PulangBato Falls, Valencia 


Located in the town of Valencia in Negros Oriental lies the haven of beautiful and soothing waterfalls. One of which is the famous Pulangbato Falls in Valencia or also known as the Malabo. Not only this place is famous for the locals but also for the neighboring place like Dumaguete City due to the close distance proximity. This waterfall is one of the Twin Falls found in the Barangay of Malabo. There are two cascading falls emerging from two different water sources from the high mountain.

The difference between these two falls is that the other one has clear and narrow water, making it perfect for those who would like to enjoy the calmness and the beauty of the place.


Pulangbato Falls, Valencia

Whereas the other one cascades down to a sulfur deposit which makes the color of the water into a red-orange one, thus, making it ideally unusual for tourists to flock.

The unusual beauty of this falls is just perfect for those who would like to get a taste of what nature has to offer but on a different level, or color I must say. With its height of 30 feet and with the water coming from the Okoy river valley at the Mount Talinis, you will surely enjoy being at the bottom and watch the water flows gracefully and hit bottom and eventually turn into a red-orange color. Some would say that the sulfur deposit in the place makes it not ideal for bathing, yet experts and the local authorities suggest that it is still allowed and is still permitted.

Pulangbato Falls, Valencia

With this kind of natural beauty, it is inevitable for businesses and private enterprises not to make use of the opportunity of the place being famous in building their business. Ina short distance from the two falls, the Red Rock Sulfur Hot Spring was built. You may go to the place and enjoy the warm, relaxing, and rejuvenating effect of the hot spring. Additionally, the warm sulfur is believed to have a healing attribute, making it perfect for the believers to give it a try.


Another area in the place that you might want to try is the sigh-seeing of the emitting of sulfur of the volcano manifested by its actual fuming and the unusual scent.

The next question now is, how can you go to Pulangbato Falls? Well, going here is not as complicated as you thought. If you are coming from the City of Dumaguete, you may take a multicab heading to Valencia for a 20 minutes journey. There is no need for you to worry because this will be a low price which may only cost you approximately 12 pesos per person. After that, you will have to rent a motorbike to take you to the Twin Falls. You will have to pay 300 pesos for two people, and the journey will only take approximately 20 minutes. Once you’re there, get ready to pay 20 pesos per person as your entrance fee and another 10 pesos as a parking fee.


Isn’t it surprising? You can do your summer adventure for as low as 192 pesos per person! So, pack your bags and catch the last remaining time of the vacation and give this beautiful place a visit


From Dumaguete City, take a PUJ bound for Valencia. The fare is PHP 12/person and travel time is approximately 20 minutes. From Valencia, charter a motorbike to reach the area. The fare is approximately PHP 300 and this can carry up to 2 persons.
Entrance Fee at Pulang Bato Falls is PHP 20/person, while the parking fee is PHP 10.00

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  1. This is a very good post, as I love travelling so I found it very useful. I am from India and you are already covering my country too, that’s easy for me know more.
    Keep doing good work

  2. The waterfalls look very inviting, especially now that it’s scorching hot in our country. I would love to visit this place with my family. 🙂

  3. This is incredible. So in the third photo from the bottom where you have the little roped off section in the pool, is that for divers? So beautiful, thanks for sharing this spot in the Phillippines and for telling us all how to get there.

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