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About Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival 

Filipinos are renowned for their love of celebrations, turning even the smallest occasions into grand festivities marked by joy and enthusiasm. The unique Filipino way of celebrating, often grounded in family values or religious significance, has earned global recognition. Music, dance, vibrant costumes, and delectable Filipino dishes are essential components of these joyous occasions.

Kalibo, Aklan, claims the spotlight on the Filipino celebration calendar every third week of January with the spectacular Ati-atihan Festival. This religiously-centered event honors the infant Jesus (Sto. Nino) and commemorates the historical acceptance of Malays by the Aetas (or Atis) during their arrival in the province. In times of famine, the Malays provided refuge to the Aetas, creating a bond commemorated through this vibrant festival.

Known as “The Mother of All Philippine Festivals,” Ati-atihan embraces the key elements of a colorful celebration. The street dancing segment takes center stage, featuring participants with soot-blackened skin, adorned in colorful costumes and headdresses identifying their tribes. Dancing to enchanting rhythms, they traverse Kalibo’s streets, captivating onlookers with their unique brand of merriment.

The air is filled with chants of “Hala Bira, Pwera Pasma!” as merrymakers invite onlookers to join the festivities, believing that the Infant Jesus will shield them from harm during the parade. As the parade unfolds, time seems to lose significance, and fatigue dissipates amid the infectious energy of the crowd.

The festivities climax with a procession of thousands carrying various images and statues of the Infant Jesus. Each step is a promise, a fervent wish for personal aspirations granted through divine intervention. The festival concludes with a grand masquerade party, announcing winners in a spectacle that rivals the street dancing in pomp and pageantry.

No festival is complete without savoring local delights. In the breaks between Ati-atihan waves, indulge in mouthwatering delicacies offered by local dive spots and hole-in-the-wall eateries, each presenting unique Aklanon dishes to replenish your energy.

Living up to its title as the Mother of All Philippine Festivals is undoubtedly a monumental task, but Kalibo succeeds year after year. Despite the challenges, participants consistently outshine previous iterations, adding more flair and grandeur to this annual celebration—an achievement in itself.

Ati-than Festival By Bernardo “Berniemack” Arellano III (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Attending the Ati-atihan festival requires you to book your hotel room in advance. Book and confirm your reservation below by clicking the links provided. Almost all of these places offer some discounts for you to grab.

Ati-Atihan Festival Hotel
19 Martyrs Street, City Proper

Aranas-Carillo Travellers Inn
Regino, Roldan Street, City Proper, Kalibo, Philippines, 560

Basa Hotel
JNC Martelino Street, Andagao, Aklan, City Prope

Bee Bee Lodge
Barangay Old Buswang, City Proper

Discover Boracay Hotel
Kalibo International Airport Complex, Kalibo International Airport

New Buswang Kalibo, Aklan

Hotel Metro
Toting Reyes Street, City Prope

Inn and Suites at Roz and Angeliques
Jaime Cardinal Sin Avenue, Kalibo, Philippines, 560

La Esperanza Hotel
Osmeña Avenue, City Prope

LM Lodge
LM Bldg., F. Quimpo St., City Proper, Kalibo, Philippines, 5600

Oliveros’ Place
Roxas Avenue Extension, Andagao

Papierus Pensionne
647 Osmena Avenue, Capitol Site, Estancia, City Prope

Royal Suites Condotel
Rizal St. Poblacion

RB Lodge Kalibo
Pastrana St and N. Roldan Street, City Proper

Suburbia Garden Hotel
Osmena Avenue Tigayon


Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival [Schedule of Activities]


Kalibo, Aklan, serves as the primary gateway to the renowned Boracay Beach, boasting an International Airport that ranks among the busiest in the country.


From Kalibo to Caticlan (Boracay Port):

Upon arrival at Kalibo airport, convenient transportation options are available for your journey to Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay Island.

  • Tour Buses: These buses, easily accessible upon arrival, travel directly to Caticlan. The fare from Kalibo to Caticlan is approximately PhP 200 per person. These buses often synchronize with flight schedules to accommodate arriving guests.
  • Vans: Another efficient mode of transportation to Caticlan is through vans, with a similar fare of around PhP 200 per person.

From Caticlan to Boracay:

Boracay Island is a mere 1 km away from Caticlan. Once at Caticlan, proceed to the Caticlan Jetty port building to secure your boat ticket. Guests are required to pay for the boat ticket (25 pesos), Environmental Fee ticket (75 pesos), and terminal fee ticket (100 pesos).

Numerous boats operate between Caticlan and Boracay at short intervals, starting as early as 4:00 am and continuing until 10:00 pm.

Additional Tips:

  • For the convenience of travelers, ATMs are available at the Jetty port building, ensuring accessibility to financial services during your journey.

Embark on a seamless travel experience from Kalibo to Boracay, allowing you to revel in the beauty of Boracay Beach with ease.

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  1. Kimberly F. Betic BSIT 2F3

    As student It is important because for us to know and understand their corporate culture because they want us to know that they treasure their ancestors practices, beliefs.

  2. Abaño Thea Marie

    All of us know that kalibo, aklan has historical point of view of tradition and culture. I can relate this in our subject, we studied about culture. Cuture is very important because All cultures have their own set of rites, rituals, and shared language, and organizations are no exception.
    enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities.

  3. Bedrio, Monalisa D.

    1. First to know what is forbidden and what is not forbidden, this is important to avoid misunderstanding and violence.
    2. Second is to avoid racism their behavior and actions are different from the others so don’t make fun of them.
    3. To know their life on how they live in daily basis and how they hunt food for their families.
    Every culture has a difference, it defines who you are. Even if the culture is different, the important thing is that you have respect and that you can accept each other’s culture.

  4. Sunshine D.Fuertes BSIT 3-F2

    Like kalibo aklan they’re preserving their culture and arts actiolly this was related to our subject which is diversity,Culture and leadership.Being respectful to the ethnic group of people and gender equality is one of the most important thing to do as an individual.Understanding the corporate culture is one of the biggest thing to do in our lives.Learning or developing skills is the best asset it can drive people to be a better version of their self regarding about their cultures and beliefs.

  5. Yulatic, Junmer Paul A.

    As a student studying the course Industrial Psychology, I can relate to Kalibo, Aklan, which is known for preserving its culture and arts in our subject for three main reasons: it shapes creativity, it can create a positive change in behavior, and also influences psychological process that impacts thoughts and actions. That being said, corporate culture is essential since it fosters a sense of camaraderie and belongingness. Moreover, almost every facet of an individual, including effectiveness, overall performance, and the bottom line, may be shaped and influenced by corporate culture.

  6. Kalibo and Aklan known as the place whereas they preserve the arts and cultures because initially, they’re culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations. Secondly they value the resources and cultural legacy of their ancestor, lastly it will help reduces poverty and communities that make up our world. Because of the arts and cultures many of us has a talent and ability to show what is the art and culture in our lives. It is very important to understand the culture what is mean in life, culture means reflects as to our value, beliefs and aspirations. That we learned to respects each other dispite in difference beliefs and cultures, we build a good relationships towards our friends that will everyone will understand each other and be a good Filipino citizen.

    Ann Dela Puerta BSIT 3F2


    Corporate culture is important because it is a way to break all the boundaries of your workmates. You can easily get along with others, it can build a strong relationship in your workplace. Also will help you to improve workflow and have a good and fun atmosphere. If everyone of us value the corporate culture in the workplace we can prevent discrimination and it is a also a way of accepting and respecting everyone’s uniqueness. Exploring and learning others culture and traditions is a great experience to understand other people.

  8. Salanap Eugene D. BSIT 3F2

    To relate in our subject the preservation of their culture and arts is important. The culture and arts is important because it plays an important roles in the life of every people in kalibo, aklan. Also, their arts and culture tells them where they came from. We all know that culture is the way of life for the entire society. So, understanding culture is important because through this we can able to understand and accept every person differences and beliefs.

  9. Daisy Jane S.Impit


    -It is crucial for everyone to know the importance of corporate culture in our society now a days it is our way of understanding the different culture that individual have,It also teaching us not to judge immediately if we encounter them but to respect every beliefs,culture they used to do, we can also learn from them and to apply it as well as in our daily life
    -We preserve in doing the corporate culture so that the next generation up to the next generation will also inheret the thoughts,beliefs that their family use to do when they are alive.
    -through corporate culture we learned about what we call the unity which realizes us no matter what the differences of every culture we use to believe,still we have the unity to understand the need of others,sharing together,helping each others to lessen the works despite of all diversities they have.

    Submitted by: Daisy Jane S.Impit
    BSIT 3F2

  10. Chandylou L. Lava BSIT 3F2

    Understanding the corporate culture is important because it enables us to fully understand the individuals who live there and their behaviors, religious beliefs, and other practices. This enables us to connect to them better, consider our words before saying to avoid offending them.

  11. Medez Jinnefer A.

    It is related in INDPSYC subject because in this subject we discuss about the cultures and arts. Its important to understand corporate culture because corporate culture is one that prioritizes setting and meeting goals. Its a good way to set and maintain the direction because without it, its hard to keep the values coherent.


  12. Queenee A. Villarias

    Understanding corporate culture can make your team more comfortable, values are being respected and it can create a happy service in the workplace.

  13. Germo Basilio Jr.

    Reasons why understanding corporate culture is important first it empowers employees to grow with in the organization and takes of ideas and projects. Second is it promotes learning and professional development while discouraging toxic behavior and poor work ethics. And the last one is culture can be the defining differences between you and your competitors.

  14. Cueva, Reniel V. BSIT 3F2

    Understanding about their corporate culture is important. First, it can avoid misunderstandings that can cause fights. Second, respecting or understanding their culture can create a healthy community or environment. Third, so you don’t get out of place and can adjust or know what to do.

  15. Reyes Efren John A

    The reason why corporate culture is important is, first it promotes diversity in a work place, that will cause all the employee to work with no hesitation, and worries that they will be judge and by this the workflow of the bussines or the industry will be smooth and productive. Second it will definitely attracts and retain talents. Knowing that the company practice culture diversity and viewed positively. Talented applicants will be much interested o work and apply on our company. This will be a great advantage and competitive edge against other companies. Lastly it will increase the productivity of every employee’s by providing an individual balance. By respecting everyone’s culture and beliefs. The more they feel valued and respected the more they will thrive and excel on their work that will also benefit not just us but also the company.

    Reyes Efren John. BSIT 3F2

  16. Pabiania Nathanael D.

    Understanding, competitive , and performance improvement. Culture is a set of beliefs and attitudes about how things should be done, yet it affects in every aspect of daily life. So the importance understanding the corporate culture to be understanding those values shared, competitive the way you do and the way people feel about the work they do and performance improvement , a positive work culture promotes productivity, engagement, and improved employee experience.

  17. febrei keziah l. alvarez bsit 3f2

    Preserving culture is like reminiscing the past or history of a certain place or country. Three reason why understanding corporate culture is first, Corporate Culture promotes learning and professional development about the cultures of every place or country. Second, corporate culture discourages toxic behaviors, attitude and poor work ethic. Third, understanding corporate culture can help us to learn from different generations wherein we can relate each other.

  18. Montinola, Kate Meryl

    Culture is influenced by psychological processes. Psychology is influenced by culture. Cultural norms and practices influence human thoughts and actions as they develop over time, and individual thoughts and actions influence these cultural norms and practices. It is very important to understand corporate culture because, your company’s culture establishes standards for how employees should act, collaborate, and perform as a team. In this manner, segregated team barriers may be dismantled, decision-making can be guided, and overall workflow can be improved.

    The benefits of understand corporate culture are first is the “Employee Development” Employees that have your company’s culture deeply imprinted in their minds may value similar working practices, including how you handle criticism. This makes it possible to establish a standardized method for providing and receiving feedback, making feedback discussions simpler. As a result, these discussions will be more fruitful and speed up growth. Next is “Increased employee engagement” A workplace with organizational culture is motivated by a purpose and has defined expectations. Employee engagement in their professional responsibilities and interpersonal interactions is subsequently motivated and inspired by this. High levels of staff involvement also result, which boosts productivity. A positive atmosphere is impossible to ignore when one feels deeply connected to a company and its employees. And lastly is “Healthy team environment” Workflows can be made more efficient, and organizational culture influences how decisions are made. It also aids teams in overcoming ambiguity-related obstacles. Team members that are aware of and knowledgeable about certain procedures are frequently more driven to complete tasks. People can work together with purpose when there is a defined culture that unites employees and supports organized work arrangements.

  19. Khien D. Torreña BSIT 3-F2

    We should respect other culture because when you appreciate other cultures and faiths, you also respect the individuals who are a part of those cultures and religions and who identify themselves in large part via their cultural history and religious beliefs.

  20. Cabiles, Marvelyn L. BSIT - 3F2

    It enhanced employee engagement because company culture encourages and inspires workers to be more involved in their professional responsibilities and interpersonal connections.

    Employee productivity is increased because culture has an effect on how a company is organized in a way that brings people with the same skill set together. When working on business tasks, individuals with comparable backgrounds and abilities might collaborate more quickly.

    Healthy Work Environment: Having a unified culture that supports well-organized work structures and unites employees makes it easier for people to collaborate effectively.

  21. Alyanna Mae S. Silverio

    It is important to understand or recognize corporate culture for us to be knowledgeable and understand the difference of each individuals. Exploring and knowing others traditions, community, culture and people is a very great experience to understand people. Also, it is for our personal growth in cultural awareness and real life experience on how other people live in other cultures.

    Alyanna Mae S. Silverio
    BSIT 3F2

  22. Ganoy, Jackie Mae S.

    The acceptance of the presence of the Malays in our society is one of the reasons why we are celebrating Ati Atihan festival and the same in corporate culture it is important because it will help the management determine the behaviors and beliefs of their certain employees and how they can align their goals and vision to the employees. It can also contribute to the harmony inside the organization where employees can freely express themselves without discrimination and It can give more values and ideas to the company’s growth like Ati- Atihan festival where everyone is uniting and appreciating and accepting one another in joy.

  23. Alma Mae Juarez

    I think this topic is related to diversity, which is embracing different culture and arts of other people.

    First, it provides good communication. Understanding corporate culture will avoid misunderstanding within the company that is why it is important that you do.

    Second, it gives a positive environment. With good corporate culture understanding and good communication you can build a positive environment and this will make the employees more productive.

    Lastly, it will give a good impression to the company. Since the company has good environment, others will be interested to enter the company and work there.


  24. Claire M Miravelis BSIT 3f2

    It is important to understand corporate culture because it helps us to know the different belief, practices, religions and etc. of different people but still working in one place. It is a big help to understand the different culture in order to have a wide
    successful organizational cultures unite and maintain alignment across your workforce. When your culture is obvious, people from various viewpoints can unite behind it for a common goal. Your company’s culture establishes standards for how employees should act, collaborate, and perform as a team.
    Culture can help to blur the lines between teams, direct decision-making, and enhance overall workflow.

  25. Baldeveso,Emar B.

    We need to understand the corporate culture. Because we are not the same culture we have a different belief. like for example the way we dressed and also the way talk theirs a lot of difference . So as a person and son of a god is my responsibility to know and to learn their culture for me to aware and to have their respect.

  26. Marien Alcantara BSIT 3F2

    We know that Kalibo, Aklan is known for their preservation of their culture and arts. I can relate this in our subject because we studied about culture that we should respect others culture, beliefs and norms so that we can have equality. It is important to understand others culture because first it help us to communicate with them. Second if we respect their culture they will respect us also and third, the last we should learn how to know or appreciate others culture.

    Alcantara, Marien L.

    • Jopson elica B. BSIT 3F2

      The Culture sets expectations for How people behave and work together, and How well they function as a team, culture Can break down boundaries, guid decision-making and improve workflow overall

    • We all know that Kalibo Aklan , is known for their preservation of culture and arts. If i will be related to our subject i will relate to the topic diversity why because we have diffrent types of how to preserve our culture and arts. The three reasons why we understanding corporate culture are important are the following Beliefs , culture, and respect so that we prevent inequality of each and everyone. And easy to communicate to each other beacuase we have knowledege to their beliefs and culture and also to maintain the successful preservation of culture and arts without any hesitation and discrimination.

  27. Riza Mae H. Villanueva

    Colorful costumes! I look forward to go to this marvelous event! #marman

  28. Ronald Lubiano

    The festive garments, sure is interesting. I’m pretty sure flocks of tourist visits this religious festival. #marman

  29. It has been ages since I first set my foot in Aklan. I’d love to go back thus January!

  30. What a great lineup of events! The half month of January are all covered and I’m sure there will be lots of fun in the activities and shows. 🙂

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