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You probably heard of the beautiful Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte. Perhaps, you’ve planned your visit here, and you’ve probably thought of thousand questions on how you could make the most out of your adventure here. Well, I’ve been here, and I’ve got the chance to enjoy the place to the fullest.

Calaguas Island: An Inextricable Fiber of Camarines Norte Tourism

The province of Camarines Norte in the Bicol region of the Philippines has been a site of tourist visit for many years. For a province whose location is set at nearby seawater, Camarines Norte is a place of wonder in both land and the ocean.

But the province, in all its entirety, is also consistent with an offshoot group of islands referred collectively as “Calaguas” and is undeniably one of its greatest assets when it comes to tourism. Simply, no visit to Camarines Norte is at its completeness—or best—if it does not involve this tiny archipelago that is offshore to the province’s mainland.

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts

From Obscurity to Popularity

The natural and preserved beauty of Calaguas Island has always been its major selling point and is something which tourists in general sought after. But even before this group of islands gained prominence as a viable destination to substitute Boracay, Calaguas was a destination only dared visited by a few. The place, at the time, was relatively unknown, only a handful of adventurers get to experience a level of spectacle that could contain the quality of Aklan’s treasured beach.
If anything, it implies that, if not the locals, Calaguas is a place likely known by people from the nearby provinces or by bona fide travelers who prefer the off-beaten path than the typical popular sites.

Over the years, this notion subsequently shifted into a complete 360-degrees when the Calaguas Islands entered the public consciousness as an ideal tourist destination. Since then, the province of Camarines Norte has seen an influx of tourist visits numbering to a few million, with an ostensive destination targeted towards the offshore islands.

Consequently, this meant that the islands’ transformation as a suitable tourist attraction has led to its development catered for the notion. From once an almost barren place visited only by the locals, some of the notable places in the archipelago has seen sprouts of human infrastructures as well as human activities that inevitably gave life and meaning to the place. But unlike Boracay which, through the subsequent gush of human presence, was marred of its natural cleanliness and beauty which merits a rehab, the Calaguas Islands is able to maintain a level of preservation that makes it an ever-beautiful place as the day when it was still out of people’s awareness.

The beauty of Calaguas Island

If you had seen Boracay first-hand at least once in your life, it is that hard to imagine what Calaguas Islands’ offering is like as a tourist destination. For something that is said to rival Boracay, it is easy to presume what the notion is for.

And, yes, for a group of islands that are well-preserved, this implies beautiful beaches in every island, marked by the relative presence of fine white sands, amazing see-through teal waters, and teeming life of aquatic creatures seen only by those who dare to go deeper than the surface level.

Now, take all these traits and multiply it to the overall number of islands within Calaguas and factor in elements that makes each site unique, what you get is a complex formula that makes the island-group a perfect tourist place that likely outnumbers Boracay multiple to one.

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts. Photo by Maffeth.opiana

Travel Tips When  Visiting Calaguas Island

1. Avoid the weekends and holidays

The thing is, the less crowded the place is, the better. That is why I highly encourage you to go here on a weekday than the weekends or holidays. The area during those times may be a bit crowded, and you might not fully get the amazing peaceful vibe you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, less crowd means more opportunity for great photos!

1. Be ready for the waves of life!

Yes, heading to Calaguas island may be a bit scary. Why? The big waves will tell you why! Well, the waves are naturally big and bumpy. So, do not expect that you’ll get a lot of peaceful time while on the boat heading to the island. Hold your breath and try to sit still while the boat is having a roller coaster-like adventure with the wind and with the water.

2. Take as many photos as you can

A lot of people will say that photos are the only constant thing in this world. So, it would be best to take as many photos as you can. This will make you remember the memories you had here with your family or friends even after decades! The picturesque views along with the refreshing background will undoubtedly give you amazing shots of photos.

3. Leave the online world behind

Mobile and internet signal is not possible in Calaguas Island. So, if you plan to head here, might as well seize the adventure by going back to the basics. Play with friends, have some chats, and enjoy to the fullest! Leave your mobile and online world behind since this only happens once in a blue moon.

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts

4. Live simply

No restaurants, no hotels, no extravagant amenities, you have to do everything for yourself. The catch is, it makes you go back to the past where everything was simpler and less complicated. I am sure that you’ll have a lot of realizations after your adventure here.

5. Enjoy all the activities

Diving, snorkeling, trekking, and swimming. Whatever trip you may have, I am sure that Calaguas island will never disappoint you. The thing is, you have to find an activity which you enjoy and do it. Better yet, try all the activities! I am sure that you will feel extra accomplished once you’ve done these.

6. Be a responsible tourist

As I have said, you need to do everything for yourself, which includes keeping your trash and disposing of it properly. You are supposed to enjoy the place, not destroy it. Think of those who will also visit the place in the future. Keep the place clean and safe so that they may also enjoy the same level of enjoyment you’ve had.

7.Seek professional help

If you think that you cannot organize your Calaguas Island trip in your own, then look for legit organizers who will do the work for you, be sure that you’ll choose the right one so that you could fully enjoy your trip. At least, you will feel extra safe since you know that someone is looking after you in your stay on the island.

Ready for an adventure? Go to Calaguas Island now and have a blast! Create memories and enjoy to the fullest! Have a Happy Trip!

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts. Photo by Andre Lloyd Torres

 Calaguas Island Beaches, Resorts, Hotels

Calaguas Paradise Resort
Address: Mahabang Buhangin, Camarines Norte
Phone: 0917 117 7743

Calaguas White Sand Resort
Address:  Vinzons, Camarines Norte
Phone: 0917 513 1207

Mahabang Buhangin Beach
Address: Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Tinaga Island, Mangcawayan, Vinzons, 4603 Camarines Norte

Teodoro Pascual Resort
Address:  Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Calaguas Gateway Hotel
Address: 4600, 2 Vinzons Ave, Daet, 4600 Camarines Norte
Phone: (054) 440 2188

Waling-Waling Eco Village
Address:  Vinzons, Camarines Norte
Phone: 0910 908 0992

Waling-waling Ecovillage [ Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts ]

How to Get to Calaguas Island

Via Air

Take a flight to Naga City. There are regular flights daily from different airlines.
The moment you arrived at Naga City Airport, take a jeepney for Daet and remind the driver to drop you off at the terminal for Vinzons or Paracale for you to take the boat going to Calaguas Island.

Via Land

A more economical but long way to get to the Calaguas Island is by bus or van going to Daet or Paracale, Camarines Norte. Traveling by bus may take for 8 to 9 hours. You may opt to travel by night from Manila.

Below are some of the buses schedules to and from Camarines Norte:

Pasay: (02) 851-5420

DAET ORDINARY P 517.70 175 6:30 AM
DAET VIA CULASI P 517.70 / P 666.90 179 7:30 PM
DAET AIRCON P 651.30 001 8:00 AM
627 1:00 PM
033 8:00 PM
065 9:30 PM
PANGANIBAN AIRCON P 643.50 049 7:00 AM
883 7:30 PM


Cubao: (02)414-3319
Daet: (054) 571-2225

Superlines Schedule for Daet

9:30 AM | DAET | Regular Aircon Buses

7:30 PM | DAET | Regular Aircon Buses

8:30 PM | DAET | Regular Aircon Buses

9:00PM | DAET | First Class

10:00 PM | DAET | Regular Aircon Buses

7:45 PM | PARACALE-PANGANIBAN | Regular Aircon Buses


Pasay: (632) 855-8040/ (632) 855-8071/(632) 484-7449

Amihan Bus Lines
Cubao: (02) 386 7166 


Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte Travel Blog, Resorts

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