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 The Giant Archipelago of the Southeast

 Mostly covered by waters and some territories shared by neighbors, Indonesia is a massive collection of the landmass that belittled other archipelagos in the region. At around 18,110 islands comprising the country, it is the largest archipelago in the southeast and is home to a plethora of diverse people classified according to their ethnicity, clan, tribe, and even caste.

With the 2018 census suggesting that the country is now at around 266 million people in its population, Indonesia remains as one of the most populous countries—4th in ranking—in the world, following only the relatively larger country, the United States of America.

A large majority of the Indonesia population consists of Javanese at 45%, Sundanese at 14%, as well as Madurese and Coastal Malays at both 7.5%. The rest of the population are consistent with people from other ethnic groups.

In terms of religion, the country of Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country and is one to hold the largest concentration of Sunni Islam practitioners in comparison to other Islamic countries from the Middle East. Despite having Islam as a common ground for the majority of the population, the Islamic religious beliefs vary considerably across the archipelago. Despite this fact, however, Indonesia is categorically a secular state with mostly Islamic influences.


But, in conjunction with Islamism, Indonesia also sanctions four other religions in the country which includes Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Each of these religions has specific concentrations to which their practitioners exercise their faith freely and in harmony from another religion. Although not recognized by Indonesia, other forms of religion are also pervasive in the country such as animism and Confucianism.

For a country that is so varied with its people, Indonesia is technically a melting pot of various culture and, as such, is home to multiple events that are celebrated by its people. Mostly, the celebrations are based on the five state-sanctioned religions that are widely embraced in the archipelago.

As a group of islands set in the south-east part of the hemisphere, the climate in Indonesia is not too distinct from its neighbors: a shuffle between sunny and rainy seasons. Generally, the dry season starts from April until October while the wet season begins from November until March of the following year.

But while most Indonesians are subject to heat during the dry season, people from around Papua who live in high places enjoy relatively cooler temperatures. Although winter is alien to most of the country, Papua has seen snows covering its peaks which suggests how cool it can be on high terrain areas.

Indonesia is only part interesting for its people and culture, however. For travelers who are seeking something exotic will find plenty within Indonesia. From the many beautiful coastal waters to the creatures that live under them, to the varying terrains and the wild animals that inhabit them, the Indonesia archipelago has enough space to show its wonders to many curious visitors.

List  Various Destinations in Indonesia 


Bali, Indonesia Travel Guides

Considered as the most visited province in entire Indonesia, Bali has made a name not only in its country but in the world as a whole. The province is divided into a total of eight regencies and one city namely: Badung; Bangli; Buleleng; Gianyar; Jembrana; Karangasem; Klungkung; Tabanan; and Denpasar City. The flock of tourists started from the year 1980 up to the present. Perhaps, of all the spots that they could visit here, the most famous are the beaches which were considered as the second-best beach in the world next to the one in Santorini, Greece. More than the mountains and the scenic coastal areas of the province, which makes this place extra attractive to tourists are the culture and religion. Famous spots here include the: Purah Tanah Lot; Mount Batur; Uluwatu Temple; Ubud Monkey Forest; Ubud Art and Culture; Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces; Waterbom; Pura Ulun Danu Bratan; Seminyak Shopping; Kuta Beach; Nusa Island; Sekumpul Waterfall; Tirta Empul Temple; and Sidemen Valley.

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Jakarta, Indonesia Travel Guides

Being the largest and at the same time the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is considered as the center of culture, economics, and politics of entire Indonesia. With the government’s effort of increasing the green open space available in the province, they started building green public areas that serve as parks and lakes where families and tourists alike can walk and relax. This place also serves as a gateway to those tourists who would like to visit other parts of Indonesia. It is divided into five administrative municipalities (central, west, south, east, and north) and one regency (Thousand Islands). Examples of places to visit are Drampark; National Museum; National Monument; National Gallery; and Jakarta Arts Theater.

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Yogyakarta Indonesia Travel Guides

Also considered as a “developed” city as manifested by the Human Development Index (HDI), Yogyakarta is beginning to be a place of interest mostly to those who are aiming for academic and professional growth as it is also hailed as the center of education of the country. It is divided into four regencies (Kulon Progo, Sleman, Bantul, and Gunung Kidul) and one city (Yogyakarta City). Examples of tourist spots are Indrayanti Beach; Sono-Budoyu Museum; Kraton; Progo River; Bird Market;  Gudeng; and Gembira Loka Zoo.

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Lampung Indonesia Travel Guides

Three things that make this province merely beautiful are the mountains, rivers, and forests. With its close distance from Jakarta, no wonder that this province is also a favorite destination for tourists. It is divided into twelve regencies (Central, East, Mesuji, North, Pesawaran, Pringsewu, South, Tanggamus, Tulang Bawang, Way Kanan, West Lampung, West Pasirir, and West Tulang) and two cities (Bandar Lampung and Metro City). Tourist spots like the White Sand Beach, Kiluan Bay, Pahawang Island, Siger Tower, and Putri Malu Waterfall.

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Palembang Indonesia Travel Guides

Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia and is also known on the West as the “Venice of the East.” It is divided into eighteen districts (Ilir Barat, gandus, Seberang Ulu I, Kertapati, Seberang Ulu II, Plaju, Ilil Barat I, Bukit Kecil, Ilir Timur I, Kemuning; Ilir Timur II, Kalidoni, Sako, Sematang Borang, Sukarami, Alang-alang Lebar, Ilir Timur II, and Jakabaring). To further explore the place, you may visit the Ampera Bridge, Musi River, Kemaro Island, and Punti Kayu Forest.

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Indonesia Travel Guides


Indonesia Travel Guides


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