Kalilangan Festival Schedule of Activities

Kalilangan Festival

I have witnessed a lot of festivals throughout my journey. Some celebrate the Patron Saints, while the others celebrate a bountiful harvest. Whatever the reason may be, Filipinos have a lot of things to be thankful for. Thus, festivities and celebrations take place in all parts of the country. General Santos City is also proud to have one of its own, the Kalilangan celebration. The word itself means “festival” or jubilee. Generally, this colorful celebration is a way of celebrating the Maguindanaoan dialect.

In this event, the free exchange of amenities is given from allies, elders, leaders, and subordinates, all in different tones. The heart of the celebration lies in the fact that the beauty of interaction as manifested by conversation and no other external factor affects such camaraderie. Historically speaking, Muslims, Christians, and the natives gather together as one and celebrates the Kalilangan.

Schedule of Activities Kalilangan Festival

Please bookmark this page as we will be posting soon the official schedule of events of the festival happening this February.

Kalilangan Festival Schedule of Activities

Unique Features of Kalilangan Festival

Here are the unique features of this festivity in case you are interested in giving it a shot.

  1. Unity-centered

Comparing this one to other festivities, this one focuses on the people themselves and their way of living. If other celebrations are made to honor the saints or the patrons, this one acknowledges the value of the togetherness of the people. So, imagine the level of warmth one may feel in taking part in the Kalilangan.

  1. People-oriented

No matter what race, religion, gender, orientation, status in life it may be, everyone is welcome to partake in this beautiful celebration. The welcoming remarks given by people will undeniably warm one’s heart. You don’t have to know everyone in the place for you to enjoy the celebration. Because in this event, everyone they meet is a friend, making them more welcoming and warm towards everyone.

  1. Culture-based

Since Kalilangan mirrors the way of living of the Maguindanao people, it shows the culture of different celebrations such as anniversaries, enthronement of royals, funerals; marriage; religious practices; and thanksgiving. Knowing the people and their culture is best in attending this festivity.

dance parade
Kalilangan Festival Schedule of Activities
  1. Holistic Approach

Instead of focusing on mere culture, the people here chose to make it a holistic approach. As they celebrate the Kalilangan, they also encompass other areas of society. This includes gift-giving, games, amusement, and entertainment. With these, it is safe to say that Kalilangan festivity is indeed a total package.

Kalilangan festival has been for the past decades, creating a record when it comes to setting the standards high. As the years go by, it is evident that the people would like to make it better and much grand. It has been continuously receiving a National level award called “Pearl Award” from the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) and Department of Tourism (DOT) as the awarding bodies. I am pretty sure that in the coming years, we could all expect a world-class celebration, all for the glory of peace and togetherness. Indeed, General Santos, as the center of the festivity, will continue to prosper. See you there and let us celebrate the Kalilangan festival together!

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