Mabinay Spring 


The Mabinay Spring is one of the tourist spot pride of Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Whatever the season is, you will undoubtedly find the place perfect for your vacation because it offers not only a serene place to relax but also varied activities to awaken the adventurous part of you.

About Mabinay Spring

The municipality of Mabinay is known as the cave capital of the Philippines because of its 400 caves. Apart from these caves, the place is also known for its beautiful streams and amazing waterfalls.
Mabinay Spring is both accessible from Bacolod City and Dumaguete City. The site is just 87 kilometers away from the City of Dumaguete City and happens to be the second largest town of Negros Oriental.


Treasure of Mabinay

Considered as Mabinay’s greatest treasure, Mabinay Spring is a famous destination among the locals, especially during summertime. For centuries, this spring has been relatively untouched except for some structures build to create a swimming facility for the guests. Partially covered with century-old trees and provides an avenue for swimming, kayaking, and other water-related activities. Recently, a zipline was installed to cater to the needs of guests looking for more fun.

And who said that you need to empty your pocket for this? Well, the deal is, you can spend overnight in this place overnight for only 700 pesos (5 pax). As for the fun activities, you can also enjoy swimming as well as kayaking (50 pesos per hour in kayaking). With the low price and with the corresponding high adventure, you need to include this as one of your bucket lists.

The relaxing experience in this place offers body and soul rejuvenating. I am pretty sure that you are one of those people who most of the time feel that you need to take a break from the busy buzz of the city. Then, experience in the Mabinay Springs is all you need to recharge your tired body and spirit fully. The natural colossal swimming pool is all you need to take away all those worries and anxieties away paired with the cold, bright and relaxing spring water. Of course, a vacation will not be complete without taking Instagram-worthy photos. Roam around the nearby surroundings, and it is sure that you will get a perfect spot which will serve as your beautiful background for your photos. All you have to do is prepare some poses and do the clicks and voila! You just became an instant model of the Mabinay Springs!

This place is a gift for the tourists’ because they are given a chance or the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. More so, the locals of the place are blessed with this spring because it serves as their primary supply of water. Something that makes life way more relaxed and comfortable for all the locals. Indeed, Mabinay Spring is a gift of nature and something that should be valued and treasured. This is primarily the reason why the area up to now is being taken care of and is being developed.

An additional thing about the place that makes it even more beautiful is the towering old trees in the area. These trees had survived the test of time because they are already century old. They add up to the overall aura and vibe of the natural spring.


How to get to Mabinay Spring

Going here is also hassle-free because there are available public transportation heading to the area.
If you are coming from the City of Dumaguete, take a tricycle and head to the bus terminal, the fare for this will only be 8 pesos per pax. Once you are at the terminal, ride the bus going to Mabinay which is approximately 87 Kilometers from the City.
If you are coming from Bacolod City, take a Ceres Bus bound for Dumaguete (via Mabinay). The moment you arrived at the bus terminal in Mabinay, you can ride a tricycle towards Mabinay Spring.
Once you’re at Mabinay Spring, it’s time for you to jump into that cold water spring and enjoy all the nature has to offer. Have a Happy Trip!


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