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Panglao Island located in Bohol has been making a name for itself in the past years. It has been consistently being compared to another picturesque destination, Boracay. Given the natural and scenic spots to see on this island, it is no wonder that people are willing to travel to be here.


Alona Beach [ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ]

About Panglao Island, Bohol

When we talk about “Bohol,” a few notable figures come to mind—the manifold of Chocolate Hills, the tarsiers, and many other natural sites that dotted the island-province. But Bohol is not just a large landmass that made up one of the provinces in the Philippines, it is also a “tiny archipelago” as a whole, with its smaller islands close to it. One of them being Panglao Island.

Panglao Island is located just southwest of Bohol, primarily as an offshoot of the mainland as connected by a few bridges which give passage to people in and out of Panglao Island. With also a significant distance from the nearby island-province of Cebu, Panglao Island is situated eastward.

One of the prime locations within the tiny atoll that is Panglao Island is the Alona Beach which is a hotspot among foreigners, mainly Europeans, and Koreans. Subsequently, for a place considered a top attraction within the island, the Alona Beach can fill rather cramped and bustling with people. For some people who are seeking respite from the crowded place, this can be offset, given the impression that the beach has become commonplace and spoiled.

For the same reason that people are choosing to flock Alona Beach at the south end of the island, many enterprises catering for tourists have also concentrated in the area. But conveniences in an island which was initially absent with them comes at a hefty cost—everything in Alona Beach is expensive. This is especially true when you have gathered pertinent information regarding the price difference of goods and services in Panglao Island and its neighboring city, Tagbilaran.

Consequently, some people who chose the wiser option for their pocket would often want to book for a stay somewhere in Tagbilaran and only decide to move to Panglao Island for amusement. This option is a lot more economical, just hassled by a little about travel time.

However, for an island regarded as a premier tourist attraction in the region, Panglao Island is a landmass that has its distinct beauty to match its reputation. For instance, in Alona Beach alone, the shore bears all the hallmarks that made Boracay in Aklan of a similar report—fine white sands, clear turquoise seawater, vibrant aquatic community, and a thriving community of people.
The shallow waters of the beach already even have its fair share of creatures from the water world. By this, I mean of starfishes that often get washed ashore and are toyed by people or the plethora of other marine animals swimming underneath.

But while the little depth is already fun in itself. Real adventurers would find other exciting views by going deeper such as by diving. From Alona Beach alone, there are the nearby Kalipayan and, by going a little farther to the right, the Arco Point diving sites.

Those are only a small fraction of diving sites that surround Panglao Island. All in all, there is a total of ten diving sites, each located at considerable distances from one another.

Balicasag Island, [ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ] Photo by Ric V Obedencio

List of Tourist Attractions in Panglao Island

Ready to have an exploration? Read the list of the spots to visit in this article.

Alona Beach, Panglao Island

The 1.5 kilometers long stretch of the fine, powdery, white sandy shore of this beach makes it a hit for beach bums. Located at the southern part of Panglao Island with two huge rocks on both ends which serve as borders, this scenic beach has been one of the top tourist destinations in the area. Because of this, there are a variety of resorts which you could choose from. Aside from the natural beauty of the place, there are also activities that you could want to join such as diving and snorkeling.

Dumaluan Beach, Panglao Island

This beach is just nearby the Alona Beach. What makes this place extra special is that it tends to be less crowded than the previous one. The locals will choose to go here than the first beach since it is less in terms of tourists. Because of this, the place is much natural in terms of appearance since it is less exploited. If you’re looking for a quiet beach place, then Dumaluan Beach is the perfect catch for you.

Balicasag Island

Aside from the fact that you can swim and enjoy the beach vibe in Balicasag island, which makes it extra unique is that it offers an island-hopping opportunity. It has a marine sanctuary which makes the adventure even better. Enjoy the view of the fantastic marine life, as if you are a part of some marine adventure expedition.

Pamilacan Island

This is personally my favorite. Why? There are a dolphin and whale shark watching activity! Imagine venturing into a world of these adorable creatures, isn’t fun and exciting? This will be joined with another island hopping activity to complete the adventure. Tours offered by the locals to fully experience all the beautiful areas are also easily accessible.

Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao Island

Located at the town of Dauis is the Hinagdanan Cave. If you’ve had enough of beach jokes, then go for a lagoon inside the cave. This is much serene and peaceful. You have to be ready for a unique and fantastic experience. The limestones intricately and naturally formed is enough to leave you speechless.

Dauis Church, Panglao Island

The Dauis Church or also known as Our lady of Assumption Church was built back in 1863 and was completed at around the 1920s. The gothic and neoclassical architectural design of the church makes it picture perfect. Visit the church, have some quiet moments praying, and walk around the vicinity.

Bohol Bee Farm

A trip will not be complete without some food. Go to the Bohol Bee Farm and have a taste of the sumptuous and at the same time, organic food! The vegetarian option paired with other meals on their almost complete menu will for sure leave you craving for more. If you want to stay for the night, they also have a hotel in the area.

Alona Beach: Seafood Hunting

Along the shore of the Alona Beach, Panglao Island, you could find different restaurants which offer seafood as their specialty. Well, choosing the freshest food while having a sight of the sea and the sunset is romantic and perfect. So, you might as well give it a try.

Bohol Countryside Tour

While in Panglao Island, spend a day having a tour around Bohol countryside. This will give you a glimpse of the iconic chocolate hills, churches, lagoons, and all other scenic beaches. This day should be started and completed with a bang!

Massage Session at Alona Beach

The idea of having a massage session is indeed relaxing. So why not do it while on your vacation? Rest your tired body and mind by having a massage at Alona Beach. The feeling will undoubtedly be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Ready for a Panglao experience? Prepare yourself for a fantastic adventure because I know that you will achieve your travel goals on this island. Have a Happy Trip!


Alona Beach [ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ]

How to get to Panglao Island

By Air

Fly to Tagbilaran, Bohol via local airlines. You can get a good flight fare if you schedule your trip way ahead.

By Boat

You can also get to Bohol by boat. Various shipping companies are servicing the Island Daily.

How to get to Panglao Island from Mainland Bohol

From the airport or seaport, various vehicles are waiting to serve the guests of the Island.

By Tricycle

You can get a tricycle to bring you to your resort/hotel for 200-300 depending on the distance. Make sure to agree on the price before the trip.

By Taxi/Van

There are also taxis and vans waiting at the ports if you are traveling as a group. Depending on the distance, you can get the vehicle from 500-700.

Book a Room in Panglao Beach Resorts / Hotels

It is very important that you book early your accommodation when visiting Panglao Island, especially during peak months or summer time. Listed below are some of the resorts that you may consider staying in Panglao.

Just click the link and it will bring you to the booking site.


Panglao Grande Resort, Bohol, Philippines 

[ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ]

Bohol Regents Park

Panglao Regents Park, Bohol, Philippines

Positano Alona beach

Positano Alona Beach Panglao, Bohol, Philippines 

Roman Empire Bohol

Roman Empire Panglao Boutique Resort, Bohol, Philippines   

Panglao Island Franzen Residences

Panglao Island Franzen Residences, Bohol, Philippines

[ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ]

Homes Resort & Villas, Bohol, Philippines

Panglao Homes Resort & Villas, Bohol, Philippines

Kalikasan Dive Resort, Philippines

Panglao Kalikasan Dive Resort, Bohol, Philippines

 Island Inn - Alona Beach

Panglao Island Inn – Alona Beach, Bohol, Philippines

[ Panglao Island Travel Guide | Beach Resorts ]

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