Top Things To Do in Subic

Here’s a list of Subic Tourist Spots.

With the area’s close vicinity to Metropolitan, it is no wonder that it is being flocked with tourists year-round. Imagine, within 2 and half hours away from Manila; you could already experience the beach and all other amazing adventures. Let me share with you these fun activities as we go over the list.

1. Zoobic Safari (Subic Tourist Spot)

How about bringing your kids to a zoo? Yes, this is undoubtedly a fun one for your kids and to the entire family. One of my favorites here is that you will get to ride a tram. The tram then will go around the wildlife, the area where both lions are tigers are free to wonder. Isn’t thrilling and exciting?


Subic Tourist Spot: Zoobic Safari | Photo from FB Page of  Zoobic Safari


2.USS New York Sea Wreck

The place is also famous for its sea wrecks. It has a total of 19 diving wreck sites. This is the ultimate goal of both beginners and professional divers. The idea of diving deep within and exploring an unexplored vessel gives a higher level of satisfaction. No wonder that tourists both from the country and international contexts come to visit the place.

3.El Kabayo Waterfalls (Subic Tourist Spot)

From swimming to diving, to cooking, all of these are possible in El Kabayo waterfalls. The cascading water of the falls heading to the basin part of it is indeed cold and relaxing. Take a swim if you want, or dive the cliff if you are the more adventurous type of tourist. The thing is, you will for sure enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

4.JEST Camp Subic 

If you are looking for an ultimate adventure, then head to the JEST Camp. With the set of facilities, amenities, and activities that they have for you, your time spent here will be sure to be a fun one. This is, in fact, the hunger games experience that everyone is going gaga about.


Subic Tourist Spot: Ocen Adventure | Photo from FB Page of  Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

5.Ocean Adventure Subic Bay (Subic Tourist Spot)

Another famous attraction in Subic is Ocean Adventure. This is not merely watching experience for it also offers an encounter with the dolphins. You can feed them and even swim with them. But if you are afraid, you may settle with watching the prepared shows.

6.Fantastic Park (Subic Tourist Spot)

The name of the park itself gives you the thrills. This educational theme park will be the best opportunity for your kids to be indulged in different educational activities. A total of 10 attractions will be out of the curious and intelligent side of the kids.

7.Bird Watching

Considered as the 13th bird watching site in the entire archipelago, the place is true to its promise of providing you the chance to get a glimpse of different bird creatures. May it is in Magul Bird Park or the Ilanin Forest, these two spots are ideal for bird watching activities.


Subic Tourist Spot: Networx Jetsports| Photo from FB Page of  Networx Jetsports

8.Networx Jet Sports

Taking your vacation into a much higher level is possible in the area. Imagine riding a boat, taking a cruise, doing some sky flying and the likes? All of these are possible in Networx Jet sports. All the activities they prepared for you will surely bring out all the adrenaline in your body.

9. Baguio Craft Brewery Shrine

Going into a pub has never been this fun and at the same time, healthy. Well, the drinks they prepare here are all naturally produced, no additives added. Because of this, you could be assured that you will enjoy your cup of drink without worrying about its health complications.

10. Scootourista Festival

A parade of scooters sounds fun? Yes! Imagine people having a show and interacting with one another through a scooter? If you are up for some friends with other tourists or the locals, this festival sounds ideal for you.

11. Capones Island (Subic Tourist Spot)

This notable island is like a paradise here on earth. Fine white sand paired with crystal clear water. Spending the night through camping also sounds like a great idea. A vacation here will make you feel that as if you’re a part of a different realm.

12. Royal Duty-Free

How about some shopping? If you’ve had enough of the usual malls, then head to duty-free. Not only that it is cheaper, but there are also a lot of original products and brands being sold here. So, a shopping spree is a perfect inclusion in your itinerary.


13. Inflatable Island (Subic Tourist Spot)

The newly opened attraction will be a perfect summer destination. From the name itself, the beach is filled with an inflatable in the middle of the ocean. It allows you to jump, run, play, and have fun in those inflatables. It covers 3,400 square meters of inflatables. This is the perfect way to be a kid once more. Plus, do it under the amazing rays of the sun.

Taking most of what you can in the area is entirely a good idea. Enjoy your stay here, and I am pretty sure that you will find your next favorite vacation destination.

 Inflatable Island

Subic Tourist Spot: Inflatable Island

Hotels in Subic

Here are just some of the hotels which you might want to consider booking for your next trip to the place.

You can click on the links below to compare prices or book your room prior to your trip.

Subic Park Hotel Address: Waterfront Road, Olongapo, 2222 Zambales

Hotel Bahia Address: Bldg. 664 Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, 2222

Subic Waterfront Resort & Hotel  | Address: 88 Sta. Monica Subdivision 

ACEA Subic Bay | Address: San Bernardo Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2200 Zambales

Subic Coco Hotel  | Address: Dewey Ave, S Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

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