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The Bacolod Masskara Festival is celebrated every fourth Sunday of October. Masskara means many smiling faces, the festival’s highlight, explicitly featuring smiling faces on masks for the city, which is well-known as the city of smiles.

This was initially started in the year 1980 and is still being celebrated up to this present time. It emerged during a time of crisis. The locals rely on sugar cane as their primary source of living in agriculture. Because of the trend of newly released high fructose corn syrup from the USA, the local business of the people became difficult, so much so that they no longer earn their basic earnings just like before. Aside from that, it was also a tragic beginning since on the 22nd of April that same year, the inter-island vessel MV Don Juan, with a lot of Negrenses passengers and the well-known families of Bacolod City, collided with the tanker of the Tacloban City. Due to this, the MV Don Juan sank in Mindoro on its way to Bacolod coming from Manila. This tragic and unfortunate event took 750 lives in total. To uplift the citizens’ spirit and create a lively confidence in town after the tragic events, City Mayor Jose Montalvo proposed the beginning of the “Festival of Smiles,” commonly known nowadays as the Masskara festival.

The highlight of the Bacolod Masskara Festival is the street dance competitions. Locals per Barangay are free to form their respective groups and participate in the said competition. They will have to prepare for the majestic costumes and props, practice stunning choreography, and do all other effects to make their presentation exceptional.

Other activities include the Masskara Queen, where locals will open a competition. Women will vie for the crown, and the one who exhibits true Bacolodnon beauty and she will be hailed as the queen of the festival. Similarly, other small competitions are simultaneously happening in all parts of the city. These are the agriculture-trade fairs, bugle corps tournaments, carnivals, drums, food festivals, garden shows, musical concerts, and sports events.

Throughout the week of the celebration, people gather to enjoy the non-stop activities, which will surely make anyone dance and sing joyfully! But if you are more of an observer than a participant, you may opt to watch the other simple yet delightful games prepared by the locals. Indeed, the Bacolod Masskara Festival is filled with many enjoyable and entertaining activities that visitors, both locals and foreigners, may enjoy. This is a world-class celebration prepared by the people of Bacolod City. As you go here, do not forget to bring your camera and be ready to capture the one-of-a-kind smiles of the locals, living to its legacy as the City of Smiles!



Please visit this page to learn how to get to Bacolod City. This link has detailed schedules of fast crafts and detailed bus schedules. Transportation Guide to Bacolod City




If you plan to witness the Bacolod Masskara Festival, booking your hotel as early as possible would be best. Hotel rooms may not be available anymore during the highlight week.


Bacolod Masskara Festival


Food is one thing which the city is proud of. Numerous restaurants offer various cuisines are found all over the place.


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Bacolod Masskara Festival

Bacolod Masskara Festival




  1. Cris Mark V. Casi

    1. Audience Expansion: To attract a diverse audience while maintaining local appeal, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can offer international-friendly events, provide language assistance for tourists, and create marketing campaigns targeting international audiences while preserving core traditions.
    2. Cultural Preservation: To preserve cultural authenticity while evolving, the festival should involve local communities in decision-making, collaborate with cultural experts for guidance, and implement stringent guidelines for costume designs and performances to ensure they align with traditional roots.
    3. Digital Marketing: The festival can enhance its digital marketing efforts by actively using platforms like Instagram and Facebook, optimizing its official website for multilingual support, partnering with influential travel bloggers for promotion, and creating engaging video content for YouTube and TikTok.
    4. Article Inclusions: The article should encompass an introduction to the Bacolod Masskara Festival, strategies for audience expansion and cultural preservation, digital marketing enhancements, and a conclusion summarizing the key points.

    -CM Casi

  2. Pacifico Adorio III

    Duration: 1 day

    The most vivid and well-known Masskara Festival in the Philippines will serve as the setting for the ultimate training experience that we are happy to provide you while you are here.

    An annual celebration called the Bacolod Masskara Festival takes place in Bacolod City, Philippines. A great exhibition of masterfully crafted masks is included in this vibrant extravaganza along with street dancing, live music, food, and refreshments. The festival is renowned for its contagious enthusiasm, imaginative acts, and the friendly hospitality of the Bacolodnon.

    We want you to have a thorough understanding of the Bacolod Masskara Festival, its background, its cultural significance, and the intricate details of constructing masks and street dancing through our training program. You will gain the abilities and information required through these practical exercises.


    1. To give tourism industry players the information, abilities, and resources required to improve the Masskara Festival experience for visitors and tourists.
    2. To inform tourists and visitors about historical events and attractions.
    3. To encourage participation in the community and culture.

    Program Components:

    1. Orientation

    – Welcome and a brief description of the training course.
    – An explanation of the Masskara Festival’s importance.
    – An explanation of the obligations and functions of stakeholders.

    2. Masskara Festival Overview

    – Cultural relevance and historical background.
    – Important occasions and landmarks.
    – Target market and tourism objectives.

    3. Culture

    – Recognizing and honoring regional traditions and customs.
    – Fostering tolerance and cross-cultural interaction.
    – Recommendations for good festival behavior.

    4. Logistics and Safety

    – Planning and organizing an event.
    – Safety procedures and crowd control.
    – First aid and emergency response instruction

    5. Marketing and Promotion

    – Promotional tactics for the festival.
    – Effective use of online platforms and social media.
    – Joint marketing initiatives among stakeholders.

    6. Community Engagement

    – Encouraging tourists to interact with the community there.
    – Planning dialogues and workshops on different cultures.
    – Encouraging a sense of collective event ownership.

    7. Stakeholder Collaboration

    – The significance of collaboration for the festival’s success.
    – Possibilities for networking among stakeholders.
    – Talking about prospective joint ventures and collaborations

  3. otessa celestial

    Date Submitted: September 9, 2023
    HRM-205 Training and Development in a Diverse Workplace

    Project: One (1) day seminar for the Bacolod Masskara Festival Tourism Stakeholders


    Employed in the Tourism Department of Bacolod City, tasked with developing a training program for all tourism stakeholders in preparation for the upcoming Masskara Festival.

    Introduction: The Masskara Festival began in 1980 in the Philippines. It is held each year in October and ends on the Fourth Sunday of the month. The festival began when the production of sugar cane dropped due to the use of high fructose corn syrup in the United States which devastated the local economy.

    The name of the festival is credited to Ely Santiago, then president of the Arts Association of Bacolod. The festival began in 1980. It was created in the context of a series of difficulties and hardships in the island of Negros and the city of Bacolod in particular under the administration of Ferdinand E. Marcos. It was this year also when a tragic passenger vessel, MV Don Juan, traveling from Manila to Bacolod, collided with the tanker of the Tacloban City. This tragic incident took 750 lives.

    The festival was held to cure the sadness of the people of Bacolod, it is a statement of the will to survive the challenges and tragedies. People started wearing masks and dancing in the streets. Masskara Festival was born out of that crisis and our city was known as the City of Smiles, a Mardi Gras-like festival, dancing to a live tune music and colorful customs. Many tourists, both local and international join these well-known festivities. References (history of Bacolod Masskara festival – Google Search)

    1. Participants should leave today’s session with an understanding of the importance of the Masskara festival and the role of the Tourism Office in providing information to the stakeholders

    2. By the end of today’s session, participants will be able to appreciate the benefits of Masskara Festival in promoting business, and culture and supporting the sustainable development of the City of Bacolod

    3. Participants will learn proper planning, customer services, event management, logistics, communications, safety and security.

    Methodology: The seminar will be conducted on the following methods:
    1. Lecture
    2. audio-Video presentations
    3. Games
    4. Round-table Discussions

    Participants: Tourism Employees and Stakeholders

    Topics for discussion:
    1. Overview of the History of Masskara Festival, culture, and people, Presentation of Itineraries includes Air, Land, and Sea travel (flight schedules, fares) and Hotel accommodations, Food and place destination and Calendar of Activities.
    *Discusses the history, culture and importance of the festivities

    2. Basic Planning, Leading and Organizational activity and translate the output to the Masskara Festivities.
    *Discusses how proper planning, leading, and organizing the event impacts the overall success of the Masskara Festival

    3. Customer Satisfaction
    *Outlines the importance of customer service during the Masskara Festival
    *Provide excellent service and champion stakeholders engagement

    4. Essentials of Event management and logistics
    *Discusses the event set-up, efficient and safe transport of elements needed in each of the activities, appropriate food and refreshments for the guests and visitors

    5. Snippet of Security and safety
    *Basic knowledge to immediately respond to any unforeseen emergencies and ensure the well-being of the public

    6. Communication skills
    *Discusses the importance of real-time information, providing accurate information, and creating interest to the intended audience

    7. Business outcome and sustainability program
    *Programs to provide sustainable livelihood to the people of Bacolod


    Title: Masskara Festival Tourism Stakeholder Training Program
    Program Duration: One day Seminar

    Welcome to the Bacolod Maskarra Festival Training Program!

    We are thrilled to have you here and excited to provide you with the ultimate training experience at the most vibrant and celebrated festivals in the Philippines.

    The Bacolod Maskarra Festival is an annual event held in Bacolod City, Philippines. It is a colorful extravaganza filled with street dancing, live music, food, and a grand showcase of beautifully crafted masks. The festival is known for its infectious energy, creative performances, and the warm hospitality of the people of Bacolod.

    Our training program is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bacolod Maskarra Festival, its history, cultural significance, and the intricacies of mask-making and street dancing. Through these hands-on activities, you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to immerse yourself in the festival’s spirit.

    To equip tourism stakeholders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to enhance the Masskara Festival experience for tourists and visitors.
    To introduce historical events and attractions for tourists and visitors.
    To promote community and cultural engagements.
    I. Program Components:
    1. Orientation Session
    Welcome and overview of the training program.
    Introduction to the Masskara Festival and its significance.
    Explanation of stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities.
    2. Masskara Festival Overview
    Historical context and cultural significance.
    Key events and attractions.
    Target audience and tourism goals.
    3. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
    Understanding and respecting local customs and traditions.
    Promoting cultural exchange and tolerance.
    Guidelines for appropriate behavior during the festival.
    5. Event Logistics and Safety
    Event planning and organization.
    Crowd management and safety protocols.
    Emergency response and first aid training.
    6. Marketing and Promotion
    Strategies for promoting the festival.
    Effective use of social media and online platforms.
    Collaborative marketing efforts among stakeholders.
    7. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
    Promoting eco-friendly practices during the festival.
    Waste management and responsible tourism.
    Encouraging stakeholders to reduce their ecological footprint.
    8. Community Engagement and Cultural Exchange
    Encouraging tourists to engage with the local community.
    Organizing cultural workshops and interactions.
    Fostering a sense of community ownership of the festival.
    9. Stakeholder Collaboration
    Importance of working together for the festival’s success.
    Networking opportunities among stakeholders.
    Discussing potential partnerships and collaborations.

  5. Earl James Damirez

    Training Program for Bacolod Masskara Festival Tourism Stakeholders

    The Bacolod Masskara Festival is a vivid celebration that brings together locals and tourists alike in a spirit of joy and unity. As a member of the Bacolod City Tourism Department, the goal is to create a one-day training program for tourism stakeholders. This program will prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the triumph of the upcoming Masskara Festival. While the provided time constraints prevent us from conducting interviews or surveys, we are able to establish essential learning objectives and topics for discussion to generate an impactful training program from the given article.

    Learning Objectives:

    Understanding the Significance and History of the Bacolod Masskara Festival:
    Gain knowledge of the festival’s history, including its origin and evolution.
    Understand the cultural and economic importance of the festival to Bacolod City.
    Enhancing Stakeholder Participation and Engagement:
    Learn how tourism stakeholders can actively contribute to the festival’s success.
    Explore ways to engage with local communities, encourage responsible tourism, and promote sustainability.
    Ensuring Guest Satisfaction and Safety:
    Familiarize stakeholders with accommodation and dining options in Bacolod City.
    Discuss strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction, safety, and an enjoyable experience during the festival.
    Topics for Discussion:

    1. The History and Significance of Masskara Festival:
    Origins and evolution of the festival.
    Economic impact on Bacolod City.
    2. Role of Tourism Stakeholders:
    The importance of tourism stakeholders in the festival.
    How to actively engage with the local community.
    3. Festival Highlights:
    Street dance competitions and their preparation.
    Other festival activities such as the Masskara Queen competition, agriculture-trade fairs, and musical concerts.
    4. Responsible Tourism and Sustainability:
    Promoting responsible tourism practices.
    Ensuring the festival’s sustainability for future generations.
    5. Transportation and Accommodation:
    Detailed information on how to get to Bacolod City.
    Booking accommodations in advance to ensure availability.
    7. Culinary Delights in Bacolod:
    Exploring the diverse culinary offerings of Bacolod City.
    Recommendations for restaurants and local dishes.
    8. Guest Satisfaction and Safety Measures:
    Ensuring a positive guest experience during the festival.
    Safety measures and guidelines for visitors.
    The one-day Bacolod Masskara Festival tourism stakeholder training program will focus on three main learning objectives: comprehending the festival’s importance, promoting stakeholder engagement, and ensuring guest satisfaction and safety. The training topics will include the history of the festival, the stakeholders’ role, festival highlights, sustainable tourism practices, transportation, lodging, gastronomic experiences, and measures for ensuring guest safety and satisfaction. By providing tourism stakeholders with this information, our goal is to guarantee the ongoing success of the festival and maintain Bacolod City’s recognition as the “City of Smiles.”

  6. Pia Lara V. Lizades

    Case Study for the Bacolod Masskara Festival
    Submitted by: Pia Lara V. Lizades
    Posted as comment in Google Classroom last September 9
    As we start our Ber-months celebration in the Philippines, Bacolod City is also starting to prepare for its grand
    festival celebration every October, The Masskara Festival.
    We, in the Tourism Office, will conduct a one-day seminar based on the information gathered from an article
    posted online due to time constraints.
    3 Major Learning Objectives of the Training:
    1. The Story of Masskara Festival
    • Why is it celebrated?
    • How is it celebrated?
    2. The Impact of Masskara Festival
    • Economy
    • Safety of the locals and the visitors
    3. The Effect of Masskara Festival
    • Visitor’s colorful experience through hotels, food, activities, and people
    Topics for Discussion:
    1. Background of the Festival
    • Masskara throughout the years
    2. Socio-economic Participation
    • Stakeholders
    • Locals
    3. Various festival activities
    • Venues
    • Type of activities
    4. Public Safety
    5. Food Hopping
    6. Traffic and transportation
    7. Branding and promotional activities
    As we all know, Masskara is known globally. Friends from the different sides of the world travel to Bacolod to
    witness the colorful masquerade and enjoy the sweetest vacation Bacolod and Bacolodnons can offer.
    The details of the festival must be discussed, prepared, and implemented well to ensure that all objectives,
    socially and economically, be met.


    1. How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?
    Attracting a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining the appeal to the local community, can be a strategic challenge for the Bacolod Masskara Festival. The following are some ideas to help achieve this:
    1. Cultural Education and Awareness: Organize workshops, exhibitions, and informational sessions to educate both local and international audiences about the history, significance, and traditions behind the Masskara Festival. Understanding the cultural context can enhance the experience for all attendees.
    2. Multilingual Communication: Provide festival information, signage, and guides in multiple languages to cater to international visitors. Multilingual staff and volunteers can also assist in enhancing the experience for non-English-speaking tourists.
    3. Cultural Exchange Programs: Collaborate with international cultural organizations or embassies to facilitate cultural exchange programs. This can involve inviting international groups to participate in the festival and showcasing their culture in return.
    4. Diverse Entertainment: Include a diverse range of entertainment options that appeal to various tastes and demographics. This can include traditional and modern performances, music, dance, and art exhibitions from different cultures.
    5. International Food and Beverage Options: Introduce international food stalls or culinary events alongside local delicacies. This can be a great way to attract tourists who are interested in experiencing both local and global cuisine.
    6. Interactive Experiences: Create interactive experiences such as workshops where attendees can try on Masskara masks, participate in traditional dances, or even learn to cook local dishes. This can engage visitors and give them a hands-on experience of the culture.
    7. Inclusive Events: Organize events that promote inclusivity and diversity, such as a parade float dedicated to various countries or cultural groups represented at the festival. This sends a welcoming message to international visitors.
    8. Digital Presence: Use social media, websites, and online marketing to reach a wider audience. Share stories, images, and videos to create anticipation and excitement for the festival, targeting both local and international audiences.
    9. Promote Sustainable Tourism: Emphasize sustainable practices to attract environmentally-conscious travelers. Implement eco-friendly initiatives, such as waste reduction and recycling programs, to preserve the natural beauty of the region.
    10. Collaborate with Travel Agencies: Partner with travel agencies that specialize in cultural and festival tourism. They can help package the Masskara Festival as part of a broader cultural experience for international tourists.
    11. Transportation and Accommodation: Work with local transportation providers and hotels to offer special packages for international tourists. This can include discounted rates, shuttle services, or tour packages that include festival events.
    12. Feedback and Adaptation: Continuously gather feedback from both local and international attendees to make improvements. Adapt the festival’s offerings based on the preferences and suggestions of the audience.
    13. Preserve the Authenticity: While catering to diverse audiences, it’s essential to preserve the authenticity and core values of the Masskara Festival. Avoid commercialization that might dilute the cultural significance.
    14. Safety and Security: Ensure the safety and security of all attendees, both local and international, by implementing adequate security measures and medical services.
    15. Community Involvement: Engage the local community in the planning and execution of the festival. When they feel a sense of ownership and pride in the event, they are more likely to support its continued success.
    By striking a balance between cultural preservation and adaptation, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can attract a broader and more diverse audience while maintaining its local charm and appeal. It’s essential to celebrate the festival’s roots while making it accessible and enjoyable for visitors from around the world.

    2. What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?
    Preserving the cultural authenticity of the Bacolod Masskara Festival while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience is crucial for its long-term success. Here are some strategies to achieve this delicate balance:
    1. Involve Cultural Experts: Consult with local historians, anthropologists, and cultural experts to ensure that the festival’s traditions and symbolism are accurately represented and respected. This can help maintain the festival’s authenticity.
    2. Heritage Preservation Workshops: Organize workshops and educational programs for the local community, especially younger generations, to learn about the festival’s history, significance, and traditional practices.
    3. Strict Costume and Mask Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines for Masskara costumes and masks to maintain their traditional design elements. Encourage participants to adhere to these guidelines, while also allowing for creative interpretations within the boundaries of tradition.
    4. Traditional Music and Dance Performances: Ensure that traditional music and dance performances remain a central focus of the festival. Feature local talent and preserve the authenticity of these art forms.
    5. Cultural Competitions: Host competitions for traditional Masskara mask-making, costume design, and dance performances to encourage the continuation of traditional craftsmanship and skills.
    6. Community Involvement: Engage the local community in all aspects of the festival, from planning to execution. Encourage active participation in cultural activities and ceremonies.
    7. Storytelling and Interpretation: Incorporate storytelling and interpretive signage throughout the festival grounds to educate visitors about the history and meaning behind Masskara. This can enhance their appreciation for the cultural significance.
    8. Traditional Food and Craft Stalls: Promote local artisans and traditional food vendors within the festival. Showcase authentic local cuisine and crafts to celebrate the region’s cultural heritage.
    9. Collaborate with Cultural Organizations: Partner with cultural organizations and institutions to organize cultural exhibitions, art installations, and performances that align with the festival’s theme and traditions.
    10. Authentic Parade Themes: Select parade themes that reflect the local culture and heritage. Encourage participants to design floats and costumes that align with these themes.
    11. Educational Tours: Offer guided tours that provide insight into the festival’s cultural aspects, including visits to mask-making workshops, traditional dance rehearsals, and historical landmarks related to Masskara.
    12. Safeguard Local Traditions: Identify and protect endangered or fading traditional elements of the festival. Take steps to ensure their continuity by involving local practitioners and artisans.
    13. Community-Based Decision-Making: Establish a community committee or council to make decisions regarding festival changes and adaptations. This ensures that the local community has a say in how the festival evolves.
    14. Transparency and Communication: Communicate openly with the local community about any proposed changes to the festival. Seek their input and address concerns to build trust and maintain their support.
    15. Adaptation with Respect: When introducing new elements or accommodating changing audience demands, do so with sensitivity and respect for the festival’s cultural roots. Ensure that any adaptations align with the festival’s core values.
    Balancing tradition and evolution are a delicate process, but it’s possible to preserve the cultural authenticity of the Bacolod Masskara Festival while making it appealing to a changing audience. Continuous dialogue with the community and careful planning can help achieve this harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation.

    3. How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?
    Enhancing digital marketing efforts is essential for the Bacolod Masskara Festival to reach a global audience effectively. Here are specific platforms and strategies to employ:
    1. Website Optimization:
    • Create an informative and visually appealing website that showcases the festival’s history, events, and attractions.
    • Ensure the website is mobile-responsive for users on various devices.
    • Include a multilingual option to cater to international visitors.
    2. Social Media Presence:
    • Establish and maintain active profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
    • Share engaging content, including event highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and stories from past festivals.
    • Use relevant hashtags to increase the festival’s visibility.
    3. Video Marketing:
    • Create and share high-quality promotional videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. These videos can include festival previews, interviews with participants, and cultural insights.
    • Consider live streaming key events to give a real-time experience to global audiences.
    4. Email Marketing:
    • Build an email list by encouraging website visitors to subscribe for festival updates.
    • Send regular newsletters with information on event schedules, special promotions, and cultural highlights.
    5. Influencer Partnerships:
    • Collaborate with social media influencers and travel bloggers who have a following interested in cultural events and festivals.
    • Have them create content, including blog posts, vlogs, and social media posts, about their Masskara Festival experience.
    6. Content Marketing:
    • Develop a blog on the festival website with articles about Masskara’s history, cultural significance, and travel tips for attendees.
    • Share these articles on social media and through email newsletters.
    7. Online Advertising:
    • Run targeted online advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to reach potential attendees based on demographics, interests, and location.
    • Create visually appealing ads with strong calls to action.
    8. Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-Degree Content:
    • Explore the use of VR and 360-degree videos to provide immersive experiences of the festival for those who cannot attend in person.
    9. User-Generated Content:
    • Encourage attendees to share their Masskara experiences on social media with a designated hashtag. Feature the best user-generated content on the official festival profiles.
    10. Online Ticketing and Merchandise Sales:
    • Offer online ticketing options to make it convenient for international visitors to purchase festival passes in advance.
    • Sell festival merchandise, including masks, costumes, and souvenirs, through an e-commerce platform on the festival website.
    11. Collaboration with Travel Platforms:
    • Partner with travel booking platforms, such as TripAdvisor and Airbnb, to promote the festival and offer travel packages.
    12. Engagement and Interaction:
    • Respond promptly to inquiries and engage with followers on social media.
    • Host Q&A sessions or live chats to interact with the global audience and address their questions.
    13. Analytics and Data Analysis:
    • Monitor digital marketing efforts using analytics tools to track website traffic, social media engagement, and advertising ROI.
    • Use data to make informed decisions and adjust strategies as needed.
    14. Localization:
    • Tailor content and marketing messages to appeal to specific international audiences by understanding their cultural preferences and interests.
    15. Post-Festival Follow-Up:
    • After the festival, continue engaging with the global audience by sharing highlights, participant interviews, and plans for the next year’s event.
    By leveraging these digital marketing strategies and platforms, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can extend its reach to a global audience while effectively promoting its cultural heritage and attracting international visitors. Regularly evaluating and adjusting the digital marketing efforts based on performance metrics is also crucial for ongoing success.

    4. What items should be included in the article?

    To create a comprehensive article on enhancing the digital marketing efforts of the Bacolod Masskara Festival to reach a global audience, you should include the following key items:

    1. Introduction:
    • Provide an overview of the Bacolod Masskara Festival, its cultural significance, and its importance to the local community.
    • Highlight the objective of the article: improving digital marketing to attract a global audience while preserving cultural authenticity.
    2. Website Optimization:
    • Explain the importance of a well-designed, mobile-responsive website.
    • Discuss the need for multilingual options to cater to international visitors.
    3. Social Media Presence:
    • Detail the benefits of establishing and maintaining active profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
    • Describe the types of content that can engage audiences on social media.
    4. Video Marketing:
    • Highlight the role of promotional videos and live streaming in showcasing the festival.
    • Provide examples of video content that can capture the essence of Masskara.
    5. Email Marketing:
    • Discuss how building an email list can keep potential attendees informed.
    • Mention the content that should be included in newsletters.
    6. Influencer Partnerships:
    • Explain the value of collaborating with influencers and travel bloggers.
    • Offer tips on selecting the right influencers and structuring partnerships.
    7. Content Marketing:
    • Discuss the role of a blog in providing festival-related information and educational content.
    • Provide examples of blog topics related to Masskara.
    8. Online Advertising:
    • Explain the benefits of targeted online advertising and the platforms to use.
    • Provide insights into creating effective online ads.
    9. Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-Degree Content:
    • Describe how VR and 360-degree content can enhance the festival experience.
    • Discuss potential applications and challenges.
    10. User-Generated Content:
    • Emphasize the importance of encouraging attendees to share their experiences.
    • Showcase examples of user-generated content and its impact.
    11. Online Ticketing and Merchandise Sales:
    • Explain the convenience of online ticketing and merchandise sales.
    • Offer insights into setting up an e-commerce platform.
    12. Collaboration with Travel Platforms:
    • Describe the benefits of partnering with travel booking platforms.
    • Explain how these partnerships can simplify travel planning for attendees.
    13. Engagement and Interaction:
    • Highlight the significance of engaging with the online audience.
    • Provide tips for fostering interaction and community building.
    14. Analytics and Data Analysis:
    • Explain the role of analytics in measuring the success of digital marketing efforts.
    • Discuss how data can inform marketing strategies.
    15. Localization:
    • Stress the importance of tailoring content to international audiences.
    • Provide examples of how cultural preferences can impact marketing messages.
    16. Post-Festival Follow-Up:
    • Discuss the importance of post-festival engagement.
    • Offer ideas for keeping the global audience connected and excited for future events.
    17. Conclusion:
    • Summarize the key takeaways from the article.
    • Reinforce the importance of striking a balance between global outreach and cultural preservation.
    18. References:
    • Include citations and references for any data or external sources used in the article.
    19. Additional Resources:
    • Provide links or information on where readers can find more resources and tools for digital marketing.
    By including these items in your article, you can create a comprehensive guide to enhancing the digital marketing efforts of the Bacolod Masskara Festival while effectively reaching a global audience and preserving its cultural authenticity.

  8. Jamaica Pedregosa MSHM 204

    1. Bacolod masskara festival can attract more diverse audience by first, highlight the main attraction in the city which is the festival and identify your target tourist because it will help create the best strategies like you can think about all the reason why people should visit bacolod. Second, use social media to promote the festival, to reach online users cause it is the best way to get the message all over the country and outside countries. Last, attract influencers is also the best and effective way to promote the festival. These influencers can be celebrities, vloggers and anyone with many followers on social media.
    2. The strategies that can a festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity through involving the culture in every activities and events happening during the festival, it will hel or contribute to the preservation of intangible cultural assets.
    3. Festival can enhance the digital market by using it as one of the attraction shown in your ads or post to bring the festival experience to the people or tourist. Social media is the best platform for promotion. Invitation of vloggers to vlog about the festival happenings.
    4. The item that should be included in article is what are the activities that tourist can attend and do during the festival.

  9. Fermund Jake G. Gado MSHM

    Audience Expansion:
    How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?
    Beyond simply informing the target demographic of what it offers, Bacolod Masskara needs to be promoted. The aforementioned festival has the potential to reach a wide range of individuals, so it’s not only something we can take in or enjoy. The Masskara Festival never ceases to offer inspiration, beauty, and desire—it even draws unexplored markets. We frequently disregard its importance, the societal changes it brings about, and the happiness it brings, believing it to be merely an occasion to enjoy. As a result, it is imperative to preserve and return to the history that will always be remembered. developing plans that could influence the mindset of the intended audience, which could include both domestic and foreign tourists. We are all more exposed, open, and conscious of the events and things and how they affect how the public perceives them. Even those who are not naturally literate but are aware of what is happening because of the communication it fosters, media exposure, marketing, and other things play a significant part in raising awareness. Bacolod Masskara needs to provide opportunities from a business standpoint to draw in a global audience and keep its worth for the locals. To help people of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds feel and visualize themselves as being active, we must allow them to participate. A crucial component of increasing potential audiences through word of mouth is leaving the audience with a favorable impression. Since Bacolod Masskara is not simply another event, but also includes participants of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions, doing this calls for a significant personal investment and well-targeted techniques.
    Cultural Preservation
    What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?
    The utilization of the past to shape the local and national identities of a heritage is what is meant by the preservation of cultural authenticity. No matter your position or stage in life, festivals are a part of who we are and cannot be easily taken away. Festivals have been important throughout history and are still used today for economic, social, and political purposes. Being able to adjust to various changes is essential in the always changing environment we live in. The market’s changing demand, the resources we have available that are required for preservation, and the time required to meet the demand are just a few of the aspects that must be taken into account. One of the evolving methods to satisfy a shifting audience’s demands is thought to be maintaining the product’s authenticity. similar to Festivals, particularly Masskara. Both locals and foreign targets will be captivated by the history of the aforementioned incident. We portray that as we meet demand, the worth to the people will also be taken into account by maintaining its authenticity. There are tactics we can employ to maintain the Festival’s true cultural identity. Interpretation is one among them. Reinterpreting the history that occurred in a certain event is the process of interpretation. As we give history value, we must adapt and make plans for how to tie that interpretation to the audience’s requests. A second strategy is to protect the festival’s identity through tourism. The expansion of the nation’s economy depends on tourism. It has a large impact and a variety of ways to draw in the masses, especially when the demand from its target market is changing quickly. As tourism promotes the product’s origin and value to that particular region, it would be extremely simple to retain the authenticity of festivals in our nation. Thirdly, technological preservation of culture. Anyone would think that we live in a time where technology has essentially taken over all facets of people’s lives. Technology has been applied in a variety of ways. Technology has the potential to be a crucial instrument for maintaining the authenticity of our festival. It is a tool for spreading knowledge and promoting goods, occasions, and cultures. Nearly all of us own one of its goods, making it one of the instruments that is available to everyone. Technology is used by us to market both our goods and its past. The heritage of our Festivals has value because of their history. The security, upkeep, and characterisation of festivals are also further benefits of technology.

    Digital Marketing
    How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?
    The growth of digital businesses is accelerating quickly. In every way, digital marketing has proven popular. To meet the demands, we somehow need to be technologically knowledgeable. Digital tactics give us the most recent innovation to spread a message to everyone. It produces a novel result that might draw interest from both domestic and foreign markets. A prospect’s perception of the product being sold on the market is altered via digital marketing. Digital marketing isn’t just about promoting or advertising the goods. It all comes down to interaction and connection on a deeper level between the product and its target market.Additionally, festivals must be on trend and in the moment. The first step is to get in the zone and have a firm grasp on your offering. To effectively develop a plan that would be in line with your goal, you need be aware of the background, genesis, and essential components of your product before you start advertising or commercializing it. Festivals have a history and a beginning, which might be the best tool you have to connect with your audience. The second step is to create the tactics and use the resources that will help you spread the word about your product. Utilizing a platform with a broad reach to prospects both locally and internationally is the third step. Digital marketing is a fantastic tool for promoting festivals around the world. Festivals must be a part of or visible on the platforms that significantly affect everyone. The government, and the tourism department in particular, must understand the basics of how to connect with people throughout the world. The appropriate technology must be chosen. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Threads, TikTok, and even Youtube would be the ideal examples. These are the best illustrations of the most popular sites, where users primarily hang out. Festivals will be known worldwide if these social media tools are utilised strategically. Additionally, the government or festival organizers can collaborate with third-party service providers who make extensive use of various websites for content promotion. Finally, investing in your website or SEO can be a fantastic tool for marketing Festivals around the world. You can build a website where you can post your campaigns and the essential festival updates. You may use this to maximize every platform you employ to promote Festivals. It is possible to employ a variety of tactics, such as content marketing, in which festivals can be included in blog posts, podcasts, eBooks, and case studies. Advertising Marketing can also be used, with Festival content appearing as an advertisement on the videos. Festival promotion can be greatly aided by video marketing. It is the location of Festivals in videos on all social networking and video-sharing websites. These are but a few strategies for promoting Festivals to a broad audience.

    What items should be included in the Article?
    As we update our strategies for promoting to and connecting with our audience globally. evolved from straightforward marketing tactics to a more varied means of advertising Festivals. For tactics and ideas to be fully optimized, elements and items must be taken into account. Some of the objects ought to contribute to spreading knowledge and comprehension of a particular concept, like a festival. Here are some items that may be found in the Article as the Festival improves itself through advertising and creative audience communication. The Masskara, the Audience, Demand-Meeting Strategies, Digital Marketing Efforts, and the Platform Used are the key topics themselves.

  10. Mechelle S. Luste BSA 2-B

    Promotion of masskara globally through the internet.

    Invest in digital campaigns to promote the festival globally. Engaging in user friendly festival page or website, and utilize social media influencers to promote the Masskara Festival to a larger audience on social media.

    Expand the ideas of events.

    Improve and expand the festival’s offerings beyond traditional events like arena dance and mask making competitions . Introduce new attractions and also activities such as food festivals, art exhibitions and also concerts that attract more tourist

    Work or collaborate with local business conduct workshop around negros and taught the resident on how to make mask using coconut mask and paper maska d to created original maskro be sold the tourist and to generate income amd to creat colorful mask sithe local resident were supposedly a signature souvenir of the province and to get the attention of the foriegn visitors

  11. Cullen Tobby Buhayan

    1. Audience Expansion:
    – Establishing and maintaining a strong network and partnership with other festivals or events in the Philippines or abroad.

    2. Cultural Preservation:
    – By Highlighting the history and significance of the festival, The Masskara festival can educate and inform its audience about the origin and meaning of the festival, and how it reflects the values and spirit of the people of Bacolod.

    3. Digital Marketing:
    – The festival should collaborate with social media platforms to spread the word about it to a wider audience. For example, the festival can partner with online travel agencies like Expedia or Booking.com to offer packages that include tickets, accommodation, and transportation to the festival.

    4. What items should be included in the article ?
    – Use tables or bullet points for a more readable description of the MassKara Festival’s activities and attractions.

  12. Joel D. Magalgalit


    To captivate more diverse audience including international tourists, we should promote
    MULTILINGUAL COMMUNICATION that offers information and services in different languages. This ensures that language is not a barrier to participation. For example, by providing electronic language translator were users can input text or speak in the device and it provides translations.


    Continue showcasing traditional performances, crafts, and exhibits that represent the core of the festival’s cultural heritage. These should remain a central focus and highlight of the event. Also, ensure that the festival’s food offering include authentic and traditional dishes from the culture, even as you introduce new culinary experiences.


Ensure the festival’s website is user friendly, mobile-responsive, and provides comprehensive information about the event. Leverage popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram Tiktok and Youtube to create engaging content, share updates, and interact with the audience. Live Streaming on festival performances and events on the stated social media platforms to enable global audience to participate in Real-Time.

    4.) It should include the activity map where the event is going to take place, that way it will be easily accessed by many tourists visiting the area and also a guide map/brochure about the routes of every public transport available.

  13. Danilo L. Jalong Jr.

    1. Audience Expansion: How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community ?
    Answer: When the populace is united, a festival, particularly the Bacolod maskara festival, will draw a larger and more diversified audience. Without the populace, a festival cannot take place. Promotional materials, social media discussions, and competitions can increase interest and unite a population.Numerous local and foreign visitors come to Bacolod just to take in the celebration. Philippines is a multicultural nation, and Bacolod is a place where diverse culture is being united . And I believe that working together is essential to influencing and enticing tourists to feel at ease as well as being accommodated. Furthermore, since we are in a diverse country we should respect and understand its cultures because respect and understanding is one way to bring the people together and create more diverse audience.
    2. Cultural Preservation: What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?
    Answer: The best tactics a festival may use to maintain cultural authenticity are to uphold certain beliefs, traits and behavior that are put into practice. This will engage or capture the attention of the attendees. It doesn’t take a perfect celebration to declare anything authentic, but if you start one by bringing people together, that would be the best way to preserve the tradition.
    3. Digital Marketing: How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?
    Answer: Festivals are popular events because they offer attendees a fun and engaging experience. Festivals can be especially effective nonprofit fundraising events because they help build stronger relationships with your audience members through in-person interactions.
    One of the most important aspects of planning a festival is creating a festival marketing strategy. And one of the most strategies should be employed is a solid marketing plan because it helps you recruit as many attendees and volunteers as possible, leading to more donations for your nonprofit.
    4. What items should be included in the article?
    Answers: Traditional cuisine. As the world becomes more globalized, it is easier to access cuisines from different cultures. Food is often used as a means of retaining their cultural identity. Bacolod should embrace their heritage through their culture’s food but it should also become more informed about other cultures by trying their foods. It’s important to remember that each dish has a special place in the culture to which it belongs, and is special to those who prepare it. Food is a portal into culture, and it should be treated as such.

  14. Katherine Joy M. Bacharo MSHM204 LCC

    Philippines is home of various festival including MassKara festival. It is an annual colorful celebration in Bacolod City which is known as the City of Smile. Although this festival has been growing in scale, more tourist , local and international still can be encourage to witness MassKara Festival.

    The most popular way is social media appearance which people can easily share the information through various audience.The DOT can produce more Travel promo featuring Bacolod at its best from the rich culture, tradition, food and its colorful & joyful massKara festival. Another one is making use of experience travel modules, that tells about the stories of MassKara Festival. The most effective one is to tell and show the people what we mean of having such festival like “Travel Guide Festival Reaches Amsterdam” , doing more on this can aggressively push Maskarra Festival as a major tourist destination

    Tourists are more likely to visit countries that are perceived as safe and secure. Governments can work to reduce crime rates, improve emergency services, and promote safety and security measures to instill confidence in potential tourists during the festival.

    These culture & traditions should be preserve because this is the mainstream of being a bacolodnon. In preserving the culture in Bacolod, we may have different activities on why we are celebrating the MassKara festival such as; story telling, which we may invite tourist and guest another suggestion is having a Culinary activity like the chicken inasal competitions. Many tourists are interested in experiencing different cultures and learning about the history of the places they visit. Governments can promote the country’s cultural heritage by preserving historic sites and promoting traditional arts and crafts.

    Enchancing the appearance of MassKara Festival through digitalization is one of the best aspect that they can do in order to increase tourist influx globally. Partnering with various vloggers, influencers & artist who has a large followers to the festival can increase the visibility of massKara festival globally. They can promote the MassKara Festival on their channels.their content may have videos of the their experiences, the culture, food and travel guide. Using f social media marketing such as Facebook & Instagram can use to promote the MassKara festival to the global audience, The MassKara festival can create engaging content such as behind the scene footage, sneak peak of performances to generate excitement. Paid advertising can also be use to a target specific region also a mobile app can be created to provide the tourist with the information about the MassKara festival schedule & more. The app can send push notification about the schedule changes.

    travelling & experiencing different cultures gives us a greatest stories that we can cherish & countless irreplaceable learnings . Travelling & experiencing different cultures gives us a greatest stories that we can cherish & countless irreplaceable learnings.

  15. Jeanne Marie A. Tiano

    1. Audience Expansion: How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?

    Attracting a diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining the appeal to the local community for the Bacolod Masskara Festival may involve the following steps:

    First, organizers should promote cultural integrity and intentional education to ensure that participants and volunteers understand the festival’s significance and values.

    Second, they should diversify the festival’s programming by introducing new activities and events that cater to various interests while still preserving traditional elements.

    Third, collaborating with tourism boards, travel agencies, and cultural organizations in different countries can help market the festival internationally.

    Fourth, local hotels and transportation providers can create special packages for international tourists.

    Fifth, diversifying food and beverage options to include both traditional Filipino dishes and international cuisine can enhance the festival experience.

    Sixth, local government should consider working with private stakeholders the provision of safe and most accessible parking areas especially during highlight events and festivities.

    Seventh, continuous feedback from both local and international attendees should be sought and analyzed and applied.

    2. Cultural Preservation: What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?

    The following are some strategies to preserve cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience at the Bacolod Masskara Festival:

    First, encourage the passing down of traditional skills and knowledge through mentorship programs.

    Second, maintain traditional performances and showcases that define the festival, ensuring that Masskara dances and music continue to play a prominent role.

    Third, prioritize local artisans and vendors, supporting their involvement in the festival.
    Fourth, consider cultural fusion events where international and local elements come together harmoniously, attracting a diverse audience.

    3. Digital Marketing: How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?

    To enhance its digital marketing efforts and reach a global audience, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can employ several strategies.

    First, optimize the festival’s website for user-friendliness and mobile responsiveness.

    Second, upkeep search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase website visibility in search engine results. Also, optimize security of all social media platforms to ensure quality and uniform content.

    Third, offer live streaming and virtual tours to make the festival accessible to a global audience.

    4. What items should be included in the article?

    1. Local Attractions and Activities: Provide information about other attractions and activities of recommended places in Bacolod City that visitors can enjoy before or after the festival,such as alternative cafés and bars which are away from the crowd.
    2. Survival Tips and Festival Etiquette: Offer practical advice for attendees, such as tips on staying hydrated, recommendations for comfortable footwear, and probable parking areas.

    Submitted by: Jeanne Marie A. Tiano / MBA – A1

  16. Jeramy P. Nalzaro

    1. Audience Expansion:
    Bacolod Masskara Festival can attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists highlighting the Philippines as the place of origin of the site. Through the splendor of our own country’s culture, nature, and sceneries, the author was greatly inspired to share the beauty of offers, including its locals.
    The aspect and features of “Bacolod Masskara Festival” are already so appealing that could catch the eye of its audience. However, it could reach more audiences by promoting its page and content and even paying for advertising to boost it. In this way, more people and netizens will be able to view its amazing wonders and magnificence. This will surely add to one of the Philippines’ most admired, sought-after, and awaited events. Emphasizing the joy this celebration and the Negrenses’ culture will bring and its welcoming nature to all that will surely want people to join the celebration. This will highlight the wondrousness of Bacolod City and its Annual Celebration of the “Masskara Festival”.
    Not only this, this same festival could inspire other regions/ places even internationally and adapt its way and style of celebration where artistic pieces of masks are being used, displayed, and emphasized in the very event. This will not only give praise to the creations but also give pride to the city and honor to the artist, none other than the classy Dr. Marinito “Jojo” Vito.

    2. Culture Preservation:
    The following could be done and continued to preserve the cultural authenticity of the festival:
    a)Being physically present in the event, particularly during the festival to experience the raw fun, amusement, and grandeur the festival offers.
    b)Keeping traditional dances will surely bind the old and new generations and will exhibit exquisite talent and customary ways of celebration through its classical dances.
    c)Visit museums and events involving “masskara” as its theme and concept. Getting to see these majestic arts will surely blow everyone’s mind off of the elegant pieces it beholds and the ways they were crafted.
    d)Imparting the cultural knowledge and observance of this event will keep its roots and tradition alive until the next generation.
    Keeping these traditions shows our sense of identity and deeply connects us with our past, as what the page/ site “The Happy Trip” has shared from the time it started its celebration up to the present.

    3. Digital Marketing:
    The festival can enhance its digital efforts to reach audience globally through the following:
    a)Link site in platforms that are flocking with customers/ clients eyeing sales online, like the following: Instagram, TikTok Shop, Facebook, and the like
    b)Putting the “add to cart” button for easy placement and checkout of the chosen product from the site.
    c)Offering overseas deliveries at a valid delivery cost visible in the upper portion of the site.
    d)Paid advertisement. Promotion campaigns where your item/ products will pop out during/ in the middle of a vlog or podcast.
    e)Collaborating with influencers especially those residing abroad for a broader and wider reach of audience and clients.
    f)Licensing. Where the licensee agrees to pay a royalty fee to the original owner. In this case, the production techniques of the licensor or owner of the mascara-making festivity will be used by the licensee in its target country, and the latter will take care of any manufacturing and marketing costs in the foreign market.

    4. Other items that should be included in this article:
    a)Other local festivals within Negros Occidental – adjacent cities of Bacolod City to showcase the Negrense’s colorful and enchanting festivals.
    b)Museums where the magnificent artworks are displayed for actual viewing.
    c)Delicacies and specialties of the Negrense’s.
    d)Famous Food Hubs in Bacolod City
    e)Tourist attractions of the Negros Island. Mountainous sceneries and refreshing beach side.

  17. Mary Mar Ayuban-MBAD201

    Festivals are frequent for Filipinos as a traditional event and celebration of the abundance of the town/city. Here in Bacolod, The Bacoleños are known to its Masskara festival which represents the outlook in life of the people as the City of Smiles which is celebrated every 4th week October.
    It is a spectacular event every year which encourage more tourist annually not only locally but also internationally. The varieties of music, dance and colorful costumes of Electric Masskara and Streetdance competition are one of the various must-see activities. Maintaining the sweetness and the smiles of Bacoleños in accommodating the tourist are the best savors they will be savoring while staying here in the City of Bacolod. The smell of Bacolod can be seen in the image of the sumptuous and tempting juicy Bacolod chicken inasal with lots of anato sauce that’s best paired with garlic rice and the sugary appetizers/desserts. The sweetness of the sugarcane they see while traveling to Bacolod (may it be by air or by land) can be fulfilled after relishing numerous foods like desserts from admired local businesses around the city. Bacoleños elevation on food is a must-try of every tourist. Thus, it might be enticing to see not only masskara’s on this digital page but also provides the variety of pictures of food and places they will get to see and experience here in Bacolod.
    As Bacoleños known to be flexible in all seasons and forms for example in food, fashion, festivity, etc. Bacolod coping in this digital era and yet preserving the cultural heritage like the ruins of Bacolod and numerous beaches and heritage houses in nearby city or town.
    Elevating the city by sharing the countless innovation despite of natural calamities. Invading the digital world is not all about the fame and showing the best but also conquering the obstacles along the way.
    Bacolod may be small in the picture but globally it’s bigger than we think. As the City of Smiles, Let’s make the tourist smile from the day they come until the day they leave. Kari na sa Bacolod!

  18. Joan Mae S. Generoso MBAD 201

    1. Audience Expansion.
    Bacolod Masskara Festival had been a phenomenal event not only in the city of smiles but for the entire Island of Negros. The said festival had been a common knowledge of the Negrosanons and other locals in the country. Now a days, the local government of Bacolod City had used digital marketing to promote the upcoming event. Social media platforms are now being utilized to widen the reach of the Masskara Festival campaign.
    a. Facebook. Bacolod City is now taking advantage of the cheap but useful platform of Facebook in promoting the City of Smiles, especially the Masskara Festival. To reach a wider audience outside the city and even those audience situated abroad, the local government of the said City is creating Facebook pages showcasing the beauty of the city and its festivities. Pages such as the Bacolod Yuhum Foundation, they are currently tapping with famous influencers and celebrities to gain the interest of the people they could reach globally.
    b. Twitter. This platform same with Facebook is easy and convenient to use. Tourism officers of Bacolod City is using this avenue as well to widen the reach of implementing awareness of the city’s Masskara Sinadya sa Bacolod. In this manner foreigners who have not yet seen the beauty of the said festivities will have an overview of what is it about, the good things they can experience in Bacolod and the scrumptious food the Bacolodnons could offer.
    c. YouTube. More and more influencers are now using this venue to gain capture the interests of the viewers. Since Masskara Festival is fast approaching, it is wise for the local government to use this platform for public awareness of the said festivities. Also, videos are much more effective in capturing the interest of the people, creating contents subjecting the Masskara Festival, the beauty of Bacolod and the warmth of its people will totally convince its viewers to try and visit Bacolod to witness the said event.
    Digital Marketing is limitless and cost effective. Creating websites such as the site of Doc Jojo Vito, will benefit the festivities more compared to traditional advertisements in radio stations and TV ads.
    Another way to attract more tourist to join the festivities is to have our Police force create a program were the security of the tourist and its locals are of top priority. Who would want to visit a place where you as a tourist is not safe? Putting this program into public advisory will create a ripple effect of information which informs the people that Bacolod is a safe place to visit.
    Food is a number one mood bringer. Showcasing the original delicacies of Bacolod could pull the interests of the people. Posting ads which gives justice to the irresistibly delicious food of the Bacoleños on social media will increase the chance of tourists to visit this lovely city.
    Pageants may also be one of the reasons why more and more tourists visit and witness the Masskara Festival. This event shows how smart and beautiful the lovely ladies of Bacolod city. Organizers of this pageant must always make sure that the program and theme should always align with the trend.
    There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in Bacolod City. The local government just need to create interesting contents to be posted on social media to let the public know especially tourist, that there are a lot of exceptional places in Bacolod which they must visit.
    2. Cultural preservation.
    Enhance not replace. The tradition in celebrating the Masskara Festival should always stay. Although we are at the age of modern era where technology is accessible, a touch of the past ads beauty to Masskara Festival. Classic example is the upper east show room. The building reflects a traditional design of the old setting of what a home looks like way back many years ago. The said building is situated on a modernized and well-developed real estate in Bacolod. A touch of the past in the modern city. Good thing, the officers of Bacolod city never changed the setup of Masskara Festival. The festivities still showcase colorful costumes of the Masskara Dance participants, just like the old days. Hence, the props, designs and choreography were enhanced. In this way preserving the traditional Masskara celebration is achieved.
    Educating the new generation with the history of the said festivities. Its roots and its transition from the year it started up to the present. Retention of history to our youth gives them the knowledge where they could pass on to the generation next to them, keeping the culture and tradition of Masskara Festival alive. Museums can help. The initiative of the Bacolod Yuhom page is big help in reminding the Bacolodnon the heritage of the said festival. At the same time, delivering information to the youth about the city’s history and heritage.
    Old school is never too old. The local government of Bacolod should always take into consideration campaigning through social media the culture of the Bacolodnons. The traditional food and native delicacies should never be forgotten. Now a days, more and more cafes and restaurants are serving menu influenced by foreign cultures, leaving our native delicacies serve as a wall decoration. Social media should be utilized well in showcasing this food. Websites such as this showcase such restaurants like Quan, where people could enjoy the delights of native food only Bacolod City could offer.
    3. Digital Marketing.
    It is possible to reach a lot of audience outside the country now a days. Technology provides a vast opportunity for public awareness. Even billboards now a days are available with moving pictures which provides clear understanding of what the ad is about.

    Masskara Festival organizers should never forget to do a daily posting of the upcoming event. Recall creates a huge impact to public awareness. Social media is very available for this. Having multiple facebook page to enhance engagement and reach even to those who are outside the country. As long as internet is available, reach is global.
    The content of the posted articles and videos about the festival should be entertaining and informative at the same time. No reader or viewer will be interested on a boring content.
    Tapping with famous influencers and celebrities to invite people to celebrate the festival here in Bacolod will boost its tourism.
    The local government of Bacolod should allocate a substantial budget to support the festivities. Investing on an event to gain more tourist thus increasing the income of the city is a win.
    Programs and campaigns about promoting the festivities should be delegated well to those who are knowledgeable such as people with experience in sales, tourism and marketing strategies.
    Digitized billboards and airport ads featuring the Masskara festival celebration could help as well. The more the event is exposed to the public, recall and awareness are always present.
    With the availability of a lot of opportunities in promoting an event now a days, it will be easy to create public awareness. However, the difficult task is how to maintain the people’s engagement and interest. The key is the content should be of good quality. Entertaining and informative at the same time. People around the globe are easily reached with the use

    4. What item should be included in the Article?
    In my humble opinion, the site should also showcase pictures of the past. Pictures and discussions of the Masskara Festival way back 1980s up to the present. Readers would be interested in knowing the transition of the festivities. Also, videos of the Masskara festivities, or links which could redirect the readers to videos of the festivity calendar so the public would know the whats and whens of the festival.
    It is nice to have links on the site which displays restaurants and hotel accommodations tourists or vacation gamers could use. I guess it would be a plus as well to add pictures of celebrities be posted on the site, celebrating with the Bacolodnons the Festival. Most readers are visual oriented. The article on the website is very informative and the quality is good. Its worth to read and worth to share. Articles such as this, or websites such as this helps our tourism bigtime.

  19. Kim Albert G. Taleon

    1. How can Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?
    > Bacolod’s Masskara Festival became a popular event because they offer visitors and locals a fun and engaging experience through an in-person interaction. In order to attract a more diverse audience, the first step should be scheduling the event ahead of time. This is to create buzz, excitement and interest about the festival. With these, we also want to keep in mind our audience demographics, interests and values. Then in order to meet those particular indicators, festival organizers must create a campaign that transparently communicates those interests and values. Also, we must prioritize the over-all experience of the guests without losing the vibrancy and image of the festival like organizing cultural dance performances and live music. Festival organizers should create activities that would keep the energy high of the visitors and locals attending the event. Also, festival organizers should manage their logistics like tightening the security measures of the place, parking arrangements for visitors, crowd control as well as the different event signages in order for everyone to have fun and smooth time at the festival.

    2. What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?
    > I think there are 3 fundamental P’s that the Masskara Festival can implement in order to preserve its cultural authenticity, the Protect, Preserve and Pass On. In this modern time and age, we must know how to protect our culture and heritage because this is what defines us (Bacolodnons) among others. And in order to protect it, we must not forget the vibrancy of the Festival and the reason why the locals get to celebrate it annually. Through symbols and rituals conducted during the event, it can effectively convey and relive the Bacolodnon’s traditions and culture even though we are constantly changing and evolving into a more modern world. Due to the festival’s flexibility, it can transmit significant meaning and core values in a communicative and interactive ways. If we know how to protect, we can successfully preserve and pass it on to the next generations.

    3. How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?
    > Masskara Festival has been known already to the world since it appeared in various shows in television and in different social media platforms. In order to enhance its digital marketing efforts and reach a global audience, I suggest that the local government units should hire a digital marketing team and create a multichannel marketing approach, use the different social media platform efficiently as well as create a website that vividly conveys what Masskara festival is. With this, the Bacolodnons can now interact with the world using the fun and unique features of each platform. Recently, the government is now using the local vloggers as a medium to promote the festival to the world through content creation. In this way, these famous personalities can promote the festival event on their personal platforms.

    4. What items should be included in the article?
    > Aside from the significant facts about Masskara Festival, I think it’s nice to include the local pastries and delicacies as well as the cuisine for the purpose of letting the tourists taste what Bacolodnons could offer in terms of food. Furthermore, it is possible to incorporate the explanation of the word ‘Yuhum’ in the article. It can add up to the wholesomeness of the piece since it can greatly expand what Masskara Festival is all about.


    Attracting a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining the appeal to the local community is a delicate balance for any cultural festival like the Bacolod Masskara Festival. Here are some strategies to achieve this:

    CULTURAL AUTHENTICITY: Ensure that the festival maintains its cultural authenticity and roots. International tourists are often drawn to authentic cultural experiences. Keep the traditional Masskara elements intact, such as the colorful masks, dance performances, and local music.
    Informational Tours: Organize guided tours or cultural walks around the city during the festival. These tours can be conducted in various languages and provide historical and cultural context.

    ONLINE PROMOTION: Leverage digital platforms and social media to promote the festival internationally. Share videos, photos, and stories of previous festivals to generate interest.

    ACCESSIBILITY: Ensure that the festival venues are accessible to people with disabilities. This promotes inclusivity and attracts a wider range of visitors.

    SAFETY AND COMFORT: Create a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees. This includes security measures, first aid stations, and sufficient restroom facilities.
    Local Business Integration: Encourage local businesses to participate and offer promotions or products related to the festival. This not only supports the local economy but also adds to the overall festival experience.
    Collaborate with Tourism Authorities: Collaborate with local and national tourism authorities to market the festival internationally and leverage their expertise in attracting tourists.

    SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES: Implement eco-friendly practices during the festival, such as waste management and sustainable transportation options. This can resonate with eco-conscious travelers.

    Balancing the interests of both the local community and international tourists requires thoughtful planning and consideration. By preserving the authenticity of the Bacolod Masskara Festival while also embracing diversity and inclusivity, the festival can continue to thrive and attract a wide range of visitors.

    Preserving the cultural authenticity of the Masskara Festival while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience is essential for its long-term success. Here are strategies to achieve this delicate balance:

    Cultural Preservation Committee: Establish a committee or organization composed of cultural experts, historians, and local artists to oversee and guide the festival’s authenticity. Their role is to ensure that core cultural elements are maintained.

    Educational Programs: Implement educational programs in schools and the community to teach the history and significance of the Masskara Festival. This fosters a sense of pride and understanding among the younger generation.

    Documentation and Archiving: Invest in documenting the festival’s history, including photographs, videos, and written records. Create an archive or museum where visitors can learn about the festival’s evolution over time.

    Historical Reenactments: Incorporate historical reenactments or storytelling sessions that narrate the origins and evolution of the Masskara Festival.

    Balancing tradition and evolution is a complex task, but with careful planning and community involvement, the Masskara Festival can continue to thrive as a vibrant cultural celebration while adapting to the changing tastes and expectations of its audience.

    Enhancing digital marketing efforts is crucial for the Masskara Festival to reach a global audience effectively. Here are some strategies and specific platforms that can be employed:

    Professional Website: Develop a user-friendly, visually appealing website dedicated to the Masskara Festival. Ensure it provides comprehensive information about the event, including schedules, ticketing, history, and cultural significance.
    Social Media Presence: Establish and maintain active profiles on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Regularly post engaging content, including photos, videos, stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

    Content Calendar: Create a content calendar to plan and schedule posts in advance, ensuring a consistent online presence leading up to and during the festival.

    User-Generated Content: Encourage festival attendees to share their Masskara experiences on social media using a dedicated hashtag. Curate and share user-generated content to showcase the event’s global appeal.

    Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with local and international influencers who have an interest in culture, travel, and festivals. They can help promote the festival to their followers.

    Live Streaming: Livestream key festival events on platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Instagram Live. This allows global audiences to experience the festival in real-time.

    4. These three aspects represent the festival’s holistic approach to growth, sustainability, and relevance in an evolving world. Here’s why each of these elements should be featured in the article:

    Cultural Exchange: Audience expansion fosters cultural exchange, where people from various backgrounds can come together, learn, and appreciate each other’s traditions.

    Economic Impact: A larger audience, including international tourists, can significantly boost the local economy through increased tourism, accommodations, and spending during the festival.

    Education: It serves as an educational opportunity for locals and visitors alike, allowing them to learn about the history, significance, and artistry behind the festival.

    Community Pride: Cultural preservation instills a sense of pride and belonging within the local community, fostering unity and shared heritage.

    Engagement: Digital marketing engages potential attendees by providing them with the information they need to plan their visit, purchase tickets, and immerse themselves in the festival.


  21. Dianne De Guzman

    1. Audience Expansion:
    – It is important to have an audience engagement to expand the audience participation and to attract a diverse audience. This audience engagement may be done using campaigns, social media platforms, and other tools. The campaigns will focus on increasing the engagement of audiences. Creating an event page, posting content, and creating surveys are some that may be considered in campaigns. In addition, using of social media platforms will be a great help in expanding the audience. All the campaign tools may be published on social media platforms Nowadays, using social media platforms are on of the most effective ways in advertising an event. Through the social media, it may attract more audience. For the campaign materials, it would be better to have an infographic so that the audience may easily understand the purpose of the advertisement.

    2. Cultural Preservation:
    – For countries like Philippines, tourism industry plays a vital role in the economic growth. Tourism brings together people with different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Preservation of culture has been one of the strategies to attract a more diverse audience while maintaining the historical background.

    For the Masskara festival, the preservation of culture may start in the awareness. It is important that the local people know the value, culture, background, and history of the festival itself. This can be done by making short clip videos and using social media platforms to disseminate the information. In addition, the media plays a vital role to manage the demands audience, to avoid compromising environment and cultural assets. Lastly, the top priority should be the local and community-based cultural experiences, which should be the highlight of the festival.

    3. Digital Marketing:
    – To enhance the digital marketing efforts to be able to reach a global audience, collaboration would be a great help. Collaboration with the local and international influencers will gain more partners and sponsors for the event. Also, the influencers may endorse the event in their shows or may post in their social media.

    Information brigade will also enhance the reach for global audience. This includes the SMS marketing or using of QR Codes to disseminate the details of the event. QR Codes may be displayed as part of the advertisement. Creating of commercials or advertisements would be a great help, specially if these advertisements will be posted in different social media platforms (i.e, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, and others).

    4. Others to be included in the article:
    – Infographics (for additional visual presentation
    – Additional Details of the Event (what to expect)
    – Transportation
    – Safety and Security
    – Other Tourist Spot Locations

  22. Limbert Escobar

    Hi, Im Limbert Escobr under MBAD Advance MM

    1. Promote Cultural Exchange by Emphasize the festival’s cultural significance and offer opportunities for cultural exchange. Create promotional materials and websites in multiple languages, making it easier for international tourists to access information about the festival. This includes translating event details, schedules, and FAQs into English and other relevant languages.
    2. Encourage local artisans and vendors to participate in the festival by selling traditional crafts and foods. This not only supports the local economy but also provides an authentic cultural experience. By implementing these strategies, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can continue to evolve while preserving its cultural authenticity, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and meaningful celebration of Bacolod’s unique heritage.

    Influencer Marketing
    Partner with local and international influencers who have an interest in culture, travel, or festivals.
    Have influencers share their experiences and create authentic content about the festival.
    Stream key festival events live on platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube Live to give a global audience a real-time experience.
    Engage with online viewers by responding to comments and questions during the livestreams.
    Remember that an effective digital marketing strategy requires ongoing monitoring and adaptation. Regularly assess the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments based on the data and feedback received. By employing a multi-channel approach and staying engaged with your audience, you can successfully expand the festival’s reach to a global audience.

    4. Collaboration with Tourism Authorities:

    Highlight the benefits of partnering with local and national tourism authorities.
    Share examples of successful collaborations.

  23. Bernie Navarro Macahindog

    1. Audience Expansion
    MassKara Festival has a unique history, beginning with a basic notion and idea and progressing to become one of the Philippines’ most important festivals. While the MassKara Festival has garnered popularity in the Philippines, it has the potential to earn international acclaim. By creating a multichannel marketing approach such as collaborating with local and international influencers and leverage the unique features of each social media platforms. By promoting exclusive opportunity is one way to attract more diverse audience, some festival goers enjoy the idea of having a unique experience that they can’t obtain anywhere else. Offering a VIP experience is one way to give your festival a sense of exclusivity. The VIP refreshment tent, a meet-and-greet with the performers at your music festival, or a special early access are just a few examples of the unique privileges available at your event. Another prospect is by strengthening relationships with cultural organizations and participating in foreign festivals, the festival may present the world to its dynamic energy and creative brilliance. The MassKara Festival may become a worldwide celebration of variety, building relationships and inspiring others by attracting foreign artists and encouraging cultural interactions.

    2. Cultural Preservation
    One component of the MassKara Festival Dance is its significance in maintaining Bacolod City’s cultural history. The festival features traditional music, dance, handicrafts, and gastronomic pleasures. With the trends of new generation audiences, there is an obvious innovation making it to acquire appeal to the younger generation, such as the Electric MassKara, which features night parades with neon and LED lights galore, Street Speaker Contest, and Maskara (Mask) Making Contest. Another solution for filling the gap and meeting the expectations of diverse audiences is to form a Cultural Preservation Committee comprised of local elders and younger generations, which ensures that the cultural components are preserved and passed down to future generations.

    3. Digital Marketing
    Reaching diverse audiences throughout the world is really convenient in this digital age because it doesn’t require a lot of effort, just creativity and connections. The use of various social media and video sharing platforms can aid with this. Vloggers and Bloggers now use well-known sites like Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to spread their message and promote content that will appeal to audiences throughout the world. The MassKara festival can have an advantage in attracting the interest of its target audiences by working with these influencers. Another way is by creating a website with detailed information and real-time updates of the event and utilizing the Seacrch Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to improve online visibility.

    4. Items to be included in the article were:
    1. A complete guide of activities for foreigners & locals.
    2. The role of digital marketing in festival promotion.
    3. Challenges and opportunities in expanding the festival’s audience.

  24. Marites Panugan Estrada

    1. Audience Expansion

    -To cater to international visitors, offering multilingual guides and signage can make the festival more accessible to non-local attendees.
    -Partnering with travel agencies to create inclusive travel packages that combine festival experiences with local attractions can entice tourists.
    -Promoting cultural exchange programs involving local schools and international students can foster a sense of community and cross-cultural understanding.
    -Organizing workshops, seminars, or exhibitions that showcase local culture and art can pique the interest of a broader audience.
    2. Cultural Preservation
    -Establishing a cultural preservation committee composed of local experts and elders can ensure that the festival remains rooted in its traditions.
    -Documenting and digitizing cultural artifacts and practices can help preserve them for future generations and researchers.
    -Prioritizing local artisans and craftsmen in festival merchandise production not only sustains their livelihoods but also preserves traditional craftsmanship.
    -Maintaining strict guidelines for costume designs and performances can uphold tradition while allowing for creative interpretation.
    3. Digital Marketing
    -Create an engaging website with detailed event information, ticket booking options, and interactive elements that can capture the interest of potential attendees.
    -Leverage popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to share visually appealing content, stories, and updates about the festival.
    -Implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to improve the festival’s online visibility, making it easier for people to find information about the event.
    -Develop a dedicated mobile app that provides real-time updates, interactive maps, and virtual experiences for attendees, enhancing their overall festival experience.
    -Collaborate with local influencers and bloggers who can authentically promote the festival to their followers.
    4. Items should be included in the article.
    – Short video clips previous maskarra activities
    – Interview local and international tourist who have experienced MAsskara Festival

  25. Alexis John Padua BSA 2B

    If I were a tourism executive, this is the strategy that I would implement.

    1. Add more gimmicks or fun activities to attract people and make the festival more lively, like a photo booth with festival accessories and masskara painting for souvenirs.

    2. Promote the festival through social media. Social media is a powerful tool to promote the festival. Collaborate with influencers and bloggers to promote the festival on their platforms.

    3. collaboration with local businesses and other businesses to offer some products at a discount. For example, restaurants offer a discount on masskara themed menus, hotels provide discounted rates for festival goers, and airlines offer discount packages for attending the festival.

  26. Marvelyn Medallo BSA-2B

    As a tourism executive in Bacolod City, the strategies that I can implement for the masskara festival to generate a huge amount of income are: first and foremost, making a video reel. A video reel is one of the easiest ways to promote the masskara festival because you can share it on any social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. All of these platforms can reach the world. The second strategy that I came up with is free masskara merchandise because every tourist, when they visit places, wants something that is memorable to them. The last strategy that I came up with is free photography because I want to capture the beautiful smiling faces of the people who have a great day visiting and having fun at the Masskara festival.

  27. If you were the tourism executive of Bacolod City,kindly provide three strategies that you would implement for the Masskara Festival to benefit the city in terms of income, tourist arrivals, and overall promotion of the city. Please explain your answers

    1. Enhancing Marketing and Promotion:
    – Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting domestic and international tourists. Utilize various channels such as social media, travel websites, and traditional advertising to create awareness and generate interest in the Masskara Festival.
    – Collaborate with travel agencies, airlines, and hotels to create attractive tour packages and travel deals specifically tailored for the festival. This can help tourists to visit Bacolod City during the event.
    – Engage with travel bloggers, influencers, and media outlets to generate positive coverage and increase the festival’s visibility. Encourage them to share their experiences and highlight the unique aspects of the Masskara Festival.

    2. Diversifying Festival Offerings:
    – Expand the festival’s scope beyond its traditional cultural and street dance components. Incorporate additional events and activities such as food fairs, art exhibitions, music concerts, and sports competitions. This can appeal to a broader range of tourists and extend their length of stay in the city.
    – Encourage the participation of local businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the festival. Provide them with platforms to showcase and sell their products, promoting economic growth and supporting the local community.
    – Foster collaborations with other festivals or events in the region or neighboring cities to create joint promotions and attract a larger audience. This can help position Bacolod City as a major cultural and entertainment hub in the area.

    3. Improving Tourist Facilities and Infrastructure:
    – Invest in improving the city’s infrastructure, including transportation, accommodation options, and public facilities. Ensure that there are sufficient and convenient transportation options available for tourists to reach the festival venues easily.
    – Collaborate with local businesses and communities to enhance the festival’s overall visitor experience. Provide amenities such as clean public restrooms, information booths, and signage to assist tourists in navigating the festival and the city.
    – Train and deploy a sufficient number of tourism officers and volunteers to assist tourists, provide information, and ensure their safety and satisfaction during the festival.

    By implementing these strategies, the Masskara Festival in Bacolod City can attract more tourists, generate increased income for local businesses, and promote the city as a vibrant and exciting destination.

  28. Katherine Sevilleno

    The three strategies I would implement is eat all you can chicken inasal worth of P180 pesos, tour and workshop how to make the famous maskara in bacolod city and a night performance with opm artist like dionela and mrld. These three strategies can help people to discover the bacolod city if the activities and programs are focusing where the city are really known.

  29. If I would be the Bacolod City tourism executive, I would implement the following strategies for the Masskara Festival.

    First, it is essential to expand public transportation options. Providing more public transportation options during the festival can make it easier for tourists to get around the city and attend festival events. It may be simpler for visitors to navigate the city and attend events if shuttle buses are provided or the hours of operation are extended.

    Second, offering special packages that include festival tickets, lodging, and city tours through partnerships with travel companies, airlines, and hotels can help boost visitor numbers. This not only offers ease but also adds to the vacation experience’s value, bringing in money for nearby companies.

    And lastly, the festival’s safety and security must also be improved if it hopes to draw more people. A safe environment can be created by collaborating closely with local law enforcement, establishing security measures like bag checks and metal detectors, and enhancing police presence.

  30. If I were be a tourism Executive of Bacolod City, here are some strategies that I would be employ for the Masskara Festival to help the City:

    First, Strengthen marketing and promotion efforts by utilizing social media and internet platforms: We are all aware of how powerful social media is today. There are billions of users who are engaged on it worldwide. By utilizing these platforms, Bacolod City’s tourist attractions may reach a wider audience, improving the likelihood of interaction and conversion.

    Second, collaborate with local businesses and forge partnerships with them. By working together and forging partnerships with local firms, we can strengthen the local economy. For instance, travelers are more inclined to spend money in the city if festival packages are offered that include discounts on regional goods and services.

    Lastly, Create a feedback mechanism:
    To enhance the festival experience for visitors and raise general satisfaction, a feedback mechanism must be established. It aids in pinpointing areas that require work, customizes the event to suit visitor tastes, encourages ongoing improvement, and build trust and loyalty. For instance, we may design an online poll or place feedback booths at festival locations to gather comments and ideas.

  31. Rey Vincent S. Dela Peña

    As a pretend Tourism Executive this is what would I do. First, Be present online / Create advertising through social media – The people in this generation are more active on different online platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) We can you these platforms to promote the upcoming festivals. This way we can reach more people, unbeknownst to them the celebration of the upcoming Masskara Festival. We can also create advertisements that show what they would expect from the Masskara Festival, and also the whole Masskara Festival schedule and highlight the best date to come to the city. Secondly, Create trip promos on the highlight dates of the Masskara Festival – The city’s Masskara Festival is celebrated the whole month of October. Creating trip promos on the highlight dates of the Festival is one of the best ways to attract tourists. It also saves the tourists from experiencing dismay. These promos should include a tour guide, a vehicle, a hotel, and souvenirs. Lastly, Hire professional artists to perform at the upcoming Masskara Festival. Yes, this idea may be costly, but higher risk means a higher reward. If these professional artists have fan base communities, these die-hard fans would do anything to see their idols. It’s a two-way win; Provide entertainment, and attract more tourists to the upcoming Masskara Festival.

  32. If I were the tourism executive of Bacolod City, I would implement these three strategies for the Masskara Festival. The first strategies that I have is to make some brochure about how City Mayor Jose Montalvo proposed the beginning of the Festival of Smiles that commonly known nowadays as the Masskara Festival. And how fun and how exciting to witness our event. I’ll implement also a website so that the other country will be aware to our amazing event, so that the people outside the city will attempt to visit to our City. Lastly I will use the guerrilla marketing technique to surprise our tourist.

  33. Reach Star D. Mentigar

    As a tourism executive of Bacolod City, the strategies that I would implement for the Masskara Festival to benefit the city in terms of income is first offer a hotel for them to stay with a special deals or discounts to those who’ll book early. In this way, local and tourists that would really want to present during the highlight would want to take the offer. Second strategy in terms of tourist arrivals is to recommend them a restaurants that offers various cuisines especially cuisines here in the city of smiles. One of the most unforgetable experience that a tourist would remember when a visiting a place is the foods or cuisines with a savourful taste. Last strategy that I would implement to promote the city more is to make use of the social medias. I’ll make a video about what happening before, during, and after the festival to pique the interest of viewers. In this strategy, many tourist will come and come again. We will let them experience what we’re experiencing every year.

  34. Althea Jaguiles

    In preparation for the upcoming 2023 Bacolod Maskara Festival, tourism executive must lay down strategies to have a safe and fun Maskara Festival.

    • First and foremost, we require tight and steadfast security. For crowd control and management to ensure people’s safety.
    • A theater viewing would be a great way for people to learn more about the festival. Showing when and how the Maskara Festival became the city’s official festival.
    • To promote our culture and our city, there must be activities and competitions that showcases our very own culture and are open for locals.

  35. Repique, Reeze Heather D

    The Masskara festival in Bacolod, celebrated during the 4th week of October is one of the famous and known festivals in the Philippines.

    The Festival is not only a way of celebrating a tradition and culture but it also has become a great opportunity for the bacolodnons to promote our local products.

    Many tourists are being drawn, and the festival creates a domino effect in the businesses in Bacolod, from the hotels and restaurants to the small business owners or even to the vendors. So in order for us not just to continue this effect but also to improve it, and to attract more tourist. First is to make sure that the place where the activities are being held are secured and safe, police men or securities should be doubled. To create a comfortable environment for our guests, and for everyone else to have a good time. Second build up and showcase the best local products and tourist spots in Bacolod using social media platforms targetting the strengths of our city in terms of the things we can offer. Also, inviting “influencers” are a great help, we should invite them a head of time to witness what happens behind the success of the celebration, showing the media the preparation behind those activities are people teaming up and staying up late that behind those amazing dance parades are tired dancers but still are giving their best, that behind those heavy head dresses, those hot costumes are the smiling faces of bacolodnons showing them the real spirit of Masskara festival. Earning the heart of people and letting them witness why we are the city of smiles.


  36. Lovely Nalaunan

    The three strategies to implement for the masskara festival, first is to sell some plain white masskara and paint thereon style so that they can smile by to paint their own creation and they have also a souvenir.
    Second is to invite famous artist/ comedian like it show time family, saw in person their idol once in therelife.
    And third and last is to invite famous bands like December avenue to enjoy and have memorable masskara festival this 2023. and by this strategies more tourists to come in Bacolod like vlogger or influencer to well known this City.

  37. Carryl Anne Pelonio

    If I were the tourism executive of Bacolod City, the three strategies that I would implement for the Masskara the first thing that I would implement is to promote the Masskara Festival on social media to create awareness about the people outside the city who don’t know the festival. Second is I will invite many celebrities who are known by a lot of people so that it would attract more people especially tourists to come to the festival. And lastly I would implement strict security all over the place to ensure the safety of people who will go to the festival. By doing the three strategies it would bring a lot of income for the city and it can leave an impact to the tourist on how beautiful our festival.

  38. Glacier Franz Mayang Tabat

    As the tourism executive of Bacolod City, I would implement several strategies to enhance the Masskara Festival’s impact on the city’s income, tourist arrivals, and overall promotion by developing cultural immersion programs for tourists, such as workshops on mask-making, traditional dance lessons, and local cuisine cooking classes. These activities provide a deeper connection with the festival and the city’s culture. Next, I partner with local businesses to offer special Masskara-themed products, menus, and promotions. Encourage them to decorate their establishments in line with the festival theme, creating a festive atmosphere throughout the city. Lastly, I ensure the safety and security of tourists by increasing police presence, implementing crowd control measures, and providing information on emergency services.

  39. Mecaella Juliet G. Gubad BSA 2B

    If I was a tourism executive in Bacolod City, my three strategies are:

    First, advertise the Masskara Festival by making a video and sharing it on various social media platforms. As a result, some individuals from different places will be interested.

    Second, associate with sponsors. Including some businesses that sell products such as bags, bracelets, and foods.

    Third, enhance the events, giving giveaways to the people who attended, having a music festival with various bands and pop groups, and inviting influencers and well-known celebrities.

  40. Lhea Jane Cardones BSA2B

    The Masskara Festival itself is a popular event in Bacolod. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities during the masskara festival, such as observing the street dance competition. However, because it can be congested during masskara, stress may be unavoidable. The first thing I would do if I could suggest tactics that would help and promote the city is to build nicer, less stressful hotels so that visitors can unwind while visiting. Second, it would be great to include more tourist attractions, such as a museum that details the origins of Masskara and Bacolod, so that visitors may gain a deeper understanding of our city. Finally, I would advise preparing foods that can only be consumed in Bacolod during the celebration. Since Bacolod is also recognized for its cuisine, showcasing our delicacies during the festival may be advantageous. Bacolod is a stunning city populated by good-hearted and Malipayon people, and this is a unique tourist attraction to Bacolod.

  41. Alejah Jean Espina BSA 2B

    The term masskara refers to multicolored smiling faces, which are the festival’s centerpiece. It is the most cheerful occasion commemorated in Bacolod, known as the City of Smile, where you can see numerous varieties of colorful masskaras,parades,dances, souvenirs, snacks, and arcades. The masskara festival is a popular tourist attraction in the city because it generates cash while also conserving local culture. If I were a tourism executive in Bacolo City, I would implement strategies such as Ensuring Safety, because the first thing that a tourist will consider while visiting a location is their safety. To maintain peace, officials should give safety protocols and ensure that every location has active officers.So that tourists will be interested in attending the festival, the city mayor should invite celebrities. Finally, in addition to sharing photos and videos on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, the team should design vibrant posters to draw in tourists.

  42. If I was a tourist executive my 3 strategies are;

    During the festival Local Ventor’s must be acknowledge.
    – it helps to promote our local foods in Bacolod especially in the tourist.

    Make Budget for this specific event.
    – in this way the festival is prepared and turn out the way they want to.

    Refrain the tourist from entering the city when the festival is started.
    – this helps to avoid overcrowded.

  43. Zacharia H. Dereza

    1.) Audience Expansion: How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?

    Masskara Festival is a vibrant event that celebrates culture, art, and tradition and has the ability to unite people like a few other festivals. It presents a special chance to advance intercultural dialogue, celebrate diversity, foster unity, and promote cultural exchange. However, a festival must actively work to draw a diverse audience including international tourists. Here are some methods for reaching a wider range of people:

    Take Cultural Diversity Seriously
    One of the most effective ways for the Bacolod Masskara Festival to attract a diverse audience is by celebrating and showcasing a broad spectrum of cultures. This can be done through performances, workshops, and exhibitions that highlight the traditions, music, dance, and cuisine of different communities within Bacolod City, as this article mentions above. Also, by creating a space where people from various backgrounds, including international tourists, can share and learn about each other’s cultures.

    Diverse Artist And Performer Lineup
    In order to draw a varied audience, it is essential to have a diverse lineup of artists and performers. The Bacolod Masskara Festival should make an effort to include performers, dancers, and artists from a variety of genres and backgrounds, both local and foreign. Representation is important, and seeing performers who represent the diversity of the audience on stage can increase attendees’ sense of engagement.

    Accessibility for Everyone
    Accessibility is a key consideration for the Bacolod Masskara Festival if it wants to draw a varied crowd. This entails that the event location is handicap accessible and provides sign language interpreters or other services for those with sensory impairments. Additionally, having signage in several languages can assist visitors with parking and transportation, which is crucial for ensuring that visitors have a pleasant and memorable experience. Inclusivity can also be ensured by making events welcoming to families with small children.

    Cost-Effective Ticketing Options
    For many people and families, the cost of the tickets might be a substantial deterrent to going. The Bacolod Masskara Festival team should think about providing tiered ticketing choices, such as reduced or free admission for local residents who are low-income, students, and retirees.

    Community Outreach and Participation
    To actively promote its event, the Bacolod Masskara Festival might work with a variety of local groups and organizations. A larger audience can be reached by partnering with local and international non-profits, cultural associations, and community groups. To make sure the message reaches all demographics, outreach initiatives should also involve engaging with ethnic media outlets and creating bilingual materials.

    Inclusivity in Programming
    When deciding on its programming, Bacolod Masskara Festival should take diverse demographic groups’ demands and interests into account. Offering family-friendly activities, designated areas for meditation or relaxation, and welcoming spaces for LGBTQ+ communities. This event may make sure that guests from all backgrounds feel welcome and respected by taking into account the distinct preferences and needs of various groups.

    Environmental Responsibility
    Environmental sustainability is becoming a global issue that cuts beyond demographic, racial, and cultural lines. The Bacolod Masskara Festival must adopt environmentally responsible practices including recycling campaigns, a reduction in single-use plastic, and sustainable food options while still appealing to the local community. A wide range of environmentally conscious people who support such projects may be drawn to these activities.

    Policy and Conduct Guidelines
    The Bacolod Masskara Festival should develop specific codes of behavior that forbid discrimination, harassment, and hate speech in order to guarantee a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all participants. To successfully enforce these policies, security officers and staff members should get training. To deal with any occurrences quickly, there should be a strong complaint and resolution process in place.

    The capacity of a festival to draw a diverse crowd is not just a question of chance; it is the consequence of thoughtful preparation and inclusive policy. Bacolod Masskara Festival can foster a community where people from all backgrounds can live in peace and harmony by celebrating cultural diversity, providing a diverse lineup, ensuring accessibility, interacting with communities, offering affordable options, taking inclusivity in programming into account, encouraging environmental responsibility, and establishing inclusive policies. By fostering understanding and appreciation of our incredibly diverse planet, festivals transform into effective forces for social cooperation.

    2.) Cultural Preservation: What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?

    A fine balance must be struck by the Bacolod Masskara Festival in order to maintain cultural authenticity while adapting to satisfy the needs of a changing audience. Festivals can use the following tactics to strike this balance.

    Participate in Community Life
    Involve community members, local historians, and cultural experts in the Bacolod Masskara Festival planning and decision-making. It is essential to work together with regional entertainers, artists, and craftspeople to exhibit their unique abilities.

    Education and Cultural Workshops
    To inform attendees about the cultural value of the Bacolod Masskara Festival, offer seminars and educational programs. The opportunity to learn traditional dances and crafts should be available to participants.

    Food and Drink of the Culture
    Include regional specialties that reflect the culture that the festival honors. Partner with nearby eateries and suppliers who focus on serving genuine cuisines.

    Actual Performances
    Host actual or live performances of customary rites, crafts, or arts. Allow visitors to speak with craftsmen and inquire about their work.

    Cultural Narratives and Storytelling
    Include storytelling sessions that explain the Bacolod Masskara Festival’s myths and history. Use multimedia exhibits or guided tours to explain the cultural relevance of the celebration.

    Keep Traditional Dance and Music Alive
    Prioritize traditional music and dancing acts on the festival’s main stages. Support local dancers and musicians to keep these art forms alive.

    Exhibits with Interactivity
    Create interactive exhibits that involve visitors in games or cultural activities. Encourage visitors to take part in rites or ceremonies that are held according to Bacolod’s tradition.

    Observation and Polls
    Gather participant feedback to better understand how their preferences are changing. To determine which elements of the festival should be kept and which can be modified using surveys and focus groups.

    Strategic Advertising and Marketing
    To draw in a crowd interested in maintaining and appreciating traditions, promote the festival as a singular cultural experience. In advertising materials, emphasize the festivals’ authenticity and historical importance.

    It is important to find the right balance between maintaining ethnic authenticity and modifying your presentation to suit your audience. The key to successfully establishing this balance is consistent contact with the community and continual evaluation.

    3.) Digital Marketing: How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?

    In order to increase the Bacolod Masskara Festival’s digital marketing efforts and reach a worldwide audience, a well-thought-out strategy and a combination of different platforms and approaches are needed.

    Firstly, is to recognize the audience. It is to determine the characteristics, passions, and preferences of the target audience, and conduct a thorough audience study. This will enable the team to successfully adjust their efforts in digital marketing.

    Secondly, Bacolod Masskara Festivals’ Blog Post or Website. There must be a webpage for this festival like the one we are reading right now. It is straightforward to use, mobile-friendly, and visually beautiful. Include schedules of the events, and commonly asked questions.

    Third, the festival must engage with their audience on well-known social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Make material that people want to share, such as artist interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and event teasers. Also, encourage guests to use hashtags related to the event.

    Next, the locals must create a blog on their website to publish interesting and educational festival-related stuff. This may include news about the culture, festival advice, and artist highlights. To keep the audience updated and interested, distribute content via email newsletters and social media.

    In addition to that, to market the Bacolod Masskara Festival event, they must work with influential people in the music and entertainment industries. Influencers can reach a wider audience and offer sincere recommendations.

    Moreover, creating a festival app with real-time information, maps, timetables that enable push alerts and in-app interaction is also a great help.

    Lastly, I also recommend collaborations and promotions, partnering with other festivals, performers, or sponsors to cross-promote and attract more visitors. Digital marketing is a continuous process as new trends and technologies develop.

    4.) What should be included in this article?

    In this article, there are a wide range of items that should be included:

    Regulations and Security. Tell readers about the festivals’ safety policies and rules, including any applicable new normal processes.

    Local Attractions and Culture. Give festivalgoers more suggestions who wish to explore the area ideas for local sights to see, places to visit, or things to do.

    Observations and Quotes. Add in-depth quotations from interviews with festival organizers, performers, or spectators to add dimension to the piece.

    Observer Advice. Offer practical tips for those planning to attend such as: what to bring, what to wear, and how to make the most of their Bacolod Masskara Festival experience.

    Demand for Action. Encourage readers to interact with the festival community online or on other social media by posting about their own festival experiences, posting queries, or using hashtags that are related to the festival topics.

  44. Jerwin jay V. Lachica

    It’s because of more programs activities develop this city this is the one of the most detailed The special plans for the event, each week will highlights the key drivers of the city flourishing tourism industry which travelers can all get to experience. They plan a long weekend celebration focus on sports through the masskara Olympics in which spectators can expect sports competitions on a national level, with some tournaments even bringing in international athletes to compete. Also the food tourist will love the kind of food to serve

    For me renovate is one of the way to implement its culture need to add some structure to improve by its look for the tourist one of the most reason why tourist love to visit other places because of its culture they love to see beautiful places where they like to take photo together with their families friends and many more. And also the foods
    3. Through social media this is the most useful strategies to reach out other people around the globe. Now a days this is the most powerful marketing strategies we can apply we can post whether we like trough Facebook, twitter, .etc.
    Digital marketing people already know that masskara festival is one of the most successful and biggest party in the Philippines so for posting the on social media the other people who’s not already go to Bacolod festival they already amaze about the photo that they already see in the post

  45. Clint Bush Casama

    1. Audience Expansion: To attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining local appeal, the Bacolod Masskara Festival can:
    • Offer multilingual guides and signage to cater to international visitors.
    • Collaborate with travel agencies to create inclusive travel packages.
    • Promote cultural exchange programs involving local schools and international students.
    • Organize workshops, seminars, or exhibitions showcasing local culture and art.
    • Incorporate international elements into the festival without diluting its core essence, such as inviting international dance troupes for guest performances.
    2. Cultural Preservation: To preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving, the festival can:
    • Establish a cultural preservation committee composed of local experts and elders.
    • Encourage traditional art forms by hosting competitions and exhibitions.
    • Document and digitize cultural artifacts and practices for future generations.
    • Prioritize local artisans and craftsmen in festival merchandise production.
    • Maintain strict guidelines for costume designs and performances to uphold tradition.
    3. Digital Marketing: To enhance its digital marketing efforts and reach a global audience, the festival can:
    • Create an engaging website with detailed event information and ticket booking options.
    • Leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for visual content.
    • Implement SEO strategies to improve online visibility.
    • Develop a mobile app for real-time updates, interactive maps, and virtual experiences.
    • Collaborate with local influencers and bloggers for authentic promotion.
    4. Items to Include in the Article:
    • Introduction to the Bacolod Masskara Festival and its significance.
    • Challenges and opportunities in expanding the festival’s audience.
    • Strategies for attracting diverse audiences while maintaining local roots.
    • Methods to preserve and promote cultural authenticity.
    • The role of digital marketing in festival promotion.
    • Specific digital marketing platforms and strategies for global reach.
    • Success stories or examples of festivals balancing tradition and innovation.
    • Interviews with key festival organizers, cultural experts, and international attendees.
    • Conclusion highlighting the festival’s potential for growth while preserving its unique cultural identity.


    Case Study: Bacolod Masskara Festival
    The Bacolod Masskara Festival is a world-renowned cultural celebration held in Bacolod City, Philippines, on the fourth Sunday of October. The event, known as the “City of Smiles,” arose from economic struggles and a devastating maritime catastrophe in 1980. It has evolved into a dynamic event over the years, but it has the problem of retaining its cultural authenticity while broadening its appeal to a varied audience, including international tourists.
    1. Audience Expansion
    • Maintain the festival’s main cultural aspects, such as traditional dances and masks.
    • Collaborate with international tourism companies and airlines to market the festival globally.
    • Provide multilingual promotional materials to cater to tourists while respecting local languages.
    2. Cultural Preservation
    • Collaboration with cultural specialists and historians to guarantee traditional components are preserved.
    • Local artists were encouraged to make traditional costumes and props.
    • Cultural education workshops and seminars were held in order to develop a sense of cultural pride in future generations.
    3. Digital Marketing
    • Create an official website with detailed information about the event, such as timetables, history, and cultural significance.
    • Use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share interesting graphics and communicate with your audience.
    • Collaborate with travel influencers and bloggers to develop festival content.
    • Introduce online ticketing systems and a mobile app for convenient access to event information.
    4. Additional Items to Include in the Article:
    • A description of the festival’s main events, including as street dancing competitions and the Masskara Queen contest.
    • The festival’s function in developing community spirit and unity among inhabitants.
    • The importance of capturing real smiles from people in order to live up to Bacolod’s status as the “City of Smiles.”
    The Bacolod Masskara Festival effectively combined tradition and global appeal by using techniques that drew a varied audience while keeping traditional authenticity. By embracing cultural exchanges, preserving fundamental traditions, and leveraging digital marketing, the festival has thrived as an iconic celebration of smiles in the “City of Smiles.” This case study demonstrates how cultural events may adapt to new times while honoring their legacy.


    HRM 205 – LCCB
    Case Study for the Bacolod Masskara Festival

    The MassKara Festival is an annual festival celebrated in Bacolod City, Philippines. It is one of the most famous and vibrant festivals in the country, known for its colorful masks, street dancing, and lively atmosphere.
    Three Major Learning Objectives:

    Cultural Awareness and Appreciation:
    Understand the significance of the Bacolod Masskara Festival in the context of Bacolod City’s history, culture, and economy. Appreciate the role of festivals in preserving and promoting local traditions and heritage, especially during challenging times.

    Event Management and Community Engagement:
    Learn about the organizational aspects of the Masskara Festival, including the planning, coordination, and execution of various events and activities. Explore how local communities come together to actively participate in and contribute to the success of the festival.

    Tourism and Economic Impact:
    Analyze the economic impact of festivals like Masskara on the local economy, including the boost in tourism, job creation, and revenue generation.Examine strategies for promoting and marketing cultural festivals as tourist attractions while ensuring their sustainability.

    2.Suggest 7-10 topics for discussion.

    Topics for discussion:
    Historical Background and Origins
    Cultural Significance
    Event Planning and Management
    Community Participation
    Economic Impact
    Tourism Promotion
    Cultural Preservation
    Artistic Expression
    Social and Community Benefits
    Challenges and Adaptations


    The Bacolod Masskara Festival should focus on preserving its rich cultural heritage while embracing global engagement to attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community. By promoting cultural exchange, multilingual information, and inclusivity, the festival can stay true to its roots as the “Festival of Smiles” while warmly welcoming visitors from around the world.

    The Bacolod Masskara Festival aims to maintain its cultural authenticity while adapting to a changing audience. It should focus on storytelling, community engagement, preserving traditional elements, offering workshops, interactive experiences, incorporating modern themes, collaborating with international cultural groups, and establishing a comprehensive documentation system. By educating locals and visitors about the festival’s historical significance and city resilience, it can maintain a strong connection to its cultural heritage. The festival should encourage active participation in core activities, incorporating modern themes and technologies to appeal to a broader audience and foster cultural exchange.

    The Bacolod Masskara Festival plans to expand its digital marketing strategies to reach a global audience. These strategies include social media, website optimization, email marketing, virtual tours, live streaming, influencer collaborations, localized content, online ticketing, user-generated content, and data analytics. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok will be used to share captivating content about the festival. Website optimization will include user-friendly navigation, vibrant visuals, and regularly updated information in multiple languages. Email marketing campaigns will keep visitors informed about festival updates and exclusive content.

    – Khrystyl Joy Bahia – MSHM204 LCCB

  49. Maynard Pango

    1. Masskara Festival aim in 1980 is to boost spirit’s at a time of economic hardship. In this regard giving more groups a change to participate in street dance competition, to showcase their talents and skills based on the cultural background with flashy costumes and multicolor masks and of course full support of the local government not only financially but the safety and security of our tourist locally and internationally.

    2. “SMILE” to bring back faces of the Bacolodnon. Yes, Unity is the best strategy for me amid adversity with a cause such as helping out-of-school youths, the sick people and lastly but not the least our environment.

    3. Social Media is the fast and efficient marketing strategy. New feature and activity for the perpetually evolving activity

    4. To give more emphasis on great adventures in Negros particularly enticing sights, attractions and activities not to forget that Bacolod is a foodie paradise, souvenirs “City of Smiles”, pasalubong and delicacies.

  50. Case Study 1 (Advanced Marketing Management)

    1. Audience Expansion: How can the Bacolod Masskara Festival attract a more diverse audience, including international tourists, while maintaining its appeal to the local community?

    >Diverse Performances:
    Broaden the range of performances to include cultural acts from Bacolod City, and around the world. This will appeal to both residents seeking diversity and international tourists seeking to learn about Filipino culture.

    >Food and Beverage Diversity:
    Incorporate diverse food options, including international and regional Filipino cuisines, as well as native favorites like the popular Chicken Inasal. Create food stalls that highlight the Philippines’ culinary diversity.

    >Feedback Mechanism:
    Establish an evaluation system for gathering input from both locals and tourists after each year’s Masskara festival. Use this feedback to make improvements and changes in future years.

    2. Cultural Preservation:
    What strategies can the festival implement to preserve its cultural authenticity while evolving to meet the demands of a changing audience?

    >Involve Cultural Experts:
    Consult with cultural experts, historians, and local elders to ensure that the festival’s core traditions, such as mask-making and dance, are preserved in their original form. These people can provide realistic insights and can help maintain authenticity. It can also be implemented in the contest’s criteria and guidelines.

    >Cultural Exhibits:
    Create cultural exhibits showcasing the history and evolution of Masskara. Include artifacts, photographs, and documents to provide insights into its roots. These exhibits are always present and it is very popular!

    Document the festival’s history, performances, and interviews with key participants. Create an archive that future generations can reference to understand the festival’s evolution. Especially since the recent generations are hooked on things with visual aids as much as possible.

    3. Digital Marketing: How can the festival enhance its digital marketing efforts to reach a global audience, and what specific platforms and strategies should be employed?

    >Social Media Marketing:
    Establish and maintain active profiles on current major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
    Share visually engaging content such as photos, videos, and stories highlighting festival preparations, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interviews with performers and artists.
    Use event-specific hashtags and encourage attendees to share their experiences using these hashtags.

    >Content Marketing:
    Develop a blog like this about the festival featuring articles about Masskara’s history, cultural significance, and travel guides for international visitors.
    Guest posts from local experts and artists can provide unique insights.

    4. What items should be included in the article?

    >I would like to suggest adding tips for tourists, especially in terms of securing their safety and personal belongings while they immerse themselves during the highlights of the Masskara festival.

  51. Learning Objectives:

    To enhance the knowledge of tourism stakeholders about the Masskara Festival and its significance to Bacolod City’s tourism industry.
    To equip tourism stakeholders with the necessary skills to provide quality service to tourists during the festival.
    To promote collaboration and camaraderie among tourism stakeholders in ensuring a successful Masskara Festival.

    Topics for Discussion:

    1.Introduction to the Masskara Festival: History, Significance, and Evolution
    2.Understanding the Tourist Market: Demographics and Preferences
    3.Best Practices in Customer Service: Handling Difficult Situations and Complaints
    4.Tourism Promotion and Marketing Strategies: Attracting Tourists to Bacolod City
    5.Safety and Security Measures: Ensuring the Safety of Tourists During the Festival
    6.Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness: Respecting Local Customs and Traditions
    7.Sustainable Tourism Practices: Minimizing the Negative Impact of Tourism on the Environment and Community.

  52. Clinton F. Torres HRM 205 - LCCB

    Hello everyone, This Masskara Festival in Bacolod is one of the most awaited and celebrated cultural events in the Philippines. Behind its vibrant masks and joyful parades are the dedicated personnel who work tirelessly to bring this event to life. Recognizing their invaluable contribution, it’s imperative to conduct seminars and training for all those involved in making this festival a resounding success. Here are some suggestions for objectives and topics fit for the majestic festival.
    3 Objectives
    1. Equip participants with the skills and knowledge to plan, organize, and manage all aspects of a local festival, covering planning, promotion, logistics, and safety.
    2. Foster an understanding of the importance of preserving local culture, while promoting sustainable and eco-friendly festival practices.
    3. Improve participants’ teamwork and communication abilities to ensure seamless coordination among festival personnel, enhancing overall event success.
    7 Topics
    1. Budget Planning and Management
    2. Marketing and Promotion
    3. Security and Safety
    4. Bacolod’s Local Culture Emphasis
    5. Teamwork and Communication
    6. Technological Tools
    7. Environmental Issues

    Clinton Torres HRM 205 – LCCB

  53. Harold Mahilum

    Case Study for the Bacolod Masskara Festival

    Objective 1: Know the History Masskara Festival
    In this objective we will explain the history of the Masskara Festival in this way the stakeholders will have a strong knowledge of explaining to the tourists what is the main reason we celebrate the festival and can relate it to other topics in the seminar. A deeper understanding of the history will send a message that stakeholders are well-equipped with knowledge about the city and festival history.

    Additional topics to discuss in this objective:
    Piaya and other delicacies History/Tour
    Massakara Making Shops
    Rating the Masskara Festival (Local Survey)

    Objective 2: Locate the Best Stays
    In this second objective, we will discuss in detail the different kinds of hotels and rentals to stay in Bacolod.

    Additional topics to discuss in this objective:
    Hotel/ Rental Business
    Entertainment Venue- Malls and Parks
    Jeepney Routes

    Objective 3: Hidden Gems
    In this objective. We will highlight the local establishments that Bacolod can offer to it’s people and the tourists.

    Additional topics to discuss in this objective:
    Local Coffee Shops
    Local Cakes and Pastry Shops
    Manokan Country

  54. The Masskara Festival is indeed a world-class celebration, celebrated and prepared by the people of Bacolod City. To preserve and enhance this exceptional culture, the city’s tourism department must set forth precise and impactful goals within its training programs, engaging all stakeholders.

    Among the objectives could be the following:
    • Fostering stakeholder collaboration – The goal is to create a shared vision for the festival’s success and promote partnerships that benefit everyone involved.
    • Incorporating innovation and technology – This objective would equip stakeholders with knowledge about the latest technological advancements and innovative practices in event management and promotion. This includes exploring the use of mobile apps, social media, and digital marketing strategies to engage a broader audience and streamline festival operations.
    • Measuring and evaluating success MUST be included in their training objectives as well. This would teach participants how to measure the impact and success of the festival. The emphasis would be placed on the importance of post-festival evaluations to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for the next celebration.

    Together with these objectives, the following topics could also be covered and discussed in the training to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to planning:

    1. How can festival activities such as The First Culinary Showdown, agriculture-trade fairs, bugle corps or marching band competitions, and other events contribute to the local economy, including tourism, businesses, and job creation?
    2. Strategies for crowd management, security measures-installing as many CCTVs as possible around Bacolod, emergency response plans, and medical services available during the festival to guarantee the safety of all participants.
    3. Free shuttle services, free public transit, and free parking facilities, to ensure festival-goers can easily reach the event venues.
    4. Involving local communities and neighborhoods in festival preparations and celebrations offering guidance, information, and assistance as needed.
    5. Out-of-school youth volunteer training to assist festival attendees.
    6. Discuss initiatives to minimize waste – ZERO plastic; promote recycling.
    7. Providing training on vendor’s best practices, ensuring cleanliness, food safety, fair trade practices, politeness, and good public service mind.
    8. Ensuring that festival venues and facilities are accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities.
    9. Strategies for promoting the Masskara Festival to attract a wider audience, including the use of social media and partnerships.
    10. Post-festival volunteer cleanup drive and restoration of festival sites to leave a positive impression on the city and its visitors.

    These objectives and topics and considerations can contribute to an even more memorable and well-organized Masskara Festival for both locals and tourists, further solidifying the world-class Masskara festival celebration.

  55. Roxanne Española

    Basing on the article, I have derived three major learning objectives. Firstly, Understand the history of Masskara festival and its various events of celebration. Secondly, learn the different amazing places to visit in Bacolod and examine the different ways to go there. Lastly, appreciate the different local cuisines the city has to offer.
    For further discussion, I would like to suggest the following topics to be included: What values do the festival develop in the community? The impact of the festival to the local and national economic status of the city. Implementation of Security standards during the festival to make sure that the locals and tourists are safe while enjoying the festival. Features of Masskara festival that made it unique over other festival in the world.

  56. Joshua Carl Ganza Sy

    I would suggest to add other places in Bacolod/Negros Occidental that people could visit during the Masskara Festival. There are many historical places in the province that would attract people while they are here for the festival. They could also go to the beaches and see some nice sights in the mountains. Visitors would make their stay here more worthwhile if they could get to explore more of Bacolod and the province. Businesses would also have more visibility and generate more revenue which is one of the main purpose of the festival

  57. Joshua Carl Ganza Sy

    I would suggest to add other places in Bacolod/Negros Occidental that people could visit during the Masskara Festival. There are many historical places in the province that would attract people while they are here for the festival. They could also go to the beaches and see some nice sights in the mountains. Tourists would make their stay here more worthwhile if they could get to explore more of Bacolod and the province.

  58. Mary Cris L. Tayson MKEL5

    Travelling is one of the things you buy that makes you richer. Richer in a sense of putting money into personal development, mental expansion, cultural appreciation, and a more global, well-rounded sense of self. Knowing these travel values, I believe these blogs or articles will indeed be useful in marketing activities such as the Masskara Festival, especially now that traveling and researching destinations are more accessible via the internet.
    However, as a digital marketer, I believe this article’s user interface could be improved so that it is easier to scroll past these articles since redesigning a more engaging site design will change how information is on the screen. For example, adding more visuals such as short video clips and photos, as well as including an area map of the activities and of Bacolod, given that people from outside Bacolod and the Philippines are visiting. I also think that adding price ranges with a travel itinerary will greatly help possible tourists. It would allow them to save up in advance and would want to participate in the festival. Along with the where to eat information, I think it would be nice to have safety protocols and requirements listed in the article, as well as a list of places to hang out, such as coffee shops, because people will want to sit when they are exhausted. This will also assist local businesses in marketing their goods and services.

  59. Angel Marie Claro - COMK4A

    Before anything else, I would like to comment that I really love the blog as it is because of how comprehensive, well-written, and organized it is. I admire the use of hyperlinks and how it redirects to another website for those who wish to know more about a certain topic. It also prevented the blog from getting too long. With that said, in the eyes of a digital marketer, it is not without lapses. One thing it could add is the use of graphics and short videos to further showcase the joyous Masskara season. A picture or collage of food and hotels would also help in enticing others to join or boost tourism. Further, an announcement of travel requirements, a list of COVID protocols, and the new festival schedule would help in setting expectations and easing the process for those interested in going to Bacolod for the event. I could also see that the article did not have a conclusion, so a brief summary / tagline / catchy phrase at the end would be better for recall. Overall, I believe these few tweaks would do.

  60. David Reasol

    One thing that would be great to include are the main stages of lacson street that features very popular music artists FOR FREE. No tickets required. At the same time show how serious the city governance is with taking measures to ensure the safety of tourist. This way the tourist will be encouraged to go to Masskara having that peace-of-mind.

  61. Connecting with the audience in the appropriate setting and at the appropriate moment has always been the goal of marketing. The finest digital marketers can clearly see how every campaign they run helps them achieve their main objectives.

    As a digital marketer, I believe an updated schedule would be beneficial, as well as more places to visit in the city, updated prices for food trends, hotels and restaurants would be nice too. Moreover, how to commute around Bacolod and grab fares would also make a big difference. More photos of the past festival would also be a big help to persuade tourists to visit.

  62. Emmanuel Go

    Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles. Masskara festival is a month-long party event that the whole city looks forward to celebrating each year. This year, help promote the celebration and make it fun by strengthening the city’s appeal through this creative guide. It is highlighted by street dancing and parades, it is a national treasure!

  63. Erickson Epsayos

    As a digital marketer the suggestions that I could give to boost the tourism of Masskara festival. Is to adapt to the new normal, the blog must post the new protocols an infographics that represent the things that are need to celebrate Masskara Festival happy and safe. Also an video presentation of how new normal Masskara festival was celebrated.

  64. Aimee Rose Malan

    As a digital marketer, I think it would be better to include the time of the activities included in the schedule of events held during the Masskara festival since first-time tourists are not yet familiar with the flow of events. Knowing the exact time of the activities will help them identify if it fits into their schedule. Also, this would give them more time to prepare for transportation since the festival draws a big crowd and it’s challenging to secure a vacant/available vehicle via public transportation. Second, to hype up the interest of the tourists, the article should provide a detailed description of each activity in order to give the tourists an overview of what to expect. It would be a waste of opportunity to miss the activities if tourists are uninformed about the activities that may be in line with their interests. Third, focus more emphasis on the types of people in the crowd. A lot of celebrities and famous people visit Bacolod City to celebrate the festival and if tourists know about this, there is a higher chance that they will visit since they could experience bumping into famous people during the events. Fourth, include the night parties (Love Dance/color splash) in the highlights since a lot of local and international tourists come to masskara festival to experience the colorful nightlife that Bacolod City has to offer. This might spark up their interest if the tourists are also into partying. Lastly, the blog should include a short promotional video of the masskara festival to entice more audiences. Links of vlogs by famous social media influencers can be included so that the tourists can see for themselves and judge if the festival is really worth the visit. After all, to see is to believe and some tourists prefer watching videos and commentaries instead of reading lengthy articles.

    Aimee Rose M. Malan – MKLE5-A

  65. Antonio Albayda

    As digital marketers the best way to market the festival is by posting a 4 part content article about masskara. First should be a short brief history of Masskara. Second is the tourist spots and food that you will be able to see and taste if you are in Bacolod during Masskara. Third is the events that will be schedule so that travelers will know what to expect when they are here. Lastly is Tips for first time travelers to Bacolod because surely they will need this.

  66. Hi! I’m a marketing student from University of St. La Salle – Bacolod taking up the digital marketing course subject and I can say that this article is a good read highliting the significance of Masskara Festival in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. I also like how the author provided us — his readers/audience, the organized schedule of events because personally, I find it convenient upon seeing the chart on a top note. I’ve read several blog online but because of its lengthy phrases, I failed to finish reading it and I guess it’s a common thing about publishing a blog, basically it tends to tell us stories about specific topics that the author would like to convey but this one, personally speaking, is an exception because Mr. Jojo Vito — the author of this blog has published a well-sought narrative about the said topic. Considering it’s already a good read, I think it would be greater to market this blog with its largest possible scope by adding some more flavour to it. To attach more photos featuring the different colors of ‘smiling masks’ with a dash of glitters, the latest photo of New Government Center taken at night ✨ and photos of the Government Officials with the Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez, and photos of Bacolodnon’s pride — the mouthwatering chicken inasal and delicious delicacies, not to mention the Merzci pasalubong center and/or Bong Bong’s Piaya. Through implementeng this course of action, it will attract more readers and could be the authors’ gain on followers. Digital marketing is quite tough but if you have a burning passion for it, every little detail on your blogging site is worth it.

  67. Hamdhi L. Gareza

    With regards to what I suggest is to be included in the blog article to market the festival, it would be the utilization and attachment of videos in the article itself. These videos would be vlogs and other informative videos that highlight and really show the essence and beauty of the Masskara Festival, the city of Bacolod, and everything it has to offer. These videos would be placed under the different corresponding subsections of the article. The use of videos in blog articles or posts make it more entertaining, engaging, enlightening, and convenient since the readers or viewers are able to see what the different sections of the article are talking about and won’t have the need to search it up in another tab.

  68. Mhel Char Muyco

    I read the article about the Bacolod Masskara festival schedule of events that highlights the history, different competitions, and activities that will enjoy local and tourist people. As for me, as a digital marketer, I think the article should include it to convince everyone to watch it together with their friends and families to enjoy the festival. Like, ” It’s once a year to celebrate this festival in Bacolod City, so don’t miss the exciting and enjoyable events and encourage people to take a picture to post on social media to have memorable memories together.” As a result, everyone will see it on different social media platforms that promote the festival.

  69. When it comes to promoting events digitally, it is important to create a plan. Especially when putting on a festival for thousands, having a strategy is the key. For me, to make the promotion of the Masskara Festival more interesting and appropriate in this modern time, we can utilize the different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc. For example, the event organizers can create their official social media accounts and do some promotional activities such as posting a countdown on Instagram stories. This is a great tool for reminding people about the event and driving ticket sales if ever there is one. They can also create an official facebook page for the event and post all the details that the guests need. This could also be a great space to discuss the event details or answer some queries. Posting teasers is another way of building the hype. Lastly, creating a branded hashtag would be convenient for your guests to find all the necessary details regarding your event. Promoting an event online is not only limited to these options, there is so much more out there that you can do to promote a certain event effectively and conveniently.

  70. Celeste Grace H. Marino

    For the purpose of promoting the event, we might conduct a Facebook contest where participants could upload a photo of themselves with their favorite musicians or online influencers in exchange for a chance to win prizes. Bacolodnons will be more motivated to participate if they have the potential to win a free pass, ticket, meet and greet, or a souvenir from the guest, who might be a band, celebrity, or social media influencer. It’s a great method for them to gain more exposure while you advertise the festival in a way that will undoubtedly create excitement and increase ticket sales.

  71. Bench Quilantang

    The article is filled with substantial information about Bacolod’s MassKara Festival. From its History down to where to eat and celebrate during the festival, it’s already jam-packed. As Digital Marketer, I think we could have Local Micro-influencers promote the MassKara festival from their point of view through vlogging and talking about it.

  72. Jeryl Castaños

    As a digital marketer, one thing that I can suggest in order to market the festival is to add more pictures. In this way it can showcase the beauty of Masskara festival. The schedule and other things are good and very informative but for me pictures are good addition to the article.

  73. Alexi Torres

    This article is essential to tourists as it is very well-informed and properly highlights Bacolod’s and Negros’ attractions. This guide includes a summarized history of the Masskara Festival with the year’s schedule of activities, a list of hotels and a variety of itineraries where readers could choose according to their liking, however, this guide should also include a list of places where they could buy souvenirs or “pasalubong”. For me, this is also important so that their loved ones could also experience the essence of Bacolod City in their respective hometowns through these small trinkets or delicacies. May I suggest adding Calea or Bongbong’s to this list.

  74. Jhyl Zynt Penkian COMK4-A

    As a digital marketer to improve and market the festival and destination, since we are still experiencing pandemic and safety protocols are being strictly implemented and being practiced, for me I think the additional infos and details that can be improve here in the guide is to make an eye-catching or make a catching phrase that can touch the travelers which is related to the phenomenon that we’re experiencing like “Keep on Smiling Bacolod: Masskara Festival amidst the pandemic” then it will further elaborate how coming up with that idea or what makes the festival make a difference from other festivals. Also, in this particular guide maybe features the people of Bacolod, their lifestyle and personalities that connects with the Festival and the city of Bacolod. Also maybe includes the sponsors in the festival so that awareness can be spread.

  75. Alexa Operiano

    The emergence of digital era has helped reach people globally. Since the article is out-dated, what should be done first is to update everything – from ‘how to get there’, ‘where and what to eat’, hotel bookings, and a lot more. Update what’s new in 2022, what happened to the festival during the covid-19 pandemic, how was it celebrated and the health and safety protocols. Statements from people of Bacolod can also be added such as what are their thoughts with regards to the festival happening amidst pandemic and how they wanted to celebrate it this year. To add a bit more spice, more photos can be added (could be before and after) so that people would be enticed. Things that are new in Bacolod can also be added like the buildings, malls, and food spots#BoomingBacolod.

    Alexa Operiano BAMK4-A

  76. Ma. Victoria Cuarte MKEL-5A

    I think it would be great if reminders about safety protocols for Covid-19 will be included in the article. As we all know, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. People are scared of getting infected that’s why they limit themselves from engaging in some events like festivals wherein they would be exposed to a lot of people. I think including reminders about safety protocols for Covid-19 would give the readers of the article the idea that the celebration of the masskara festival follows the safety protocols for Covid-19, which makes it safe to attend to. In this way, readers might consider attending and experiencing the festival despite the pandemic. Also, if people are still hesitant to attend the masskara festival physically, I think it would be better to include in the article the online events or activities aside from live streaming, if there are any, wherein people can attend, experience, and engage in the masskara festival virtually. This would give people an idea of how fun the masskara festival is that might build their curiosity and interest in attending the masskara festival. So if the time comes that the pandemic is over and it is safe to go out, they would choose the masskara festival as one of the festivals that they would attend.

  77. Johanne Ruth Geronca

    Masskara Festival is the essence of Bacolod City. It shows the culture and the hospitality of Bacolodnons that other Filipinos visit and experience. Due to pandemic, the annual festival stopped and even limited to online events. Thus, it would be best on this article if we include guides that is pandemic-friendly to ensure safety of the Bacolodnons and tourists. This will enable them to be ahead as well to what will happen during the festival and prepare for precautionary measures.

  78. Angelica Mae Sy (MKELECT5 - BAMK4A)

    As a digital marketer, I believe it is best to include all event venues so that people know where to go if they want to attend the event and, at the same time, buy designed masks, etc. for remembrance. The directions can also be added and placed next to it to be more detailed in case some people don’t know where to find the location because they are new to the city. Keep updating the dates as well, because it is important for people to know when they will book their flights or boat rides just to make it to the event, especially since Masskara is one of our country’s most popular festivals. Some transportation may be fully booked as the event date approaches. Furthermore, the article should include photos, graphics, and brief descriptions of the top cuisines, foods, or drinks that people should look forward to during the event, as well as where they can find their stalls. Maybe add the following artists too, who will go to the event as guests and performers. People are drawn to photos and videos because they can evoke feelings of excitement for the event as well as a desire to return and relive their previous festival experiences. It can be very helpful in marketing the festival when you can find everything in the article, especially one that highlights all the activities to attract the attention of tourists and people living within the area.

    Angelica Mae U. Sy (MKELECT5 – BAMK4A)

  79. Pamela Demegillo

    The post talks about the Masskara festival and its upcoming events and activities. It informs the readers what they should expect during the event. As for me, the article lacks teasers, photos, videos, and a map. Blogs should be multimedia as it encourages more people to visualize what they read. Photos like street dance competitions, vendors selling ‘maskaras’ on the street, and tourist coming to the festival should be seen to attract and persuade the readers to join the said festival. On the other hand, teaser videos should be included as it shows how fun and exciting the festival is for the tourists and locals alike. Maps must be placed under the ‘where to go, where to say’ section to guide the readers of their way and manage their expectations. The “where to eat” may have food reviews and enticing photos that can make the readers want to go to the festival.

  80. Jara, Heather Marie F.

    Masskara Festival is already well-known to the crowd, given its unique and colorful style that most people are looking forward to. To make the article more festive, I suggest we should create a theme that symbolizes the beautiful and vibrant Masskaras and create a layout out if it. With that, we will be able to emphasize how colorful the festival really is. We could also feature some local products from Negros that tourists would like to try. Aside from that, I think it’s also best to put further detailed information such as the schedule and location for street dances, pageants, and other competitions so that the people would know ahead of time prior to their visit. Lastly, it’s best to show some teasers or add more photos of the Masskara Festival through the years so that people would know how festive it really is ever since. This would entice more people to come, not just the locals but tourists as well. Now that Masskara Festival is back with the theme, “Balik Yuhom”, I best believe that people surely missed this iconic festival and would look forward to experiencing it once more after two years!

    Jara, Heather Marie F.

  81. Airese Bea C. De Gracia

    I think, what’s most lacking in the article is on having a sites wherein possible tourists can easily tap on their smartphones on the locations where they want to go or explore may it be in the field of food markets, programs in the said events, and a place to stay on if they will explore the Masskara Festival here in Bacolod City.

  82. Hazel Mae Uy

    “Traveling is an investment in yourself, live the best out of it.”

    As a digital marketer, I believe that having an overall step-by-step top tourist spots itinerary to visit during the Masskara Festival would make a tourist’s travel more convenient. In addition, a virtual creative-interactive webpage where tourists can play small games related to the Masskara festival would be quite fun to experience. Furthermore, an online guide where to buy festival souvenirs, or even sell them online, so that tourists or foreigners do not need to travel alone to buy their own souvenirs when they can buy it online. Although purchasing online loses the essence of traveling by oneself, it is certainly convenient. Additionally, it would be much more convenient if there were virtual travel guide hotlines in case a tourist encountered difficulties (Such as not understanding the language being spoken to them). I believe that these recommendations would surely be able to market the festival as tourists love interacting guides which can make their traveling experiences worthwhile.

  83. Kezia Hazel Duyungan

    As a digital marketer, what I think must be included in the article are photos taken during the Masskara Festival. As we all know, picture paints a thousand words. I believe that it will be an effective way to market the said festival as they will be attracted to the photos that will be shown in the blog. Photos of different events—the parties, parades, concerts, food etc. Through showing these photos, it will inform, persuade, and remind the tourists of how important this festival is to the Bacoleños and how rich our culture is. Including different tourist destination spots in the blog would also be beneficial in promoting tourism in our province. Some tourists may also be interested in going to different must-see sites during their visit, including some pictures of the beautiful spots in Bacolod and their location could help the tourists determine which location to visit next. Including information about the different events during the festival could also give an overview to the readers as to when it started, how it originated, and such.

    Kezia Hazel Duyungan – MKEL5A

  84. Rose Anne V. Yap BAMK4A

    One of the greatest and most enjoyable festivities in the Philippines is the MassKara Festival, so people should participate in everything and have fun. Bacolodnons are very excited for this festival as they will welcome the tourists with their warm and big smile on their faces. I advise for the tourists who are planning to stay in Bacolod City for a couple of weeks or days to witness the Masskara festival is to travel early before the month of October because some hotels get fully book quickly. Tourists should wear comfortable clothes as there will be a lot of walking and dancing in every areas of Bacolod so that they can move freely and enjoy the festival. While having fun in the festival, tourists must also try some foods and I recommend to try the famous chicken inasal in Chicken house and Nenas chicken. Masskara festival is incomplete without the bands as this bring an enjoyful and exciting part of the festival where tourists can dance, sing and enjoy the music.Finally, I will recommend the tourists to buy some souvenirs like T-shirts, keychains, mugs and etc.


    A vivid imagery. Reading through the article, one can see that it greatly highlighted the facts and facets of the Masskara Festival, however, given that the article was meant to capture a digital audience it needed to paint a more vivid picture of what the Masskara Festival looks and feels like in order to highlight the first-hand consumer-experience that the readers have not yet encountered; one that would certainly attract them. The history and the rise of the festival did prompt the article yet it could have told the story more, enough for the readers to create the picture and attach the necessary emotions of the festival on print to similar encounters they’ve had in order to better grasp the celebration. The various events of the festival were penned down as well but their heart and soul were not emphasized enough to draw the reading public in. Put simply, the article missed out on the pizzazz that made Masskara distinct from the rest of the festivals in the province and the country. The narrative was not there which, in my opinion, is something that travellers especially those actively searching for their next adventure online are looking for. Likewise, the food commonly shared during the festivities could have also been a great factor to draw people in and market the festival further. Lastly, if the article were to be updated further, the city’s alert level and safety measures taken can also be underlined to cater to the travelling market who greatly value their health and safety.

  86. Joshua Benedict G. Jingco

    The article should include the safety protocols to be followed as Bacolod and the rest of the country is still under pandemic and under alert level one, for everyone to practice caution while still having fun. Additionally, pictures of the events, booths and foods should be included to entice locals and foreigners to experience the masskara festival. Adding sample images for the famous food and hotels of Bacolod would pique their interest to seal the deal when deciding to travel Bacolod and experience the city’s cuisine and delicacies. Besides the link for the list of places to go and foods to try, it’s nice to make some mentions to give the tourists an idea of what they could expect. Lastly, I think the article should have at least a 30 sec to a minute video montage of the Masskara festival. Sometimes words aren’t enough, people/travelers would search for clips of where they’re going too. So a short video of the highlights of the festival would be a big help. It’s like visiting Disneyland, you think words and pictures aren’t enough, so you go and look for videos that showcase Disneyland to further get you excited or hooked.

    – Joshua Benedict G. Jingco, BAMK4A

  87. Irone D. Calpis BSIT 3-C1

    Today we knew that COVID is every serious case of pandemic that we are in countered. We need Teamwork, leadership, communication, and organization the online masskara event . With these skills it will help us a lot to manage our team. In managing our team we have to be cooperative, creative and easy to communicate for easy teamwork. The team also should know about their goal and must create a way to the goal. But out of all these skill teamwork is the best way to manage a team. Leadership is also one of the best but sometimes cooperating with your teammates is the best solution to manage your goal as a leader but also a team.


    Due to the Covid-!9 , we cannot celebrate masskara festival because mass gathering is no longer allowed. Celebrating Masskara festival online is a good idea. To make the masskara festival in online event possible i will look for two teams, one is the team who helds the masskara festival before the pandemic and the other team who’s capable and well-experience in handling online events.

    If this two team colides by sharing the ideas and adding some things that we need it will be easy and smooth to celebrate the Masskara Festival online.
    – Joe-ann Grace B. HIlare BSIT 3-C2


    On this day the pandemic still continues, but we cannot deny the fact that Masskara festival is so sentimental to Bacolod. If i ever got a chance to manage this event I will surely choose wisely who’ll be my team, choosing the right people in the job makes it more efficient and effective the planning will be resulting in an overall satisfaction. So first of all requirements this people should manage to handle such pressure and not a quitter, it is up to me on how to handle them by communicating and motivating.

    -Janry C. Fernandez BSIT 3C2


    It’s already more or less 2 years since pandemic begin, and we cannot celebrate Masskara Festival as it used to. We have to adapt the “new normal” way of living, there’s a lot of changes because of the crisis what we’ve been experiencing right now. But we Filipino’s is buoyant and unstoppable, we make ways to celebrate occasions in different scheme. If I will giving chance to assemble a team to set up an online Masskara event. First, I will set a virtual meeting for those who willing to join my team. I’ll sift if that person is suitable to be my team member. I will be discussing what kind of member I’ve been looking for. This person should give importance in diversity. That person will think differently, recognizing & exploring differences, appreciate differences, respect differences. If these are characteristics of my members, I guarantee event will be successful.


  91. Bacolod Masskara is one of the most memorable event in the city of bacolod, I think my opinion about on how we organize the masskara in online, I think every participant who join the contest will be given a location, to avoid the spread of virus before you can join make sure that you have any symptoms about the virus the we suffering right now. Every team must consist of below 15 members and should make 1-2 meters distance when performing. The perfomer must be physically fit.


  92. Past few years we are celebrating the one of the famous festival in negros that is The Bacolod Masskara Festival. This festival is being celebrated every fourth Sunday of October. The word Masskara means a multitude of smiling faces which is the highlight of the festival, specifically featuring smiling faces of masks for the city is well-known as the city of smiles. But when the covid 19 came everything was different, the way we used to celebrate our festival we couldn’t do as we used to because of some protocols and the risk of being crowded in some place. If i well be a-signed as one of the team leader or organizer in this event with the same situation. I will have the event thru zoom meeting and fb live, which will have different activities like games or intermission numbers. We all know that some of the teenagers nowadays is addicted in social media. They can choose there team by categorizing them according with their field of expertise like digital arts, tech support such as organization. As a team we will do our best to have some memorable event despite of this pandemic. We will do everything to achieve the goal of all bacolodnons.

    BSIT 3 C-1

  93. Renan P. Bisagar

    Organizing an event like Masskara Festival is very challenging because it will be an online event due to the pandemic. There are so many moving parts and different strategies to consider and working with a team can make it easier and faster. Before we begin the plan, I will let my team contribute their thoughts and ideas regarding the event. As a result, they will be more innovative and motivated while planning the event. The team should have a member that has the skills, knowledge, and background for organizing an online event. I’m also looking for someone that is willing to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the team. Picking the right person in my team will turn out to be a successful Masskara Festival.


    Since Masskara is one of the big event here in Bacolod City, it is important to achieve this in a successful way. So as a leader of the production team, in order to produce an outstanding event, I will set up my planning team by selecting members with various talents and skills that would make me satisfy. First, a worker that only focuses on goals, those who are committed and loyal to me as their leader. Next, they are flexible who works hard and well and responsible. Lastly, a trustworthy and reliable type of team as an essential to an effective team to provide safety since they are comfortable with each other which makes them feel safe to everyone. Indeed, these type of characteristics mentioned above will help me create Masskara event most memorable and successful.


  95. Marion Lloyd M. Santiago Bsit 3-C1

    how you mobilize your team and what are your criteria in selecting your team members I will choose hard -working staff who are observant and good at online presentation and I want different villages so that they know what to do if they wear masks because they are online.

    Marion Lloyd M. Santiago Bsit 3-C1

  96. My team members must know the health protocols of course. They must be knowledgeable enough what is the true essence of celebrating Masskara Festival. My team members must be attentive, creative and flexible. They must be aware of the details of activities to be held. I will alway update them from time to time about activities and other updates. I will make sure that each of them has idea to share that can help improve and make the activities more exciting.

  97. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate

    Because the pandemic is still going, we can only organize an online event for Masskara Festival just to be safe. To organize this, I must have a team that follows the criteria while also following safety protocols. For the criteria, first it should be to create a concrete goal for the festival because they include plans to take specific actions. Second, determine the festival’s budget because it ensures that I will always have enough money for the things I need for the festival. And lastly, fully plan out the festival’s schedule. I’ll make sure my team will follow this criteria in order to achieve the goals towards the Masskara Festival.

    Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

  98. Hance Peñafiel

    Held this like event is a honor for me because Masskara festival is the colorful and joyful festival and also virtual celebration is the safest way to celebrate the masskara festival first step i do is create a advertisement or announcement in social media to encourage negrosanon and also in different province to watch the virtual maskarra festival and then what I do I will choose one of each different baranggay to volunteer and help me to organize this celebration Masskara festival i will brief my team to what is the sequence of event and also me and my team must be follow protocol and also teamwork,collaboration,sharing ideas,synergy is the key to success and safe i will manage and led my team technical error or bad connection is the common problem in this kind of event.but my team always prepared and be proactive to avoid error to disctruction the flow of this virtual celebration

    Pray before what you do god always guide because nothing is impossible.

    Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

  99. During this pandemic we cannot celebrate masskara festival because we need to follow our protocol to avoid Covid . But my team and I will make a way to celebrate festival through virtual celabration .As a leader of team i will assign to each one of my members who have ideas in graphic design and who are good in organizing events and have many ideas for events . My team and I will make a plan and we will listen to each ideas to make our plan successful . We talk about the prices and what is the flow of our virtual celabration. We will make step by step to our virtual celabration to become successful .

    Jenifer G. Aquiño BSIT 3 C2

  100. During this pandemic , we need to to celebrate our gatherings with respect our culture. But we need to follow our protocol to avoid the Covid 19 pandemic. My team and I will make a way to celebrate the gathering through virtual celebration. But after that we need to assign each one of my team who have ideas to know the graphic designs, and know how to media team, and also good at organizing events, third have many ideas for the events, lastly know how to persuade and know how to organize the participants in te event.

    I will ask each one of my team if they have an idea or opinion the celebration of gatherings, I will respect each one of my team if ever they have a opinion. Me and my team will do the task with helping each other. Through virtual i know many people will be happy and will be success celebration.


  101. Because of this pandemic we can’t celebrate the Masskara festival here in Bacolod City and because of that we celebrate it through online or virtual celebration. So my criteria for selecting a team members is that he/she knows on how to organize well and has an idea or experience in online events. And also have skills, knowledge and determination on what he/she doing to make our virtual celebration easier or have an better outcome. And since it is an online celebration so my team must have a good communication skills so that the viewer can understand what is being said. Lastly I will make sure that my team is responsible enough on what is the task given to them to make our online celebration successful.


  102. Denver Roa Jr.

    The safest way to celebrate Masskara Festival is through online. To make an online Masskarra Festival event, first I willl make a team that has knowledge and skills, a team that has an experience, a team that is responsible, know what they’re are doing. A team that has passion, determination and commitment. Communicate with them, communicating with your team can share or exchange information, news, or ideas that can help you and your team to manage the event. Of course also you’ll need workplace where your team will do their work and equipments that they need. Plan everything before the event. Make an advertisement abot the upcoming festival, post pictures, videos everything that is need for the festival. Also you have to trust your team because you hired them you know their capabilities. Respect your team so that they will also have respect on you. And lastly motivate and encourage them. Having a good team is very important because a good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.

    Denver Roa Jr. (BSIT 3-C2)

  103. Norman B. Lopez

    In making an online masskara event festival is very risky.But as a leader of a team,i should mobilize my team by giving to them in there own responsibilities on handling online masskara event.But first before i create a team,i should look the team that is responsible to his/her task,and also a hard-working person and can take part in every task that he/she do.Because if i have a team that is responsible and hard worker persons,the event will finished successfully.But before my team do their task i give them a hazard equipment because we are now in a pandemic and it is very risky to to different responsibilities and making events so that we should be careful nowadays.

    Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

  104. Ralph Tarre Jr.

    As a manager, however, you are in a great position to know how your people work, to identify what training they need to perform better, Start by understanding your team members.

    BSIT 3C2

  105. Reniel M. Atillano

    If I’ve given a task to organize a team to make a online masskara event in bacolod city, I wilk make a plan first and then, me and my team will having a online meeting regarding to the event if what kind of activities that people make interest to watch, that can make them fun and enjoy while watching our event even if they were just at home, because as a organzer the main goal is to make your audience happy and enjoy because the more enjoying and fun of your activities the more audience you attract. So that the event will end successful because there’a so many people watch the event because they enjoy and through that event the boredome of some people due to this pandemic because we cant go out will be vanish just for a while.
    Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

  106. now we must first follow the government protocol in order not to spread the virus. because now everyone is on social media and almost everyone is already using a cellphone, what to do if the program is to beautify the mask and they should post it on facebook with the hashtag #masskaraKoKalipayKo and I will take the judge and they will judge 50 % and I will give the people 50% by liking who is the highest. and all the masks they made I will put on the side of the road in bacolod so that they can still feel the celebration of the masskara festival, which even now we are faced with the problems of our lives, let’s not give up. and we always remember everything that happens in our life has a reason and we can also overcome it and we will remain steadfast and we will just surrender our problems in life to the lord because he will not leave us and all will be blessed
    BSIT 3 C2

  107. Angelo Casilagan

    The Masskara Festivalis the most famous festivalin Negros. if l were organized a team to make a Online Masskara Event. First We need a teamwork and brainstorrrling that you shareldess and opinions how weapproachedourvlewersandhow we organized the online Masskara We need synergy for better solutions ideas that needed for an upcoming Online Masskara Event. And we need to worktogether .discuss issues and listen to each other We need totake responsibilities for making improvements and need to work at maximum efficIency for better outcomes of Our Online Masskara Event.


  108. John Peter Solleza

    Pandemic hit us especially on what we do to our daily lives. Because of pandemic we often hold an event through an online platform. However, some events may grasp in the physical gathering but there is a lot of safety protocol that they should follow. If I task to organize a team to make an online masskara event I will do a lot of steps and every step should be executed well to avoid trouble. The first step that I will go to do is to make an online meeting together with my team to discuss a lot of things such as the goals, the rules, the do`s and don`ts, etc. The 2nd thing that I will do is to conduct a physical gathering together with my team to clarify and to make clear the all steps that we will do. However, we will make sure that we will follow safety protocols which are we should do swab tests, wearing face masks at all times, do social distancing, and other safety protocols. The next step that we will do is brainstorming. This step is very important because we will gather all the ideas that we will do during the event. Thenceforth, we make an organizational chart to guide us where we assign and what are the responsibilities that we will do during an activity. The next step is very important because we will clarify all our responsibilities, goals, do`s and don’ts, and other important matter that we will do during an event. Lastly, we will start the event and we will do everything very well and we execute it with love.

    The criteria’s that I wanted for my team are being respectful, responsible, honest, very committed, flexible, and having a positive attitude. As a team leader, the first thing and the most important thing that I wanted to my member are having respect not only to me/leader but to everyone because everyone deserves a respect. Being responsible is important not only to me but all of us should be responsible for what we are doing. Being honest with each one of us is important to avoid a misunderstanding. When you are very committed, you should give your 100% willingness because your will reflects your effort

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  109. Dioneo, Clark Vin BSIT3-C1

    Since we faced pandemic we have to consider the safety of everybody.
    Celebrating a huge event which is
    Masskara Festival online is a bit different. In choosing a team to manage and organize an virtual event.I will look for the people that has an knowledge regarding online events the one who are committed and had enough experience and passionate about on what they do.Having that kind of team,Im pretty sure that it will leads to a meaningful and successful virtual masskara event. The team that aims to bring smile on the faces of our people. Letting everyone to know how beautiful the culture of bacolonons is .And that would be the true essence of Masskara Festival.
    Dioneo,Clark vin S. BSIT3C1

  110. Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

    As a leader to organize an event that has become a part of Bacolodnons every year, I’ll build a team that will meet the expectations of people for this event and a team that will lead the event to success. My criteria that I will consider for my team are the following;
    1. Open-minded – yes as a leader, I want some people that are open minded so that as a team we can exchange ideas that without having a misunderstanding.
    2. Positive thinker – we are now experiencing a pandemic and because of it, we easily get stress and I need a people to my team that are not easily be shaken by negativity and know how to row the boat of positivity for my team.
    3. Responsible – for me this is the important criteria that I will look for my team member because having a responsible team will give the organization a smooth sailing ride. And I will drive or mobilize my team by reminding them the purpose or the goal of the online Masskara event that we are preparing. I will also engaged every one of them to the task and will show how they can help the team for the success of event. I believe, I can also drive my team for the success of event by expressing my gratitude along the way and build a connection to them as a leader.
    Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

  111. Ronnie Jude T. Tabora BSIT 3C2

    I will be needing people with high interest in the event and who are willing to join. People who are experts in designing and dancing. Also their time because its a very big event that will consume much of their time. And most of all, people who are responsible and has rhe ability to work as a whole.

  112. Rollen Mari V. Gadiano

    If I organize an online masskara event as a team, I choose someone on my team who knows how to respect fellow team members and other people, knows his/her responsibility in the team. I also chose someone who has the willingness to give 100% commitment to the team, knows how to encourage others to meet the goal and to solve a problem. The person who trusts the team, knows to take risk that they know your team are capable of fulfilling their promises. And also knows about the masskara event, that they have an experience in how to manage/organize the masskara event. They know how to talk to the people with respect, Because communication is important to the team you need to be vocal in how you approach in a good way to the people around you.

    — Rollen Mari V. Gadiano BSIT 3C1

  113. Ermie Grace D. Pagsuguiron

    If I were tasked to organize a team to make an online Masskara event I might prefer to make it simple but meaningful. Since we are facing the pandemic we are not able to enjoy the maskara physically for 2 years. As an organizer I will bring them the masskara as more exciting than it is. Ideally to promote a platform online where each one of us may experience the masskara festival not only for Bacolodnon but in this case we can also help to promote the tourism of Bacolod City. I will organize the online masskara festival dance competition and a lot more masskara experience like the way it is. Some of the criterias are to make us feel a lot of excitement and determination about this festival, and to let the people feel how they really need to experience the best in masskara. Also I would like to have people that are creative and knowledgeable about some interesting ideas that we can provide for this Online Event.


  114. We will make decisions and plans for the online event. We will seek help from the local government for the equipment to be used for the online event. Each one of us has a different task. I will divide it into seven groups.

    GROUP A, will audit the budget how much money is needed and how much money is spent

    GROUP B, will organize the equipment for the event such as sound systems, cameras, and devices needed

    GROUP C, will process the documents and they will also set the times and days

    GROUP D, will choose a good online platform for the webinar

    GROUP E, will look for sponsors, they will also make advertisements

    in GROUP F, they will find the host of the event.

    GROUP G, they will be the watchdog of possible problems.

  115. Thank you for all livestreaming platforms because it is one of our choice specially during this pandemic that we can’t celebrate our proud festival here in Bacolod, Masskara Festival. But if I’m the one that been given task to organize a TEAM to make a virtual Masskara event, the frist step that I’m going to do is to Identify my audience, we need to do first is to take a survey to the public and find out how many percent of people are interested in this event and how could they participate in this event. Second is to finalize our format, online event planning have many formats, it can be organized by one person on the screen or it could be perform by a group of performers to entertain audience in screen. Third is to choose a specific platform, nowadays there are so many livestream platforms that we can use to held this event but obviously I will choose Facebook bacause not only it is easy to access by all users but also it is common for all possible liveviewers, the fourth one is mobilizing my team and making criteria in selecting my team members, obviously I will pick a team member that is active in participating an online event and have a knowledge how to run a online event, most important thing is choosing a host/MC to run an event, I need a experienced and at the same time humorous one. Then choosing the venue, basically due to this pandemic all of covered courts are closed for safety protocols, but if I possible I suggest to choose a more private venue like cultural gyms, not because it is virtual it means it should’t be held in halls, obviously it needs a stage so that it can shoot a live performance of groups to entertain our live viewers. Then lastly but not the least part of the plan is to choose a specific time and date, typically the best time is weekends during early evening for around 5:00-7:00 p.m. between saturday and sunday, we could also make an online survey to ask our audience for schedule suggestions and obviously exclusive only in month of october where Masskara festival naturally happens.

    Axel Mer N. Dolero BSIT 3 C2

  116. Jhon Christian T. Talaman BSIT3-C2

    If i have been task to organize a team to make an online masskara event. And how i will mobilize my team. And what is my criteria for selecting my team members. Is that the ability to cooperate and motivate the team and has the mindset of a good member in the team.he/she knows the purpose of every person in the team. And he/she understand the meaning of the word “TEAM” in order to make sure every person has the factor of a good member in a successful and a competent team.

  117. Mark Vincent M Diode

    Because of this pandemic most of the way to communicate now is in virtual or in the online. To held this online masskara event we need a good internet connection and enough technologies in terms of the virtual activities. If I had a task to organize a team to make an online masskara event my criteria will be Determination, Good in communication, Expertise about technology, Can handle or solve the problem in case, and Creative. In these criteria I can mobilize my team to do a virtual masskara event very well and in the help of a teamwork. Teamwork is important, because the team cannot be called team without a teamwork. Because of the teamwork the task or work is easy to do in the workplace to reach the goals.

    Mark Vincent M Diode BSIT3-C1.

  118. Monera N Dondoy

    As a organizer for the online festival event I will recruit a team that willing to join the online festival event team that hardworking and responsible. Being a organizer of the team is a big responsibilities so make sure that everyone have a communication to each other. As a organizer I will make a group chat so that it is easy to communicate to your team . You need brainstorming so everyone can share their ideas and opinions. Everyone also should be involve to ensure and full informed the details about maskarra festival event. As a leader you should always listen to their thoughts so that your plan will be easy and successful.

    Monera N Dondoy BSIT3-C1


    Masskara Festival present the City of Bacolod, this isn’t hindrance to us to celebrate our beloved festival. To mobilize a team for an online Masskara event, the first thing that I will do is to inform them about the event, gather and set a meeting with the team with proper distancing and follows protocol. If some are on the far city I’ll just set a meeting through online, discuss the Masskara event ask ideas or any suggestion, do the consensus to make the online Masskara event become more entertaining to the people without any set backs. Divide them to their capabilities and where they excel. Group them according to their roles and assign a task in each group.

    The criteria for selecting my team members is based on their capability, strengths, passion to do their work, cooperatively with their fellow team. Creativity in his/her decisions or idea, and has the knowledge is crucial to the event. Our team is a Cross Functional Team, since it is pandemic it does not required to have face to face meeting, they can be in any where as long they have a good and reliable connection and the qualities and criteria I have mentioned.

  120. Kent Nicholas Bertolano E. BSIT3C2

    Being a organizer is a crucial task to make a event successful. Such event requires time, hardwork, patience and effort. Create your team based on their experties, To create an online event, you’ll be needing a lot of man power. Selecting team members is one of the most important step, it will greatly effect the task, its either success or fail situation, it dlepends on the members you have and how dedicated they are. Select those who are dependable, has good time management, knowledgable to the specific field, and has the skill to coordinate well. Lastly you’ll need members that can work efficient in the time of crisis, if they have these skills, keep them because they will help you succeed as a organizer or manager.

  121. Mae Grace L Jundos

    In selecting a criteria for my team members on organizing an Online Maskara event. First is that I would choose people who have knowledge and experience in this kind of things, so that the work would be fast and it easy for them to give opinions and ideas because they have already done this kind of thing. Second, i would choose people whom i can trust so that there won’t be a misunderstanding and hendrance when each of us would share ideas, opinions and being in a work place where you can trust your teammates each of us make are work more productive and comfortable. After selecting people who are capable for this jobs in my team we can now give some statements about what are the purposes of this event, that we should commit, communicate and involve ourselves in the specific work we designated. Then having a teamwork and coordination so that our work for this online maskara event would be success and meaningful.

    Mae Grace L Jundos BSIT 3-C1

  122. Aki nishizawa

    As today that we are experiencing a pandemic all around the world i will held a online maskara. first i will gather people that had expertise and experience in helding a online events to make sure that each every of our team had an idea on how the online event operates. And know how to cooperate and communicate with each other and lastly a people that i can trust in each job that i will give to them. In mobilizing my team i will gather them and talk of each of them if have a suggestion and request to me and our team i will consider their ideas and plan with them. I will give them each task and ask the assigned people if they are comfortable at working on the assigned task. So that we can have a harmonious atmosphere while we are working and the most important thing is i will just be strict on the deadline given because base o. The saying time is gold its better to be late than sorry because it is good that you are ahead of time of the time planned maybe you will face minor problems and you can fix it while the event is not held on he said date

    Aki nishizawa bsit 3 c1

  123. Renz Christian T. Carisma

    First I will share to my team the history of Bacolod because I want to give them more idea of what culture of Bacolod has and why is the reason behind the celebration of Maskara festival. Then I want to inject to them the desire to help and serve the team. I will encourage my team so that they will give the 100 percent commitment for our project. To my criteria I want a good host or speaker that brings excitement to the audience, has experience to organize online events, a “techy” person, must have own gadgets, creative and there is originality in his/her work.

    Renz Christian T. Carisma BSIT 3-C1

  124. Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3-C1

    We all know that Masskara festival can’t be held outdoor because of global pandemic. Organizing Maskara festival online wouldn’t be easy. You should have people who is literate enough on technology and expert on utilizing social medias. If I will facilitate a online Masskara festival I would choose people who are great or expert on using gadgets , technology, and can make or utilize websites which I can use as the setting place for my online Masskara festival, create program which is suitable for for this kind of situation such as online masskara making competition, online Masskara festival dance competition, every program that is possible to be held online. Organize TV channels to braodcast my online Masskara festival, make shows that everyone can see.

    Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3-C1

  125. Pura,Riza Mae S. BSIT 3 C1

    Online Event is not easy thing to do there’s a lot of things we can do so that it would be successful. Discipline,Trust, skills, synergy,communication and Teamwork are needed to accomplish the Online Masskara Event . Communication is 20% because without this it is useless it’s better to have this so that we could talk and organize of what we will do for the upcoming event.
    Skills 40% this is really important because i need as a leader a well experience and expertise members so we could have a better idea and opinions. Next TRUST 40% , i should trust my members and i should avoid ignorance , cliques and prejudice because it can cause roadblocks to our team for being a productive . Each team members should have Task to do so that ot would be easy for us to create a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MASSKARA EVENT.

    Pura, Riza Mae S. BSIT 3-C1

  126. Andrada Mel V.

    If I will organize a team to make an online masskara event. First I will select a members that characterize the team success factors including purpose, process,communication, commitment, involvement and trust there are important to effectiveness of a team and it’s can help To improve my team and move rapidly into success of the event. And also I will avoid ignorance, cliques and prejudice because it can make road blocks and can bring conflict and it’s not good in the team and it’s affect in the success of masskara events. To start the process of making masskara event My team and I should coordinate to every barangay officials here in bacolod City if they are wilig to participate in the event. Second I will organise my team through barangay to barangay for us to communicate easily. Our first event was a dance parade because dance parade was the biggest asset in MassKara Festival and it could be held also through online barangay event and I will make sure that the protocols in this pandemic stage will be implemented. This dance parade should be perform in there own perspective barangay area and the audience and the judges should be judge them through online voting. The schedule of our event should be weekend so that there will be no work at the same time to assure that we have higher number of viewers online. Also we will post the schedule of the event ahead two weeks before the event through online. I will assign a head leader for every team in barangy their was a problem or any conflict the head leader should communicate with me or coordinate to give solutions if there was a problem. And before anything else we should discuss our plans and ideas form each of us to improve this event.

    Andrada Mel V. BSIT 3-C1

  127. During this pandemic, it is not possible to celebrate fiestas and any gatherings because many people will attend it and we cannot guarantee their safety. With that, my team and I will make a way for the celebration to continue.
    As a leader, it will be taken if the members first know how to do graphics design, secondly, are good at organizing events, third, have many ideas for the said event, fourth, know how to persuade and know how to organize the participants in the event.
    We will make a plan and we will listen to each other’s ideas to make our steps more polished and what we will do and how we can achieve more viewers what strategy we will do for more people to participate and if what are the prices and what is the flow of our virtual celebration. And we will make step by step our plans for a successful celebration.

    Ramon Resty D. Artesano BSIT3-C2

  128. Cydrik B. Gabunilas BSIT3-C1

    First, I will look for an expert in computer editing and people who already have experience in the masskara festival. And combine their knowledge and experience to create an online event so that people will not be bored and will not miss the masskara festival due to the pandemic.

  129. Anjeline C. Sampior

    In order to make an Online Masskara Event, I need skilled and experienced team members. I will send emails or private messages in order to reach them and inform that I am recruiting some members. Social media is the best and easy way to gather members. Gathering members is crucial, so I need to make a criteria. Members must have experience on online events so that our operations will be smooth. Each members must be skilled in many things, I don’t want someone who is only good at certain thing. He/she must know to multitask because if something bad happens, there will be always someone who can be replace and still do the job correctly. Members should have good communication skills. This is an online event, voice and communication skills will help a lot to entertain people and gather more audience. (BSIT3-C1)

  130. Laurice A. Abellar

    As of now we’re facing at virtual communication because of pandemic. If, I had a team to organize the masskara festival through online. My criteria are, first Determination and Commitment it’s equivalent to 30%, because you can’t called it a team without the determination and commitment on it. 2nd is having a Workplace Diversity it’s equivalent to 40%, because not all of us are came from in the same environment of culture. Respecting and valuing are included in there. 3rd is Experience and Expertise it’s equivalent to 30%, having an experience and expertise about gadgets and other electronic devices. Because having them is very important also it is easy to put them in where they belong and of course it’s easy to manage. Having a different people to build a team is exciting, because each of them has a ability and knowledge to be shared. Because you can’t called it a team without teamwork. That’s all Thankyou!

    Laurice Abellar BSIT3-C1

  131. Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3C1

    If I am to organize a team for an Online Masskara event, I will select my team from different Baranggay’s in Bacolod City. I believe that cultural diversity really matters. As per Baranggay, culture is differ from one another. I’ll give a chance to each member of the team to speak out their opinion of what they think is the best for the event. As a leader of this team I will prevent ignorance, cliques and being a prejudice leader to happen because this will become a roadblocks to the team for being a productive one. I will give my trust to the team so that they may feel motivated and give their best to cooperate with this event. I will give each of them their specific task and always motivate them to give their best because even if they differ in task that I’m going to give, as a team we have the same goal and this is to have a successful online Masskara event.

    Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3 – C1

  132. Pamela A. Lucha

    It’s a big responsibility to held a online Masskara Festival. But it’s the safest way to celebrate our Masskara Festival. First, I will make sure that I have a team that is responsible and have an experience about online event. I’ll make sure that my team has a complete equipment that they need. A team that responsible with their actions. We need to make sure that we plan everything right. We need to show how important the Masskara Festival in Bacolodnons. We will share a past celebration of Masskara Festival before pandemic. How Masskara Festival starts and helps the tourism of Bacolod City. I cannot do that if I don’t have a team that’s is more intelligent in gadgets and online event. A team that is responsible and hard-working. A team that is creative and proud. Lastly, a team that also from our own town Bacolod City. A team that have a heart of Bacolodnons because they will be more motivated to make the online Masskara Festival success because it’s also their honor as a people of Bacolod City.

    Pamela A. Lucha BSIT 3-C1

  133. Due to this pandemic, we cannot celebrate Masskara festival. But an organizer, despite of all this circumstances. And by the use of technology I will make a contest. I will announced my team about my plan and they are the one who will going to spread it into social media. The contest is about making a masskara head dress and a masskara costume. But ofcourse, there will be a reward in every contest. So that many participants will register. The winner will be honored with money and a trophy. And I will also put decorations on the road so that people can aslo feel the essence of masskara. And a raffle event for many people so that their will be more excite and many more events to held. Like the trending app now, the tiktok. I will use it so that many millenials and generation Z will be attracted and registered in my event. I will call it the “Tiktok Masskara Dance” and also the trending mobile games the Mobile Legends. Masskara feat, Mobile Legends tournament in Bacolod City.

  134. Paolo Miguel S. Samson

    First of all, Online Masskara will be a good way of celebrating it in this time of pandemic. in choosing a team to organize it, first is to mobilize the team to do that we need to apply communication. communication helps the team connect with each other and will enable your team to grow and develop together. And also Listening to your teammates, listening to them will help boost teams communication. it is also important to listen to your teams ideas that they share.

    Knowledge and skills is the criteria I need to select people for my team. and also I prefer selecting people that are confident with their work, so that time management will no longer be an issue when organizing the event.

    Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

  135. Jennelyn Obenita

    Hi Masskara Festival,
    Good day! I’m Jen Obenita from Hallohallo Entertainment/MNL48.
    I’m under Ms. Paula Bringas formerly from Viva Records.

    I would just like to inquire regarding your Masskara Festival this year. I’m just hoping if you are open to have an artist guesting.

    The artists I’m handling now Ma’am is called MNL48. A franchise of Japan’s AKB48,
    co-managed by AbsCbn/Showtime. We’re currently promoting their album(just released
    this November).

    After the success of their debut album, we recently launched
    their newest album “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” on Showtime last Nov 30,2018.
    Just last year ma’am we had a couple shows in smaller malls and we’re
    surprised to have sold 128,176, 200 and 371 CDs. Their fans are looking for more and
    we’re hoping to bring them to bigger mall venues.

    The fan base that they have right now are the anime lovers, japan culture enthusiasts,
    and also fans of AKB48—usually underground groups.

    I’m really hoping you’ll be open to have a guest like our artist.

    I also attached the profile of our artist and their recent music videos under
    AbsCbn Starmusic for your reference.

    Thanks Masskara Festival!

  136. Ernesto Lamina Jr

    lacson st in Mandalagan bacolod city in front of L” Fisher Hotel meron din silang sariling street festival and masaya din, try niyo po masaya talaga doon, kasi po taga doon ako sa lugar na yan mismo.

  137. Sna kmapagcompet yng masskara festival sa aliwan ,festival pra masya parati kmi nagdadasal na sna ma invite cla at pra masilayan man lng namin,kc naman iba tlaga pag andito cla,kmi at lhat ng tga maynila na bka sakali man lng silay masilayan d2,

    • drumbeat kasi yung aliwan… hindi bagay sa masskara festival ang drum beat para sayawan, music talaga ginagamit ng masskara… sinubukan dati ang drumbeat pero hindi maganda at masayang panoorin

  138. please paki post ng highlights ng masskara festival 4th wekend ng october para makapag book na kami apat papuntang bacolod gusto namin ma witness ang masskara dance festival wala pa kasi ang sched sana meron na

    • It’s because were still in pandemic we cannot held a celebration that we are used to do, we can make a online activies that are related to the Masskara Festival. And I need a team that are literate to internet and has good communication skills. By the help of my team we still operate and generate the festival, we can also post, uplaod and making live for the some activities in this festival. Then we should make a list of the schedule or the evemts of the festival that people can aware when the events and programs start. So that even we are in the middle of the pandemic we are still continue the Masskara fesrival and it is for.the safwty of everybody.


  140. Hello! when are you going to publish 2017 masskara schedule?
    And how to contact the organizer of this event?

    • usually the final schedule will be released every September

    • Adrian Semillano

      Despite of this pandemic i can Make a way so that we can’t forget the essence of the masskara festival. I make a program like drawing a design through online. I make also a virtual dance contest. A headrest competition through online also. I make a portal so that we can connect each other. Adrian Semillano BSIT 3-C1

  141. Is this a true schedule of masskara festival activities?

    • I doubt it, Friday Oct 21 tapos na? Wala event sa 22 and/or 23? Whatta Weekend!

    • 2017 detailed schedule is yet to be released.please read the red text.

      • Shiela Taleon

        hi sir jojo vito is there a masskara making contest for this year event?

        • Hi, Shiela, I don’t know yet….that will be announced just in case by September.

        • Jahlyn Malana Bsa- 2 B

          By enhancing marketing and promotion, diversifying festival offerings, and strengthening local business involvement. Marketing efforts should include creating promotional materials and collaborating with travel agencies to package the festival as part of a larger Bacolod City experience. Diversifying festival offerings can attract a wider range of tourists and increase income. Strengthening local business involvement can maximize the economic benefits of the festival by encouraging partnerships between organizers and local businesses, offering special discounts, and working with artisans and entrepreneurs to promote their products.

        • If I were be a tourism executive of Bacolod City, here are some strategies that I would be employ for the Masskara Festival to help the city

          First, invite some local social media vloggers to promote and introduce the Masskara Festival by encouraging and telling what more to expect for the Incoming celebration. They can act as a traveller themselves to showcase what are in Bacolod in celebrating Masskara Festival and now to enjoy it. They can also teach some of our simple languages such as maayong aga”, “madamo nga salamat ” manamit” and more for them to experience as a Bacolodnon. As of today’s generation most especially the young ones have been following some vloggers not just to watch but also to find Some interesting places to visit and experience and it will be a big. platform for them to showcase what to expect for the festival.

          Second, showcase the speciality of Bacolod and Masskara Festival by providing a space were local businesses can also promote their own products and delacacies Plan some interesting program and activities that can include the tourist like making a mask for Masskara Festival. in this, they are enjoying while the business is gaining. This will be a good chance to meet and gain partnerships for some businesses.

          Lastly, feedbacking, to boost more for the next, we also need some opinions from the tourist itself to know where good and to know where to improve more since we used social media to promote why not ask them personally by putting tables or tents for feedbacking or interviewing them. This way we can personally interact with them and also to say. thank you for visiting and experiencing our very own Masskara Festival.

  142. Wow those are amazing masks! Looks like a fun festival.

  143. Masskara festival is one of the most-awaited events in the Philippines. I wish I could go there with the whole family to explore and to attend such events in Bacolod. Thanks for the heads up!

  144. CourtneyLynne

    Omg now this looks like one awesome festival!!! I would love to attend!!!

  145. This looks like such a festive festival! With so much happening and the obvious fun to be had, it’s definitely something to put on the calendar!

  146. I never been in Bacolod and sounds a beautiful place to visit. I would love to go there and see the Masskara festival in live

  147. I never been in Bacolod. But I want to go there if I have a chance and looks a fun Masskara festival.

  148. So many awesome masks, very creatively done! I love how they styled and presented each one as well. It would be awesome to go here and just enjoy the show!

  149. Oh wow what an amazing sounding and looking festival – I love the colours, I bet it is such a wonderful atmosphere when you are there. x

    • Angelica Beatriz Boncalon

      To promote the festival, inviting and collaborating with local influencers to promote the festival would be an effective way to target audiences.
      The influencers aligns the brand and values, as this will build trust and credibility with the target audience which is people from Bacolod. Collaborating with local restaurant would be also a great way by inviting audiences who dine in on their restaurant. By offering limited food for a specific day in a month of masskarra. The next one is SMS marketing, providing your phone number on the website will provide confirmation texts, reminders, and alerts about the whereabouts and schedule of the festival. It is also a way to generate excitement among attendees, send countdown reminders before the weeks or days to generate excitement. One thing to promote the festival is by sharing the QR code posters that include the, users can simply scan the QR Code, this will display all the event’s details like the time and location and this will link to your preferred ticketing service to purchase tickets. They can even add the event details directly to their digital calendars with a tap. Most importantly, by planning all of these, we should keep in mind that by observing safety health protocols we can keep each other safe in the middle of this pandemic.

  150. Bacolod’s Masskara Festival is always draws in a big crowd. Knowing that the current administration has huge plans for it this year excites me. It’s just too bad that I already have a trip planned the same time as this, but next year should be okay. I have always wanted to experience how we Pinoys do our festivals.

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