Marie Uy & Kristel Joy Villarosa

    I want to take my students for a field trip to NAVALAS CHURCH. This is the first destination in Guimaras that I want my students to go to.
    During school field trips reprimands are inevitable, not listening to the speaker in the middle, talking to the neighbor and not avoiding sacred things. So while on a trip, I would confront my students by telling them not to be critical and to be respectful to the people they interact with. Listen to the speaker in front and do not talk to the person next to them. The place we are going to is sacred and should be respected. We should be pleasant, good leader, respectful, kind and good mannered and never show rudeness to other people.

    -Jan Marie Uy & Kristel Joy Villarosa
    BSIT 3f3

  12. Kingruben Sales and Michelle O. Nalangan

    We would choose the Navalas Church. Except from being historical, We want our students to experience something magic by touring them inside and learning the background of the church and by also listening to the Father’s homily and praying.
    1. The patience of the student – because of the distance, most of the students probably lost their patience. To deal with it I’ve prepare a historical story about Navalas Church for them to have a knowledge and historical background to use maybe in the near future.
    2. Noisy students – Having a noisy students is not new to all teachers especially here in the Philippines. And for us to avoid that kind of behavior, We will make a rules when touring around the church. just like we would make the noisy students pray the “Our Father” 20 times since we are in the Navalas Church also for them to realize that being playful is not okay especially in places like churches.
    3. Inappropriate usage of gadgets – We all know that most of the students have their own gadgets. If the students won’t participate or cooperate in our trip and only focusing to their phones, we would confiscate their gadgets for them to realize that we came to that place to learn the history of the Navalas Church not to use the gadgets inappropriately but we will return it to them after our field trip.

  13. Aila Mae Javelona

    Holy family hills.

    3 behavioral

    Impatient, Side conversation And Pushy students. I will deal with it by talking to them to keep quiet and listen to their teacher. As a teacher I will still positive and use kind words and I will tell them to move in the right direction. And I will be the one to encourage them on how to be calm and quiet voice can do to help my students.

    Aila Mae Javelona
    Hannah Solcorites
    BSIT 3F3

  14. Virgel S. Gabud

    If I were a teacher I will pick the San Lorenzo wind farm.
    It is located up hill so the wind is strong and fresh and you can see a nice view above there

    Behavioral problems that may encounter
    1. Unpleasant sound or noise – I can deal with it by telling them that if any one can be quiet till we came in the destination the drinks for lunch is my treat.
    2. Disobedience- to deal with this situation I think a mind game can be helpful play a game then tell then a short story about the place where you going.
    3. Motion sickness – while traveling motion sickness is always there as far as I know if I will be in charge I will change the sits of the sick student and make him/her sit in the front of the car open the window for fresh air and I will tell the driver to stop every hour to let the students rest outside and also to breathe fresh air.

    Virgel S. Gabud


    As teachers will bring 10 students to the Holy Family Hills on Guimaras Island. This place is religious it is good for a retreat because in this place our students will be familiar to the different statues of Saints. While we were in a retreat or a field trip we can’t avoid some behavioral problems from our students. Some of this are being noisy, uncooperative, and clumsy. Having a noisy, uncooperative, and clumsy student a teacher should make a rules before going inside of a religious place. Before starting the tour we must explain the DO’S and DON’T to our students. We must keep an eye to students who says noisy, uncooperative and clumsy. As a teacher we are responsible for the safety of our students, and as a selected student on a field trip they represent the name of the school.

  16. Justine Bryan P. Custodio

    If I was going to decide, I would take my 12 students at the Navalas church in Guimaras island. Traveling especially with your students, it is hard to avoid behavioral problems. It is inevitable that one of my student went missing for sometimes he/she are distracted watching the view, but I’Il be dealing that by grouping them with three members per group so that when I’m not around they can look dor each other. Now we all know that traveling at some places can get us hungry most of the time, my students usually forgetting to bring food especially if no one is reminding then to bring food. As their teacher, it is my responsiblity to remind them of all the things that they need to bring in the field trip. Mostly in field trip, students may find it boring especially that students doesn’t really have an interest in church thing, what I’ll will going to do is to entertain my students and giving them a little trivia about the navalas church, so that at some point the students will be interested and learned a quick history at the same time.

  17. Great blog! I saved it so I can use it when I go there when this Pandemic is over. Helpful blog indeed. Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing this guide.

    May I know if there are still boat rides from Ortiz Wharf to Guimaras?

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    hi Im travelling to iloilo this 28th and plan to bring my kids for a tour of guimaras. ist it possible to book a tour with you for 4 persons including rides tour guide and hotel. overnight po sana 1 night 2 days. we will be staying overnight in iloilo. thank you so much.

  20. Hi! Me, my siblings and some friends are planning to visit Guimaras Island after we explore Bacolod and I’ve read an article during my research that we can ride a boat from Pulupandan Wharf from Bacolod to San Lorenzo, Guimaras. Now, is this route better than Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras?

  21. hi Mr. Kim, im Gerlyn just called you earlier.. pls message me thanks

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  23. Marijoe manginsay

    Planning to visit guimaras on feb.2019.. want to rent a tricycle ride for the tour.. good for 3 person..magkano kaya..plz do reply..tnx

  24. Nice to know na kaya pala ng Habal-Habal.

  25. Froi Milan

    Good evening,
    I am looking at possible places to visit on our return trip to the Philippines and Guimaras is one of these. I wholeheartedly thank the author of this truly informative travel guide for the post.

    Best regards,
    Froi Milan
    San Diego, CA

  26. Sir how much po roro rates if we bring L300 from iloilo to guimaras/vis a vis

    • Hello mam d lng po ako sure ngayon pro dati nasa 400 to 500 po yung fare ng l300 free na po yung driver yung sa kasamang passenger nman nasa 50 per head ata yung ticket thank you

  27. Hi . How much is the fare from Iloilo sea port to Guimaras Island?

  28. Isabelle Estein

    Hello! Planning to go to Nature’s Eye Resort in Guimaras this sept. My flight arrives at 5:35. Says here, i should hop on a van to SM city. Are there vans available at this hour? Is this a public vehicle? How much is the fare?

    Really appreciate this blog. Hope you can reply. Thank you!

    • yes po, vans are available…same pla arrival hour ntin:-)

    • Hello mam im kim yes mam there is available van in that hour yes is a public vihicle and i think the fare is around 50 or 70 per head from airport to sm city mall thank you

  29. Hi kim i will be travelling on sept. 14 friday n will go straight to guimaras. Would like to do island hopping and tour some places on the island for 1 day. Could you contact me on my fb page raj angustia.thanks!

    • Hello po thus is kim sorry for late reply but im trying to search your fb page but i can’t find it sir how about try to contact me on this number kim 09508257904

      Fb page Guimaras Adventure-Rosekimz

      Thank you

  30. Hi Kim, we are two persons planning to visit Guimaras on Aug 2 for a day tour and interested to have you as our guide. What kind of tricycle to you have (similar to a Manila tricycle or like a tuktuk)? Will the two persons be able to see the surroundings from inside the tricycle?

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    • The tour would take for a day…so I guess, island hopping would be quite impossible. Unless , you inform your guide that you wanted to go island hopping and would want to visit a few places only.

  33. Marie Santos

    Hello Kim!
    We’re a group of 6 traveling to guimaras from iloilo. Can we rent a van through you to do a one day trip around guimaras (following your 1 day itinerary above)? How much do we have to pay? Also, what is the latest time we can Leave guimaras to go back to Iloilo?
    Thank you!
    Marie Santos

    • Hello mam marie yes you can rent a van trough me and do a daytrip following the itinerary above btw the rate of van with guide and driver for landtour is 4,500 that for your group already but if you want a van and driver alone for landtour the rate is 3,500 mam thank you!

    • And btw mam the schedule of boat from iloilo to guimaras is 5:30 am to 8:00 pm for guimaras to iloilo is 5:30 am to 7:00 pm continues trippings mam.

  34. Hi Kim! Were staying in Iloilo for 2 days…1 day in the city, 1 day in guimaras. What is the best itinerary for 1 day in guimaras…and a plcae to stay? Thanks

    • Hello mam Deri Best Itinerary for a day trip is the list of places stated above and about places to stay if you want a peace of mind and relaxation pls check natures eyes resort but if you want a convince and not too far from the society but still good place to stay pls check raymen resort or alobijod cove.

      • Hi sir what is ur no. We’re planning to have a daytour in guimaras there’s no discount for the van?

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    Is it ok to visit Guimaras on the first week of December?

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    guimaras tour? i recommend kuya michael selorico. his contact number is 0977 372 5074

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    • Hello Ma’am/Sir im living here in Guimaras but when sir jojo visited here in Guimaras the owner of this blog He stay at Nature Eye’s Resort in Nueva Valencia Guimaras

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    Good day! is it possible na mg dala ng car from negros to guimaras?

  40. Hi! Im planning to go to Nature’s Eye resort from Valladolid or Pulupandan- to which wharf does it go from there?
    I’d like to go the Jordan to get to the natures Eye, so how do I get there from the wharf(destination from Valladolid) to Jordan?


    • Hello mam if you take pulupandan your docking area is at tumanda wharf in san lorenzo guimaras for villa dolid your docking area sebaste wharf in sibunag or in cabalgnan wharf in nueva valencia if you want to dock at jordan wharf you need to ride a fast craf from bacolod city going to iloilo city then from iloili port go to ortiz wharf where you can ride a boat going to jordan wharf thank you

  41. thanks for sharing this, very helpful info, would like to ask if from guimaras and would like to have a side trip to roxas city, do we have to go back to iloilo or is there a better way from guimaras to roxas city? what mode of transpo should we take? thanks for your reply

  42. 1500 per person po sa tricycle rent/tour?

  43. Thank you for this blog 🙂 Very helpful! I just noticed though that your provided your travel guide, Kim’s number twice and they were different numbers. I was just confused. Which one is the right number? Thanks! 🙂

  44. Lovey Reyes

    Sir, okay lang ba kahit dalawang babe mag travel sa Guimaras. Gusto ko rin ma try ang mga recommended places mo.Thank you

    • Hello mam des the first 1 is the right number because the 2nd number has already been damage thank you

    • Sorry po mam lovely i got a little problem on data signal kaya na wrong sent yung reply sayu but to answer your question yes po mam owkey lng nman po na dalawang babae ang mag travel sa Guimaras on the mentioned places abobe thank you.

  45. Rizzy Guillema

    We just visited Guimaras following your guide. It was a great experience, but OMG! the tricyle ride was a bit difficult. Well, we have no choice we were on a budget. Thank you for your travel Guide.

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