a surviving portion of Loboc Church [ Bohol Trip: Loboc Church, Man-made Forest, Ship Haus ]


Note: This post is part of my Bohol Trip Series

I was alone on my recent trip to Bohol. So for security and a little comfort, I decided to rent a car to bring me to the various tourist spots on the Island. It’s quite easy to rent a vehicle in the place, just ask your hotel for your preference. You can choose from a single motorbike, a tricycle, a sedan car or a van. I choose the sedan because I was alone. I can opt for a motorbike or Habal-habal at a low price, but the weather at that time was quite unpredictable. Besides, I was not feeling well then.

Aside from the beaches, it’s the Chocolate Hills that made Bohol known amongst the tourists. So for this trip, I decided to visit again the place and see how it looks after the earthquake in 2013.

In going to the place, you will be passing various tourists spots that are known on the Island.

The first spot which is just along the way is the  Sandugo Monument the famous Baclayon church (the oldest church of Bohol);  the Loboc church (the 2nd oldest church)  the Loboc river, the man-made forest, and the Ship Haus. I scheduled the Sandugo Monument and the Baclayon Church on my way back.

So my first stop for this trip was the Loboc Church.

loboc, church ,BOHOL TOURIST SPOTS

 Loboc Church after the quake [ Bohol Trip: Loboc Church, Man-made Forest, Ship Haus ]

LOBOC CHURCH. It is sad to see the second oldest church in Bohol perish because of the 2013 earthquake. The Church of San Pedro in Loboc, Bohol was originally built in 1602 but soon reduced to ashes. In 1638, a stronger one was built. Located near the river, it has survived a number of floods but not the 2013 quake.

.loboc church , BOHOL TOURIST SPOTS

The bell tower of Loboc which  is about 100 m (330 ft) across the street from the church also did not survive the earthquake. [ Bohol Trip: Loboc Church, Man-made Forest, Ship Haus ]


Another attraction I saw while on my way to the Chocolate Hills was Bohol Forest. This man-made mahogany forest runs a two-kilometer stretch of densely planted hardwood trees located on the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Before and after this man-made forest are the naturally grown forests richly blessed with a kaleidoscope of green foliage, different species of trees and giant ferns lining the road.

man-made forest, BOHOL TOURIST SPOTS

The author amidst the man-made forest [ Bohol Trip: Loboc Church, Man-made Forest, Ship Haus ]


The Ship Haus was never on my Bohol trip itinerary. Though I’ve seen it once when it was featured on TV. The house was just along the highway, at that time I felt like I was having hypoglycemia as I just had coffee for my breakfast, so I asked the driver to stop where there is a sari-sari store. Timely because the ShipHaus is just a few meters away. Of course, I did not go to the house first. I went straight to the sari-sari store to look for food and drinks because I was already shaking. Honestly, I was not really impressed with the Ship Haus. I have seen a couple of these structures in many maritime schools I had visited in my Training and Consultancy Business. I didn’t opt to see inside, instead, I just took some photos outside. Of course, I gave some donations as they have a box for it.


 The Ship Hauz Facade [ Bohol Trip: Loboc Church, Man-made Forest, Ship Haus ]


The Ship Haus was the name given to the property owned by Capt. Gaundencio Dumapias, a native of Bohol who was once a poor boy and later became a successful sailor. Initially, the ShipHaus was not intended to be a tourist attraction. Local people fondly call the place, “Bay Barko”, a Visayan word which means a ship house.

The Ship Haus located at Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol, Philippines.

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  1. Bohol is in our must visit place.. kaso takot pa kame mag plane travel 🙂

    I have to agree with you, the ship house seems ordinary.. most maritime schools have this kind of architecture

  2. I have heard so much about the place – one day I am sure to visit as well.

  3. I will be a Bohol-returnee on August. Exciting! I’m glad they are given a chance to revive tourism after the earthquake

  4. I love Bohol, my dad hails from Antiquera Bohol. Every time we go there a new discovery arises! Glad you enjoyed!

  5. You know, Jojo, I really appreciate this site of yours. We home school our kids and part of it is really to take them to different places around the country, and hopefully, abroad too. I really do save your posts for references.

  6. Bohol is one of the most unforgettable I’ve been. I particularly like our dining experience at Loboc River.

  7. I was so excited seeing the title regarding this Bohol trip since I was thinking this is our vacation place this April. Only to find out that I was referring to Bicol. Oh, they’re both ‘B’ kasi.

  8. I was in Bohol last December and I was able to see Loboc and the man made forest. I hope they get to restore the heritage sites.

  9. Amazing place! Especially the Mahagony Forest, it’s looks so spectacular.

  10. wow!this is no doubt a great place when I read the term man made forest….worth taking a visit there.I enjoyed your pictures here as well.

  11. The man-made forest is wow. Can’t wait to visit the area and have my OOTD in Bohol!

  12. The sightings is still appreciated even after the Earthquake not because of its destroyed structure but of its history.

    It would be great if you posted more of their man-made forest. It looks a nice place for running.

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