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The White Island in Camiguin, as the name states, is white in terms of the beautiful and powdery sand. You may have seen a photo of the place in one way or another. You might have had the idea that the area is very grand, and therefore, heading to the site requires thorough planning and setting of the budget. Well, the planning part is correct. But when it comes to expenses, the White Island of Camiguin is not expensive, and yet it offers a one of a kind beaching experience. 

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 White Island, Camiguin

The Location,  White Island Camiguin

The island, though small in size in terms of area and population, is one of a kind place. It has a total number of seven active volcanoes, and it ironically became the reason for the place’s unique beauty. The White Island, or better to call it as a sandbar, is located near the bottom of the Mount Hibok-Hibok, one of the seven active volcanoes in the entire island. 

The volcanic eruptions in the past (1872 and 1950) have eld to the different beauty of the place. It made the land fertile in terms of planting crops, one of which is the famous sweet lanzones. It also allows destruction and eventually reconstruction into a much scenic view of some places. Thus, beautiful damage as what other people have to say is what describes the site in general. 


Jojoy, The Happy Trip’s traveling mask at White Island, Camiguin 

 White Island Camiguin: Sandbar and Water

Heading here is possible by renting our boat. As you go here, I am sure that you will find it difficult to stop taking photos. Everything about the sandbar and its immediate environment is purely picture perfect. The place is not fully developed, making it offer natural and unexplored beauty of the site. It is better to rent available umbrellas and some shades if you happen to stay on a hot and sunny day. The thing is, the sandbar paired with the pristine blue water is heavenly. 

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger  White Island, Camiguin

Travel Tips

1. Be ready for an adventure. Heading to the White Island entails riding a habal-habal and a boat. It means that as you decide to come here, you should also be ready to take on a full transportation journey. 

2. If you are fond of snorkeling, then vests and other safety gears are available for rent at the pier. Be sure to rent one before boarding your rented boat. 

3. Plan your schedule ahead of time. As I have said earlier, the place is not fully developed. It may be scorching and sunny. So, be sure to choose a proper time slot where you won’t have to worry about being exposed under the scourging heat of the sun. 

4. Don’t forget to bring a very sunscreen. It is too hot in White Island Camiguin, especially during noontime.

5. Bring your food. This tip will help you save some amount since food tends to be a little bit pricey on the island. 

6. Be a responsible tourist. It means that whatever policy the island is implementing, you should obey. This includes managing your wastes or garbage properly and respecting all the people and marine life that you may meet in the area. 



Expenses for  White Island Camiguin

PHP 500 – Boat rental (good for 4 pax)  

PHP 250 – Umbrella ( It would be best to visit the island early morning, but it would also depend on the water. Just in case you will be visiting the place noontime or afternoon, you will need to rent an umbrella.

White Island Camiguin is waiting to be explored, both by local and international tourists. Given a chance, I know that the place can give you a beautiful and memorable summer experience. Have a Happy Trip! 

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger

 White Island, Camiguin

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