Kalibo Tourist Spot/ Attraction: Ati-atihan Festival of Kalibo 


Kalibo, Aklan may have been the top tourist destination during summer season because of its significant association to the paradise on earth called Boracay. But more than this, do you know that there are also a lot of other fantastic places to visit? Yes! This place holds a lot of undiscovered gems when it comes to places as well as activities to witness. Be with me in reading this article because I will share the best of my list with you.

Kalibo Tourist Spot/ Attraction: 19 Martyrs of Aklan Freedom Shrine by Ryme26

1. Aklan Freedom Shrine (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

How about taking a walk and following the steps of the 19 martyrs who fought for the revolution against the Spanish? Yes, such honorable steps it will be since this shrine is built as a commemoration and as a place of honor for those 19 martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the majority. Visiting Kalibo Tourist Spot such as the Aklan Freedom Shrine will give you so much understanding about the history of the place.

2. Aklanon Cuisine

A vacation will never be complete without trying out the best food or cuisine of the province. They have binakoe or also known to the majority as binakol, a dish made up of chicken prepared within a bamboo tube. Inubarang Manok, a chicken, prepared with minced banana, and linapay or also known to us as pinangat. As for dessert or delicacy, they have the eangkuga, inday-inday, and latik. Yes, a food trip here won’t hurt your pocket at all.

Kalibo Tourist Spot/ Attraction: Ati-atihan Festival by EnzoBontia

3. Ati-atihan Festival

The Ati-atihan festival happens on the 3rd Sunday of January. This is considered as the mother of all festivities, and it speaks a lot for such a title! There are activities that one can witness around the plaza and I am pretty sure that as one witness it, the feeling of togetherness and oneness in celebrating such momentous festivity can be felt. All in all, the spirit of the tradition is culture is alive and is very vibrant in this celebration.

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Kalibo Tourist Spot/ Attraction: Bakhawan Eco-park by Paolobon140

4. Bakhawan Eco-Park (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

This Kalibo Tourist Spot, the Bakhawan Eco Park is an award-winning international eco-park serves as a safe-haven for those who would like to spend a day in the forest. With the lush green surroundings, fresh air, and cold environment, a lot of people come here to relax and unwind. All thanks to the Kalibo Save the Mangroves NGO and this place has become possible to be an eco-park.

5. Dela Cruz House of Piña (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

As the center of pineapple fiber weaving in the country, witnessing how such beautiful and intricate fibers are made is also a must-see activity here! The showroom which displays a lot of products of them will leave you in awe. Indeed, the international quality of their woven products is evident.


Kalibo Tourist Spot/ Attraction: Cathedral

6. Kalibo Cathedral (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

Initially built in 1826, this cathedral was tested by different tragedies and calamities such as fire back in 1885, World War II, and an earthquake back in 1990. Thus, it led to the renovation of the cathedral. Despite such action, there are still parts of it that were retained from the original structure. This cathedral houses the image of the Santo Nino, and it also serves as the center or focus of the festivity during the Ati-atihan Festival.

7. Museo it Akean (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

This museum is located just beside the cathedral. With its Spanish inspired architectural design since it was built back in 1882, which was, of course, part of the colonization era, I am sure that you will feel that as if you are a part of the rich history of the place. All the displays and artifacts on display are aimed towards a common goal, and that is to educate every visitor of the historical, traditional, and cultural heritage of the province.

8. Papierus

Papierus arts and crafts are the haven or art enthusiasts! They produce different products here which are mostly paper-based. Starting from notepads, decorative items, and a lot more! Not only you will get to purchase artsy products, but you can also watch the demonstration on how these products are made and produced!

9. Tigayon Hill (Kalibo Tourist Spot)

The ground of it has been a lot of source of archeological artifacts found by the National Museum. Another additional spot in this hill is the tall Balete Tree which catches the attention of every visitor. One activity that you should not miss here is the station of the cross held during the Holy Week.

10. Try the Tamilok

This mollusk on a shell is mistakenly known as woodworms, but they are not! Eat this one with vinegar or also known as sinamak and I can tell you now; you’re going to taste a far better food than an oyster. This food is also available in Bakhawan Eco Park for a very minimal fee.


Visit the Neighboring Destinations

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Malalison Island

12. Visit Malalison Island in Antique

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Islas Gigantes

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Kalibo will never fail to surprise you with the food and places. If you happen to be here, explore all the possibilities and areas which you can visit. The opportunity of being here is indeed a rewarding one. Good luck and take care!

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