Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

Best things to do in Victoria

If you’re considering a holiday with ultimate freedom, you can’t go past a road trip. Whether you hitch a caravan or opt for campervan rental in Australia, there are epic adventures to be had. Today we focus on the eclectic and naturally beautiful state of Victoria. Although Victoria is Australia’s most populated state, there are 45 national parks, over 2,500km of coastline and 32,000 hectares of rainforest to discover. Here’s an introduction to some of the best places to hike, swim and explore.

Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road |  Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

 Mountain, Land, and Sea: Things to do In Victoria, Australia


Ocean swimming can be done all year round in Victoria, but expect some chilly temperatures in winter, so a wetsuit in these conditions is advisable. If you’re a dedicated surfer, Bells Beach is home to many international surf competitions, like the Rip Curl Pro. Also located on the Great Ocean Road is Fairhaven Beach, with decent waves as well. If you’re on the other side of the state on the Bellarine Peninsula, check out Raffs Beach or Thirteenth beach, although surf is more moderate in a swell.

If a calmer paddle is more your style, Half Moon Bay, Aireys Inlet, Apollo Bay offer good amenities close by. For a more secluded option try Refuge Cove, Pearse’s Beach or Sealer’s Cove.

Things to Do in Victoria, Australia


Victoria’s rainforests are delightfully temperate, and more suitable for a decent hike than those in the tropical north of Australia. The Wirra Willa Rainforest walk is a local favorite and known for the picturesque sassafras and myrtle beech. Located within the Toolangi State Forest, it’s a pleasant 2km trail suitable for many ages and levels of fitness.

For those looking for more of a challenge, head to the Cumberland River Trail. At 20.5km it’s around a 7-hour trek, so prepare accordingly. However, it’s worth the effort as you experience three beautiful waterfalls, lush greenery, a swimming hole with a natural water slide. As it is a circuit trail, it can be navigated clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on your preference.

If altitude interests you, rock hop, scramble and climb unassisted on the You Yangs Peak circuit. It’s only 4 hours/12.8km but it is rated as a grade 4 circuit as much of the circuit is not performed on formed trails, so you’ll need to be ok with heading off-road.

Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

Tidal River, Wilson’s Promontory |  Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

Park Life

Victoria is also home to a bunch of breathtaking national parks that are well worth a visit. The Great Otway National Park is diverse and offers a 91km walk, The Great Ocean Walks, which stretches from the town of Apollo Bay to Glenample. If you’re into sports you can even mountain bike along many tracks, or even ride a horse if you pre-organize a permit from Parks Victoria.

Wilson’s Promontory is the most well-known of Victoria’s national parks and for good reason. You can explore beaches, rainforests, native forests, and breathtaking granite mountains. Whether you camp or caravan there is also a general store and takeaway food available. Wilson’s Prom is the southernmost tip of Victoria, so even summer temperate averages low 20s, so pack appropriately. Happy exploring!

12 Apostle | Things to Do in Victoria, Australia

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