Manaoag Church Mass Schedule

Visiting the North: The Manaoag Church and Mass Schedule

The Manaoag Church, or also known as Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, is perhaps one of the most visited churches in the northern part of the country. With the number of things possible to be done in the area and in the Church itself, it is no wonder that the place is flocked with a lot of people daily.


Manaoag Church Mass Schedule By Irvin Parco Sto. Tomas

Manaoag Church Features

  1. History

Originally named as the Chapel of Sta. Monica in 1600; the Manaoag Church had faced several threats and destructions. Beginning from the Igorot tribes from the mountain, Philippine revolution, and Japanese bombardment, the Church had managed to survive strong as it is right now. Its strong foundation along with the collaborative effort of the people to do it made it possible to exist for a very long time. It was in 2015 that the Church got its elevation into a basilica.

  1. Journey with co-pilgrims

Visiting the basilica and at the same time, meeting people is fascinating. It gives you a feeling of belongingness. If you would like to meet new friends and journey with them in a pilgrimage, the Manaoag Church will be the right place. With the number of pilgrims flocking the area, you will never go home empty-handed in terms of newly-built friendship.

  1. Limitless Stores

Stores or booths outside the Manaoag church will give you a one-stop-shop opportunity. From religious articles to fruits and other food to buy, there will always be something to purchase. Your family and friends back home will feel nothing but glee as you give them your purchased gifts from Manaoag Church.


Manaoag Church Mass Schedule

  1. Lots of nearby places to visit

You might consider going around after attending a mass at Manaoag church. Aside from experiencing the beauty and the peaceful vibe of the Church, adding a side trip adventure is also possible. In just about thirty minutes from the Church, a lot of beach resorts are available! This is the reason why those who would go to this Church would also include a short beach visit after the mass.

  1. Easy transportation

Heading to Manaog via public transport is pretty convenient. From Manila, ride a bus heading to Dagupan and stop at Urdaneta City. From there, take a tricycle and inform the driver to stop you at Manaoag Church. If you who would like to travel using private cars may also do it. Just pin the location using a navigation app, and you are good to go.

  1. Hospitable People

Filipinos are known to be friendly. Hence, the warmth and hospitality of the Pangasinense will be profoundly felt in visiting this province. Meeting new friends and acquaintances here is pretty straightforward. Asking people about the direction of places will be convenient since they will be very ready to accommodate you and your questions at hand.

The Manaoag Church is far more than just a church. It is a manifestation of the culture and tradition of its people. At the same time, it is also a way of getting the much-needed peaceful time paired with adventure time.

Manaoag Church Mass Schedule

Below is the updated mass schedule from the church main site.


Manaog Church Address and Contact Details:


  1. Lunesa Tany

    Good noon… I just want to ask if Manaoag church open on Monday (May 1, 2023) since it is a holiday po.. Magpa car blessings sana po kami. Thank you!

  2. Dominador Pacifico Isidoro


    Kindly advise me if Manaoag Church is now open for visitors coming from Metro Manila.

    A group of friends are planning to visit next week.

    Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    Please let me know at numbers 09958437100. Or at my email below.

    Thank You

    Best Regards,

    Mr. Isidoro

  3. Mary Anthonette Sicat

    Car blessing schedules pls on nov12, 2021 Friday.

  4. Digna Holgado

    Sir / Madam,

    Our family of four ( 4 ) from Batangas City wish to attend the mass on Mon, 11 Oct 21 at our Lady of Manaoag Church. We are ALL fully vaccinated and we have our flu vaccines.

    Gusto lang po namin malaman allowed ba kami pumunta? May requirement ba sa mga police check points?

    We would highly appreciate your prompt response para maka-pag plano kami agad ng travel namin.

    Ano po ang schedule sa Mon, 11 Oct 21.

    Ang contact number po namin ay 09999938347 at may Messenger po ako at Viber same number.

    Digna Holgado

  5. Divine Sarmiento

    Is manaoag church open on October 3,2021?tnx in advance

  6. Good morning, our family wish to visit our Lady of Manoag ask ko po if we are allowed we are from Pasig City family of five all fully vaccinated and all of us with flu vaccine too. I hope somebody reply to me so we can plan right away. Thanks in advance.

  7. If my i know if the manaoag is open on sept.12 sundy 2021

  8. I would like to ask if the church open for visitors from manila to attend mass this pandemic now? and what will be the schedule of mass?

  9. Good noon. Jist want to ask if the church is opeb on monday since we are lockdown or under general quarantine?

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