Teamlab Borderless, Tokyo, Japan


Imagine yourself being in a place where there seems to be no limitation, no walls, no boundaries, something that is borderless. What do you feel? Isn’t amazing to imagine yourself being lost in the middle of the world? No worries, no fears, just pure fascination, and excitement. Well, this is what the TEAMLAB BORDERLESS Digital Museum is all about. It allows you to wander into the nothingness into the “everythingness” of the world. In this place, your imagination and creativity would explore and experience tons of amazing views and sceneries that you only imagined before in your head. Now, these are presented in front of you through the use of digital art.


What makes this museum an amazing one is that it connects an individual into the beauty of the world, into the beauty of creation, and into the beauty of all things around him/her. No wonder, this place since its opening has become a part of the bucket list of many Japan travelers. Not only the sceneries are Instagram worthy, but they are also filled with fantastic opportunities for naturalists and photographers alike.


I would highly recommend that you purchase your ticket ahead of time online, for there is a high probability that tickets will be unavailable or out of stock when you buy on site. It is also ideal to be in the place after 3:00 pm so that you could avoid the crowd for the area tends to be teaming with visitors in some days. Of course, do not forget to bring your camera with you and take photos and videos. But more than the taking of videos, what is more, important is that you allow yourself to be immersed in its beauty. For you to fully enjoy the museum, allow 2 to 3 hours of stay. I bet that after those hours, you will come out of the museum feeling fulfilled and enthusiastic.


Teamlab Borderless, Tokyo Tickets

As for the tickets, adults (15 years old and above) will have to pay JPY 3,200. Children (4 to 14 years old) shall have to pay JPY 1,000. Additionally, a disabled person is also given the discount and shall only pay JPY 1,600 provided that he/she is accompanied by someone and that he/she is bringing his/her certification of being disabled. Though the prices are a bit average and even expensive for some, I am now telling you that it is really worth it.


All in all, Japan has a lot of tourist’s attractions to offer. Starting from parks, temples, and all other tourists’ hub, it is inevitable that the touch of technological advancement, such as the digital museum will exist. Gone are the days that you have to imagine for these things are already here, ready to be witnessed and experienced. All you have to do is be here, enjoy the moment, seize the opportunity, and you will be a lot more enticed to indulge more. Visit the Teamlab Borderless, experience the beauty of art through digital technology, fall in love in all that Japan has to offer.

Jojo Vito, Travel blogger in Japan


Teamlab Borderless Exhibition Hours 

Regular Hours (until December)

  • Mon – Thu 10:00 – 19:00
  • Fri, Sat & Holiday Eve 10:00 – 21:00
  • Sun & Holiday 10:00 – 20:00

Regular (Starting January)

  • Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00
  • Sun, Sat & Holiday 10:00 – 21:00
  • From December 14th to December 31st due to a special extension period, 10:00 – 22:00
  • January 1-4 10:00 – 21:00
  • Last entry 1 hour before the museum closing time.
  • EN TEA HOUSE opens 1 hour after the museum door opens. Last order is 30 min before closing.
  • Hours may vary depending on the season.
  • Closed every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month
  • December 25 is open during the special extension period.


How to Get to Teamlab Borderless, Tokyo


MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless

Odaiba Palette Town, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan Google Map

By Public Transportation

Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)

Aomi Station (Yurikamome Line)

5 mins walk toward the big wheel.

By Taxi

Get off at Aomi Station (Yurikamome Line) 3 mins walk toward the big wheel.

Fly Narita (Tokyo), Japan Via Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific will be flying to Narita, Japan daily effective December 1, 2018, through Cebu International Airport. This route will make it easy and economically friendly for people in the Visayas and Mindanao.

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Jojo Vito, Travel blogger in Japan

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  3. Queenie Mae Gargallano BSIT 3F3

    As a Student leader being assigned in my classmate during that trip I am going to tell them to be more careful while we are strooling around and also not to touch things because the art that is there are irreplaceable and also if there are activities that I would like to suggest in our teacher that would be reaction paper after the trip , going in that kind of place will such an honor to witness different art made by awesome artists and it is going to be an unforgettable experience to go there.

  4. Andrea Isabelle C. Palma

    Envision yourself being where there is by all accounts no restriction, no walls, no limits, something borderless. What do you feel? Isn’t astounding to envision yourself being lost on the planet? No problem, no apprehensions, simply unadulterated interest, and energy. Indeed, this is what’s really going on with the Teamlab Borderless Computerized Historical center. It permits you to meander into the nothingness into the “everythingness” of the world. Here, your creative mind and imagination would investigate and encounter lots of astonishing perspectives and landscapes that you just envisioned before in your mind.

    I would strongly suggest that you buy your ticket somewhat early on the web, for there is a high likelihood that tickets will be inaccessible or unavailable when you purchase nearby. It is additionally ideal to be in the spot after 3:00 pm so you could keep away from the group for the area will in general be collaborating with guests in certain days. Obviously, remember to carry your camera with you and take photographs and recordings. However, more than the taking of recordings, likewise, significant is that you permit yourself to be drenched in its excellence. For you to completely partake in the exhibition hall, permit 2 to 3 hours of stay. I bet that after those hours, you will emerge from the historical center inclination satisfied and excited.

    All things considered, Japan brings a great deal of vacation destinations’ to the table. Beginning from parks, sanctuaries, and any remaining travelers’ center point, it is inescapable that the hint of mechanical headway, for example, the computerized exhibition hall will exist. Gone are the days that you need to envision for these things are as of now here, fit to be seen and experienced. You should simply be here, partake in the occasion, jump all over the chance, and you will be much more captivated to enjoy more. Visit the Teamlab Borderless, experience the magnificence of workmanship through computerized innovation, become hopelessly enamored in all that Japan brings to the table

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    How could I motivate my classmates? Despite those exhausted weeks physically and mentally, I suggest/encourage them to watch the digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan. I suggest activities to my teacher to demonstrate the importance of art appreciation by exploring and watching videos in our online class. While imagining myself in the place of borderless world what I have learned is that you have your own kind of culture to practice. Where you can freely walk and pick a path to start. As a food trades student, your curiosity about the place reflect it your future course where you can feel no doubt, no fear, no worries you are freely do whatever you want to be. It just like cooking a meal you don’t need it to follow the instructions into the internet you just have to feel and follow your taste create your own or innovative version of your meal to appreciate your ability.



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    BSIT 3F3

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    I will suggest the teacher to give activity by group to list all the art that appear inside the museum and I will also join them and I will explain what is leadership for example because I’m the leader it doesn’t mean I am exempted to the activities I need also to cooperate to show them that as a leader I can guide in able to get the learnings that we need.

    Virgel S. Gabud

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  13. Jessa Mae D. Cajucson

    Borderless in Tokyo, Japan is indeed a fascinating place to add on our bucket list adventure. Whether you’re a student, single, couple, and a for a family trip this place is something you can try to visit with its unique ambiance.

    If we are a leader of the class, we will motivate our classmates to cooperate on our report about the said trip by doing a POST-TRIP ACTIVITY WORKSHEET, where in we can collect their thoughts and how they see things about the scenery on Teamlab Borderless.


    All About my Teamlab Borderless Trip in Tokyo, Japan

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    2. One thing that really made me feel excited on the trip was –
    3. I wish I could have stopped and spent more time on – ……… because – ……..

    • Paste 2 photos of a specific digital artwork inside the museum that you want to pursue as an inspiration design of your future Food Business Establishment. ( Explain why )

    In this kind of activity we can encourage our classmates to imagine, recall, and fell what it would look like, having a digital artwork kind of restaurant.

    – With our topic Corporate Culture and Leadership we are enhancing our Power by using our Position to lead, for them to connect with us we are giving them Rewards from the authority of our teacher to give them 2 points in the final grade for the student who can came out with the best photo and idea.

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  15. As we took the first look at one of the top Tokyo attractions in Odaiba, which is the MORI building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamlab Borderless, we couldn’t help ourselves but to feel in love with how creative and imaginative the creator of the place is. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. In our opinion, as the leader of the class/group, I’ll encourage them through sharing the importance of this trip and help them understand the purpose as well as how it will benefit us someday in the future. We will suggest an observational activity. We should share after what experience we liked the most or what thing had capture our heart and how is this significant in pursuing our course or when building our own restaurant someday. Second, what kind of design is suitable for a specific restaurant regarding the digital arts that we’ve seen in the museum. Those with top answers will receive a reward such as free snacks, free ticket, and plus points.

    Khea Joy Juanico
    Gisnil Giltendez
    (BSIT 3-F3)

  16. Maria Ennah Zamora

    We will motivate my classmates to cooperate in the trip in a way that we want them to realize that the money they are spending for the trip, is not easy to find these days and to make them realize that we came to the Digital Art Museum to discover more things about the advance technology that creates the arts inside the museum so that they will be motivated to cooperate in the upcoming activities that we are going to perpetrate inside the Digital Art Museum, comply their work according to the instructions and specifications for the going activities so they will be comeback again soon in the digital art museum being more motivated and captivated and interested. We would suggest activities such as picture taking because we want our classmates to have memorable trip, forming a straight line and wander about the kaleidoscopic lights of the digital museum, and taking time to enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the Digital Art Museum.
    BSIT 3F3

  17. Hi, Im planning to visit the Teamlab. Are they accepting debit card online? What payment method did you used?

  18. This truly spectacular! I am amazed that you were able to get some photographs despite the darkness of the place.

  19. You are amazing Jojo. I haven’t heard about this place before. Now, you just motivated me to go back to Japan.

  20. My goodness, I search immediately your blog upon seeing your video post about this place. This is really amazing. I will be bringing my kids with me this summer. Thank you again, Jojo, you are worth every inch to be called a travel blogger.

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