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The Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church: The Guadalupe Church in the Heart of Makati | Mass Schedule

I always thought getting a glimpse of history will always entail traveling for quite some time before reaching the destination. Well, I was mistaken. Recently, I realized that going to a place that has been a massive part of history is readily available in Metro Manila. Specifically, in the City of Makati. Hidden behind the towering structures and billboards, you can come and visit the centuries-old church, the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church, or also popularly known as the Guadalupe Church.


The Guadalupe Church was built back in 1601 up to 1605 under the supervision of Father Juan de Montes de Oca. It was stopped for quite some time in its construction since the priest was transferred to another locality during a priest reshuffle. The construction of the Guadalupe Church, along with the monastery, continued in 1623 and was finished in 1630 under the supervision of Father Estacio Ortiz. From then on, natural calamities and wars brought by different occupations destroyed some parts of the religious- structure. But with the continuous effort of the people and of the archdiocese, it was rebuilt into its original form.


Guadalupe Church- Makati + Mass Schedule  


What makes the Guadalupe Church is its unique architecture. Well, it is a combination of the Neo-Romanesque-Gothic style. I can say that based on observation, the eclectic or combined inspiration of this religious- structure made it even more appealing and aesthetically pleasing. The circular arch in the entrance, the Doric columns, leaf carvings, window shapes, and everything in it gives a grand impression. It exudes an ancient yet classic vibe of elegance.


Do you know that the Guadalupe Church is one of the best choices that couples would usually consider in doing the matrimonial ceremony? Yes! It is a hot pick for wedding events! Well, this is something that does not surprise me anymore. Once you can see the building, you can say that it is indeed perfect for a wedding ceremony. It gives the very solemn and peaceful vibe to the celebration, making the wedding more unique and personal for the couple and the attendees.


Guadalupe Church- Makati + Mass Schedule

A Beauty Amidst Towering Structures

Since the Guadalupe church is in the heart of Makati, then it is surrounded by towering buildings. But isn’t it ironic how an ancient religious- structure can be in the middle of modern society? Its antique beauty, as manifested by its architecture, interior, and the admiration of its people, brings out the best in the church. Though it has undergone a series of attacks brought by nature and by humans during the era of war, it has managed to stay and persist. Thus, making it indeed a beautiful reminder of the past and of the admirable strength of the present times.

Guadalupe Church- Makati + Mass Schedule

The next time you head to Makati, do not forget to pay a visit to the Church. Witness its unique beauty; who knows? This might just be your next favorite serene spot in the Metropolitan.

Guadalupe Church Mass Schedule

Monday to Sunday: 06:00 AM | 07:00 AM
Monday to Saturday: 06:00 PM | 07:00 PM
Sunday: 07:15 AM | 08:30 AM | 09:45 AM  (Tagalog, Children’s Mass) |  05:00 PM | 06:15 PM (Tagalog) | 07:30 PM

Address7440 Bernardino, Makati, 1211 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 8896 8444

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