Bacolod Masskara Festival


Official Masskara Festival Schedule

  • October 1 & 2 | First Mayor Albee Benetiz Football Cup
  • October 7 | BMX Contest for Ridersand Enthusiasts at the Bacolod Bay Center
  • October 7 & 8 Bacolod Hip Hop Dance Challenge at the Bacolod Government Center
  • October 7 to 9 | First Mayor Albee Benetiz Cup Drag Fest
  • October 11 | Mr. Bacolod at the Central Halls 1 & 2 , Ayala Malls Capitol Central
  • October  14 | Masskara Auto Convention at SMX  Bacolod
  • October 15 | Bacolod KPop Night
  • October 15 & 16 | First Mayor Albee Benetiz  Masskara Circuit Race and Motor Show at the Upper East Megaworld
  • October 19, 9 PM | Miss Bacolod Masskara Coronation Night at University of St La Salle Colliseum
  • October 20 | Masskara Music Festival at the New Government Center
  • October 21, 7 PM | Masskarade Ball, Dinner with the Stars at SMX Bacolod
  • October 21-22 | Tatak Bacolod Food Festival at the North Capitol Road
  • October 21-23 | Masskara Street Parties at Lacson Tourism Strip
  • October 22 , 6 PM | Electric Masskara  ( Float and Dance Competition) at Rizal Street, Araneta Street to Paglaum Sports Complex
  • October 22, 1 pm | Street Dance and Arena Dance Competition at Rizal Street to Araneta to Paglaum Sports Complex

Note: More activities will be added soon, so please bookmark this page for more updates.



The Bacolod Masskara Festival is celebrated every fourth Sunday of October. The word Masskara means a multitude of smiling faces which is the highlight of the festival, specifically featuring smiling faces of masks for the city is well-known as the city of smiles.

This was originally started in the year 1980 and is still being celebrated up to this present time. It emerged during a time of crisis. The locals rely on sugar cane as their primary source of living in the aspect of agriculture. Because of the trend of newly released high fructose corn syrup from the USA, the local business of the people became difficult so much so that they do not anymore earn their basic earnings just like before. Aside from that, it is also a tragic beginning since on the 22nd of April that same year, the inter-island vessel MV Don Juan with a lot of Negrenses passengers and the well-known families of Bacolod City collided with the tanker of the Tacloban City. Due to this, the MV Don Juan sank in Mindoro on its way to Bacolod coming from Manila. This tragic and unfortunate event took 750 lives in total. To uplift the spirit of the citizens and to once again create a lively spirit in town after the tragic events, City Mayor Jose Montalvo proposed the beginning of the “Festival of Smiles” commonly known nowadays as the Masskara festival.

The highlight of the Bacolod Masskara Festival is the street dance competitions. Locals per Barangay are free to form their respective groups and participate in the said competition. They will have to, of course, prepare for the majestic costumes and props, practice stunning choreography, and do all other effects to make their presentation exceptional.

Other activities also include the Masskara Queen, where locals will open a pageant competition. Women will vie for the crown, and the one who exhibits true Bacolodnon beauty and she will be hailed as the queen of the festival. Similarly, other small competitions are also simultaneously happening in all parts of the city. These are the agriculture-trade fairs, bugle corps tournaments, carnivals, drums, food festivals, garden shows, musical concerts, and sports events.

Throughout the week of the celebration, people gather in the place to enjoy the non-stop activities which will surely make anyone dance and sing with joy! But if you are more of an observer than a participant, you may opt to watch the other simple yet really enjoyable games prepared by the locals. Indeed, the Bacolod Masskara Festival is filled with a lot of enjoyable and entertaining activities which may be enjoyed by the visitors, both locals, and foreigners. This is a world-class celebration prepared by the people of Bacolod City. Make sure that as you go here, do not forget to bring your camera with you and be ready to capture the one-of-a-kind smiles of the locals, living to its legacy as the City of Smiles!



Please visit this page to know the various ways to get to Bacolod City. This link has detailed schedules of fast crafts and detailed bus schedules. Transportation Guide to Bacolod City




if you are planning to witness the Bacolod Masskara Festival, it would be best to book your hotel as early as you can. Hotels rooms may not be available anymore during the highlight week.


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Food is one thing which the city is proud of. Numerous restaurants offer various cuisines are found all over the place.

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Bacolod Masskara Festival




  1. Joshua Carl Ganza Sy

    I would suggest to add other places in Bacolod/Negros Occidental that people could visit during the Masskara Festival. There are many historical places in the province that would attract people while they are here for the festival. They could also go to the beaches and see some nice sights in the mountains. Visitors would make their stay here more worthwhile if they could get to explore more of Bacolod and the province. Businesses would also have more visibility and generate more revenue which is one of the main purpose of the festival

  2. Joshua Carl Ganza Sy

    I would suggest to add other places in Bacolod/Negros Occidental that people could visit during the Masskara Festival. There are many historical places in the province that would attract people while they are here for the festival. They could also go to the beaches and see some nice sights in the mountains. Tourists would make their stay here more worthwhile if they could get to explore more of Bacolod and the province.

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  36. Bacolod Masskara is one of the most memorable event in the city of bacolod, I think my opinion about on how we organize the masskara in online, I think every participant who join the contest will be given a location, to avoid the spread of virus before you can join make sure that you have any symptoms about the virus the we suffering right now. Every team must consist of below 15 members and should make 1-2 meters distance when performing. The perfomer must be physically fit.


  37. Past few years we are celebrating the one of the famous festival in negros that is The Bacolod Masskara Festival. This festival is being celebrated every fourth Sunday of October. The word Masskara means a multitude of smiling faces which is the highlight of the festival, specifically featuring smiling faces of masks for the city is well-known as the city of smiles. But when the covid 19 came everything was different, the way we used to celebrate our festival we couldn’t do as we used to because of some protocols and the risk of being crowded in some place. If i well be a-signed as one of the team leader or organizer in this event with the same situation. I will have the event thru zoom meeting and fb live, which will have different activities like games or intermission numbers. We all know that some of the teenagers nowadays is addicted in social media. They can choose there team by categorizing them according with their field of expertise like digital arts, tech support such as organization. As a team we will do our best to have some memorable event despite of this pandemic. We will do everything to achieve the goal of all bacolodnons.

    BSIT 3 C-1

  38. Renan P. Bisagar

    Organizing an event like Masskara Festival is very challenging because it will be an online event due to the pandemic. There are so many moving parts and different strategies to consider and working with a team can make it easier and faster. Before we begin the plan, I will let my team contribute their thoughts and ideas regarding the event. As a result, they will be more innovative and motivated while planning the event. The team should have a member that has the skills, knowledge, and background for organizing an online event. I’m also looking for someone that is willing to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the team. Picking the right person in my team will turn out to be a successful Masskara Festival.


    Since Masskara is one of the big event here in Bacolod City, it is important to achieve this in a successful way. So as a leader of the production team, in order to produce an outstanding event, I will set up my planning team by selecting members with various talents and skills that would make me satisfy. First, a worker that only focuses on goals, those who are committed and loyal to me as their leader. Next, they are flexible who works hard and well and responsible. Lastly, a trustworthy and reliable type of team as an essential to an effective team to provide safety since they are comfortable with each other which makes them feel safe to everyone. Indeed, these type of characteristics mentioned above will help me create Masskara event most memorable and successful.


  40. Marion Lloyd M. Santiago Bsit 3-C1

    how you mobilize your team and what are your criteria in selecting your team members I will choose hard -working staff who are observant and good at online presentation and I want different villages so that they know what to do if they wear masks because they are online.

    Marion Lloyd M. Santiago Bsit 3-C1

  41. My team members must know the health protocols of course. They must be knowledgeable enough what is the true essence of celebrating Masskara Festival. My team members must be attentive, creative and flexible. They must be aware of the details of activities to be held. I will alway update them from time to time about activities and other updates. I will make sure that each of them has idea to share that can help improve and make the activities more exciting.

  42. Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate

    Because the pandemic is still going, we can only organize an online event for Masskara Festival just to be safe. To organize this, I must have a team that follows the criteria while also following safety protocols. For the criteria, first it should be to create a concrete goal for the festival because they include plans to take specific actions. Second, determine the festival’s budget because it ensures that I will always have enough money for the things I need for the festival. And lastly, fully plan out the festival’s schedule. I’ll make sure my team will follow this criteria in order to achieve the goals towards the Masskara Festival.

    Gian Gabriel A. Ybesate BSIT 3-C2

  43. Hance Peñafiel

    Held this like event is a honor for me because Masskara festival is the colorful and joyful festival and also virtual celebration is the safest way to celebrate the masskara festival first step i do is create a advertisement or announcement in social media to encourage negrosanon and also in different province to watch the virtual maskarra festival and then what I do I will choose one of each different baranggay to volunteer and help me to organize this celebration Masskara festival i will brief my team to what is the sequence of event and also me and my team must be follow protocol and also teamwork,collaboration,sharing ideas,synergy is the key to success and safe i will manage and led my team technical error or bad connection is the common problem in this kind of event.but my team always prepared and be proactive to avoid error to disctruction the flow of this virtual celebration

    Pray before what you do god always guide because nothing is impossible.

    Hance Peñafiel BSIT 3-C1

  44. During this pandemic we cannot celebrate masskara festival because we need to follow our protocol to avoid Covid . But my team and I will make a way to celebrate festival through virtual celabration .As a leader of team i will assign to each one of my members who have ideas in graphic design and who are good in organizing events and have many ideas for events . My team and I will make a plan and we will listen to each ideas to make our plan successful . We talk about the prices and what is the flow of our virtual celabration. We will make step by step to our virtual celabration to become successful .

    Jenifer G. Aquiño BSIT 3 C2

  45. During this pandemic , we need to to celebrate our gatherings with respect our culture. But we need to follow our protocol to avoid the Covid 19 pandemic. My team and I will make a way to celebrate the gathering through virtual celebration. But after that we need to assign each one of my team who have ideas to know the graphic designs, and know how to media team, and also good at organizing events, third have many ideas for the events, lastly know how to persuade and know how to organize the participants in te event.

    I will ask each one of my team if they have an idea or opinion the celebration of gatherings, I will respect each one of my team if ever they have a opinion. Me and my team will do the task with helping each other. Through virtual i know many people will be happy and will be success celebration.


  46. Because of this pandemic we can’t celebrate the Masskara festival here in Bacolod City and because of that we celebrate it through online or virtual celebration. So my criteria for selecting a team members is that he/she knows on how to organize well and has an idea or experience in online events. And also have skills, knowledge and determination on what he/she doing to make our virtual celebration easier or have an better outcome. And since it is an online celebration so my team must have a good communication skills so that the viewer can understand what is being said. Lastly I will make sure that my team is responsible enough on what is the task given to them to make our online celebration successful.


  47. Denver Roa Jr.

    The safest way to celebrate Masskara Festival is through online. To make an online Masskarra Festival event, first I willl make a team that has knowledge and skills, a team that has an experience, a team that is responsible, know what they’re are doing. A team that has passion, determination and commitment. Communicate with them, communicating with your team can share or exchange information, news, or ideas that can help you and your team to manage the event. Of course also you’ll need workplace where your team will do their work and equipments that they need. Plan everything before the event. Make an advertisement abot the upcoming festival, post pictures, videos everything that is need for the festival. Also you have to trust your team because you hired them you know their capabilities. Respect your team so that they will also have respect on you. And lastly motivate and encourage them. Having a good team is very important because a good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.

    Denver Roa Jr. (BSIT 3-C2)

  48. Norman B. Lopez

    In making an online masskara event festival is very risky.But as a leader of a team,i should mobilize my team by giving to them in there own responsibilities on handling online masskara event.But first before i create a team,i should look the team that is responsible to his/her task,and also a hard-working person and can take part in every task that he/she do.Because if i have a team that is responsible and hard worker persons,the event will finished successfully.But before my team do their task i give them a hazard equipment because we are now in a pandemic and it is very risky to to different responsibilities and making events so that we should be careful nowadays.

    Norman B. Lopez BSIT 3-C1

  49. Ralph Tarre Jr.

    As a manager, however, you are in a great position to know how your people work, to identify what training they need to perform better, Start by understanding your team members.

    BSIT 3C2

  50. Reniel M. Atillano

    If I’ve given a task to organize a team to make a online masskara event in bacolod city, I wilk make a plan first and then, me and my team will having a online meeting regarding to the event if what kind of activities that people make interest to watch, that can make them fun and enjoy while watching our event even if they were just at home, because as a organzer the main goal is to make your audience happy and enjoy because the more enjoying and fun of your activities the more audience you attract. So that the event will end successful because there’a so many people watch the event because they enjoy and through that event the boredome of some people due to this pandemic because we cant go out will be vanish just for a while.
    Reniel M. Atillano Bsit-3C1

  51. now we must first follow the government protocol in order not to spread the virus. because now everyone is on social media and almost everyone is already using a cellphone, what to do if the program is to beautify the mask and they should post it on facebook with the hashtag #masskaraKoKalipayKo and I will take the judge and they will judge 50 % and I will give the people 50% by liking who is the highest. and all the masks they made I will put on the side of the road in bacolod so that they can still feel the celebration of the masskara festival, which even now we are faced with the problems of our lives, let’s not give up. and we always remember everything that happens in our life has a reason and we can also overcome it and we will remain steadfast and we will just surrender our problems in life to the lord because he will not leave us and all will be blessed
    BSIT 3 C2

  52. Angelo Casilagan

    The Masskara Festivalis the most famous festivalin Negros. if l were organized a team to make a Online Masskara Event. First We need a teamwork and brainstorrrling that you shareldess and opinions how weapproachedourvlewersandhow we organized the online Masskara We need synergy for better solutions ideas that needed for an upcoming Online Masskara Event. And we need to worktogether .discuss issues and listen to each other We need totake responsibilities for making improvements and need to work at maximum efficIency for better outcomes of Our Online Masskara Event.


  53. John Peter Solleza

    Pandemic hit us especially on what we do to our daily lives. Because of pandemic we often hold an event through an online platform. However, some events may grasp in the physical gathering but there is a lot of safety protocol that they should follow. If I task to organize a team to make an online masskara event I will do a lot of steps and every step should be executed well to avoid trouble. The first step that I will go to do is to make an online meeting together with my team to discuss a lot of things such as the goals, the rules, the do`s and don`ts, etc. The 2nd thing that I will do is to conduct a physical gathering together with my team to clarify and to make clear the all steps that we will do. However, we will make sure that we will follow safety protocols which are we should do swab tests, wearing face masks at all times, do social distancing, and other safety protocols. The next step that we will do is brainstorming. This step is very important because we will gather all the ideas that we will do during the event. Thenceforth, we make an organizational chart to guide us where we assign and what are the responsibilities that we will do during an activity. The next step is very important because we will clarify all our responsibilities, goals, do`s and don’ts, and other important matter that we will do during an event. Lastly, we will start the event and we will do everything very well and we execute it with love.

    The criteria’s that I wanted for my team are being respectful, responsible, honest, very committed, flexible, and having a positive attitude. As a team leader, the first thing and the most important thing that I wanted to my member are having respect not only to me/leader but to everyone because everyone deserves a respect. Being responsible is important not only to me but all of us should be responsible for what we are doing. Being honest with each one of us is important to avoid a misunderstanding. When you are very committed, you should give your 100% willingness because your will reflects your effort

    John Peter B. Solleza BSIT 3 – C2

  54. Dioneo, Clark Vin BSIT3-C1

    Since we faced pandemic we have to consider the safety of everybody.
    Celebrating a huge event which is
    Masskara Festival online is a bit different. In choosing a team to manage and organize an virtual event.I will look for the people that has an knowledge regarding online events the one who are committed and had enough experience and passionate about on what they do.Having that kind of team,Im pretty sure that it will leads to a meaningful and successful virtual masskara event. The team that aims to bring smile on the faces of our people. Letting everyone to know how beautiful the culture of bacolonons is .And that would be the true essence of Masskara Festival.
    Dioneo,Clark vin S. BSIT3C1

  55. Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

    As a leader to organize an event that has become a part of Bacolodnons every year, I’ll build a team that will meet the expectations of people for this event and a team that will lead the event to success. My criteria that I will consider for my team are the following;
    1. Open-minded – yes as a leader, I want some people that are open minded so that as a team we can exchange ideas that without having a misunderstanding.
    2. Positive thinker – we are now experiencing a pandemic and because of it, we easily get stress and I need a people to my team that are not easily be shaken by negativity and know how to row the boat of positivity for my team.
    3. Responsible – for me this is the important criteria that I will look for my team member because having a responsible team will give the organization a smooth sailing ride. And I will drive or mobilize my team by reminding them the purpose or the goal of the online Masskara event that we are preparing. I will also engaged every one of them to the task and will show how they can help the team for the success of event. I believe, I can also drive my team for the success of event by expressing my gratitude along the way and build a connection to them as a leader.
    Enrica T. Abrio BSIT 3-C2

  56. Ronnie Jude T. Tabora BSIT 3C2

    I will be needing people with high interest in the event and who are willing to join. People who are experts in designing and dancing. Also their time because its a very big event that will consume much of their time. And most of all, people who are responsible and has rhe ability to work as a whole.

  57. Rollen Mari V. Gadiano

    If I organize an online masskara event as a team, I choose someone on my team who knows how to respect fellow team members and other people, knows his/her responsibility in the team. I also chose someone who has the willingness to give 100% commitment to the team, knows how to encourage others to meet the goal and to solve a problem. The person who trusts the team, knows to take risk that they know your team are capable of fulfilling their promises. And also knows about the masskara event, that they have an experience in how to manage/organize the masskara event. They know how to talk to the people with respect, Because communication is important to the team you need to be vocal in how you approach in a good way to the people around you.

    — Rollen Mari V. Gadiano BSIT 3C1

  58. Ermie Grace D. Pagsuguiron

    If I were tasked to organize a team to make an online Masskara event I might prefer to make it simple but meaningful. Since we are facing the pandemic we are not able to enjoy the maskara physically for 2 years. As an organizer I will bring them the masskara as more exciting than it is. Ideally to promote a platform online where each one of us may experience the masskara festival not only for Bacolodnon but in this case we can also help to promote the tourism of Bacolod City. I will organize the online masskara festival dance competition and a lot more masskara experience like the way it is. Some of the criterias are to make us feel a lot of excitement and determination about this festival, and to let the people feel how they really need to experience the best in masskara. Also I would like to have people that are creative and knowledgeable about some interesting ideas that we can provide for this Online Event.


  59. We will make decisions and plans for the online event. We will seek help from the local government for the equipment to be used for the online event. Each one of us has a different task. I will divide it into seven groups.

    GROUP A, will audit the budget how much money is needed and how much money is spent

    GROUP B, will organize the equipment for the event such as sound systems, cameras, and devices needed

    GROUP C, will process the documents and they will also set the times and days

    GROUP D, will choose a good online platform for the webinar

    GROUP E, will look for sponsors, they will also make advertisements

    in GROUP F, they will find the host of the event.

    GROUP G, they will be the watchdog of possible problems.

  60. Thank you for all livestreaming platforms because it is one of our choice specially during this pandemic that we can’t celebrate our proud festival here in Bacolod, Masskara Festival. But if I’m the one that been given task to organize a TEAM to make a virtual Masskara event, the frist step that I’m going to do is to Identify my audience, we need to do first is to take a survey to the public and find out how many percent of people are interested in this event and how could they participate in this event. Second is to finalize our format, online event planning have many formats, it can be organized by one person on the screen or it could be perform by a group of performers to entertain audience in screen. Third is to choose a specific platform, nowadays there are so many livestream platforms that we can use to held this event but obviously I will choose Facebook bacause not only it is easy to access by all users but also it is common for all possible liveviewers, the fourth one is mobilizing my team and making criteria in selecting my team members, obviously I will pick a team member that is active in participating an online event and have a knowledge how to run a online event, most important thing is choosing a host/MC to run an event, I need a experienced and at the same time humorous one. Then choosing the venue, basically due to this pandemic all of covered courts are closed for safety protocols, but if I possible I suggest to choose a more private venue like cultural gyms, not because it is virtual it means it should’t be held in halls, obviously it needs a stage so that it can shoot a live performance of groups to entertain our live viewers. Then lastly but not the least part of the plan is to choose a specific time and date, typically the best time is weekends during early evening for around 5:00-7:00 p.m. between saturday and sunday, we could also make an online survey to ask our audience for schedule suggestions and obviously exclusive only in month of october where Masskara festival naturally happens.

    Axel Mer N. Dolero BSIT 3 C2

  61. Jhon Christian T. Talaman BSIT3-C2

    If i have been task to organize a team to make an online masskara event. And how i will mobilize my team. And what is my criteria for selecting my team members. Is that the ability to cooperate and motivate the team and has the mindset of a good member in the team.he/she knows the purpose of every person in the team. And he/she understand the meaning of the word “TEAM” in order to make sure every person has the factor of a good member in a successful and a competent team.

  62. Mark Vincent M Diode

    Because of this pandemic most of the way to communicate now is in virtual or in the online. To held this online masskara event we need a good internet connection and enough technologies in terms of the virtual activities. If I had a task to organize a team to make an online masskara event my criteria will be Determination, Good in communication, Expertise about technology, Can handle or solve the problem in case, and Creative. In these criteria I can mobilize my team to do a virtual masskara event very well and in the help of a teamwork. Teamwork is important, because the team cannot be called team without a teamwork. Because of the teamwork the task or work is easy to do in the workplace to reach the goals.

    Mark Vincent M Diode BSIT3-C1.

  63. Monera N Dondoy

    As a organizer for the online festival event I will recruit a team that willing to join the online festival event team that hardworking and responsible. Being a organizer of the team is a big responsibilities so make sure that everyone have a communication to each other. As a organizer I will make a group chat so that it is easy to communicate to your team . You need brainstorming so everyone can share their ideas and opinions. Everyone also should be involve to ensure and full informed the details about maskarra festival event. As a leader you should always listen to their thoughts so that your plan will be easy and successful.

    Monera N Dondoy BSIT3-C1


    Masskara Festival present the City of Bacolod, this isn’t hindrance to us to celebrate our beloved festival. To mobilize a team for an online Masskara event, the first thing that I will do is to inform them about the event, gather and set a meeting with the team with proper distancing and follows protocol. If some are on the far city I’ll just set a meeting through online, discuss the Masskara event ask ideas or any suggestion, do the consensus to make the online Masskara event become more entertaining to the people without any set backs. Divide them to their capabilities and where they excel. Group them according to their roles and assign a task in each group.

    The criteria for selecting my team members is based on their capability, strengths, passion to do their work, cooperatively with their fellow team. Creativity in his/her decisions or idea, and has the knowledge is crucial to the event. Our team is a Cross Functional Team, since it is pandemic it does not required to have face to face meeting, they can be in any where as long they have a good and reliable connection and the qualities and criteria I have mentioned.

  65. Kent Nicholas Bertolano E. BSIT3C2

    Being a organizer is a crucial task to make a event successful. Such event requires time, hardwork, patience and effort. Create your team based on their experties, To create an online event, you’ll be needing a lot of man power. Selecting team members is one of the most important step, it will greatly effect the task, its either success or fail situation, it dlepends on the members you have and how dedicated they are. Select those who are dependable, has good time management, knowledgable to the specific field, and has the skill to coordinate well. Lastly you’ll need members that can work efficient in the time of crisis, if they have these skills, keep them because they will help you succeed as a organizer or manager.

  66. Mae Grace L Jundos

    In selecting a criteria for my team members on organizing an Online Maskara event. First is that I would choose people who have knowledge and experience in this kind of things, so that the work would be fast and it easy for them to give opinions and ideas because they have already done this kind of thing. Second, i would choose people whom i can trust so that there won’t be a misunderstanding and hendrance when each of us would share ideas, opinions and being in a work place where you can trust your teammates each of us make are work more productive and comfortable. After selecting people who are capable for this jobs in my team we can now give some statements about what are the purposes of this event, that we should commit, communicate and involve ourselves in the specific work we designated. Then having a teamwork and coordination so that our work for this online maskara event would be success and meaningful.

    Mae Grace L Jundos BSIT 3-C1

  67. Aki nishizawa

    As today that we are experiencing a pandemic all around the world i will held a online maskara. first i will gather people that had expertise and experience in helding a online events to make sure that each every of our team had an idea on how the online event operates. And know how to cooperate and communicate with each other and lastly a people that i can trust in each job that i will give to them. In mobilizing my team i will gather them and talk of each of them if have a suggestion and request to me and our team i will consider their ideas and plan with them. I will give them each task and ask the assigned people if they are comfortable at working on the assigned task. So that we can have a harmonious atmosphere while we are working and the most important thing is i will just be strict on the deadline given because base o. The saying time is gold its better to be late than sorry because it is good that you are ahead of time of the time planned maybe you will face minor problems and you can fix it while the event is not held on he said date

    Aki nishizawa bsit 3 c1

  68. Renz Christian T. Carisma

    First I will share to my team the history of Bacolod because I want to give them more idea of what culture of Bacolod has and why is the reason behind the celebration of Maskara festival. Then I want to inject to them the desire to help and serve the team. I will encourage my team so that they will give the 100 percent commitment for our project. To my criteria I want a good host or speaker that brings excitement to the audience, has experience to organize online events, a “techy” person, must have own gadgets, creative and there is originality in his/her work.

    Renz Christian T. Carisma BSIT 3-C1

  69. Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3-C1

    We all know that Masskara festival can’t be held outdoor because of global pandemic. Organizing Maskara festival online wouldn’t be easy. You should have people who is literate enough on technology and expert on utilizing social medias. If I will facilitate a online Masskara festival I would choose people who are great or expert on using gadgets , technology, and can make or utilize websites which I can use as the setting place for my online Masskara festival, create program which is suitable for for this kind of situation such as online masskara making competition, online Masskara festival dance competition, every program that is possible to be held online. Organize TV channels to braodcast my online Masskara festival, make shows that everyone can see.

    Luis Fernando Endaya BSIT 3-C1

  70. Pura,Riza Mae S. BSIT 3 C1

    Online Event is not easy thing to do there’s a lot of things we can do so that it would be successful. Discipline,Trust, skills, synergy,communication and Teamwork are needed to accomplish the Online Masskara Event . Communication is 20% because without this it is useless it’s better to have this so that we could talk and organize of what we will do for the upcoming event.
    Skills 40% this is really important because i need as a leader a well experience and expertise members so we could have a better idea and opinions. Next TRUST 40% , i should trust my members and i should avoid ignorance , cliques and prejudice because it can cause roadblocks to our team for being a productive . Each team members should have Task to do so that ot would be easy for us to create a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MASSKARA EVENT.

    Pura, Riza Mae S. BSIT 3-C1

  71. Andrada Mel V.

    If I will organize a team to make an online masskara event. First I will select a members that characterize the team success factors including purpose, process,communication, commitment, involvement and trust there are important to effectiveness of a team and it’s can help To improve my team and move rapidly into success of the event. And also I will avoid ignorance, cliques and prejudice because it can make road blocks and can bring conflict and it’s not good in the team and it’s affect in the success of masskara events. To start the process of making masskara event My team and I should coordinate to every barangay officials here in bacolod City if they are wilig to participate in the event. Second I will organise my team through barangay to barangay for us to communicate easily. Our first event was a dance parade because dance parade was the biggest asset in MassKara Festival and it could be held also through online barangay event and I will make sure that the protocols in this pandemic stage will be implemented. This dance parade should be perform in there own perspective barangay area and the audience and the judges should be judge them through online voting. The schedule of our event should be weekend so that there will be no work at the same time to assure that we have higher number of viewers online. Also we will post the schedule of the event ahead two weeks before the event through online. I will assign a head leader for every team in barangy their was a problem or any conflict the head leader should communicate with me or coordinate to give solutions if there was a problem. And before anything else we should discuss our plans and ideas form each of us to improve this event.

    Andrada Mel V. BSIT 3-C1

  72. During this pandemic, it is not possible to celebrate fiestas and any gatherings because many people will attend it and we cannot guarantee their safety. With that, my team and I will make a way for the celebration to continue.
    As a leader, it will be taken if the members first know how to do graphics design, secondly, are good at organizing events, third, have many ideas for the said event, fourth, know how to persuade and know how to organize the participants in the event.
    We will make a plan and we will listen to each other’s ideas to make our steps more polished and what we will do and how we can achieve more viewers what strategy we will do for more people to participate and if what are the prices and what is the flow of our virtual celebration. And we will make step by step our plans for a successful celebration.

    Ramon Resty D. Artesano BSIT3-C2

  73. Cydrik B. Gabunilas BSIT3-C1

    First, I will look for an expert in computer editing and people who already have experience in the masskara festival. And combine their knowledge and experience to create an online event so that people will not be bored and will not miss the masskara festival due to the pandemic.

  74. Anjeline C. Sampior

    In order to make an Online Masskara Event, I need skilled and experienced team members. I will send emails or private messages in order to reach them and inform that I am recruiting some members. Social media is the best and easy way to gather members. Gathering members is crucial, so I need to make a criteria. Members must have experience on online events so that our operations will be smooth. Each members must be skilled in many things, I don’t want someone who is only good at certain thing. He/she must know to multitask because if something bad happens, there will be always someone who can be replace and still do the job correctly. Members should have good communication skills. This is an online event, voice and communication skills will help a lot to entertain people and gather more audience. (BSIT3-C1)

  75. Laurice A. Abellar

    As of now we’re facing at virtual communication because of pandemic. If, I had a team to organize the masskara festival through online. My criteria are, first Determination and Commitment it’s equivalent to 30%, because you can’t called it a team without the determination and commitment on it. 2nd is having a Workplace Diversity it’s equivalent to 40%, because not all of us are came from in the same environment of culture. Respecting and valuing are included in there. 3rd is Experience and Expertise it’s equivalent to 30%, having an experience and expertise about gadgets and other electronic devices. Because having them is very important also it is easy to put them in where they belong and of course it’s easy to manage. Having a different people to build a team is exciting, because each of them has a ability and knowledge to be shared. Because you can’t called it a team without teamwork. That’s all Thankyou!

    Laurice Abellar BSIT3-C1

  76. Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3C1

    If I am to organize a team for an Online Masskara event, I will select my team from different Baranggay’s in Bacolod City. I believe that cultural diversity really matters. As per Baranggay, culture is differ from one another. I’ll give a chance to each member of the team to speak out their opinion of what they think is the best for the event. As a leader of this team I will prevent ignorance, cliques and being a prejudice leader to happen because this will become a roadblocks to the team for being a productive one. I will give my trust to the team so that they may feel motivated and give their best to cooperate with this event. I will give each of them their specific task and always motivate them to give their best because even if they differ in task that I’m going to give, as a team we have the same goal and this is to have a successful online Masskara event.

    Jimrae F. Paragsa BSIT 3 – C1

  77. Pamela A. Lucha

    It’s a big responsibility to held a online Masskara Festival. But it’s the safest way to celebrate our Masskara Festival. First, I will make sure that I have a team that is responsible and have an experience about online event. I’ll make sure that my team has a complete equipment that they need. A team that responsible with their actions. We need to make sure that we plan everything right. We need to show how important the Masskara Festival in Bacolodnons. We will share a past celebration of Masskara Festival before pandemic. How Masskara Festival starts and helps the tourism of Bacolod City. I cannot do that if I don’t have a team that’s is more intelligent in gadgets and online event. A team that is responsible and hard-working. A team that is creative and proud. Lastly, a team that also from our own town Bacolod City. A team that have a heart of Bacolodnons because they will be more motivated to make the online Masskara Festival success because it’s also their honor as a people of Bacolod City.

    Pamela A. Lucha BSIT 3-C1

  78. Due to this pandemic, we cannot celebrate Masskara festival. But an organizer, despite of all this circumstances. And by the use of technology I will make a contest. I will announced my team about my plan and they are the one who will going to spread it into social media. The contest is about making a masskara head dress and a masskara costume. But ofcourse, there will be a reward in every contest. So that many participants will register. The winner will be honored with money and a trophy. And I will also put decorations on the road so that people can aslo feel the essence of masskara. And a raffle event for many people so that their will be more excite and many more events to held. Like the trending app now, the tiktok. I will use it so that many millenials and generation Z will be attracted and registered in my event. I will call it the “Tiktok Masskara Dance” and also the trending mobile games the Mobile Legends. Masskara feat, Mobile Legends tournament in Bacolod City.

  79. Paolo Miguel S. Samson

    First of all, Online Masskara will be a good way of celebrating it in this time of pandemic. in choosing a team to organize it, first is to mobilize the team to do that we need to apply communication. communication helps the team connect with each other and will enable your team to grow and develop together. And also Listening to your teammates, listening to them will help boost teams communication. it is also important to listen to your teams ideas that they share.

    Knowledge and skills is the criteria I need to select people for my team. and also I prefer selecting people that are confident with their work, so that time management will no longer be an issue when organizing the event.

    Paolo Miguel S. Samson BSIT 3-C2

  80. Jennelyn Obenita

    Hi Masskara Festival,
    Good day! I’m Jen Obenita from Hallohallo Entertainment/MNL48.
    I’m under Ms. Paula Bringas formerly from Viva Records.

    I would just like to inquire regarding your Masskara Festival this year. I’m just hoping if you are open to have an artist guesting.

    The artists I’m handling now Ma’am is called MNL48. A franchise of Japan’s AKB48,
    co-managed by AbsCbn/Showtime. We’re currently promoting their album(just released
    this November).

    After the success of their debut album, we recently launched
    their newest album “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” on Showtime last Nov 30,2018.
    Just last year ma’am we had a couple shows in smaller malls and we’re
    surprised to have sold 128,176, 200 and 371 CDs. Their fans are looking for more and
    we’re hoping to bring them to bigger mall venues.

    The fan base that they have right now are the anime lovers, japan culture enthusiasts,
    and also fans of AKB48—usually underground groups.

    I’m really hoping you’ll be open to have a guest like our artist.

    I also attached the profile of our artist and their recent music videos under
    AbsCbn Starmusic for your reference.

    Thanks Masskara Festival!

  81. Ernesto Lamina Jr

    lacson st in Mandalagan bacolod city in front of L” Fisher Hotel meron din silang sariling street festival and masaya din, try niyo po masaya talaga doon, kasi po taga doon ako sa lugar na yan mismo.

  82. Sna kmapagcompet yng masskara festival sa aliwan ,festival pra masya parati kmi nagdadasal na sna ma invite cla at pra masilayan man lng namin,kc naman iba tlaga pag andito cla,kmi at lhat ng tga maynila na bka sakali man lng silay masilayan d2,

    • drumbeat kasi yung aliwan… hindi bagay sa masskara festival ang drum beat para sayawan, music talaga ginagamit ng masskara… sinubukan dati ang drumbeat pero hindi maganda at masayang panoorin

  83. please paki post ng highlights ng masskara festival 4th wekend ng october para makapag book na kami apat papuntang bacolod gusto namin ma witness ang masskara dance festival wala pa kasi ang sched sana meron na

    • It’s because were still in pandemic we cannot held a celebration that we are used to do, we can make a online activies that are related to the Masskara Festival. And I need a team that are literate to internet and has good communication skills. By the help of my team we still operate and generate the festival, we can also post, uplaod and making live for the some activities in this festival. Then we should make a list of the schedule or the evemts of the festival that people can aware when the events and programs start. So that even we are in the middle of the pandemic we are still continue the Masskara fesrival and it is for.the safwty of everybody.


  85. Hello! when are you going to publish 2017 masskara schedule?
    And how to contact the organizer of this event?

    • usually the final schedule will be released every September

    • Adrian Semillano

      Despite of this pandemic i can Make a way so that we can’t forget the essence of the masskara festival. I make a program like drawing a design through online. I make also a virtual dance contest. A headrest competition through online also. I make a portal so that we can connect each other. Adrian Semillano BSIT 3-C1

  86. Is this a true schedule of masskara festival activities?

  87. Wow those are amazing masks! Looks like a fun festival.

  88. Masskara festival is one of the most-awaited events in the Philippines. I wish I could go there with the whole family to explore and to attend such events in Bacolod. Thanks for the heads up!

  89. CourtneyLynne

    Omg now this looks like one awesome festival!!! I would love to attend!!!

  90. This looks like such a festive festival! With so much happening and the obvious fun to be had, it’s definitely something to put on the calendar!

  91. I never been in Bacolod and sounds a beautiful place to visit. I would love to go there and see the Masskara festival in live

  92. I never been in Bacolod. But I want to go there if I have a chance and looks a fun Masskara festival.

  93. So many awesome masks, very creatively done! I love how they styled and presented each one as well. It would be awesome to go here and just enjoy the show!

  94. Oh wow what an amazing sounding and looking festival – I love the colours, I bet it is such a wonderful atmosphere when you are there. x

    • Angelica Beatriz Boncalon

      To promote the festival, inviting and collaborating with local influencers to promote the festival would be an effective way to target audiences.
      The influencers aligns the brand and values, as this will build trust and credibility with the target audience which is people from Bacolod. Collaborating with local restaurant would be also a great way by inviting audiences who dine in on their restaurant. By offering limited food for a specific day in a month of masskarra. The next one is SMS marketing, providing your phone number on the website will provide confirmation texts, reminders, and alerts about the whereabouts and schedule of the festival. It is also a way to generate excitement among attendees, send countdown reminders before the weeks or days to generate excitement. One thing to promote the festival is by sharing the QR code posters that include the, users can simply scan the QR Code, this will display all the event’s details like the time and location and this will link to your preferred ticketing service to purchase tickets. They can even add the event details directly to their digital calendars with a tap. Most importantly, by planning all of these, we should keep in mind that by observing safety health protocols we can keep each other safe in the middle of this pandemic.

  95. Bacolod’s Masskara Festival is always draws in a big crowd. Knowing that the current administration has huge plans for it this year excites me. It’s just too bad that I already have a trip planned the same time as this, but next year should be okay. I have always wanted to experience how we Pinoys do our festivals.

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