Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

Clark Museum and 4D Theater  in Pampanga

Located at Pampanga that is now a tourist spot/attraction is the newly renovated Clark Museum and 4D Theater. If you are looking for an interesting and at the same time educational adventure, then this is the right place to go to. In this write-up, I will be sharing with you the different experiences which you can take in visiting this tourist spot.

AddressClark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Phone: (045) 599 2832

Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

Features of Clark Museum and 4D Theater

Gallery 1

A compilation of geophysical artifacts based on the Mount Pinatubo and the Mount Arayat. In visiting this gallery, one would inevitably feel that he/she is becoming a part of the local culture of the province of Pampanga. The presence of these two Mountains in the area provided a lot of opportunities and growth in general. The Clark Museum and 4D Theater is a complete and satisfying adventure for everyone.

Gallery 2

Different artifacts displaying the work of skills of the Kapampangan and the Filipinos are available in this gallery. Here, you will see how the people cultivate whatever resources they have around them and utilized it to grow into a community and a place as it is right now. Not only it helped the progress of the respective sites but the province in totality.

Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

Gallery 3

Colonial remnants are present in this gallery dating back to the 1900s. The settlement of the different colonizers is displayed here in this gallery. Through this, one would feel that he/she has had a walk-through history. The gallery also shows the effects of such colonization on the way we live in the past and up to the present. Through the Clark Museum and 4D Theater, one would get the chance to have a walk-through of history.

Clark Museum and 4D Theater | Pampanga

 Gallery 4

Living up to the present and continuing the legacy of growth and development is the highlight of this gallery. Here, different celebrations or festivals held in the province are on display, enabling anyone the chance to see the vibrant culture of the area up-close.

 The 4D Theater

The Clark Museum and 4D Theater had made sure that you are going to get a complete adventure in your visit. So, they have come up with the idea of building a 4D Theater. The 48-seater theater allows viewers to see the “Risen from the Ashes” documentary film following the fourth dimension. This way, one would feel that as if he/she was part of the scene when Mount Pinatubo erupted back in 1991. Though it will only last for about 20-minutes, I can assure you that this documentary film will bring a lot of realizations for you.


The Clark Museum and 4D Theater are best for friends who would like to have some educational tour, or even for families. If you would like your children to appreciate the rich traditional and cultural heritage of Pampanga and the country, then heading to this tourist spot can make you accomplish such a goal. After your trip, I am sure that you and your kids will develop a sense of pride and of belongingness to what our country has fought for an extended period. Have a Happy Trip!

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