The Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Japan


 Odaiba, Japan

The artificial island of Odaiba is one of the places you must visit when you are in Tokyo. The area offers high-tech entertainment, amazing attractions, and hotels and restaurants with beautiful views.

When in Odaiba, Japan you can get anywhere by just walking. If you want to save time from walking, you can choose to ride the Odaiba Rainbow bus, the free Tokyo Bay Shuttle bus, or the Yurikamome line trains for farther destinations of the island.


Palette Town Ferris Wheel

Attractions to visit in Odaiba, Japan

Rainbow Bridge

This picturesque bridge is one of the main attractions of Odaiba, that connects the island to Tokyo.

Palette Town Ferris Wheel

If you want to see a lot of attractions in one trip, then you should ride the Ferris Wheel of Palette Town. From the top, you would be able to see the Rainbow Bridge, Sky Tree, and many Tokyo landmarks like the famous Tokyo Tower.

Statue of Liberty (Symbol Promenade Park)

What stands in Odaiba now is the replica of the French Statue Liberty that was brought from Paris, France and placed in the Odaiba Beach Park from April 1998 to January 1999. The statue serves as a symbol of the Year of France in Japan.

Gundam Front Tokyo (Diver City Tokyo Plaza)

Do you want to experience what it is like to pilot a Gundam? This is the best place to visit for the fans of Gundam.

Fuji Television Main Building

You will love the view of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba from the globe-shaped part of the 25th floor of the building. This is one of the areas in the office building that is open to the public.


Daiba Park

Looking for a good view of the Rainbow Bridge without too much crowd? Daiba Park offers a calm atmosphere unlike most of the attractions found in Odaiba. This park is located near the DECKS Tokyo Beach and Fuji Television.

Odaiba Beach Park

An 800-meter long beach where you can just relax while you are in Odaiba. This coastal area offers a serene and calm atmosphere with its greenery and sandy beach.

Shiokaze Park

Outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, or a simple sunbathing can be enjoyed in Shikaze Park. The park offers excellent views aside from being easily accessible from Odaiba Beach Park and Higashi Hashio Park.

Aomi Minami Port Park

This park provides grassy areas where you can have a picnic or just rest. It is also well-known for its Japanese garden and fishing area with beautiful views.


Aqua City Odaiba

If you want to shop and get free wi-fi access, you can visit this Mediterranean Sea themed attraction of Odaiba, Japan. The place has shops, selling various goods, that are open until 9 in the evening.

DECKS Tokyo Beach

If you want to do more shopping, you can head to DECKS Tokyo Beach. This urban seaside mall offers a lot of shops, entertainment, and restaurants that you can visit.

VenusFort (in Palette Town)

Shopping and entertainment in one place. Shopping outlets, bowling, karaoke, arcades, and even a car theme park, you can find all of these in VenusFort.


Tokyo Joypolis

Odaiba offers an indoor amusement part with Tokyo Joypolis. It has more than 20 attractions that you can enjoy, including a haunted house and roller coaster ride.

Telecom Center Observatory

Certain parts of the building are open for the public, as the viewing area on its 21st floor. The observatory is famous for the night view it offers. From the observatory deck, you can see the famous attractions of Odaiba, Japan as well as some famous Tokyo landmarks.

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Also known as Miraikan, the museum offers an educational experience for its visitors with its up-to-date information on science and technology.

Odaiba has a lot to offer for tourists.


Statue of Liberty (Symbol Promenade Park)

How to Get to Odaiba, Japan

From Tokyo Station (by train)

Take one of the JR lines from Tokyo Station to Shimbashi Station, from there you need to walk to the Yurikamome line and ride the train going to Odaiba Beach Park Station.

From Shinagawa Station (by bus)

Experience the Odaiba Rainbow bus first-hand. You can ride the bus by getting out from JR Shinagawa Station Konan East Exit, turning right and going down the stairs that are close to Atre Shinagawa. You will find the Shinagawa Station Konan East Exit bus stop down the steps.

Take the Rinkai line if you are coming from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, or Shibuya (by train)
It is convenient because there is no need to change trains once you ride this one. You just need to drop off at the Tokyo Teleport Station, and you will be in Odaiba, Japan. Just take note of the time for the train because it only travels three times per hour and the last outbound train from Odaiba leaves early. If you plan to enjoy the night view, you can take the train to or from Shimbashi Station.

From Asakusa (by Suijo bus or water taxi)

It is a direct line from Asakusa to Odaiba. You can enjoy the view while you are traveling to Odaiba, Japan.


Odaiba Gundam

Where to Stay in Odaiba, Japan

If you want to sleep and wake up to see this fascinating island, you can book your stay in the following hotels near the area.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

This hotel in Odaiba, Japan offers a great view of Tokyo Bay.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Odaiba

This grand hotel in Rinkai-Fukutoshin or Tokyo waterfront area can provide pictures of different sceneries depending on the room you book.

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

Located in Ariake, your stay in this hotel will be pleasant because of the ambiance it gives off. It is like having your own place near Odaiba, Japan.

Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside

A very fashionable hotel that can be found near the Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon Station in the Yurikamome line. Traveling to and from this hotel is convenient.

Jojoy, The Traveling Mask about to take Cebu Pacific

Jojoy, The Traveling Mask about to take Cebu Pacific

Tokyo Japan Via Cebu Pacific

Did Odaiba excite you? Then its time to plan your visit to Tokyo, Japan. Effective December 1, 2018, Cebu Pacific will be flying the Cebu-Narita (Tokyo), Japan daily.

For more visit www.cebupacificair.com

Have fun at Odaiba!

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    Odaiba is the best place for entertainment, to spend the day shopping or looking for something to do.
    It also attracts huge crowds and evokes images of a settlement on another planet since it consists of glass and steel buildings, geometric structures, and covered pathways.
    One of the best and iconic place of interest in Odaiba is known as The Rainbow Bridge, a stunning bridge that stretches for half a mile across the waters of Tokyo Bay connecting Tokyo with Odaiba. While the bridge’s white spans are beautiful during the day, they truly shine at night when they are bathed in a rainbow of hues. Odaiba has a lot of attractions to cover in just 1 day and you’ll probably need to extend your vacation time to fit it all in.
    Travelling in Odaiba is one of the greatest experience because of its futuristic and quirky attractions, panoramic views and entertainment outlets. You can learn new things, relax a bit and see arts and designs.
    Appreciating beautiful Odaiba, opens one’s eyes to how great the machines are made, how they are used, and how they contributed to the growth of Japanese tourism. It’s an excellent idea that we may take into account and apply for in-class practical exercises. This will also benefit my classmates, who will learn more about machines and other course-related topics.

  2. John Rey Gonzaga BSIT 3M1 Gerro Palanog BSIT 3M1

    As a leader in the group, I will tell them that every member in the group will observe every attractions on that particular place in joypolis and to motivate them that one group ,one mission if one member didn’t do that task all of them will failed. I suggest to the teacher that every student will submit some explanation or observation about the attractions. Joypolis is one of the attraction that can attract mechanical students because of different rides.

  3. Ely John B. Laureano

    As a leader who possess the qualities which makes one a good leader i will show them my ability to strive for excellence. A leader who is responsible to lead a group of people towards learning and understanding I will use my power to direct them in being cautious of our surroundings at Odaiba as we interact with different people who have their own policies, norm, culture and tradition if one of them will not listen to me i will give them informal sanction. In motivating my classmates to cooperate the first thing I will do is to showcase my abilities to them on how well versed i am in every aspect, my technological know how, skills and strategies in that way they will be motivated to cooperate as they see or think that i am a capable leader that can give them the knowledge that they want and need. Next, i will ask our teacher about giving incentives like getting a plus point or souvenirs in order for them to cooperate. Giving them inspirational and motivational message about how cooperation can give opportunities for growth and development that it can make them achieve great results. Furthermore, I think one way for them to learn is to give them activities that I think of, such as, Observe- Build they will construct a technology thing and have them explain what they saw or learn at Odaiba. Next is note taking and Reporting activity where they list all the important details and information about technology at Odaiba and let them report it or share it in our class. Last, I will organize a debate activity that will let my classmates argue or discuss about what they have observed in technology at Odaiba. In this trip, one of my motive is to influence their perspective about learning. I will make sure that they will be committed in learning as it is the vital step in achieving our own goals.
    Laureano, Ely John BSIT 3M1
    Donguines, Wenna

  4. As a leader, I suggest an activity that everyone will enjoy while visiting Odaiba. One of the activities not to be missed is watching the amazing transformation of the iconic unicorn gundam. Through this way we will have enough attention in the activity to be done. And while touring the area, they will know how gorgeous the culture of every corner and street of the area in Odaiba and they will be filled with knowledge and experience to witness beautiful events throughout the trip.

    Jeffrey F. Bagahansol BSIT 3M1

  5. Patricia Pendon

    As the leader of the class, I will suggest to the teacher to give a group work. A task that they should choose one of the best place or attractions that attracts them the most that has a unique mechanism in Odaiba, Japan and explain it what they have learn from the trip and how it can relate to their course. I will also suggest having a tour inside the Miraikan Science Museum. It will be the best activity to do as we will learn the modern technology of Japan and also enjoy ourselves interacting with their modern robots. This activity will also make us students interested and excited because it will be a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. Having a group work needs a teamwork in order to accomplish the task that is given in a short period of time. Also, it helps student’s to cooperate in this activity especially if your groupmates is your friends, because it’s not just learnings you will get but also the best experience that you will only feel once in a lifetime together. Exploring new things with your groupmates to learn more about that place and also about machines.

    Jamaica Catacutan BSIT3-M1
    Patricia Pendon BSIT3-M1

  6. John Miguel L. Villa and Noel D. Ecang

    As a Mechanical technology student and as a leader of our class, I will give them different tasks that incorporate in our course.
    For example,
    – I will let them name any machine that they will see and write it out as many as they can and then, I will give a price to whoever sees the most.
    -The other one is, I will ask them how did those machines greatly help/impact for the success of the place. I will also give a price to the one with the best answer.
    – The last one is, I will let them share what machines are new to their eyes or machines that they only saw in Odaiba, Japan.

    John Miguel L. Villa and Noel D. Ecang
    BSIT 3M-1

  7. Ayomana , Mark Joseph Lopez , Joey


    if we go to “Aomi Minami Port Park” as a leader, I will suggest to our teacher to divide the groups into 2 and each group has a one leader who can access the members to ensure the discipline and to listen and motivate each member to feel the present of the Aomi Minami Port. I well suggest an activity to 2 groups of what they can say about the beauty of the surroundings and why We are different from the sea side in landslide and explain to our teacher what is different.

    Ayomana , Mark Joseph
    Lopez , Joey

  8. Melitado, Angel B. BSIT 3M1

    As a leader responsible in leading my classmates towards learning and exploring I will use my authority to instruct and remind them the proper values and behavior everyone has to have in order to be safe. It is also important to remind them the purpose of the trip which is to learn first above anything else. In order for them to cooperate with the activities assigned by our teachers I will ask our teachers to give us an assessment of our learnings especially those that are related to our course at the end of the trip and acknowledge their efforts by giving them a reward in every successful activities which I will tell my classmates eventually. I will also suggest to require a sharing of learnings from each other so that everyone can learn from each of their classmates. By telling them before hand that there will be an assessment and sharing of ideas they will be motivated to pay attention, cooperate and become more open in learning and discovering new things that are essential in our field of expertise or desired profession. Lastly, I want to make my classmates understand that cooperation and unity is important in learning and achieving the goals of the class during the trip.

    Montibon, Hanna B. BSIT 3M1
    Melitado, Angel B. BSIT 3M1

  9. Romar S. Dolor

    If I consider myself as a group leader and the leader of the class and we have a trip so I highly recommend to visit the famous destination in Japan which is the place of Odaiba. The one that attracts me so much is the Palette Town Ferris Wheel in Odaiba, Japan. I will motivate my classmates to cooperate, encourage and show them the beauty of Palette town ferris wheel where you can see a lot of attraction in one trip by riding the Ferris wheel of Palette town. First I will explain them if here in the Philippines we only ride ordinary ferris wheels why don’t we try the Palette town ferris wheel that from the to we can see the rainbow bridge and other famous Tokyo landmarks. Like here, it’s better for us when we ride the ferris wheel at night. I will also show some pictures of Palette town ferris wheel to attract them even more. I will keep it interesting for them to entice them to visit. That they can ride not just an ordinary ferris wheel that it is better to ride when the view below is so beautiful.

    Kobe Johh Baging
    Romar Dolor

  10. John paul navarette

    First, I will ask my classmate to visit Gundam Front Tokyo (Diver City Tokyo Plaza) so that they will be excited to see a bigger view of their favorite childhood toy which is Gundam

    We will play a game who can name the Gundams correctly.

    After that, we will go to Fuji Television Main Building

    Because it is famous for a very long time so we can see how they build their products with quality and then we will ask who can remember it they used to have these old TVs

    We will also interview their building maintenance on how they maintain their building’s air conditioning

    By the end of the day, we will stay at Grand Nikko Tokyo Odaiba

    To rest and study how their air conditioning set up works and how they maintain it


  11. Franz Joseph sillares

    If we are in the telecom center observatory as a leader I will suggest to our teacher to devide us into 4 groups and each group had a 1 leader just to ensure that their member will listen and cooperate certain activities, I will suggest an activity that all groups should need to look the different tourist attractions and each groups will choose one tourist attractions and they will explain to their classmate what kind of tourist attractions and why they choosed that kind of tourist attractions.

    Joey voluntate
    Franz joseph Sillares

  12. Lester John R EJIDO , John lorence Badoy

    The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
    I will motivate my classmates by offering them a reward or giving opportunities to see the Display inventions in the museum. The activities that i will suggest to the teacher is to group into 2 and we will make a reaction to the museum what are their experiences during visit on the museum.

    John lorence Badoy
    Lester John R EJIDO

  13. Beautiful, I just love the order and cleanliness in Japan.

  14. Wow, thank you so much for putting up a comprehensive post always. You’re my Wikipedia for travels. Thank you so much.

  15. Yay, Im so happy that you are traveling with your mask always. It’s so cute and concept just amazed me. Looking forward to see more places you are visiting along with your mask 🙂 🙂 🙂

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